More Insane Lauren Salzman, the Insane Imprisonment of Dani – With a Crooked Cast of Insane Family – and the Beast Raniere

Lauren Salzman

It gets sicker and sicker.

The captivity of Daniella was not the work of one person. Keith Raniere guided it and led it. The reckless monster wanted it and enjoyed it.

The ruthless Lauren Salzman –  dying to have a child with Raniere – was his co-conspirator to make sure Dani was kept in solitary confinement for some 700 days.

But, in this next in our series on Lauren Salzman, we learn that Daniella’s family – if you can call them family – helped ensure that Dani stayed confined. Alone, isolated. Desperate.

The self-centered Mariana and the beastly Camilla are both having sex with Raniere and dedicating their lives to pleasing the pig and not giving a fuck that their sister was languishing in a room alone, dying to get out – with only a bed, and pen and paper which she used to write notes to Raniere that he wouldn’t read.

These ugly siblings are perhaps only surpassed in ugliness by the mother and their ball-less father.

I’d kill the man who did this to my daughter or a friend’s daughter – but not old Hector, the cuckolded wimp [his wife was having an affair with a man in Mexico]. He tolerated his daughter losing two years out of her life and did nothing.

He never stood up and said, “enough is enough”. The coward dog.

Then there is mama. Adriana goes into the room next door to suffer for her daughter and, as we will see, she soon made it quite comfortable for herself.

The idiot woman said she would stay until her daughter healed her ethical breach, but when her lover was killed in Mexico, she vamoosed and never came back.

Let’s hear directly from the lips of the word-salad-spouting Lauren Salzman. [She offers some of her most incomprehensible ever word salad in this post].

She is being examined by AUSA Tanya Hajjar in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.

Tanya Hajjar


Lauren Salzman

Q   Did the defendant give you instructions about what you were permitted to tell Daniella?

A   I wasn’t permit to tell her anything. He told me not to tell her. I couldn’t tell her what to do. I wasn’t supposed to give her any information about what was going on, on the outside with anybody. She asked a lot of questions and he told me not to answer them.

Q   Did the defendant ever tell you that Daniella should remain in the room for longer?

A   Yes. They had an agreement that they both told me about, that — I don’t know what the condition of the agreement was, but that she was not going to cut her hair, and this was like an agreement that they had. And she cut her hair while she was in the room. And he told me that she should come up with a way to fix that, and that a way to fix that was staying in the room until the hair grew back.

Dani cut her hair and Keith proposed that she stay in solitary for three years until it grew back.

Q  How long was her hair?

A   Long. Like down her back. I mean, maybe close to her butt and cut it up to shoulder length. She – I mean, and she told me that that meant staying in room for three years, like that had taken three years to grow her hair that long, and she didn’t want to stay in the room for three years, you know. And of course, she didn’t want to stay in the room for three years, but…

Q   Did the defendant tell you to tell Daniella that she was to stay in the room until the hair grew back?

A   Yeah, as an option, that that was a way to fix that.

Q   Did you tell her that?

A   I did.

Q   What did she say?

A   She didn’t want to do that.

Q   Did the defendant ask you to take photographs of Daniella at any point?

A   Yes. He asked me to take photographs twice. Once when she cut off the hair because he wanted her to know that he was going to see it, and he thought that she would feel bad if he saw it and that would somehow inspire her to change something. And another time he thought she was lying about her weight loss, and so he wanted me to take a picture to see if she was.

[Tanya Hajjar showed Lauren an exhibit]

Q   What is it?

A   It’s the e-mail that I sent. It’s an e-mail that I sent to Keith and a picture of Dani after she cut her hair.

Q Ms. Salzman, who wrote this e-mail?

A I did.

Q And who is it to?

A To Keith.

Q When was it sent?

A  January 15, 2011.

Q And what’s the subject?

A The subject is “BoBo,” which is Dani’s nickname.

Q  Daniella’s nickname?

A  Yes.

Q  Is there a photo attachment to this?

A Yes.

Q And is this that photograph of Daniella that you said you took?

A   Yes.

Q   Why did you send this to the defendant?

A  Because he asked for it and he told me that he thought that if she did this process that she could have like some kind of breakthrough, like she would be able to have this new experience of herself, and this like rich, joyful, inner world that she couldn’t experience as long as her whole focus was like entertainment and manipulation. And so I wanted her to be able to have that and I didn’t want to be responsible for doing something that would screw that up or that I would be blamed for later. And I wanted him to feel there was somebody who was willing to do what it took to become somebody who could be a responsible parent. But this was really — I mean…

Q   How often did you check in with the defendant about Daniella?

A   Whenever I went to see her. But there were times where I wasn’t seeing her a lot.

THE COURT: Was Daniella living alone in this house?

THE WITNESS: No. Her family was there at different times. Her sister, Camila, was there almost the whole time. Her mother was there and actually went in the room next door for a number of months as well. And her father came and went. And Marianna was living with Keith and Pam, so she wasn’t around a lot. And Adrian was living with Mark, so he wasn’t around a lot either.

Q   Did the defendant express concern about the family interfering with the project at any point?

A   Yes. He thought that they were interfering with the project.

Q   How so?

A   Because Adriana was talking to her and sending her notes through the bathroom. And also at one point — again, I was told that — Keith told me that the family decided that Adriana would go into the second room. It was a two-bedroom condo, and Adriana and the — the idea or the logic behind it was that Adriana was going to go in the second room under the same conditions as Dani so that Dani — and Dani would know that her mother was in the room next door, which was supposed to inspire her to want to get out quickly to end the discomfort that her mother felt, which she should have known what it was like because she herself was experiencing discomfort. So Adriana went into the room next door and —

Q   Adriana is Daniella’s mother?

A   Daniella’s mother. And originally it was that she was going to go into her room with the same conditions as Dani. So she was going to be in a room without anything, like just with the bed and — and nothing.

But within a short period of time, Adriana situation was very different than Dani’s and Dani knew about this. So Adriana within a short period of time had many things in the room like exercise equipment or art supplies. At one point she had a pet fish, and she had — she — she was making Kombucha and like sprouting vegetables that she wanted to make for herself but also to take responsibility to feed herself and Dani so the family didn’t have to do it. But she had candles and things. And so Keith called me and said that Adriana was supposed to be in the room under the same conditions as Dani and wanted me to address this with Adriana and ultimately enforce that Adriana go back to the conditions like Dani.

Q   What happened with that — what happened after that?

Dani’s room

A   Well, I went and talked to Adriana about it, but I didn’t enforce that she change it. But all of these things were viewed as thwarting the program. And Adriana would have — the family had — there was only one full bathroom in the house and the full bathroom was in between the two bedrooms that Dani and Adriana occupied. So the family if they wanted to use the bathroom, like to take a shower or something, had to go through one of the bedrooms. So they all went through Adriana’s bedroom. And initially, I was told they weren’t going to be speaking to Adriana, but then eventually they would go and talk and so Dani could hear them all talking, so she knew that the family would visit in Adriana’s room and these things. So all of that was viewed as thwarting.

Q   Ms. Salzman, the point of Daniella’s mother being put in a room next to her, was what?

A   So that Dani would feel that her being in the room –her extending her stay in the room or staying in the room not either going back to Mexico or getting done whatever she was supposed to be getting down there, was directly affecting other people and that she should care about that, you know, and do whatever needed to be done to either get back to Mexico or get her work done.

Q   Care about that, meaning care about the fact that her mother was also in a room next to her?

A   Yes. That she was hurting somebody else’s life with her actions.

Q   What happened with Adriana?

A   Well, while Adriana was in the room, somebody that she was very close with and — and up-close personal relationship of hers that was important to her, that person was killed and she left the room to go to the funeral. And then I can’t remember if she came back to the room or she just came back to Albany or she went back to Mexico. But I do remember speaking to her again after that, and she didn’t want to return to the room and she felt that she had a purpose that was not in a room.

She wanted to go and be part of another organization that she felt like a consciousness raising human potential type of program. She wanted to go work with this group of people, something called The Book of Knowledge and do that.

Q   After Daniella’s mother left, did you tell Daniella anything about the length of time that she should stay in the room?

A   Yes. Well, then Keith started telling me that there was now an ethical issue, that Adriana had broken her commitment and that Adriana’s broken commitment is exactly why Dani believed that she can behave however she wants and never have any consequences for her action and that Dani should take an ethical stance against the mother leaving and Dani should stay in the room until Adriana comes back. And at that time, then Camila and Marianna were permitted to go have meetings with Dani to decide what should be done about the situation with Adriana.

Q   What did Daniella say when this was conveyed to her that she should stay in the room until her mother got back?

A   Well, at some point Dani thought that that was a good idea. But I find it incredibly problematic now because a lot of the time — there were a number of occasions where Keith said to me, “Cami feels very strongly about this.” And Cami and Marianna were the ones interacting with Dani to make this ethical decision about what Adriana should do.

And both Cami — which I didn’t know at the time — but Cami and Marianna were both in a sexual relationship with Keith. So they’re sent — they’re — now all of a sudden, they’re allowed to go speak to Dani to advise her about how long she should stay in the room, which they really don’t know much about because they’re not Dani in the room.

Marianna hadn’t been interacting almost at all with the situation because she was just living with Keith, and Pam and none of them were interacting at the actual house.

Cami was there, but those perspectives were highly influenced by Keith’s perspective. All of our perspectives were highly influenced by Keith’s perspective and all of us were in relationships with Keith where we wanted him to think that we would do the hard thing, the ethical thing and wanted him to see us as people who were willing to do that, which we were constantly getting feedback from him that we were failing at and advice about how we could do it better.

Q   During this period of time, Marianna was living with the defendant?

A   Yes, she was.

Q   And Adrian, where was he?

A   He was at the Twilight house. I can’t remember the number, but with Mark Vicente.

Q   Did Daniella tell you that she would watch Camila sometimes?

A   Yes, she did. She told me she would watch her outside the window. I think Cami had a garden or a bunch of plants that she would tend to outside and Keith’s son Gaelyn would come over to the house, Cami was his teacher, so she would watch them or listen to them.

Q   Camila was at that time taking care of the defendant’s son?

A   Yes, correct.

  1. HAJJAR: Your Honor, may I show the witness an exhibit marked for identification?

THE COURT: Go ahead.

Q   Ms. Salzman, I’m going to show you what has been marked for identification as Government’s Exhibit 1238. Do you recognize this exhibit?

A   Yes, I do.

Q   What is it?

A   It’s a chain of e-mails between Keith and myself in October 2010 concerning Daniella’s birthday and whether the family could send her notes or communicate with her to acknowledge her birthday.

Q   I’m going to show you what has been marked for identification as Government’s Exhibit 1241. Do you see that e-mail, that — that exhibit?

A   Yes.

Q   What is it?

A   This is an e-mail that I wrote to Keith in November 2010 about Daniella writing a letter saying, “Let me out of the room. I’m coming undone”. And Camila intercepting the letter and me interpreting it as — well, deciding when I was going to go interact with her, how I was going to handle it and asking his opinion.

Q   I’m showing you what has been marked for identification as Government’s Exhibit 1242. Do recognize this e-mail?

A   Yes. This is Keith’s response to the former e-mail.


Mariana was too busy having threesomes with Keith and Pam to be concerned with her sister’s imprisonment.

Q   Ms. Salzman, as to Government’s Exhibit 1238, starting at the bottom of this chain, who was that first e-mail from?

A   The first e-mail is from me to Keith.

Q   And when was it sent?

A   It was sent on October 25th, 2010.

Q   What’s the subject line?

A   BoBo.

Q   What was BoBo?

A   BoBo’s Daniella’s nickname.

Q   And can you read the text of that e-mail?

A   Sure. It says, “Doomp,” which was a nickname that I called Keith, “tomorrow is BoBi’s birthday, and Hector is asking if the family can write her letters. I tend to think no but I wanted check with you. I know it’s an important day for her and her family usually ignores it, which is usually upsetting for her. I think she has been working to heal her relationships with them and has been working, so I’m not sure if the feedback from them is positive or it’s a suspension of the ethic of the process she’s going through. Can you share your perspective?”

Q   Tomorrow is BoBi’s birthday, is that Daniella’s birthday?

A   Yes, Daniella’s birthday.

Q   And are you asking the defendant permission for the family to acknowledge her birthday in some way?

A   Yes.

Q   What is the defendant’s response?

A   “I think you have to figure it out. Value ethic it. There are several options. It is not just black or white.”

Q   And when was that e-mail sent?

A   The same day, October 25th, later in the day, 2010.

Q   And what did you send back to the defendant?

A   “I tend to think that if they were to communicate in a way that didn’t make it a special day with the suspension of cause and effect, it could be okay and potentially a rebirth of sorts. I’m not sure if they’re capable of doing that.”

Q   Can you explain what that means, just plainly?

A   Yeah. I thought that there was a way that – because what was going on in the family was something the entire family participated in, not just Dani, and that I thought there was a way that maybe they could acknowledge their — her birthday and maybe set an example by taking responsibility for how they participated in the relationship that could be good for her and helpful for the process they were going through. Like it didn’t have to just be that any communication thwarted the process and that she’s entirely alone, feeling abandoned and forgotten again in the situation where she’s already very isolated from them.

Q   And so when you say, I tend to think that if they were to communicate in a way, it could be okay. Are you telling the defendant that your view would be that they could communicate with her on her birthday?

A   Yeah. He’s saying you have to figure it out, and I’m saying this is what I think about it, yes. This is what I offer and believed could be good.

Q   And what did the defendant respond?

A   “Or they could not communicate, at least at first, and then some measurements and markers could be examined.”

Sister Cami was too busy having sex with Keith and secretly with Robbie to give a fuck about her sister literally dying of loneliness in a room in a home she lived in. With sisters like this, it would be better to be an only child.

Q   And what did you understand that to mean?

A   No, that your idea of communication is not what should be done in this situation and you need to look for measurements and markers, and when you see the measurements and markers, then maybe we can talk about communicating.

Q   What were the measurements and markers?

A   I don’t even know at this point, because everything she did was shot down and viewed as thwarting the process. There were a lot of things that she did propose, but I don’t know what he was looking for, honestly, because he didn’t read even a lot of the letters where she was making the proposals.

MK10ART Zombie Raniere


If this all seems a little too insane, it’s because it is insane and all of these people are insane, including Lauren Salzman.

Can you imagine for the crime of a woman cutting her own hair, Keith’s option for punishment was for her to stay another three years in solitary confinement?

Only totally insane people hearing this would not rebel. But not Lauren.

As she says “I didn’t want to be responsible for doing something that would screw that up or that I would be blamed for later. And I wanted him to feel there was somebody who was willing to do what it took to become somebody who could be a responsible parent.”

That’s all this motherfucker ever cared about – having a kid with Raniere.

She would sell her soul to the devil for this and so she did.

And what can you say about the family?  Their sister or daughter is wasting away in a room for God knows what reason and they? They all have their busy lives. Mariana and Pam are balling like rabbits with each other and with threesomes with Keith.

Cami is sending him endless texts and having sneak affairs with Robbie and Jim Del Negro.

Brother Adrian is busy working with Mark Vicente who did not know about the imprisonment. Adrian kept it secret out of loyalty to his Vanguard.

Papa Hector is too busy being cuckolded – working and coming and going as the months and years go by with his daughter still in the room in the house he is paying for. This sniveling coward stood by and did nothing.

And selfish Adriana goes into the other bedroom, heroic little woman. She is going to suffer like her daughter. And soon she gets her exercise equipment and art supplies, her kombucha fermenting jars and goes in effect on vacation from her ass of a husband.

Then when her lover is killed, she leaves and never comes back and joins another cult.

Insane, they are all insane.

Lauren does not deserve prison. She must go to a psychiatric hospital – and with some luck and healing, she may not have to remain there for the rest of her life.



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3 years ago

Great Balls of Fire….Where to put them???

Federal Prison Camp (FPC) – Bryan
The Federal Prison Camp, Bryan (FPC Bryan) is a minimum-security United States federal prison for female inmates in Texas.

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The Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin (FCI Dublin)
A low-security United States federal prison for female inmates in Dublin, California. The facility also has an adjacent satellite prison camp housing minimum-security female offenders.

Fool Me Not
Fool Me Not
3 years ago

“he told me that he thought that if she did this process that she could have like some kind of breakthrough, like she would be able to have this new experience of herself, and this like rich, joyful, inner world that she couldn’t experience as long as her whole focus was like entertainment and manipulation”

Why would ANYONE believe this horseshit? Who the HELL did “Vanguard” think he was??????

Rot in HELL, Vanguard, until YOUR hair grows down to your butt. Cut. Repeat 30 times.


3 years ago

Would Lauren Salzman incarcerate somebody again, deprive someone else of freedom? That isn’t a question that needs to be asked about most people, but with Lauren, it’s a different story.
Lauren testified that as Dani’s restriction to an almost empty room was extended month after month, Lauren claimed that she thought it was because Dani wouldn’t fix her “breach” with Raniere. Lauren said that she decided that Dani was just seeking attention and using manipulation.

That same condemnatory and discrediting “attention-seeking” gaslighting technique was used on Kristin Snyder before she disappeared forever from one of this cult’s intensives in 2003. Lauren would know that she was using the same gaslighting tactics used by her mother, Nancy Salzman, who was Raniere’s most official head presidential pimp for a long time. Lauren also knew that Raniere liked to isolate people to force them into being more in his control. Lauren claimed in court not to have known what the “breach” was between Raniere and Dani (and Dani’s sister, Marianna.)

Out of the other side of her mouth though, Lauren had mentioned that Raniere and these two Fernandez sisters, Dani and Marianna, were fighting about Raniere wanting to have a naked nap with them, i.e., a sisterly threesome, with incest thrown into the mix for Raniere’s cheap thrills. Lauren knew that Marianna Fernandez was living in a sexual relationship with Raniere. Lauren said that Raniere had been spending lots of time with Dani, prior to deciding to isolate her in an empty room. Lauren Salzman lies to herself like a bat out of hell. She knew enough about why Raniere was punishing Dani.

It just happened that this time, Raniere’s sadism fit right in with Lauren’s own neediness, desires and agenda. Find a way to lord it over a Fernandez sister. Climb back up the ranks to getting some Keithy-Weethie sperm of her very own. Keep one of those damn Fernandez sisters stuck in one room and out of poor Lauren’s way. Lauren needed, had to have her avatar baby, her demented concept of motherhood. She admits that this was an obsession of hers for a dozen years. That would fix everything, if Lauren got Raniere to impregnate her, and it would suck for all of Lauren’s competition. Lauren didn’t fall off the cliff into sudden irrationality. She lived off of the cliff, perpetually dazed. Nancy raised an honest-to-God American turkey. So was Lauren crazy or did Lauren know what she was doing? Or was it, is it both?

Realistically, Lauren was the one who was “seeking attention,” from Raniere. She got more attention from him as his anti-Dani agent. She had to act like a psychotic combo of available old maid and slavish girl scout to get Raniere to even notice her much anymore, but Lauren was in too much denial to see how low calibre her desirability rank was by then. Raniere had not only newer conquests but a fresher troop of intimates to destroy. He was busy fracturing the Fernandez family, among other things, and Lauren was just old-hat, merely a handy, grovelling sub-lieutenant.

Lauren was the one who wanted Raniere’s attention. Lauren was the one using psychological manipulation on Dani, for Raniere’s benefit and for her own benefit. How sociopathic is that?
Lauren was agreeing to do the “manipulations” to be in charge, only second to Raniere, of destroying Dani’s existence. Yes. Lauren was the one seeking attention and using manipulation tactics, not Dani. This has been the only thing Lauren Salman has been doing for almost her entire so-called adult life, wanting Raniere to be her supreme being and for herself to be his number one yutz and putz, his hole-in-one. Has anything changed?

Of course Lauren would have been coached by the prosecution (and probably by her mother) to evince feelings of guilt for what she did to Dani. Lauren had to admit that she treated another human being outrageously and criminally. She had acted viciously and completely without a conscience. Lauren had 22 months to get a clue that she was doing something very wrong while she cooperated with keeping Dani as a captive, but any human decency only occurred to her subsequent to her arrest, along with her anxious courtroom crocodile tears.

Raniere picked Lauren well to be Dani’s’ jailkeeper. Lauren was sexually and emotionally jealous of not only Dani, but of her two sisters. She knew that the three Fernandez sisters were more personally interesting to Raniere than she was anymore. Parrotbrain Salzman knew that she could not compete with three younger, hotter sisters. Raniere hadn’t bothered banging Lauren much in many years. Lauren had seen this all before, with others getting what Lauren really believed that she wanted for herself. But Parrotbrain just kept on drooling about her chances of having a special baby with Raniere, no matter who he was raping or screwing.

Maybe Lauren could sue Raniere and his other cohorts too, along with all of his nebulously conjoined victims or survivors who are looking for some relief from a pay-out. Everybody just go ahead and sue the shit out of each other. Lauren too could further her victimhood and martyrdom. Perhaps Lauren could even sue her mother. Why not? What the hell.

Before Lauren sues Nancy though, she should go see mommy’s dentist and get him to use his drill on her in a big, big way. “Revenge is Mine,” saith the Lord. The Lord did not say that Lauren Salzman can’t steal her mother’s dentist cum boytoy. This is not exactly adultery, either, unless Nancy is romancing a married dentist.

Is she, Klavinger? What do you know, Mr. Parlato? Is Nancy Salzman having sex with a married dentist, or is she having sex with a dentist who is single and could marry Lauren? Enquiring mindlessness wants to know.

Nancy seems like she ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, and if Lauren could only see that, maybe Lauren has time to get in on the dental fun. Take no prisoners. He, the dentist in question, does not seem to mind ankle monitors during sex. That’s a big plus right there.

Who on earth would want to remember Keith Raniere as their final sexual experience? Ugh. Perish the thought. So I just thought that I’d try to imagine Lauren Salzman married, for once, all settled down as a Stepford wife. Her life has been a desperate one, so it could be okay if Lauren got her teeth into her mother’s dentist and boyfriend. That’s how she met Raniere after all, through her mommy dearest. Give touché a try, unless he’s too fat and ugly. Or, to quote one of Lauren’s briefest statements, “like yeah.”

Just sayin'
Just sayin'
3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

Analyze away, but I’ll make it simple: VANGUARD FUCKED THEM ALL UP IN THE HEAD.

3 years ago
Reply to  Just sayin'

Yup. Totally agree with the synopsis.

Mitch Garrity
Mitch Garrity
3 years ago

I don’t feel sorry for any of these idiots. Projects, breaches, growth. They followed this dipshit blindly. Brainwashing, slow boil bullshit. I’m inclined to think a kool aid party might have been best for all involved. He’s not even a good con man or convincing as an all knowing and wise philosopher.

They enjoyed when they were in and could only muster weak whining when they were a target. Beyond ignorant.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mitch Garrity

Hard to argue. Guess I’d question how much they enjoyed being in. Sounds like more of a nightmare than joy.

3 years ago

Lauren will not like being locked up.

It’s called justice.

3 years ago


3 years ago

You love her, TOO?

Leon Festinger
Leon Festinger
3 years ago

I offer my apologies if this has question has already been asked and answered but did Nancy Salzman know about Dani’s inprisonment?

Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

That’s a very good question, Leon, and I agree with Frank’s reply. How could Nancy not have known what both her daughter and business partner (KAR) —whom she cooked breakfast for daily — were up to for 700 days? Didn’t she also possibly note Dani’s sudden disappearance?

I want to know why this glaring question wasn’t asked of Lauren on the stand — why very few questions about Nancy’s role were asked at all by comparison to other defendants Lauren impugned on the stand such as Allison Mack.

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

“Did nancy know…” does that mean during or after?

I think she would have had to at least ask. Dani was around every day for years, then suddenly disappears for 2 years and Nancy doesnt ask where she went? The whole rest of the family shows up to events, but no dani for two years. She cant go anywhere she has no documents.. They all know she is there illegally. Nancy and Lauren and everyone else that knew can rot in prison.

Dani’s story is the one that should become a movie.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Leon Festinger

I wouldn’t be surprised if “Mommy Dearest” Salzman didn’t know, as lots of things were compartmentalized and she was so focused on herself and getting the adoration from everyone in NXIVM. If the civil case goes to trial, we should find out the answer to that question. I also wouldn’t be surprised if she did know, as she was one of the cruelest ones in NXIVM.

3 years ago

Lauren simply took what Keith said as the truth and blindly followed orders. As Mitch would say, Lauren was Keith’s huckleberry. She walked the walk. She didn’t have a boyfriend because Keith said, no. Lauren even stopped all contact with her own father (who she HAD a great relationship with) because Keith told her to.

One of the questions in a module was “What benefit would you gain if your spouse died?” Keith enjoyed ruining families.

But Keith didn’t stop with families and people. If Keith saw something of value, he wanted to destroy it. Unfortunately for him, this included ruining his own businesses and his own life.

To the Ayn Rand fans – Versus when Keith talked about her, I’m sure we can now better understand Keith’s angle in promoting her work.

MexicAn lady
MexicAn lady
3 years ago

Hahaha, Mexicans are so surreal. “The mom starts making Kombucha next door”. Hahaha

I don’t think Dani’s family is evil. Similar to Kim ‘s wife, they were in a cult. They were not used to thinking for themselves. None of them questioned Raniere because Raniere knew best. It is like church if you think about it. People send their kids off to boarding schools because their church tells them. The boarding school could be horrible for their child. But the priest said they should go, so the family does not question it.

Dani is a Scorpio. A very strong sign of rebirth, and one that fights. I found her story very inspiring.

Fuck the weak minds (her family, people in the cult, etc.). It is great she has a strong mind to help her fight. It was her mind with God’s help that got her out. She realized she did not have to follow anyone or seek their approval.

I do think that Keith used the fact the parents were not there for their kids to really hurt them. He became very abusive with Camila (basically sex trafficking her) likely because he thought that nobody was going to stop him. Nxivm is under the radar now. People who are still sex trafficking others should be scared. They can get similar sentences to Vanguard. Even in Mexico. Nxivm represents the political enemies of the current Mexican president. He would win great publicity exposing more of these criminals.

3 years ago

This article reminds me of Brothers Grim meets Cinderella with immense perversion.

Frank, are the sisters all living back in Mexico and working for Nxivm Mexico?

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Thank you, Mr. Parlato

3 years ago

So far, out of all these Lauren articles, Frank’s comments at the end are the best takes I’ve heard from him. Very well said.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Urgent public safety warning: Mr. Shadow is going to believe Mack is being replaced by Salzman as public enemy #1. He’s going to go nuttier than Nutjob, and that’s a very high bar. If it’s okay for Roger Stone to have an open marriage in his 70s, what’s the issue with a bunch of much younger, horny adults f*cking like rabbits and acting like total idiots? After all, it’s a free country, right? There are 20+ million illegals in the country, Dani could have left the bedroom any time she wanted and fit right in with the rest of them. These are all consenting adults, making their own decisions. No problem, right Mr. Shadow? Mack’s position as top of the NXIVM heap of scoundrels is safe and sound. Whew! That was a close one. You’re welcome. LOL

All of Them Witches
All of Them Witches
3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

With all due respect, I think Shallow has moved on from A Pimp Mack and is now obsessed with Nicki “the Comedian” Clyne.

And speaking of comedy, “Sarah Edmondson, plaintiff” to me are the three funniest words ever written on the Frank Report.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

Mr. Shadow is merely in remission when it comes to Mack. This story could have set him off, but I saved the day.

What laws do you think Edmondson broke?

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

FYI, from what I can tell, Stone has probably been bisexual since the days of his youth, when he has hinted he was one of Roy Cohn’s “blonde boys” – and he has specifically said that he didn’t consider Cohn homosexual because Cohn also had sex with women. An open marriage does not necessarily mean that it’s other women with whom he is having assignations – or that it’s other men who his wife may be involved with.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymaker

So what? NXIVM had plenty of same-sex activity going on, join the crowd!

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Urgent public safety warning: Scott Johnson Just Discovered That Amway Is A Scam!
Prepare for Fifteen More Years of Whining and Bellyaching!

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