Agnifilo Calls Nxivm Plaintiffs ‘Unprincipled, Greedy’

Marc Agnifilo

Marc Agnifilo is still in there pitching for Vanguard.

His lead attorney in his criminal case has taken the lead in responding to Neil Glazer’s federal civil lawsuit, where 80 alleged Nxivm victims, 60 women and 20 men, are suing the leadership of Nxivm.

The complete Glazer civil lawsuit complaint

Agnifilo has been critical of those who seek recompense for what happened to them during their days in Nxivm and DOS.

Agnifilo said, “The recently filed civil suit shows that several of the plaintiffs who appeared as witnesses at the criminal trial were less than candid when they testified under oath they were not going to sue [Keith] Raniere. Clearly, these people were motivated by money, a motivation the jury should have known. This will be one of several issues we will raise in court.”

Agnifilo answered numerous media requests for comments about the Glazer lawsuit.

He said in one statement, “As several of the plaintiffs in this [civil] lawsuit testified at trial that they were not planning on bringing a lawsuit, Keith’s chances on appeal just increased.”

“It puts into perspective the plaintiffs’ motivations in the criminal case,” Agnifilo said. “It’s very clear that these individuals who testified in the criminal trial, now plaintiffs in this lawsuit, are actually only motivated by the millions of dollars they seek to get.”

Agnifilo accused the plaintiffs of being “motivated by greed, not the truth.”

He added that the Glazer lawsuit is an “unprincipled money grab by adults who made grown-up decisions that they now apparently regret.”

“While making regret a cause of action is good for plaintiff’s lawyers, it’s bad for anyone who values genuine personal responsibility,” he said.

Agnifilo, from the start, preached personal responsibility. Prior to the trial, he said, “Everyone [in Nxivm/DOS] is not only an adult, they’re well-to-do adults. They’re adults that for the most part are educated. They’re smart. They have financial opportunity. These are actresses and models and successful people and business people, people who have successful businesses and have aspirations…

“And these are choices — eye-open, adult-knowing, voluntary choices that these people are making. And for the government to just sort of say, ‘Well, you know, they’re brainwashed. You know, they’re effectively brainwashed.’ I don’t think there’s such thing as brainwashing. It went out with the Cold War. It’s like a relic of the ’70s. I mean, it just doesn’t exist.”

Neil Glazer

However, Agnifilo did not mention the collection of blackmail-worthy material Raniere called collateral which Glazer argues took personal responsibility away from victims.

“The collateral could consist of assets, compromising confessionals, letters falsely accusing close family members or friends of unethical, immoral or illegal conduct, nude photos, videos, or other materials that would, if released, subject the recruits or their loved ones to loss, humiliation or shame,” Glazer stated in his lawsuit.

“After supplying collateral…  DOS was revealed to the recruits. But to their surprise and dismay, they were told that now, before they could learn about the structure and nature of this sisterhood, they had to provide additional humiliating and damaging collateral. Thus, before knowing anything about the internal workings of DOS, they were trapped, fearful that if they did not do precisely as instructed, the collateral that they had already provided would be released.

“Once that second collateral had been given and approved, the recruiter/master revealed a little more about DOS…. Shortly after being admitted into the group, slaves were commanded to provide additional collateral every month.

“Even after providing abundant collateral, however, the slaves were never told certain material facts: that Raniere created and ran DOS with the assistance of the First Line Masters (if asked, the First Line Masters denied Raniere’s involvement); that the gathering of collateral was intended to coerce women into a lifetime of personal servitude; and that the ultimate objective of DOS was to recruit and groom women for sexual slavery under their ‘grandmaster’ – Raniere.”

Prior to the trial, Agnifilo argued that it was sexist to call women victims.

“I think the government’s position has elements of sexism in it. There are men in the United States who join fraternities and get branded. But it’s men, so we don’t think anything of it.

“Women want to be in a secret group and want to be branded and all of a sudden we’re very quick to say, ‘Oh, poor dears. They must be victims because no right-thinking, free-willed woman would ever want that for herself.’ And I think that’s sexist and I think the government is playing to a sexist agenda. You know, men do these things, we call them Marines. Women do these things, we call them victims,” Agnifilo said.

Circling back to the main point of this story, the fact remains that there were witnesses at the criminal trial who denied they were part of a civil lawsuit. They now appear to be part of the civil lawsuit.

As Frank Report correspondent, Dianne Lipson, who covered the Raniere trial, pointed out in an article for Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker:

“During the trial, Agnifilo repeatedly and persistently asked former Nxivm members who testified for the government if they intended to take part in a civil suit against Nxivm. They all emphatically answered that they had no plans to do so. A typical example was Agnifilo’s exchange with the witness identified as Daniela, who had testified previously to being confined to a room for two years.”

Agnifilo: You have a lawyer named Neil Glazer, correct?

Daniela: Yes.

Q: Because you are going to bring a civil lawsuit, aren’t you?

A: No.

Q: You have no intention of bringing a civil lawsuit against Keith Raniere or Nxivm or anyone else?

A: That’s not something that I have done or decided, no.

Q: I know you haven’t done it but you plan on doing it, don’t you?

A: No.

]Q: Why do you have Neil Glazer as your lawyer?

A: I, initially — I needed counsel to handle the precarious situation with my little sister Camila and after that, I needed counsel to interact with officials from the government.

Q: Mr. Glazer is not a criminal lawyer, right?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Do you know that he’s Mark Vicente’s lawyer too?

MS. PENZA: Objection.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q: Did you get Mr. Glazer from Mark Vicente?

MS. PENZA: Objection.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Agnifilo: Your Honor, can we approach?

THE COURT: No. Next question.

Q: How did you find Mr. Glazer as your lawyer?

MS. PENZA: Objection, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Q: So as you sit here today, you have no intention of bringing a civil lawsuit?

A: That’s right.

Q: And you haven’t had any discussions with anyone about bringing a civil lawsuit?

MS. PENZA: Objection.

THE COURT: Sustained.

Marc Agnifilo cross-examined Daniela. Did she plan to be part of a civil lawsuit? “No,” she said. But now she is part of a civil lawsuit.

Daniela is Jane Doe #1 in the Glazer lawsuit, which suggests how important she is to the civil lawsuit, much as she was to the criminal trial.

How significant Daniella’s and others’ denial about being part of a civil lawsuit is going to be for Raniere’s appeal is hard to judge. The question is, would the jury have reached a different verdict if they had known that certain witnesses planned on being part of a civil lawsuit for profit?

As for impact on the civil lawsuit, that too is hard to judge.

All the alleged victims [plaintiffs] have to be available for deposition and you can bet whoever represents the Nxivm defendants will grill the hell out of them on this point.

Did they perjure themselves in the criminal trial when they denied they planned to join the civil lawsuit?

It is possible that, at the time of the criminal trial, they truly did not plan to be part of the civil lawsuit and later changed their minds.

That is entirely feasible, reasonable and in the interest of justice.

Who would deny that Daniela is not entitled to recompense for the two years Raniere stole from her life, using his power and influence over her and her family to keep her imprisoned?

Sure, Raniere is imprisoned now. And Daniela helped put him there. That’s justice too. But doesn’t she deserve some recompense from the moneyed people who enabled her suffering?





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  • It’s a shame that Neil Glazer and Frank Parlato became opponents, and possibly even enemies over the last 6 months.

    These are 2 guys who should be on the same side in this battle against NXIVM.

    Although Frank would probably hesitate to confirm that Neil Glazer and him are enemies —– the truth is that Neil’s representation of Toni NataLIE did make him enemies with Frank, since Toni had tried to sully the reputation of many people that Frank respects while even talking trash about Frank himself.

    I think that Neil Glazer needs to bury the hatchet and make amends with Frank Parlato, perhaps inviting him to a ‘beer summit’ or having a cup of java together.

    Neil needs to realize that he was on the wrong side of this case when he came here to defend Toni NataLIE against Frank Parlato.

    I encourage Neil to stop being a PUSSY and to finally make amends with Frank Parlato.

    Somebody must make the first move and Neil has got to be that person, since Frank was disrespected and it’s not up to him to be the one to apologize.

    It’s your move, Neil.

    PS — I also encourage Heidi Hutchinson to NEVER go back to kissing Toni’s ass like she did a few months ago. I still can’t believe that after Heidi heard that Toni was talking shit about both her and Gina —— Heidi actually apologized to Toni and started kissing her butt. But Frank became a pit bull and stood up to both Neil and Toni.

  • Funny, I’m sure Agnifilo has been called unprincipled and greedy in his time. More billing opportunities with the “numerous media requests for comments”. Who is still paying for this?

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