10 Reasons Why Kristin Snyder Was Murdered By Kieth Raniere and Co.

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder, who vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.

This was originally submitted as a comment by someone using the moniker “Retired Inspector”. I think it deserves to be set out as a separate post.

By Retired Inspector

The timeline and the important known facts need to be reiterated.

1. At her parents’ house, Kristin Snyder’s mother noted Kristin’s legs were shaven. Something she never did, but she would need to do so per her coach if she was being invited to see Keith.

2. Kristin spent three days at Nxivm headquarters without being seen during the day, and the assumption is that during that time she was with Keith.

3. Keith held an all person meeting [Forum] after that, and during that meeting, Kristin walked out in front of Keith. Major put down to Keith and probably led to her death. Keith would not have put up with that. Nobody else has ever been known to do that, but then Keith only had a bachelor’s degree, and was a con, while Kristin had a Master’s degree. So hard to take from a smart woman!

4. Classes started on Sunday 1/26 and it was not until Monday 2/3 that Kris first stated that she was pregnant. It was at that time Esther admitted to talking to Nancy several times about Kristin (before Kristin caused any problems at the class.) Was the plan from Keith through Nancy to Esther to poison Kristin so they could easily do away with her?

5. Ed had already done an EM with Kristin on Thursday 1/30 concerning “sexual abuse.” Did that have to do with false memories, or was it in reference to her [sexual] contact with Keith? Note also that Esther was there as well as the time Esther and Ed came over to do their clothes washing. Gave Esther a lot of time to case the house if she needed to make any changes in plans.

6. Heidi thinks that Kristin is psychotic on Thursday 2/4.

7. On Wednesday 2/5, Kristin states that she wants to “live and never abort humanity”. Emphasis is on the word abort as she thinks she is pregnant, and her coach Karen would have suggested that she abort, as Keith required.

8. On Thursday 2/6, Kristin is sent home with Elaine, who does not see her to her door, and therefore there has been no evidence provided that Kristin even made it to home. The last one known to see her alive did what with her? I think that there is a lot more that is not being said here by Elaine.

9. Same date, someone drove Kristin’s truck, before class let out at 7:00 pm, by proof of the time on the gas receipt.

10. Two people got out of that truck at the landing, initial police report noticed footprints leading from both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. No footprints noted going back into the truck. Passenger side door closed, driver door open with the key in the lock. Two people obviously came in that truck at the landing.

There are no other viable theories other than Kristin was murdered. She had a strong relationship with her mother and would sooner or later let her know she was OK. If she had just disappeared, Keith’s investigation would have found her, obviously, as that would have exonerated Keith. As it is, he could be charged as an accessory to murder, or possibly the murder itself, as he planned it.


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  • I also want to note that, down below, “Inspector” concedes one thing that is probably right – it would likely have taken two trucks to pull off a murder, since the kayak would have had to have been hauled off and disposed of somehow.

    There’s been endless discussion about details such as whether a kayak of unknown construction might sink or float, and yet the glaring and inconvenient discrepancy that its disappearance still has to be accounted for if wasn’t sunk, almost completely escapes consideration.

    So then the murder theory has to be made that much more complex in order to account for such things, if and when they are finally thought through – and starts to become that much more implausible, itself. Every additional twist means yet more that could have gone wrong in reality, and adds to the risks of discovery that would have been inherent in trying to pull off any such scheme. Plus it means that any truly calculating conspirators, would likely have considered a simpler scheme; for instance, a fact check turns up that quite a few people vanish forever into the wilderness, from trailheads just a few miles outside Anchorage, so there would have been far simpler and less risky ways to stage a disappearance.

    That all illustrates some fundamental flaws in the sort of theorizing and speculation that go on here.

    And as I’ve addressed in a comment on the new post about this topic, if the NXians were drugging Snyder, that could have had the effect of making her enough better to be able to drive to Seward (though I question the assumption that she wasn’t, since apparently Clifford thought at the time that couldn’t be ruled out), and of successfully carrying through on a suicide plan:


  • Kim
    Heidi H. Kris’ death was at the hands of NXIVM- Gina, as far as I understand, was NOT in NXIVM or in ESP! But the common denominator of course is Keith Raniere. In that way I would say the deaths were linked and the close time proximity.

    • Hi Kim, there are a few other links, some I discussed with your Mom during your on camera interviews.

      One, for example, is the “Buddhist” notations your sister had written in her notebook. Those should be included in your investigations. That could have been a “download” from Raniere — a session where Kris was taking notes from him. Your Mom showed me some of those. Take a look at those dates or placement of any datable material in the notebook. Gina was “recognized” by Keith as the reincarnation of the Buddhist Goddess Samayatara. The justification Keith & Co. gave her for “suicide” — she was admittedly mind-conditioned, gaslit and harassed for decades by NX members up to the night before she died — was that she would ascend to Nirvana — complete her earthly cycle to become the Goddess.

      So, what do Kris’ notes about Chakras (the color of the NX sashes, btw, same as Buddhist scarves), etc. coming from a Christian reared young woman who never apparently studied Buddhism first hand — when the last “suicided” person in or around Raniere & co. was a Buddhist scholar (Gina) — and, here’s coincidence #3 — a few years later Sara Bronfman is photographed sitting in a hot tub (as Raniere loved so well and, btw, Gina changed motels to get a room with a large jacuzzi tub) with a Monk — a high ranking Rimpoche, right hand to the highest monk-man in the land) — tell us about Raniere & Co. learning from their “suicide” successes and continuing to experiment on causing disintegration’s through Buddhist belief systems applied to NXIVM acolytes OR friends like Gina — who, again, whether she ever “joined” NXIVM or not remained Kristin Keeffe’s bestie. In fact, there’s evidence Kristin met Gina at a Buddhist retreat on NYC in August of 2012, two months prior to her death. There is also a NXIVM chart for Gina prepared in August and evidence she paid for a NXIVM course.

      I’m not Toni or any other ex-NXIAN you’re dealing with, Kim. I’m not trying to steal amyone’s Thunder, not yours not “Zeus’s.” Not any “minions.”

      But if anyone cares about the TRUTH we all need to step back and look at the bigger picture inclusive of any similarities between victims or potential victims. I hope you at least can agree that Gina was also one of those and tolerate my right to free speech as much as the KKK costumed trolls have fucking free reign around here, at the very least.

      Thank you!

  • “If Keith and NXIVM were involved in planning Kristin’s death (murder), they’d have NEVER forged a suicide note which directly blamed NXIVM for Kristin’s depression”

    Oh, contrair, Bang. Put on your psycho hat (the other one) and rethink these points:

    – Keith proudly BOASTED of “having people killed for his beliefs or theirs.”

    – Keith & Co. appear to have been sharpening their “suiciding” skills in the hopeful service of the power couple (Billary Clinton) SAID to have caused 264 of them.

    – “Murder to look like suicide, suicide to look like murder,” Machs Nicht? I can just hear Keith weighing it out now.

    – The notebook wherein one of the notes was found may have been a private or class excersize or assignment not necessarily meant to be found — certainly an effort was made by some NXIANS on someone’s orders to obtain it and/or duplicate it elsewhere than at the potential “murder” scene.

    – Murder is a far worse crime than suicides. Only recently has U.S. law begun to recognize that hyper-assisted suicide may be tantamount to murder. And it appears there is opposition to that judging by the early release of the evil chick who suicided her boyfriend (while both were on prescription psyche meds.) Thus, a murderer might get away with that murder by making it look like a suicide.

    [Thus, I remain in fear of my life knowing my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, continues to spread the false rumor that I am murderous and suicidal and running around with a gun — all of which has been disproved, btw, in case any NXIAN contractors have any ideas.]

    – There may have been some within NXIVM who didn’t give a hoot about the companies reputation or who wanted to free themselves on way or another and longed for the Company’s demise. That’s a possible motive.

    – Kris herself might have been blowing the whistle — that, sadly, wasn’t heard.

    Very sad when money talks so loudly to the likes of the Salzman’s and others — who stayed in — after knowing full well about Kris and Gina — that these last cries were so coldly muffled.

    I hope the blood on their hands stains them for generations to come.

      • This was a short comment that should have been approved quickly, not purposely kept “awaiting moderation”, Frank.

        You’re a real piece of work, Frank, and a huge asshole too.

    • NXIVM was then in the midst of a virtual outbreak of participants having severe psychological problems, and their pending name change was likely part of the damage control – though ultimately the bad PR would still virtually put an end to the most prestigious part of their business, the corporate and government recruiting. They would likely have been desperate to completely sweep Snyder’s case under the rug, not to do something that specifically fingered them in a dramatic and even gruesome mental breakdown spelled out in tabloid headline terms.

      As a reminder of what they were facing:

      Cult of Personality
      Forbes, Oct 13, 2003
      ” After sleepless nights and 17-hour days of workshops, a 28-year-old woman from a prominent Mexican family says she began to have hallucinations and had a mental breakdown at her hotel near Albany. She went to a hospital and required psychiatric treatment. Her psychiatrist, Carlos Rueda, says in the last three years he has treated two others who have taken the class; one had a psychotic episode.”

      NXIVM cuts training school from plan
      Halfmoon — Controversial company’s latest proposal still seeks to build headquarters, offices on town site
      Times Union/December 21, 2003
      “The 5-year-old company earns $4 million annually, according to an October article in Forbes magazine.
      Mental health professionals who have seen NXIVM’s confidential manual and treated former students liken NXIVM to a cult. One of those professionals is Carlos Rueda, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in the Bronx. He also serves as an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College in Valhalla, Westchester County.”

      An Espian’s brief life
      Once a dynamic overachiever, a woman’s world deteriorated after she took classes offered by a Halfmoon-based group.
      Times Union/February 1, 2004
      “Carlos Rueda, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York City, has said he treated three NXIVM students for psychological disorders related to NXIVM courses. One, a 28-year-old Manhattan woman from a prominent Mexico City family, experienced a psychotic episode in NXIVM’s New Karner Road facility and required hospitalization in January 2003, a month before Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, according to Rueda and Albany Police records.”

  • ESP / NXIVM bought Romano’s the same year Gina died. It became “Apropos” by at least February 2003 — only a few months after she passed. FYI, Anonyfaker.

    • Heidi, thanks for the chipping in with the information. I based what I said on fact-checking property records, which showed that a “NXV Trust” bought the property on 7/25/2012 (and then promptly flipped it to an entity called Town Hall, LLC); prior to that it was owned by someone named Arrington, who had purchased it from Carmen Romano on 7/2/2002. I didn’t realize that NXIVM must have leased it for up to a decade prior to buying it.

      But, was or was there not some connection? Was it just coincidence that NXIVM used, and then finally bought, your and Gina’s family’s old restaurant space?

      p.s. Trying to do a bit more fact-checking regarding Apropos, I ran across an interesting Times Union article that goes back earlier than I’d realized they were covering NXIVM, which gives an interesting account that mentions a lot of familiar names – Jeske, Chiappone, Kinum – but also shows how someone was effectively de-programmed by being presented with objective information about how EMs are “manipulative”:

      Ex-NXIVM student: ‘I think it’s a cult’
      Woman details 25-month ordeal and almost leaving her family as a student of NXIVM’s Executive Success Program
      Sep. 7, 2010

      • Good link.

        From the article – “Most of the students, she said, were like her — dealing with problems of self-esteem.”

        They told almost everyone they had a low self esteem. I remember them saying that about many people. Then one day, Keith said it about me. I still remember my immediate thoughts and thinking, “Huh, I guess I have a low self-esteem. Never thought about that before.”

        IMO they used this strategy to break people down and not question them (or stop questioning them). Something like “self esteem” is a hard thing to define and an easy tool for them to use. It works as a great pig picture pattern interupt, and a way to redirect the narrative. It was also a way to cut people off at the knees (This was one of the negative behavioral strategies Keith taught about. He would then use these negative strategies on everyone else).

        • Glad you found that of value – and interested to hear your related experience.

          That’s the same thing they do in Scientology with the infamous “personality test,” which is designed to always just turn up supposed deficiencies – they call it “finding the ruin.” They also love giving you problems you didn’t have….

      • I stand happily corrected, Anonymaker. 🤗. July 2002 — couple of months before Gina passed — is, yes, when I remember the property changing hands but, my bad, I didn’t realize either that NX was leasing, didn’t outright purchase it.

        I’m curious to know exactly when NX started leasing and who named the place “Apropos”?

        Obviously, they had full control over the property by the time Kris Snyder disappeared, February 3, 2003, or Nancy wouldn’t have been able to confer the title of “owner” (or “proprietor” was it?) onto Nina Cowell.

        Still, you haven’t blown my theory that Nina was a scapegoat target for at least 3 crimes. She took the bait, again and again, and did lie to police investigators for the cause awfully fast about Kris being alive on February 4.

        I stand by my opinion that Kristin Keeffe, the coverup QUEEN, was not “convinced” of “Nina’s” story but is spewing bullshit to this day to the point where Frank and the ID producers humped down to Tallahassee, Florida (I passed on that one) roaming around ISO a ghost.

        Something, btw, I have never done with regards to Gina, contrary to popular opinion.
        (Gawd, Clare, what WILL they have you spending your and Sara’s inheritance on next? Or, perhaps the Apropos question is — what won’t they? …Isn’t one of your gaslighting vendors a company named “Vision-Aire” out of Vegas, or is it all Arte-Vision headquartered in NYC? AND Geffen. Probably. And/Or CEMEX. Seen all their gear and trucks concentrated around scenes of street stalker stagings — memorialize for further analysis.)

        My opinion of Kristin Keeffe, however, was cemented decades ago and has only sunk lower in recent years.

        My opinion of you, Anonymaker, as a full-on troll — is mutating from where Jeffrey Peterson’s insider impression left off.

        Perhaps we’re both inclined to jump to conclusions to quickly but when one is trying to save one’s disabled son from being OD’d with psychotropic meds by caregivers who are not lawful permitted to administer any chemical restraint, while trying to survive oneself after one’s narcissist ex-husband and greasy, greedy lawyer has put one’s life at stake, conclusions must be made hastily.

        So, what’s your excuse? LOL. No, I admire you for getting to the available facts first and far more plentifully than I.

        Race you to the answers to my questions herein? Double or nothing on dinner next time I’m in your hood, Dr. (?).

        Quick question: Why would Peterson & friends or others declare you a troll? Your interest also seems far beyond Allison Mack as you once declared.

        • Heidi, the New York State corporations database shows that APROPOS CAFE, LLC, which uses the same UPS Store for its address as other NXIVM-related entities including Village Hall LLC (which I should have noted as being one of theirs), was incorporated on July 17, 2009. My impression that significant time had elapsed after it had been Romano’s was formed by references that I had seen, and just found again, that Vicente was reported as saying that it was given the name after Bronfman purchased it (which was in 2009), as well as a Times Union blog of 2010 referring to someone “spotting” it as what was to them a new restaurant.

          An Albany Times-Union article from August 6, 2006 that further fact-checking turned up, seems to date NXIVM’s acquisition of the property (perhaps through some sort of lease-purchase agreement that didn’t get bought out until 3 years later, in the wake of the departure of the NXIVM Nine in 2009) to that earlier year: “Nxivm educational speaker Barbara Bouchey bought Romano’s Family Restaurant on Route 9 in Halfmoon for $650,000 in June, according to RE/MAX broker Garry DeGonza. The next day, she filed architectural designs with the town to turn the 4,056-square-foot restaurant into four large offices, a public office space, a reception area, a cafe and bathrooms, according to the plans. Bouchey did not return a call for comment.” https://culteducation.com/group/907-nxivm/6058-fear-and-tears-after-nxivm-class.html (a Metroland article from the same time period, also reports something similar)

          So it seems like there was a 4 year gap there after your family ran it as Romano’s, and then 3 years when it was used by NXIVM but possibly not yet called Apropos. The photographs of Nina Cowell’s operation, accompanied by Omar Rosales’ account, show that as having been in what is apparently a corner of a space in one of the buildings used for classrooms, with windows more like those of the Karner Road office buildings than the Romano’s/Apropos property: https://frankreport.com/2019/12/13/why-did-nancy-salzman-give-nina-cowell-50000-for-a-table-and-sink-after-cowell-lied-for-them-about-kristin-snyder/

          So Cowell was given a space in one of the other buildings, not Apropos, which NXIVM didn’t have control of until years after Snyder’s and your sister’s deaths. That also makes it less than likely that Bouchey’s real estate deal for the property had anything to do with it having once been Romano’s restaurant, and the connection between what became NXIVM’s clubhouse and your extended family just one of those odd coincidences that are a fact of life – however much that rankles our propensity to look for patterns and try to find greater meaning in things.

          And this is also all an example of why I justifiably note that it’s important to fact-check and to pay attention to details, and not jump to assumptions.

          As for Cowell, I think she was more just a dupe and minion, who was gotten out of Anchorage at the point that NXIVM was having a lot of problems with bad publicity, not the least of it multiple cases of participants and members suffering mental problems or breakdowns. NXIVM may just not have trusted her not to spill damning details of the negligence that lead up to Snyder’s disappearance, and moved her where she could be kept under close watch, though I will certainly concede that nothing conclusive can be said about her role until we know more; plus there’s also the possibility that she knew about drugging gone wrong that could have further contributed to Snyder suiciding, which I will cover in a fresh comment here later.

          On to Keefe, I think she’s enough of a Koolaid drinker that she believes NXIVM’s ginned-up self-serving conspiracy theory about Snyder’s disappearance. But given how much of a pathological personality she seems to be herself, I have to say your theory is also about as good – split the difference on that one?

          I’m not sure who the Petersen that you’re referring to is, but my willingness to challenge some of the truly culty thinkers here, and to do a fair bit of legwork for the purpose of making an example, has lead a number of them to fall back on the true believer or conspiracy theorist mental crutch of claiming that I can only be part of some dedicated enemy – I’m starting to lose count of how many nefarious opposition forces I have been accused of being part of, or how many different people I am purportedly just another “sock” of.

          I think it will be a hoot whenever we can finally get together – I occasionally get down your way,too – and I hope that we can can remain collegial internet sparring partners in the meantime.

        • Annony actually contributes factual information with links to prove the happenings of Nxivm and compares them with other cults like Scientology. He’s an insightful commenter in my opinion.
          Maybe you should think about overdosing on some pshyc meds, get your self together lady.

      • One other factoid contributing to my theory: Keith tried to pull a Gatsby thing on me. I told Sarah Berman that last year w/o going into detail nor did she inquire except to convey that Toni Natalie claimed I never set foot in Keith’s residence she asked me to describe in detail. Buying up a family business, along with, I believe, other family property — land the Mexican Elite and Bronfman built on, etc. — was part of Keith’s “Great Gatsby” scheme — I believe. I was married to Jeff Apple and Keith and his collateral collecting were instrumental in our divorce but I never took the bait, only saw the collateral from the “man not to be trifled with.” (10 pts. to source that quote that appeared here anonymously on FR as a threat or warning directed to me.)

    • Thanks for the excellent research, AnonyMaker,

      Joe would know best but I’m pretty certain “TOWN HALL, LLC Properties” — the company the first “Romano’s” buyer on July 7, 2002 quickly flipped “Apropos” to — that “NXIVM” promptly leased before finally purchasing — IS OWNED BY NXIVM.

      I KNOW it’s not a coincidence down to my Bones. Starting with the fact that Keith plotted Gina’s proxy suicide or ultimate murder for many years prior to her death. Apropos, meaning “appropriate” in the Latin language our Mom loved to recite was prolly her fav word and it was quirky. She never said “appropriate,”
      always “Apropos” and I’ve come to see this is Keith’s “Bluebeard” thread in his pattern — his expectation to lay claim on his acolytes very lives — properties, horses, whatever they have or have or HAD access to that he doesn’t. And, if anyone ever shamed him for not footing the bill, if he grew envious over Gina’s entitlement to a freebie pizza, that alone might have motivated the green monster within Keith to gobble up the best pizza in town after Gina’s mouth was permanently closed.

      Too bad it wound up run by scapegoats serving do-it-yourself tea to sheep — and bye-bye Miss pizza pie when Gina died and Romano’s fell into Keith’s greedy claws. Apropos, is it?

  • In an exchange down below, “Inspector” claims that the likelihood that the conclusion of the law enforcement investigators, affirmed after review by a jury of laymen as correct (though that’s yet another important piece of the puzzle we have yet to hear about), is correct, is “less than 1 percent.”

    No one actually with an actual deep background in investigation and analysis so completely discounts the work of actual experienced professionals who went before, topped by the oversight of (other) laymen, particularly when the evidence they went over and the witness testimony they took in coming to their conclusions, is not even fully available to review. There are certainly questions about the case that deserve better answers, and reason to give some credence to those pointing to the possibility of Snyder having been murdered, even if opinions vary about the likelihood of that, but outright dismissal is absurd.

    Plus, Clifford, who was in a position to know better than anyone, believes that Snyder simply acted on the suicidal ideations she had been expressing. The armchair knowitallism which completely discounts that, really ends up being disrespectful to people involved and actually impacted by the tragedy, as exemplified at its worst by the basement-dwellers who harassed the survivors of Sandy Hook victims based on their irrational beliefs stemming from taking internet conspiracy theorizing too seriously.

    Frank, maybe “Inspector” was one of the people in the prosecutor’s office on your case. That mess is an example of cult (and conspiracy theory) classic failings like confirmation bias, and the sunk costs fallacy, at work; not so interesting to be on the receiving end of faulty or even culty thinking, is it?

    • It’s your blatant hypocrisy, Anonyfaker, that most frustrates me and possibly other FR readers. Since you ask.

      The “Armchair know-it-allism” you accuse of other spectators who dare comment is seated in abundance right where your own tush is.

      Like Bangkok, you also put words in people’s mouths — attributing and interpreting the meaning of their words — however sparse and twisted— to your apparent, often obvious, agenda.

      How did you get that Heidi Clifford firmly believes Kris acted on her “suicidal ideation” — and further conclude that we families are being harmed by any speculation otherwise — from the two paragraphs Frank posted quoting a couple of dozen words from her — none of which substantiate your conclusion?

      I’d say labeling someone a sociopath, as you did, is a bit more disconcerting than entertaining fact-based theories.

      And I’d say “physician heal thyself” to your posts about the good doctor psycho whose brain cat scan was similar to his patients except I’ve become so circumspect of you lately that methinks you are more lawyer than doctor if anything.

      Do you recall a discussion we had last year over campaign donation research? You were dwelling on the Clinton donations but, somehow, quickly glossed over the research I posted showing Jeffrey Bronfman’s (Clare & Sara’s brother) curious donation to Senator Kirstin Gillibrand’s campaign by contract, btw, to much larger donations both he and Edgar Jr. made to Republicans?

      As usual, and ever-so-politely — you quickly changed the topic to conspiracy theorists and the blind loyalty of partisan politics — and I recall this question of the Bronfman brothers vs. the sister’s cult loyalties and inheritance came up at Keith’s trial while Steve Herbitts was on the stand besmirching Frank Parlato through Aggie’s line of questioning to him. Just noting.

      That said, I enjoy reading a lot of your posts. I just have a strong aversion to being manipulated at all by anyone for any reason, especially through any deception.

      I’m sure you can understand why. With apologies to whoever must have spent a helluva wad on the whole shit show I went through these past few months — not that you had anything to do with it — but if you are the doctor you claim to be, I’ll take my “benie’s” with my diagnosis now, thank you.

      • Heidi, I’m curious what you see as hypocrisy – that’s something I try assiduously to avoid, though I’m sure I occasionally fall into it.

        I know some commenters don’t like it when I challenge poorly thought out claims and positions, but there’s illogic here that’s almost as bad as claiming that Ray Charles is God, because God is love, love is blind, and Ray Charles is blind (transitive logic error, also false equivalence); and speculation almost as bad as believing that the earth is flat because some internet videos make plausible-sounding arguments, plus if you walk down your street or go out on a lake it doesn’t seem possible that they could really be on a curve (argument from incredulity). I’ve never seen a nominally anti-cult forum, with as much culty thinking of various sorts going on.

        As for Clifford, she gave the gun in her house to someone for safekeeping, which is a standard step when someone is suicidal, and then when Snyder went missing, reported her to the authorities as “suicidal” according to the official record. In her most recent interview with Frank, she said “I just went forward into the police department as a suicide, like we all at that time believe[d], because of what happened.” According to a 2017 piece by Frank, recounted in part more recently, “According to Miss Clifford, Miss Snyder lay in snow in an attempt at killing herself.” Looking at that basis for my comments, do you still think I’m off the mark?

        I’d rather not take up time and space re-hashing old things unless there’s really something you’re dying to hear from me about, in which case I will respond.

        And I think Kim has had her chain yanked here, in ways that are probably not good for her; clearly she’s not used to such an uncivil environment, and truly upset by commenters like Dirt. You seem to hold your own, though I do worry a bit about you given everything else.

        I’m very sorry to hear about what you’re going through. And I hope you’ve noticed that I’ve always shown respect for your knowledge and experience, particularly when it comes to your sister and the early days of Raniere and his scams.

      • Frank, I’m not a lawyer, but I think Miss Hutchinson has been sorely abused and should be a plaintiff in the Nxivm case.

  • After reading Kim Snyder’s comments, I am convinced that Heidi Clifford is lying about many details regarding Kristin’s death.

    Guess what?

    There’s no reason to lie UNLESS you’re trying to cover something up. Period.

    I am also convinced that Heidi Clifford NEVER LOVED Kristin in the way that spouses generally love each other.

    Nobody (with a loving heart) chooses to give up ALL HOPE within days. Nobody (with a loving heart) declares their spouse ‘dead’ within days just so they can move on with their lives.

    Why not?

    Because that goes against the basic nature of LOVE.

    Let me ask you women readers something…

    If your child went missing one day, would you declare them dead just a few days or weeks later?

    Would you give up ALL hope (that quickly) and move on with your life? Of course not.

    You’d cling to every possible ‘hope’ that your child was alive somewhere and might return. That’s just human nature when you love somebody.

    You don’t ABANDON the idea of your loved one being alive (within days) UNLESS you want them to be dead OR unless you have first hand knowledge that they are already dead.

    I am convinced that Heidi Clifford lacks the capacity to feel love (or empathy) towards other human beings and is therefore a sociopath.

    Does that mean she’s a murderer? Not necessarily.

    But it means that Heidi Clifford needs to be treated as a suspect in this whole investigation.

    It also means that anything Heidi says should NOT be believed unless it’s backed up by other credible sources.

    Guess what?

    It makes more sense that Heidi forged Kristin’s suicide note (blaming NXIVM) than TO ASSUME that Keith Raniere authorized a forged suicide note that IMPLICATED NXIVM and cast his organization in such a negative light.

    Keith would NEVER do that. That would be akin to a masked bank robber leaving a note behind which implicates himself.

    Also… It makes perfect sense that Heidi would have been JEALOUS that Kristin was having sex with a REAL man. That’s something Heidi could never offer Kristin.

    You can tell from Heidi’s scruffy appearance (and lack of makeup) that she was the ‘man’ or ‘alpha’ figure in their relationship, and Kristin was the attractive feminine figure.

    Heidi would have been ANGRY if her attractive wife was having sex with a real man. That’s just human nature.

    It also makes sense that Heidi would NEVER want to help raise a baby sired by Keith Raniere. If Heidi knew that Kristin was pregnant, then trust me, they quarreled over it.

    If a guy finds out that his girlfriend got pregnant from another man, he’d be pissed off as hell 100% of the time. He wouldn’t just smile and say “no problem” and laugh it off. That would be a relationship ending event.

    If this happened to 100 guys, all 100 would respond angrily. None of them would just say “I don’t believe you” and pretend as if nothing happened. Some would break-up immediately. Some would cry and scream. Some may get violent. But they’d all have a negative reaction. Just human nature.

    AnonyMaker is a retard.

    So when Heidi Clifford says she simply didn’t believe that Kristin was pregnant, she’s FUCKEN LYING.

    It makes sense that Heidi would lie to police by not telling them that Kristin was pregnant and involved in a love/sex triangle. A love/sex triangle is one of the oldest motives in history for murder.

    I don’t know if Heidi was involved for sure. Nor do I know if Kristin committed suicide by herself.

    However, I do know that anybody trying to eliminate Heidi as a suspect is trying to force their own ‘narrative’ upon this investigation.

    She’s a suspect. Period.

    Frank, I suggest that you ask Heidi if she’s open to taking a polygraph test — just to see what her response is.

    I realize that polygraphs are not 100% accurate and are not proof of anything, but you should still ask Heidi if she’s WILLING to take such a test. Her response will tell you what’s in her heart. Liars will give every excuse why they won’t take such a test. It can’t hurt to ask.

  • Heidi – I do not know if your sister or mine was murdered. I suspect it and we are seeking evidence.
    I don’t think Gina never met Kris. They died about 4 months apart. And maybe for the same or similar reasons.
    Of course, you want answers, just like we do

    • Appreciate that, Kim. Hope you, Andrew and Jonnie are well and we all find closure, peace and maybe even some real joy & happiness soon!

  • inspector,

    There’s a common denominator in Nina Cowell being set-up as a scapegoat for both “suicidings” or “murders” — that of my sister Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder — if you haven’t noted yet through the comment mileu or been chased away. Nina also may have been set up as a scapegoat for the branding operation.

    Our cousins owned Romano’s restaurant, NXIVM purchased it and it became “Apropos,” a term our mother used a lot.

    NINA COWELL was made the proprietor of the place after she told the Seward or Anchorage police (not sure which) Kris Snyder was seen alive the day after her disappearance and moved to Albany. Nina was also given a generous salary.

    NXIVM later gave Nina a job in Dr. Salzman’s laser clinic in Albany. Salzman is Nancy’s ex-husband, Lauren & Michelle’s Dad. Ben Myers — the would-be Avatar bany’s uncle — I call him Uncle Ben — is Nancy’s son-in-law.

    Nina & her cabin features prominently in the Snyder case, but Nina wasn’t around in Albany when my sister passed away far as I know.

    NX likes to frame people, as we know. They usually lure and bribe victims in to do that. I know this first hand.

    How would you rate NX’s culpability in terms of this cover-up effort and apparent attempt to link Nina to 3 major NX crimes, including the branding?

    Nancy Salzman and, later, Kristin Keeffe (my sister’s best friend) were the major “fixers” (at least) in both the Snyder and, IMO, Gina’s case but Kristin Keeffe was purportedly not around for the laser branding phase.

  • “The Bangkok” Conspiracy on Frank Report

    Is the person behind the moniker “Bangkok” really Frank Parlato? If it’s not Frank, does the person who assumes the “Bankok” persona work in tandem with Frank, strategically rolling out certain views that Frank isn’t comfortable taking credit for?

    Some “soft” evidence for such a theory is the following:

    –Recently, Frank made efforts to curb unfriendly, rude and at times offensive chatter among posters. Frank took especial aim at attacks on new posters sharing personal anecdotes about their NXIVM or Raniere experiences.

    –Yet Bankok has sustained his puerile jibes, misogynistic asides, and outright character assassinations, despite the fact posters have complained of his behavior and made known their hesitance to comment. These commenters are far from paranoid in sensing he eagerly scans the horizon for targets for his gunslinging vitriol. Some of Bankok’s more malignant jibes have been directed toward Frank himself, yet Frank sounds comparatively subservient in his responses to Bankok’s posts. Is this just a ruse to keep people from suspecting that this persona is a stand-in manufactured by Frank?

    –There appears to be much overcompensating in the attempts of “Bankok” to sound as little like Frank as possible, almost as though he were an alternative persona. Such a persona would no doubt be useful in gauging people’s responses to select ideas. On one occasion, he ostensibly came to the defense of Flowers, even though Frank showed her the proverbial door after she posted of string of exasperating comments.

    –Consider how Frank routinely prompts and prods followers of his blog to engage in spirited dialogue in response to his posts. I think it not too far-fetched that he may be attempting to prompt comments in other ways. Perhaps the “Bankok” dummy is one of a host of Frank’s manufactured and strategically used voices that have appeared on FrankReport, courtesy of Frank himself (and perhaps a confederate or two).

    –More circumstantial proof exists in the convenient re-appearance of Bankok in time to post quite uncharacteristic support of Frank in his case against the Federal government. Seems like there’s even a line that Bankok won’t cross, despite all his contrarian provocations. There are one or two other lines Bankok has refused to cross, but I’ll leave it up to the alert, eagle-eyed reader to identify them.

    –Frank is a seasoned PR-man. The first rule of a PR war–and that’s what running the FrankReport has had to be from the start–is to change the way people think. If Frank, possibly not to offend any of his sources or contacts, wanted to give voice to an idea to gauge his readership’s receptivity to it, he would likely choose an alternative persona to trot it out. If these ideas came from only Frank himself, he would sound, at best, like a wily, even crazed, disinformation agent. Which, I might add, is exactly how Bangkok often sounds.

    –Frank refers to his blog as his “house.” So, every now and then, why not stage a play for his own amusement or, if it serves his purposes, answer the door in costume.

    • Bangkok is not me. I think Bangkok is rude, but funny – like Don Rickles. He makes some good points. Often contrarian and sparks debate, but I am not Bangkok. And I do not know who he or she is.

      • “yet Frank sounds comparatively subservient in his responses to Bankok’s posts.”

        Good call. This augers for my conclusion that Frank is telling the truth that he doesn’t know who or what Bangkok is. All he can tell is the VPN location and it’s consistency — or not — with its other alias.’

        I, of course, considered the possibility Frank is Bangkok and for a short time believed it despite Frank’s denials. I tested that out but my investigative abilities are sorely lacking and limited.

        Bangkok has and is not only obviously harassing me here on FR but harassing and stalking me in reality and often knows my location as his/her/their comments reveal.

        It could be my ex-husband. Could well be Burke, I only suppose from Jeffrey Peterson’s posts, could be both. Definitely, someone playing ball with the Mexican NXIANS. Never heard him speak unwell of Oxenberg, the other “VIP” types either.

        Frank’s got huge balls to the walls, yes, but not like he hasn’t been played before.

        • Heidi, if you only knew how ridiculously stupid you sound, LOL.

          1) I challenge Heidi to cite any post I’ve ever made that discloses ‘private’ details about her ‘location’ which Frank (or herself) have not previously posted on this blog.

          If Heidi refuses to respond to this challenge, I expect every reader here to declare Heidi a lying sack of shit.

          Floor is yours, Heidi. 🙂

          BTW: You bare your entire soul to this blog every now and then, telling us all kinds of private shit that nobody really wants to hear, so it’s not difficult to remember your wacky postings.

          Such as the post about “fresh and freshly frozen rattlesnakes” that were allegedly launched into your yard when Frank was visiting your home in summer 2018, which I believe you probably paid somebody to do —– in order to gain Frank’s sympathy.

          As for your location (LOL) all I know is that you were a loser living in LA who then moved to a surrounding county after your rattlesnake incident, probably to Riverside or San Bernardino or some other piss-poor INLAND county, complete with 100 degree temps, low valued homes and rednecks everywhere.

          However, that’s not exactly ‘private’ info, LOL, as you mention this shit in your posts.

          Now accept my challenge or fuck off.

          Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Anonymous
      You make some good points, and I think you may be close to the truth, though I doubt Frank writes the Bangkok posts himself.
      The only thing I disagree with is your claim that I wrote a string of exasperating comments. I actually just wrote ONE comment about the photos of the Salzmans, and that one comment angered Frank enough that he posted an defamatory article about me.

  • Kim
    The text message left for Mr. Frank Parlato- of course there wasn’t enough money to pay NXIVM- according to the credit card sheets, for January/February 2003- Kris was paid up- $10,820.00!!! There was no reason for money to be given to Esther. Besides, the estate was NOT settled. What do I mean- airline tickets on the credit card that we used- to get to and from Anchorage, Kris’ foot stone at our family cemetery- paying the funeral home- here in Dillon- for things used for Kris’ memorial. These things were expensive.
    All the while, Ms. Clifford- sold Kris’ Toyota Tacoma Truck on April 11th, 2003- while she traveled to California, to pick up a mini van she had purchased- according to my morher’s Personal journal. The last time my mother ever talked to Ms. Clifford- was April 3, 2003- Heidi left for the Grand Canyon, on April 10th,2003- with Katy Kerri’s, and 10 other girls. The photo that Keith Rainere made mention to in court, is Heidi and Katy, sitting on a rock.
    How do we know this? This group that Joe O’Hara was In to find Kris- Joe found Heidi in the Canyon instead. Keith and this whole group thought it was Kris!!!
    The ad in the paper, April 11th, 2003- while she traveled and moved on without my sister, quickly getting the death certificate- normal people wait several years- before doing that. It was approved in 2004, sent to our family, in 2005. Her article states, she was ready to move on .
    Kris Snyder/presumptive death certificate/ you can find it on line easily.
    Wow! Heidi moved on quickly. Belongings of Kris put in a wet garage, then telling people, “our family stole everything from her, she had NOTHING left, but a Valentine’s Day card?” This is NOT true.
    Heidi did NOT pick mom, dad or me up from the airport, when we arrived in Anchorage, and she did NOT take us back either. Heidi did have on my sister’s clothing when we arrived at Kris’ house, along with dad’s sunglasses- she gave us everything!!! She gave us Kris’ belongings- she allowed us to use Kris’ truck, once we arrived in Anchorage- even though she knew it had NOT been checked for blood!!!! The house had NOT been checked for blood- there were a ton of people there that night we arrived.
    Another thing I want to know- where is the green Subaru car we rode in- to the boat memorial? We could NOT all fit in Kris’ truck. Where is it?
    Our family has been put in a position of defending our selves and Kris. That is NOT fair.
    As far as we know, NO students from the last intensive have stepped forward to talk.
    The articles that I have found of Heidi’s journal, on line- took me along time. Those are NOT what the Old journal in the notebook EVEN says. I will continue digging for the truth!!!!
    Kris we love ❤️ and miss you!!

  • I hope that Judge Garaufis is aware of what is being reported here about Kristin Snyder being given the opposite of help by the staff of the ESP, Raniere-and-Nancy Salzman-styled intensive. I hope that he has received relevant victim-impact statements specific to Kristin’s disappearance, and that the Judge and prosecutors know under what circumstances Kristin was last seen alive.

    At that 2003 Anchorage intensive, Kristin was completely disregarded as needing medical help. Yet no one who was in charge there was qualified to treat Kristin or to make medical decisions on her behalf. This mistreatment of Kristin seems to have gone on for several days and, that is incredibly callous, irresponsible behavior on the part of all staff involved. Instead of giving genuine help, groupleaders accused Kristin of being an “attention seeker.” They kept pulling her in and out of the group setting. Finally, Kristin was ejected from this group and driven away by a stranger, (to her) and then Kristin was never seen again.

    After all, both Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are awaiting sentencing for Nxivm-related crimes. Kristin Snyder cannot give voice to the impact that her Nxivm association had upon her, but there are those who can. What greater or more terrible impact could there be than to live the rest of your life, never seeing one of your family or loved ones, not ever again?

    The understanding has been that Nancy Salzman was actively communicating and commanding the Anchorage, Alaska ESP staff to mistreat Kristin Snyder, and that they deliberately followed her orders. Their motive was to keep lying and pretending that Keith Raniere was a celibate, but certain staff members were among those who had personally had sex with Keith Raniere. Kristin was treated as if she were a crazy liar for saying that Raniere might have impregnated her not long before that Intensive program. It has been reported that Kristin was telling the group that Raniere had raped her, not that sex with him was voluntary. It has been said that Kristin was saying that she might have been drugged to get her “prepped” for Raniere to get to have sex with her.

    Yet Kristin was completely disrespected and was gaslighted by those supposedly running a self-help “seminar.” The admissions by Lauren Salzman in court testimony about her and her mother, Nancy Salzman, secretly drugging another “difficult” participant during a group intensive in New York, are now known. A lot more is known now. Hopefully Judge Garaufis is taking this into account.

    Pre-sentencing for Raniere and for Nancy Salzman, etc., would be a very good moment for Alaskan investigators to reopen their case, regarding Kristin Snyder’s disappearance and supposed suicide. Please do the right thing. There has been more than enough suffering for the Snyder family, as well as for people, anywhere and everywhere, who have been harmed by Keith Raniere and his fellow criminals.

  • Kim
    DIRT—— I thought I had cleaned your clock enough today. Go look up the definition of Homophobia- it sort of sounds like you!!!!!
    You must NOT have enough to do, but patrol blogs, and call names….of homophobia and troll somewhere else!!!!! You are just a FREAKING trouble maker!!!! Nobody wants you around.
    Besides, I do Know and did Know my sister better than you or anyone else will.
    Go take a look v walk off of a short pier…..and fall off. All you do is act stupid, and attack others- I hope I don’t have to keep cleaning your clock- you are a waste of time!!!!!!!

    We love ❤️ & miss you Kris

    • Kimmy,

      As a homosexual I am well versed in all elements that encompass Homophobia, and you and Kristin’s parents are steeped in it.

      And Kimmy, cleaning clocks and taking one to the cleaners require linear, competent, critically thought out and explained facts, not childish nonsensical dramafied hysterical hissy fits. Truths accompanied by PROVEN facts are required! You have have neither, not even proof of person.


      • Dirt, do you think the writer of the Kim Snyder posts is not really Kim herself?

        After reading a few of her recent posts, I am starting to have some doubts about who is really writing these posts.

  • Kim
    Heidi- I will stand firm in Kris’ story. Your ranting and raving at me get me NO where. Worry about Gina’s case, NOT about Kris’ case- mind your own business about our family. You have NO idea of what you are talking about, you NEVER even met Kris. Leave our case ALONE!!! You are meddling!!!!
    Kris’ case is being handled just fine- you have NO idea about my grief and how deep it runs. You don’t know anything about this case…..DO NOT step in to my business again!!!! Stop it.
    Gina was NOT in NXIVM- she was In CBI- stop pretending to know anything about Keith and NXIVM. We have told you this before.
    Kris’ life is ours to deal with- NOT yours. Stop trying to get into what I say on the blog. I am uncovering liars!!!! I am setting liars straight!!!! Mind your own bees wax!
    I am continuing to work with Frank- you are GONE!!!!!
    Stay out of people’s personal lives- you blocked me from calling you- so, you have NO business telling me what to do!!!!
    Have a good life!!!! Take care!!!!


    • Heidi, why, if you cared would you block Kim and continually spew your worthless BS? Next time you chat with your friend Clifford will you ask her how much those Ecologik shares were worth? Thanks

  • Kim
    My family and I have found it very strange, that there were 2 pizza receipts, found recently, that were supposedly purchased on the way to Seward, by Kris. Kris had a stomach, that could NOT drink milk, or eat cheese. She could NOT have eaten 2 big pizza’s. That is NOT possible.
    Kris only ate certain things- that did NOT include dairy. Who ever purchased those pizza’s-it was NOT Kris.
    As Ms. Clifford has told people, Kris was NOT in any shape to drive any where- especially 2 hours away, to Seward- Resurrection Bay.There are other people involved in this crime.
    We, as a family, have the credit card statements, and it does NOT show Kris stopping for Pizza- especially two times
    Who did this? You need to step forward, and tell the truth.
    Kris- we love ❤️ and miss you!!!!!!

    • Kim, we need to actually see the supposed receipts and evaluate them before jumping to any conclusions that they mean anything at all.

      In a case like this, as I’ve already pointed out, people will read much too much into things like that. Sometimes they will completely misread them, and people invested in bolstering a theory they believe in will sometimes even twist or fabricate supposed evidence – plus of course the pathological toxic troll will go so far as to make things up entirely just to cruelly mess with people for no discernible good reason.

      There’s a saying, “Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet.”

      But keep asking hard questions – just wait for truly solid answers.

    • Kim, thank you for this info about pizza receipts and for sharing it here. Coming from your family, the ones who know best what Kristin would and would not have eaten, this means a lot to me, to be able to receive your direct input.

      My own mother really could not eat cheese, butter or dairy, so our family understands how nobody knows you like your own family. About what might have happened to your sister, Kristin, the details keep pouring in and taking more shape.

      One thing Kristin has been blessed with is to have you as her sister. I pray that you can feel my hand of respect and support for you and your loved ones. My heart and and mind are with you and determined to uncover the truth, keeping steady with what I can see. There has got to be a reopening of the law enforcement investigation about what really happened to Kristin. It’s crucial.

      • Shivani, I think the only “info” we have about pizza receipts is a sort of rumor, that Kim has picked up and is telling us about second-hand. It could well turn out to be nothing; we need to see the actual evidence, if any.

        The law enforcement inventory of Snyder’s car mentioned only receipts for gas. And we’ve never heard anything previously about charges like that showing up on her credit card. So it’s not at all clear to me where this information comes from and whether or not it is reliable.

        • It’s not from Kim and it’s not a rumor, Anonymaker.

          The receipts were found by Heidi Clifford recently. They came from a collection of stuff from Kris’ truck that Heidi had stored for years, I believe.

          I don’t understand how you’re missing these details — I put this info about the Pizza receipts from Heidi up in a comments section on a thread you were on previously. Why are you always Mrs. Doubtful? Trolin’ — as Peterson says — and to what end? Or WHOSE end?

          Were I accused of being a troll, I would be inclined to set the record straight or try to. Perhaps you only doubt “rumors” from Kim? I wouldn’t recommend doing that. 😉

          Again, the pizza receipts came up on a conference call with Heidi Clifford during the filming of Frank’s ID special, “The Lost Women of NXIVM.”

          I wish Heidi Clifford could add to this conversation; however, Kim does seem a wee bit possessive over her sister’s story, understandably so after what Toni put her through, and Heidi is understandably reluctant to set foot in this psycho ward!

          I’m just trying to throw in what I know and fend off misinformation, especially of the sort that might land someone unjustly in prison.

          It’s all fun and games until you hear “drop, squat, cough!”

          The pizza receipts are real, timed, dated and in good hands. Right, Frank?

          • Heidi, I don’t always catch what’s in the comments, unfortunately. I’d only seen those passing references, and certainly with no satisfactory details, such as whether they are clearly date and time stamped. It’s all just second-hand or hearsay at this point, and such things have a history of not always panning out.

            If there’s really new evidence, then I hope Frank does a story about it along with photographs so that we can better evaluate it.

            And you make a good point about Clifford being “reluctant to set foot in this psycho ward.” As I’ve said before, one of the downsides of the way things go here, is that it almost certainly puts off some people who would have had valuable things to contribute.

          • Which comment thread were the receipts mentioned in? Could you please provide the link or the date it was posted?. I also didn’t remember seeing anything about pizza receipts before Kim Snyders recent comment mentioning this.

            It would be helpful if Heidi Clifford could take pictures of the receipts and send them to Frank, so that he could include them in a future article.

            It’s strange that the police overlooked this evidence during their investigation, but yet apparently gathered up the receipts along with any other items found in the vehicle at the time of her disappearance.

    • Thanks for the information about the 2 pizza receipts. It fits in with my theory, which is still a theory that I can not prove. With so many people on this site willing to defend the Nxivm way, I don’t like to be too specific.

      I think 2 trucks were taken out to the landing, with one person in each. (Who ever went out there had to get back, couldn’t drive Kristin’s vehicle back, so that requires two vehicles.) That would account for the two pizzas and that they had already taken Kristin’s credit card from her. One person was probably Nina Cowell who had the cabin in that area, the other could be anyone of the Nxivm members, but I would suggest it was Elaine Smiloff. One truck was Kris’s toyota, the other vehicle probably Nina’s but that is just a guess. They parked the unknown vehicle, which might be Nina’s, as that was known in town and would not cause any suspicion, at the center of the town, and both got into the Toyota and drove it to where it was left. That explains the two tracks coming out of the Toyota. The kayak and paddles was picked up and put in the other vehicle, then they left and went back to town. Who knows what they did with the kayak & paddles.

      Kristin Snyder was not there at all, they just wanted to make it look like she was. I can not prove any of this, but Keith and Nancy had this planned out ahead of time, so I am trying to follow a devious and evil mind here. Hope you understand that your sister did not go to Seward.

      • They were probably still hungry because 2 pizzas wouldn’t fill up 2 grown women – they just ate the kayak and paddles.

      • I don’t think it’s “information” as much as Kim repeating a sort of rumor (note my response to Shivani). Which I think shows us that you’re not really being very rigorous in how you’re approaching the case.

        You may be onto something in noting that if Snyder were murdered and it were successfully covered up, then in that case it was likely a much more complex operation – which actually contradicts the general line of theorizing that’s been going on here, and presents a whole new set of problems, paradoxes and implausibilities. I’ve been thinking of saying something about this for a long time, but hate to further stoke the flames of dubious conspiracy theorizing.

        How many cases have you worked on, where a random group of everyday people attending a self-improvement seminar at a hotel, have turned into a highly coordinated cell of ruthless killers?

        • I agree that he’s definitely a top quality inspector —- of USDA beef, that is.

          If you need to ensure that your beef is Grade-A, he’s your man, no doubt.

          As for his fishing expeditions into Kristin’s death — complete with ignoring all evidence that doesn’t fit his tunnel vision narrative — he’s more akin to Inspector Clouseau.

          I sense that he’s possibly a police academy dropout who dreamed of becoming a detective one day, but just couldn’t pass the IQ test to become a rookie cop (which is quite a feat by itself, as a rookie cop only requires an IQ of 80 — just 10 points above retard level).

          From there, I have no doubt that he invested himself in watching reruns of The Pink Panther to further hone his inspector skills, and possibly Murder She Wrote.

          If he has ever worked directly with a police department, I have no doubt it was as a janitor or lunch line server in the police cafeteria.

  • On the NXIVM documentary you did, it was said that Kristin Snyder screamed out loudly on a NXIVM course that she was pregnant with Raniere’s baby. Have any of those NXIVM course attendees come forward at all? Perhaps one of them is “The Rat”. You posted their names on Frank Report a while back. You should seek out each and every one of them for information.

    • There were only 7 students, I believe, at the Feb 2003 intensive–and that is including Kristin, Heidi and Heidi’s demented mother. It should not be that hard to track down the other 4 attendees, and ask them for their memory of what happened at the intensive. I’d assume, in fact, that they are waiting for a call asking them. IDK, I’ve never attended a seminar where one of the participants shouted about pregnancy and then disappeared midday, never to be seen again…–

      • I’m wrong, it was 11 students and 7 coaches/leaders. Still, thats 8 students to track down. Not much, considering they could actually provides some information.

        • I agree, fi, especially since Moira Penza explained that Toni Natalie misled her away from interviewing the Snyder’s due to Kim’s alleged disability and, Toni also alleged, falsely, Jonnie’s senility and placement in a home for the elderly.

          FR and ID have now provided this short list of alternative witnesses to justify its inclusion, honorable mention, of Kris in their case and something tells me an investigation would be wise lest someone get any ideas about appealing their sentence or preserving the “good” in NXIVM should it turn out NX had nada to do with Kris’ death, after all.

          Toni also failed to deliver the evidence on Gina’s death to her FBI buddies as promised and, I know, as does the actress who played the part of Gina — bone thin with cropped bleach blond hair — in some “Jeffrey’s” recent production of “let’s drive Heidi batshit, “Batman” crazy” — that some well-financed investigative body knew enough to replicate her walking near “Gina” street in Oxnard and as a guest at the “Wyndham” Days Inn in Palm Springs — where Chitra booked me during the ID production. (She’s too old to play Gina, btw. We have “good genes”
          that way and she died at 33. Lol.)

  • Kim
    Kristin- was gas lighted by SO many people- so many people on this blog, line DIRT, who expects me to have to prove everything to him/her- that is NOT what I should have to do. NXIVM is culpable for Kris’ death- NOT me!!!!
    Kris is the victim of NXIVM- her family is as well.
    We have ALL of the evidence, we are the ones put on trial. Heidi C. Is correct, Heidi Clifford said, Kris was In NO shape to drive- less but Pizza- twice, on the way to Seward.
    My family and I have been put on trial, and that is NOT fair.
    What we don’t understand is, why Heidi testified in Silhoette, at first for ID Discovery, then, days later, she did the interview again, and changed her testimony, in plain clothing. If she was SO fearful of NXIVM, why do everything differently? Especially a molestation charge, to a rape/ pregnancy story? You can’t have it both ways. Once a molestation charge is out of your mouth, you have ruined that person’s life. Especially, if they are MILITARY- this person could have lost ALL they have worked for, and more. NO APOLOGIES have been made- but it is too late for that- that person is NOW in heaven.
    Heidi’s story is no longer truth- she with held evidence from the law, and our family, for 16 years. We were also kept out of the loop from Kris, when she needed us the most.
    The information that we have, we will post at a later date, but my family and I are NOT on trial here- Keith Rainere and his MINIONS are!!!!!!
    NXIVM leaders, after my sister went missing, ran back to Albany, NY- the mother ship of the crap Keith began. He is responsible for her death.
    The speculation against my family and me, from DIRT and others- who are acting disgusting- need to “STOP!!!!!!!!!! You are ONLY out to hurt others.
    Again, we are NOT on trial!!!!
    We LOVE ❤️ you Kris!!!!

    • Hi Kimmy!

      Hun your extreme HOMOPHOBIA is showing, along with your excessive lies about a sister you don’t truly know or want to know!


      • There are a few discrepancies with Kim’s posts. A while back she posted this description of her daily life-
        I make sure my son gets up in the A.M. – gets ready for school, then mom & I take him to & from the Presbyterian/Baptist school – we run the dog with the 4 wheeler – we come in, homework time, VA work time-  supper, and bed time.

        When Andy is at school, it is VA time and flag Bracelet time. 8-9 hours. When Andy goes to bed- then, I can work on anything that I need to finish.

        Here she writes about her son as though he is a still a child. However, she recently said that her sister’s guardianship note, written in 2003 or earlier, included guardianship of Kim’s son. If her son was born prior to 2003, he may have already graduated from high school now, or would be close to graduation, which doesn’t fit with the earlier post.

  • Couple of circumstances Frank’s previously noted:

    Kristin was in no condition to drive herself over 2 hours on icy, dangerous roads from she and Heidi’s home to Seward.

    Other potential accomplices (than Elaine) had personal motives to carry out Keith & Nancy’s plan. Esther Chappione apparently believed — and may have been promised — she would be the chosen one to end Vanguard’s sexual renunciation and bear the Avatar — she allegedly moved to Albany for that reason and was in for a rude awakening to learn Kristin Snyder wasn’t the only woman on Earth who’d already usurped her.

    They may have already succeeded in successfully “suiciding” my sister, Gina Hutchinson and given some of the similarities — INCLUDING possibly first planning to use a gun (a plan that may have been abandoned bc of the striking similarity or maybe not given that no body was found) — patterned Kristin’s demise in the same fashion only condensed into months, where Gina was conditioned — according to Kristin Keeffe’s testimony and Gina’s journal — over decades.

    Finally, for now, the cover-up speaks volumes and is still going on including the scapegoating and harassment of Heidi Clifford.

    It may look like Kim Snyder is the only one blaming Heidi but Kim has long been psyched out and some of the people involved in the cover-up, namely Kristin Keeffe, are still indirectly influencing Kim and even, especially, Frank in his investigation and reporting — for their own purposes. That is how NXIVM, how corruption and evil, works. No one is immune, not even Frank.

    • Hi Heidi. Please know that I am fully interested in your sister just like with Kristin. If you don’t mind, did Gina purchase that gun herself?

      • I don’t know, Peaches. According to the police I spoke to who said they were at the scene — but were not the same officers who allegedly interviewed a local gun shop owner — there were two guns, both allegedly purchased by Gina on the same day, hours apart. Only one gun was noted in the police report, however.

        Months later, our Dad and Stepmom who couldn’t make it to Gina’s funeral, went to the police station in Hollister County, where Gina passed away, and retrieved TWO guns. That’s all I know about the gun(s).

        Thanks, Peaches. Hope that helps you.

    • Now you’re disrespecting both Kim Snyder and Frank?

      You’re implying that you have ‘inside information’ (or superior logic) that both Frank and Kim aren’t smart enough to understand?

      Sorry Heidi. I don’t believe you.

      I think you’re suffering from psychological issues which make you say crazy things sometimes.

      After all, you’re the same person who said that ‘Bangkok’ was really Dennis Burke in disguise, LOL.

      Hint: If you’re stupid enough to think that Bangkok is not only a praticing attorney, but also a former US Attorney, then I fear you’ve had a break with reality —– since even Mr. Claviger knows that Bangkok can’t possibly be an attorney.

      You’re a sad, lonely lady, Heidi.

      I can see why Mr. Apple dumped you and traded you in for something better, and got you banned from the trust.

      Stop disrespecting Kim Snyder!

  • Sorry dummy, but your murder evidence timeline reads like a Heidi Hutchinson novel — one based partly on wishful thinking, hearsay and a lack of focus on anybody but Keith.

    I’m guessing that you weren’t really a law enforcement inspector, but were probably a USDA beef inspector, or some other job for wanna-bee inspectors.

    Here’s two reasons why Keith and NXIVM were not likely involved…

    1) You’re stating that Esther Chiappone had a direct hand in the murder planning.

    Yet you’re selectively forgetting that she’d NEVER have attempted to bill Kristin’s estate for $9k JUST DAYS AFTER HER DISAPPEARANCE if that were really true, since no murderer (or person directly involved in a murder plan) is gonna draw attention to themselves by billing the murder victim’s estate for the price of a class. Especially just a few days after a police investigation began.

    It’s just not logical, you fucken retarded inspector.

    That’s like a masked bank robber (who just robbed a bank for $50k) returning to the bank the next day to argue heatedly with the manager over some small trivial matter, thereby drawing attention to himself.

    2) You selectively forget about the (allegedly) ‘forged’ suicide note.

    If Keith and NXIVM were involved in planning Kristin’s death (murder), they’d have NEVER forged a suicide note which directly blamed NXIVM for Kristin’s depression and which cast their organization in such a negative light for police.

    Keith would never tolerate NXIVM being blamed for ruining somebody’s mental state, since his pride wouldn’t allow it.

    Plus, it’s not necessary to blame NXIVM for her depression. The forger could have easily blamed another reason for Kristin’s depression, had NXIVM really forged that suicide note.

    Even Frank refuses to credibly deal with this issue because it ruins his ability to blame Keith. Frank just sticks his head in the sand on this issue, as does Heidi the unemployable Hobo who sometimes lives in a fleabag motel.

    You have no answer for the suicide note.


    Cuz your ‘tunnel vision’ simply ignores anything that doesn’t fit within your narrative, just like Frank and Heidi.

    The rest of your evidence is so thin that it reads as if it was typed by the demented fingers of Heidi Hutchinson.

    I will pray to my Lord and Savior (Jesus Christ) that you get CANCER OF THE BUTT and are stripped of your USDA retired inspector title.

    You’re a fucken retard.

    Have a nice day.

    • Question for the moderator – why is this post from bangcock here?

      If this post is close to running ME away, you damn sure better know it will also run away just about any person who we want commenting on this blog.

      My apologies to anyone who read it. I’m sorry if me commenting here gives any credence to the hate posted by bangcock.

        • Bangkok, I like when he talks shit. I would like to see him go full ham sandwich. You all are being to sensitive. FR is for a mature and slightly a demented audience. If you don’t like his writing just skip over him or her the way I do with Shivani.

      • Agree, Nutjob. Bangkok also may be posting under the name “Dirt,” given some stylistic similarities and the virulent tone.

        I have a theory that Bangkok is viciously attacking anyone and everyone on this blog who has direct experience, knowledge or insight. It’s like he’s trying to shut them all down. I could give a list of his targets but will refrain from doing so.

        I can say for a fact that I’m restraining my comments now that he is back.

        • I’m with Nancy, Nutjob, and Missouri. These extreme batshit postings poison the atmosphere here and deter normal people from posting with potentially constructive information.

        • Nancy, just click on Dirt’s gravatar. It’s not Bangkok…. unless he slick made a dummy account but I dought it. It looks like Dirt has been around on the internet long B4 FR began. I think dirt is in love with Heidi Clifford BTW. I also think she is using FR to generate people to her site.

      • A while back, Frank made an effort to curb negative comments. In doing so, he referred to his blog as his “house.”

        With all due deference, Frank, why does this personage casting aspersions under the name “Bangkok” have free run of said house?

        Do you approve of the ad hominem attacks he’s made against other posters?

      • I agree Nutjob. But I’m afraid Bangkok isn’t going anywhere, except perhaps to an asylum or possibly prison.

        Bangkok is obviously someone very close to my ex-husband if not Jeff Apple himself.

        Bangkok knows my whereabouts and not long ago, it was proved Jeff, indeed, had a tracking device on our Van that caregivers sometimes used. [The caregivers also complained of.Jeff always trying to frame them, etc., too.]. So, Jeff in his freaky, spy fantasies he engages in high on cocaine while cross-dressed, knows my whereabouts and has stalked me and others not only in reality but here on FR. He’s clearly out of his mind, prolly high as a kite while writing these posts!

        He’s only saying I think he’s Denny Burke, btw, when it’s Jeff. Peterson not me who’s saying it’s Burke, to try to get me in as much trouble as possible with the law and substantiate his claim that I’m a gun-wielding killer — THE killer out to shoot someone, anyone plausibly shoootable — Keith Raniere, I presume, or maybe Dennis Burke is my alleged target …that’s what he’s told police. That’s why he keeps saying I’m delusional, etc. too. It’s called gas lighting and Narcissist engage in it all the time.

        The police don’t believe him but IDK what the Sectet Service does or doesn’t believe bc Secret Service retirees from Dennis Burke’s company, Frontier, represent Clare and did offer to guard Keith Raniere to protect him at Raniere’s bail hearing.

        Jeff has a keen interest in this case — he and his wife encouraged me to “come forward” and tell Gina’s story, said I should sue Keith, said the cult was responsible for harassment that was happening to our son’s. But I think Jeff is doing this all in cahoots with some caregivers who work in both our homes just to get away with ripping off our son’s Medicare benefits and negating his child support obligation using his old Secret Service consultant pals, obviously. Maybe Peterson’s right and Bangkok is Burke or someone they both know.

        Jeff produced “In the Line of Fire” and he hired retired Secret Service agents as consultants — whom he apparently told that the person out to kill Raniere was ME. Seriously. Told police and the Court I have a gun with homicidal intent to off Raniere. Told Los Robles hospital the same — I ended up there with a sprain the night police shockingly showed up to kick me out of my own home due to court orders Jeff obtain by lying about this gun thing. But the hospital shrinks and orderlies searched my belongings, did a psyche eval, drug test, etc. spoke with the police and they told me, concluded that Jeff’s “the narcissist.”

        It all may have been Raniere’s idea, initially, IDK. All I know is I’m unquestionably being stalked and so do the police, our friends, the Court, Dylan’s program instructors, and everyone on FR whose reading these whacked out Bangkok posts!

        Obviously, he’s a very sick person and all I can do to protect myself and our son is to keep telling the truth, keep trying to prove my innocence. I really did nothing to deserve this and neither did our son. But this is NXIVM and this is what they do and Jeff is taking full advantage of it.

        I’m sorry you’re offended, Nutjob, I know Bangkok has attacked you too.

        Pray for us!

    • 1. Keith got by with a lot of things that law enforcement should have noticed, but didn’t. The third smartest man in the world thought he would never get caught. Of course he would push for the money as he knew no one, at that time, would tie him and his organization to murder of Kristin.
      2. The forged suicide note did its duty for15 years. No body really took a focused look at it until Frank did. So Keith’s plan worked just fine, fooled everyone but Frank. By the way, Keith’s pride would never let a woman walk out of his meeting, without paying a very high price. He thought he was smart enough to get by with anything, including murder, until he was finally caught.

      Inspectors always look for the details.

      Have a very nice day!

  • Kim
    The last few topics that have been hidden from us, that I have found:
    A) Gmail/Kris @cause
    B) full text of “Snyder” Seward Police report
    C) cause/ definition @dictionary.com
    D) Gmail/Heidi/ sadness
    E) Gmail/psychosis
    F) Gmail/ Heidi/Kris took off
    G) Gmail/ students in class
    These are ALL things of concern- that we want people to understand, we have NEVER been told about- that we want the public to know about.
    These issues will continue to be looked at by our family, closely.

  • 10. Two people got out of that truck at the landing, initial police report noticed footprints leading from both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. No footprints noted going back into the truck.

    …And, Nina’s cabin was within walking distance of the landing.

  • Kim
    I have been finding things on the net- as I said in my last entry.
    Here are more entries that we have discovered, that can’t be refuted, especially the Texted police report- since, there was NO shed, and everyone has changed their stories!!!!
    All Gmail entries:
    A) Heidi/giving Kris space
    B) Heidi/ Kris @ cause
    C) Full text of “Snyder” police report
    Please look up Anchorage Daily Times/ February 5-28th, of 2003. These will give you more insight into the search for my “beloved” Kris. Our family also did many private “Caring Bridge” entries, while the search was going on.
    Our family wrote Kris’ obituary- cooperfh.com
    As I have stated before, our family has been forced to defend our family, and Kris. You may read our story, under the post about Heidi from yesterday.
    We love ❤️ Kris and miss her very much.

    • Kim, I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again, you’re being played like a fiddle. Your justifiable anger over Kris’ death is being “REDIRECTED” (remember Lauren’s testimony.)

      I know you wish you’d spent more time with her and, as you admitted, you’re angry at Heidi for interfering with that. I know you’re angry at her homosexual friends for, you believe, making Kris one of them. They didn’t. They only accepted her as she was. And I know you have guilt you need to redirect, too, it comes with the territory. It’s a natural part of grieving.

      NXIAN’s and their “contractors” are expert manipulators, mindbenders, and they’ve prolly had your family under surveillance for decades.

      They use corrupt elements of law enforcement and the legal system to influence even the purest among them. They spread corruption and bc no one in law enforcement, the justice system, can admit any mistake, much less, being fooled by crooks — of all things — it works to suppress justice. To “redirect” guilt onto the innocent.

      Ask Frank & Joe about how that redirection worked out for them in the past and, I dare say, NXIVM is at it now moreso than ever. They’ve got billions behind them to keep everyone but the designated scapegoats out of prison.

      “The truth is the thing most buried in lies.”

      Wisest epithet I’ve ever heard. Don’t let them use you to bury the truth about your sister. Didn’t you and Heidi already have to “bury” her once?

      Please find compassion for each other to help Kris together!

      • “NXIAN’s and their “contractors” are expert manipulators, mindbenders, and they’ve prolly had your family under surveillance for decades.”
        Paranoid much? You really are a whackjob, Heidi, and need serious help. Don’t you realize that you harm more people than you help with your made-up know-it-all b.s. that you spread on this site?

      • LOL. Redirected anger?

        …Says Heidi Hutchinson, aka the QUEEN of redirected anger. 🙂

        Frank, it’s ironic that you allow Heidi to make these posts when she’s spent the last year REDIRECTING her own anger (from her own miserable life) at:

        1) Her ex husband
        2) Dennis Burke
        3) Salinas
        4) Keith
        5) Lauren
        6) Nancy
        7) Bangkok
        8) Scooter Johnson
        9) Flowers
        10) Anybody who disagrees with her, lol

        Heidi Hutchinson is the poster girl for REDIRECTED anger.

        Kim, please don’t let Heidi Hutchinson GASLIGHT YOU into thinking that Heidi Clifford is a great person that you need to forgive and bond with.

        Your sister deserves JUSTICE and TRUTH — which means NOT allowing Heidi Clifford to continue trashing the memory of Kristin with her LIES.

        Heidi Clifford threatened to trash Kristin’s belongings before her body was even buried.

        That’s not love. That’s indifference, which is the opposite of love.

        She declared Kristin dead immediately (giving up all hope within days) which is not something that a person who LOVED her would do.

        She paid off NXIVM (with the proceeds from Kristin’s truck) and moved on with her life within weeks. That’s what a sociopath does, a person incapable of true LOVE.

        Heidi Hutchinson is OUT OF LINE for trying to gaslight Kim Snyder into thinking that Heidi Clifford was acting perfectly normal and is worthy of forgiveness.

        Kim should NOT forgive Heidi Clifford for her sociopathic behavior.

        Kim’s sister would NEVER want her to forgive Heidi Clifford’s malicious behavior and her lies. Especially since she’s never apologized or even admitted to lying.

        You can’t forgive a sinner until they repent for their sins.

        Kim Snyder shouldn’t be taking ANY advice from Heidi Hutchinson either —– since Heidi has spent her entire life being ANGRY at the whole world and blaming everybody else for her own rotten life.

        Heidi’s broke and virtually unemployable, sometimes living out of fleabag motels, while still blaming her ex husband for everything.

        She’s not a person that Kim Snyder should take advice from IMO.

  • I’d call these points of speculation, more than reasons; many are based on reading a lot into small things, making assumptions, and trying to second-guess professional law enforcement investigators who had access to better information than the brief reports and accounts we now have.*

    And actually, Raniere’s investigators are reported to have said they had found Snyder, and there is supposed to be possible evidence including a photograph; that’s only ever been mentioned briefly in passing, but for some reason we’ve just never seen any of that case presented objectively. It was convincing enough to leave Kristin Keeffe sure of it to this day (almost certainly along with other insiders who just haven’t weighed in), and Joe O’Hara at least on the fence.

    The problem is there are at least two viable theories, and really two and a half or three if you include the variant that Snyder may have been murdered by someone other than the NXians. Given mutually incompatible theories, the raw probability of any particular one actually being true is relatively low.

    And then there’s my fourth theory, which I’ll claim is as good as any other. Why have we never heard anything about Snyder’s mysterious work for the Alaska National Guard, who she listed as her employer? Yet another rabbit hole we could go down….

    * For instance, I don’t even see anything about footprints around Snyder’s truck when reviewing the official reports that have been posted online; and it’s highly unlikely that there was obvious evidence of two people getting out of the truck that was just overlooked, though that may not be clear from whatever reporting or rumors have come down to us.

    • I understand your point about the Alaska National Guard. However, unless it turns out one of her co-workers/aquaintances from the ANG is a psychopath that may have imprgnated her, I don’t think theory #4 is as good as any other.

      • Actually, her job doing “environmental” work for the National Guard could both explain her psychotic symptoms, and why she disappeared. She was actually employed doing some sort of unexplained, exotic work for the military, and none one has even thought to raise questions about that so far, in spite of the fact that it points to the sort of parties who would actually have the means, motive, opportunity, and known track record of making people vanish off the face of the earth – which shows just how superficial and sloppy the process (if it can even be called that) going on here is.

        There’s a whole other conspiracy theory possible there, that may be just as plausible as the others, if not more so. I’m just not sure if I want to go down that rabbit hole.

          • I’m thinking of introducing it in post, if Frank will let me post two opposing theories at the same time. Then we might indeed go on an adventure of the mind….

            “Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

      • Someone like Kenny Powers? Annony have you made it to the reports about the time and people who searched for her yet?

    • “It was convincing enough to leave Kristin Keeffe sure of it to this day”

      If only Kristin Keeffe were convincing enough for ANYONE — except you, Anonyfaker — to believe she isn’t lying — perhaps, in understandable fear and to excuse her own doings in helping arrange for the cover-up including the intense, illegal surveillance and harassment of Heidi Clifford used, in part, to influence Kim Snyder. Just as it’s been pointed out that you, yourself, may be on this blog among some other influencers.

      My favorite is your theory about the Pippino mafia operation out of Romano’s pizza — purchased by NXIVM — that Nina became the proprietor of before going to work for Dr. Salzman’s laser clinic —

      Meanwhile, it’s true you quash all other speculation and, especially, truer ones — as a hair-brained if not insane “conspiracy theory.”

      Btw, do you know that mafia type dude that appeared for one night only at the Rite-Aide register across the street from my son’s house the night the caregiver gloves I’d just purchased disappeared and I had to rush out for a new pack at the caregiver’ insistence I was endangering their health. The bad actors there also included a guy wearing a tie-dyed, yellow T-shirt similar to the one following me around giggling like he was high on something — who was interrogated by Mr. Mafioso just as I reached the register — and a magnificent special appearance — after Mafioso whispered into his collar — “he’s in the store” – by someone made-up and costumed to look nearly exactly like my brother, Eric, the disabled Navy Veteran who, btw, has severe PTSD though he was diagnosed with “claustrophobia” and a physical defect after being admitted to a top-secret nuclear sub program — not “paranoid schizophrenia” as Jeff Apple apparently believes and told our son’s doctors. Eric’s tactile hallucinations have long ago disappeared, Jeff, they were a side effect of the shitty, fed issue psychotropic meds he was put on so maybe you’ll get some semblance of conscious and stop giving the ones you take to our son to chemical restrain him so you can use his van, he hates being in, for “your“ Aurealia program to get funded by taxpayers as a transport provider while you kill two birds with one stone and also rob him of his mother!

      So, yeah, Anonyfaker, I am “intrigued” by your mafia theory but not for the reasons you might think.

      She, er, he without enough testerone or feelings as to let himself or herself be punked on here, sure does work hard for FR, Frank, but you get what you — or someone, surely — pays for!

      Clifford, I’d tell you to sue the bitch for labeling you a murderous psychopath but DIVISIVENESS is exactly what they’re after.

      That and to frame Frank and put him & Chitra behind bars one way or another. Gina inspired me in meditation this AM to tell you, Frank, you’re making the same mistake Roger Stone did.

      Hate speech is not free speech, right Schlocker?

      And IDK what makes you and your bosses or Jeff Apple think, Anonyfaker, any shrink is gonna diagnose me as insane with no insurance to pay for my costly recovery. Since I lost my “job” as Dylan’s mother and Jeff doesn’t have to pay support, I can’t afford it either. So what’s next? I’m supposed to make like Gina and shoot myself with the imaginary gun in my possession? Get one from the dude in my motel two doors down who was raided by 10 unarmed police officers the clerk said were there to fix a sign?


      • Good Lord, woman….get a grip. Talk about ”paranoid schizophrenia’ — that is exactly what you sound like. Why don’t you take your personal life and go start your own blog. No one here really needs to read your ranting about your ex-husband and extreme paranoia.

      • Heidi, first, I’m sorry that I’ve ended up on your bad side. I suspect that this is the result of misunderstandings that can happen all too easily online – I regret that I haven’t had a chance to take you out for that promised dinner so that we could actually get to know one another in person (unfortunately, I didn’t stop to think that you might be back East for the holidays).

        My point about your family’s Romano’s Restaurant having become NXIVM’s Apropos and Nina’s food operation was intended to a sort of parody, pointing out that life and the world have all sorts of coincidences, that it’s possible to read too much in to. I assume that is a total coincidence, since as far as I’m aware Bronfman’s purchasing the property came long after Gina had been involved in any way, correct?

      • Heidi, maybe you missed it but Frank received some leaked documents…..you know, things that are tangible? Things like times and dates and written accounts of the days leading up to the Snyder disappearance. Clifford’s face has some egg on it. If you are practicing meditation, next time try not to think of anything. You need to calm and tame your mind. Quit blaming Mr. Apple for not being able to see your son. According to the court records, you missed your court date. And unless you have proof, please quit blaming Nxivm for all of your problems.
        Many blessings to you.

        • Just noticed this ‘supportive’ post by a friend of everyone’s favorite Koo-koo Clansman on FR, Scooter aka Schlock Johnson — who’s been banned from Twitter for his vile, hate speech against women and minorities especially Jews — and who doesn’t know dick about my case —

          In fact I was never noticed on any court date or appearance at all and my ex-husband, Jeff Apple, made certain I was driven out of town including arranging for a one-way flight, emptying our son’s and my bank account and stalking, harassing me with, obviously, loads of help from certain bad actors — some of whom, however, broke character and let me know exactly what was going on — from even before this pre-planned ex-parte hearing I was not invited to took place.

          I do believe NXIVM played a role in it starting with Keith & Co.’s plan to blame me for their need to flee the Country — as I suspected long ago and informed the Investigation Discovery producers when I first met with them & Frank in July of 2018, providing the evidence to support this theory — some of which Frank himself witnessed firsthand while a guest in our home.

          Catherine Oxenberg, among others, also knows exactly what I am talking about.

          I also DID contact the EDNY FBI who referred me to our local police at that time — and my ex-husband and his wife — whom I did not initially suspect were involved and may not have been, initially — were very “supportive” and were the first to declare the harassers part of NXIVM when I first believed they were some disgruntled former caregivers who’d made a fraudulent workman’s compensation claim that was dismissed but has now become a lawsuit that I successfully shielded our son’s special needs trust from.

          None of this would have had to be made public but not for comments like this one grossly mistaking the facts, which I am compelled to set straight particularly when it may mean Clare Bronfman ET AL may very well get away with fleeing the Country at my and my son’s expense now that my ex-husband escalated this escape scheme into court and police accusations that have been disproved as fate would have it because I fell, sprained by foot and twisted my ankle and while trying to photograph the stalkers who were on my tail from the moment the police booted me from our son’s house due to the bogus restraining orders based on despicably false accusations — including the aforementioned imaginary gun, etc.

          Some of these accusations I was not aware of at all until recently including the alleged “paranoid schizophrenia” diagnosed by my ex-husband last year — which explains the antics these stalkers use to stage events which, if reported, will make someone appear paranoid when they are simply telling the truth instead of pretending they just didn’t notice the little Japanese guy in heavy makeup peering around the corner playing peek-a-boo and putting a thermos of black tea next to them on a bench — which had I not been warned (thank you to those who did provide hints and info) — I might have reported, confirming my ex-husband’s diagnosis and providing a handy excuse for Raniere (and now Clare) to claim they fled the Country in fear of their lives, with a real, tangible would-be, certified insane, gun-wielding, 58-year-old, chubby white woman (on crutches) with no prior record, after them.

          And, Schlock, I have not ruled out your potential role in this farce — in fact, my ex has had much to say about you & Bangkok, over the past year. I would not be at all shocked if you weren’t used as a dummy asset in this whole scheme which is, obviously, very well financed but I doubt you’re getting paid. Dumbass. And thank you for your support.

    • One other thing, faker, the alleged photograph was extensively covered on FR. It was produced by Keith and I mean “produced” in the extreme.

      NX had PI’s (Joe O. discussed this in another post you somehow missed despite being on here 24/7) ex-CIA agents such as the fake ex Mossad agent, Juval Avis, tailing Clifford to the Grand Canyon with another friend.

      They were photographed and the friend was cut and pasted out, replaced with a pic of Kris. (Wonder what that cost the Bronfman’s?).

      Kristin Keeffe helped fabricate a drug ring story around that episode — not unlike and possibly inspired by O.J. Simpson’s drug ring story about Nicole and her friend. In any case, Keith was to present this “evidence” to law enforcement that Kris Snyder lives but it was so sloppy he only said he had the pictures when the mtg. took place.

      Now, if you want some good fake news — and a scapegoat for some dirty NXIVM PI tricks of late— try AAA Apple photography in Miami, FL. My ex’s family owns it, although may have been sold, and Larry Apple (Jeff’s brother) got a cool 8M from Carlos Slim Helu’ — supposedly for a telemex project developed by “Anticipa” — a co. Jeff (and I) owned under Apple Entertainment that Jeff and Larry diverted. Last I heard, in the fins tradition of the Salinas family, Larry made off with the loot. But in their day, Apple commercial photography was known for seemless photo transfers. Keith shoulda used them instead of Juval if he really wanted to target criminalize someone. But who says he didn’t?

    • Having worked with the police in the past I have the most respect for what they do with the information they have. Law enforcement can only do their reports with the information they have. With so many people withholding information from them, they did the best with what they had.

      Actually the raw probability of any one of your supposed theories is very high, but individually several score very low. I will give you five possibilities and rank their possibilities. (1) There is no indication that Snyder could have committed suicide and effectively hidden her body for 17 years. So at this time the possibility is less than 1 percent. (2) The possibility that any work Snyder did for the Alaska National Guard had anything to do with her disappearance is probably 0 percent. (3) The possibility that she was murdered by someone other than the Nxians is also very low, as she was spending all of her time at the convention, again less than 1 percent. (4) The possibility that Raniere’s investigators actually found Snyder is also very low. The old saying “show me the money” applies here. If Keith really had a picture of her, then it should be shown to all to judge the accuracy of the photo, not to just one of his mistaken true believers. That leaves the fifth and last possibility that Snyder was murdered. Seems that ranks at a very high probability. It is always fun to do “what if” but the true probability needs to be calculated to stay focused on helping to find what happened the Snyder.

      The information of the footprints coming from the truck was reported in Franks report.

      • Being sent to jail does not qualify as “working with the police” if it did then Ted Bundy worked with the police!


      • As I’ve noted previously, of the people from Seward washed out to sea in the wake of the 1964 earthquake, 100% vanished without any trace of them ever being found again, so if Snyder paddled the several miles out of Resurrection Bay into open waters, there is a reasonable likelihood that she and her equipment could indeed have disappeared entirely – though there can be some argument over how close to 100%, or least which side of 50%, the likelihood of that is.

        If you don’t give the official finding a probability at least well into double digits, that just demonstrates that you are being ridiculously unrealistic, and not actually engaging in some sort of objective analysis.

        There’s also no reason to dismiss out of hand the possibility of her having been murdered by someone besides the NXians just because “she was spending all of her time at the convention.” Plenty of people get killed as the culmination of disputes or involvements that have been going on for extended periods of time, or even just randomly. NXIVM’s conspiracy theory is that she disappeared because drug dealers were after her, but if there’s any truth to that then it’s possible they could have killed her, and her being in a convention at the time would have been completely irrelevant.

        As to the reported photo, yes we should see it – I don’t know why we haven’t, but you can’t necessarily read anything into that, or draw conclusions from it. You should know the fundamental principle, that the absence of evidence, is not the evidence of absence.

        I don’t think you’re at all the sort of investigator you make yourself out to be, but more just another armchair speculator or conspiracy theorist – some of whom, in my experience, are in fact rather practiced at posing as experts.

        • You can’t compare the effects of the tsunami that struck Seward following the 9.2 Good Friday Earthquake in 1964—which had a 30 foot tall seismic seawave that went 9/10 mile into the town and removed much of the physical coast as well as structures on the coast of the town of Seward, with a regular day/eve in Seward or Resurrection Bay. Resurrection Bay is a bay– hard to imagine paddling at night in February out to open ocean, just the currents would be difficult to contend with, couldn’t see where you were going, particularly without a rudder… but then the whole kayak story makes no sense anyway

          • I’m willing to bet that if Heidi Clifford and accomplices knew the body count ratio in Resurrection Bay they would have come up with a different diversion.

          • But you also can’t compare the harbormaster’s accounting of what were probably accidental drownings that happened in the bay, to a case where someone may have paddled out into open sea in a deliberate attempt to commit suicide and not have their body to be found.

            I’ve previously posted information from Alaska state parks about kayak routes from Seward out to the Bay of Alaska – kayakers can definitely reach open water. Have you checked the moon phase for that night to be sure that there wouldn’t have been good conditions for nighttime navigation?

            Anyway, it’s all pretty much apples-and-oranges, and speculation, unless we have one or more experienced, expert opinions relevant to kayaking out of Resurrection Bay.

        • I asked someone I know who has paddled in AK, and was told that it would probably take an averagely strong person with decent paddling skills (ie a fairly efficient paddler but not sure a star paddler), about 6 hours of steady paddling to get far enough out towards outside southern edge of Resurrection Bay that they could think that, eg, their paddle, would have a good chance of going out to sea if they dropped it…. as opposed to having a good chance of its floating back into the Bay and ending up on a shore of Resurrection Bay. This sort of “average” guess assumes you don’t have a strong southerly, ie wind coming from south, bc then flotsam could get pushed back to the north into Resurrection Bay toward town of Seward where it would likely show up on shore of the Bay. I read online that sailors like Resurrection Bay because northerlies and southerlies alternate over a typical day so you can sail one way for part of day and the other way the other part– (but who knows about middle of night, the article didn’t discuss that, bc most people don’t go on the water then, duh). and remember its not like there’s any lights to guide you which direction you are going, so you can’t see much unless you have clear night..not likely in Seward, especially in early February … checkout almanac for weather in Seward, it is generally bad

          • The current weather patterns are normally taken into account when conducting searches. There are many possibilities regarding what could have happened, such as Snyder taking a sinking device with her, such as a rock. Perhaps she was murdered. The police didn’t do much to question people, they reportedly didn’t call back a key witness who said she had to drop a call to call someone else, not to mention all of the other people the police never questioned at all. It’s going to be very difficult to piece it together now. Memories fade and become erroneous with time, physical evidence has disappeared, etc.

          • Good information, thanks for checking with someone who has actual experience with kayaking in the area.

            Scott Johnson also has a good point, below, that the searchers would have taken weather conditions – and probably also kayak capabilities – into account. A check of the official reports shows that they searched the outer limits of Resurrection Bay and sent a cutter into open sea, but also notes that “Experienced kayakers on this search effort” thought it unlikely a kayak could have rounded the capes outside of Resurrection Bay based on conditions at the time – presumably that’s limited to the likelihood of someone doing it successfully and surviving, so it’s not clear what that would mean for the prospects of finding the kayak and body if they weren’t alive. I wish we had a specific opinion on that latter point from someone with that sort of experience, but then again perhaps its telling that apparently none of the searchers or Snyder’s fellow members of the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol has come forward and said that it’s not possible that her body and kayak weren’t ever found, either.

    • Anonymaker, I wonder why this Grand Canyon photo has never been posted here. If this photo shows signs that Kristin was photoshopped into the picture, that would support the theory that Keith had her murdered, IMO.

      I don’t think Kristin would willingly make herself disappear to start a new life elewhere (unless there are some other facts that we haven’t heard yet…), so I think a faked photo would point to NXIVM’s involvement.

      I also dont recall any mention about footprints being found near the truck before. If the police had noted 2 sets of tracks, why did they investigate the case as a suicide instead of as a murder?

  • Kim
    Here are journal entries that have NOT been shared with Frank or my family.
    Heidi has contradicted her old journal. Here are the hidden entries that were found on line. Heidi said in the old journal, she did NOT invite Ed and Esther over. Here are all of the hidden topics.
    These are all Gmail entries:
    A) Nancy Salzman “at cause”
    B) Heidi/ Ed at cause
    C) Heidi/Esther “at cause”
    D) Heidi/Kris’ behavior
    E) Heidi/Kris in class
    F) Heidi/Kris (catatonic)
    G) Heidi/ open invitation/Ed and Esther
    H) Heidi/ Kris satiating on floor
    I) Heidi/ Ed on floor
    J) Heidi/ removing Kris from class
    K) Heidi/ my behavior
    L) Heidi/ Nina Cowell
    M) Heidi/ another ride home
    N) Heidi/ Kris never came back
    O) Heidi/ Eva and I got left

    These are ALL entries that I have had to hunt for- and that were hidden in the Internet- and that Heidi DID NOT put in the 1st journal.
    We want to know why Heidi did NOT call us about what was going on- and now, all of these journal entries.
    This is more proof, that my family and I have had to defend our selves and Kris. This should NOT be happening.
    These entries that we have uncovered are very disturbing.

  • Nina blatantly lying to the cops is another red flag. Either she was told to lie (because Nina was being set up to take the fall if Plan A failed) or Nina was guilty as hell and panicked.

    Remember, Alaska is kinda big. Of all places to find the truck – 2 hours away from their house, but next door to Nina’s cabin? A coincidence? Other than Anonymaker, I don’t think anyone else can say it’s a coincidence with a straight face.

    • Clifford, who probably is in a better position to know about what happened to Snyder than anyone here, specifically told the authorities that Seward was one of the places the missing woman might go. Obviously, Snyder had a strong connection of her own to Miller’s landing; the interesting question is if that developed because she knew Cowell, if she got to know Cowell because of it, or if it actually was just a coincidence that Cowell had a cabin near a location Snyder like to go to – the sort of thing that can indeed happen in a place like Alaska where there are a relatively small number of people.

      Just look at the fact that Raniere, along with Del Negro, ended up holding court at Apropos, which had been Romano’s Restaurant – which belonged to Gina and Heidi’s family. Either that’s the sort of coincidence that just happens in a relatively small town, or we need to go back to square one and look at NXIVM as an Italian and likely Mafia conspiracy – in which case Snyder’s death could then have been a mob hit, which actually makes more sense in a certain way than it having been pulled off by inexperienced amateurs turned calculating cold-blooded killers. Down the rabbit hole….

      • I have to give you credit for explaining every coincidence away. We’ll agree to disagree on the relevancy of Kristin’s truck being found next to Nina’s cabin.

        How about Nina telling the cops Kristin went to a performance of Cirqu du soleil or Shakespeare in the Park or an N.W.A concert – or whatever blatant lie she told law enforcement? I honestly do want to hear your thoughts on this. My guess is you’ll say something like “Well, she was under pressure being interviewed and some people get confussed when presented with stressful situations. If the cops were worried about it or thought there was anything to further investigate, they would have done so.”

        My educated guess is still that NXIVM was setting up Nina to look guilty. (plan B) I’m doing my best to keep an open mind, and not be attached to this idea. I’m not seeing much of anything to take me off of it.

        • My experience is that life is full of coincidences. A while back, traveling halfway around the world, I ended up standing in a very long line of people, directly behind someone who, as we chatted, turned out to be closely connected to the NXIVM case, and even had recently seen Raniere in person – but I’m not going to claim that I’m being followed, by people so cunning as to use the spycraft technique of positioning in front, rather than behind as would typically be expected.

          As for Cowell, doing a fact-check of what we actually know as a starting point for addressing your question, turns up this much less embellished account in the police report:

          “Cowell said a bunch of them were there in a group and she believed Snyder left to attend a performance at the Performing Arts Center (PAC).”

          We don’t know whether Cowell was lying, just repeating in good faith a lie she had been told, or possibly even recounting an honest misunderstanding (such as if she had mis-heard what had been said about where Synder was going, for instance confusing “PAC” for “back,” the sort of thing that also happens all the time in real life), do we?

          That shows that we need to pay close attention to detail and continually fact-check, not jump to assumptions, and carefully consider the possibilities. And in a case like this, all that mental effort, still doesn’t really get us any closer to good answers – and may even leave us with more questions than answers – in the absence of solid additional evidence.

          • I like my answer for you better than your own. My issue is that everyone knew what kind of state Kristin was in. For Nina to honestly think Kristin had pulled herself together in order to catch a show, is beyond what my brain will consider.

            However, it seems very possible for someone to have fed this lie to Nina. Everywhere you look in this case, we see Nina being involved in a head scratcher.

        • Nutjob, do we really know “what kind of state Kristin was in”?

          I haven’t seen enough specifics to really gauge that. We know that she wasn’t doing well, but not enough to really judge something like whether or not she was completely incapable of driving; plenty of people in bad shape manage to drive and while they have a higher risk of accidents, we probably have all heard stories of someone who was so intoxicated that they don’t remember driving themselves home afterwards.

          Plus, as I’ve noted in a comment to a newer post, Clifford apparently thought Snyder was capable of driving to Resurrection Bay when she told the police that was a place to look for her; and if the NXians had been covertly giving Snyder medication, that could have improved her condition.

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