Ah, Legatus!— Almost 200 Pages of Victim Impact Statements — Clare Bronfman Sentencing Likely to Be Pushed Back to April

The great and glorious Vanguard not only stripped Clare Bronfman of scores of millions of dollars, he stripped her of her clothing and made her wear a jockstrap. Lastly, he stripped her of her freedom. She is going to prison soon.

Things continue to go badly for Clare Bronfman.

Thanks to a letter filed with the court by her attorney seeking a postponement of her sentencing, we learn there are 198 pages of victim impact statements in her Pre-Sentencing Report.

If we hazard a guess and say the average victim impact statement is two pages, that means there are 99 people who saw fit to write the court to declare that Clare Bronfman made them into victims.

She never expected that when she took her plea deal last April.

At the time, the government estimated her sentencing guidelines would be in the range of 21-27 months in prison.

Now, according to at least one source with knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines, it looks like her new, revised sentencing guidelines, as per Probation and Pretrial Services’ Pre-Sentencing Report [PSR], will be in the 4-7 year range.

More than double what the heiress was led to believe was going to be her likely sentence.

When the Good Lord was passing out brains, Clare Bronfman seemed to be absent. But to make up for it, the Good Lord gave her a lot of money she did not have to work for. It did not turn out well for the rich dunce, no, not at all.

The nearly 100 victims – who came out of the woodwork – had a hand no doubt in influencing the new sentencing guidelines estimates.

Poor foolish little Bronfman. The world was her oyster and she sure shucked a lot of shells for that pearl-like man she worshiped.

Almost 100 victims, think of that.

Though she thought she had pleaded guilty to two, relatively innocuous little felonies – cheating illegal alien Sylvie out of her paychecks and helping Keith Raniere use dead Pam Cafrtiz’s American Express card – she is now apparently going to be sentenced based on the crimes she committed against scores of alleged victims for a raft of new crimes.

Keith Raniere speaks to Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Clare Bronfman and others.

Poor little dunce. She thought she was going to be sentenced based on only two victims – Sylvie and the estate of Pam Cafritz.

Instead, she has almost 100 people exposing her criminality. And on the day of sentencing – which now looks like it is going to be sometime in April – there may be 100 people filing into the courtroom and, one by one, telling the story of the monster woman, Clare Webb ‘Legatus’ Bronfman.

Let us now take a look at what her lawyer wrote to the judge.

Full letter: Document 841 – Clare Bronfman’s Request For Postponement Of Sentencing (01.24.2020)

Clare Bronfman’s attorney, Kathleen Cassidy.

Dear Judge Garaufis:

We write to respectfully seek an adjournment of Clare Bronfman’s sentencing date and a corresponding adjustment of the date for submission of defendant’s sentencing memorandum.

…. Ms. Bronfman’s sentencing is currently scheduled for February 14, with her sentencing memorandum due on January 27. Since those dates were set, Your Honor allowed Ms. Bronfman two weeks from the date she receives complete victim statements to file her objections to the initial PSR.[Presentencing Report]….

We received the victim statements from the Government this week, on January 22, and received additional victim statements today, January 24, meaning that our objections to the PSR are due on February 7. The victim statements we received total 198 pages. We intend to file our objections to the PSR with Probation and the Government, as scheduled, no later than February 7.

However…. defendant seeks an adjournment of the remaining sentencing dates … [to]  allow for sufficient time for the ….  defendant to address the allegations in the voluminous victim statements in her sentencing memorandum. Allowing additional time for the parties and Probation to address the factual issues in the PSR will likely result in a more streamlined sentencing process with fewer factual disputes for the Court to resolve…..

The Government and Probation will no doubt need time to review our submission and to respond to these objections….. After receiving objections, the probation officer may meet with the parties to discuss the objections. The probation officer may then investigate further and revise the presentence report as appropriate….

The Probation Office has previously informed us that they anticipate issuing multiple addenda to the PSR in this case. We anticipate that this process will limit the number of issues and objections that need to be raised with the Court in defendant’s sentencing memo, and, significantly, will affect whether (or how many) disputed portions of the Presentence Report or other controverted matters the Court must rule on at sentencing…..

Further, Ms. Bronfman’s lead counsel, Mr. Geragos, is beginning jury selection in a trial in Salt Lake City on Monday, January 27, and the trial is anticipated to last at least eight weeks…. In order for Mr. Geragos to be able to participate in and prepare for Ms. Bronfman’s sentencing, we request that the Court schedule a sentencing date that is after Mr. Geragos’s trial concludes.

Thus, we respectfully seek an adjournment of Ms. Bronfman’s sentencing date to March 30 or later, with defendant’s sentencing memorandum due sufficiently in advance of that date to allow the Court to review it….

Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen E. Cassidy


Tanya Hajjar

It seems that not only is Mark Geragos on trial through February, but the prosecution’s Tanya Hajjar will start a trial in March, which means it looks like Clare will be sentenced in April.

Here is Hajjar’s letter in response to Bronfman’s letter

Dear Judge Garaufis:

The government respectfully submits this letter in response to the defendant Clare Bronfman’s request for an adjournment of the sentencing date currently scheduled for February 14, 2020. The government was not consulted prior to the defendant’s filing but takes no position on the request for an adjournment of the sentencing hearing in this case.

If the Court is inclined to grant the defendant’s request to adjourn the sentencing hearing, the government respectfully requests that the proceeding be adjourned to a date after March, as the undersigned is scheduled to begin a trial before the Honorable Allyne R. Ross on March 2, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,
Tanya Hajjar
Assistant U.S. Att


So 198 pages of victim impact statements are going to take time to rebut. They just recently came in and there are rules on responding and objecting. It goes back and forth between the defendant and the probation department that wrote the Pre-Sentencing Report.

On top of that, you have attorneys on both sides with trials. I predict the judge will consent to the adjournment and Clare will be sentenced in April.

At the bottom of all this is that Clare had possibly the worst legal representation one could imagine.

They led her to take a plea deal with a large fine [$6 million -which she and others thought was the cost of buying down her sentence] and it was the type of plea deal where the judge solely determines the sentence.

There are two kinds of plea deals. The one she got – where the judge decides the sentence based on various considerations [including surprising victim impact statements] and he is only limited to not going beyond the maximum sentence – or the type of plea deal which fixes the sentence in advance, which the judge can accept or reject, but if he accepts it, he is bound by the sentence agreed upon.

Clare went with option number 1 – no fixed sentence.

All she had in her plea deal was an estimate from the prosecution of what they thought the sentencing guidelines would be – 21-27 months.

Guess what? They were wrong. They helped make it wrong too, by going out of their way to contact alleged victims and persuade them to submit victim impact statements. They helped rustle up victims – which, in turn, impacted Clare’s likely sentence.

Or to say it another way, they sweet-talked Clare into taking a plea deal that they said they estimated would be 21-27 months – and got her to pay a fat $6 million fine – thinking no doubt that Clare would think her big fine had bought her a lighter sentence. Then the prosecution went out and did everything in their power to cock up the sentence by getting victims arrayed against her to help persuade the judge that their estimate of 21-27 months was entirely wrong.

And they say there is no such thing as karma.

This is exactly what Clare did to many people with her tricky, below the belt, litigation strategies.

Make a deal – partly by her word [and not signed agreements] then work against the person behind their back to sink them.  Clare was good at ruining people’s happiness.

And some 100 victims are coming forward to prove it.

Still, she has no one to blame but herself.

No one promised her anything. Even the prosecution told her that the 21-27 months was just their “current” estimate. They were honest with her.

That she has more money than brains is not their fault.

And Judge Nicholas Garuafis went out of his way to make it clear that he was not bound to the sentencing guidelines as estimated by the prosecution. He told her he could sentence her to the max sentence which in her case is 25 years if he chose to sentence her to serve her two felonies consecutively.

Clare Bronfman used to have so much fun in court harming others, and destroying people


Bill Savino and Clare Bronfman.


Clare Bronfman, center, surrounded by attorneys including Bob Crockett. Bronfman used attorneys extensively to silence runaway slaves through lawsuits and criminal complaints.


Consulting with an attorney.


The tables turned. And it’s funny how it is not quite so much fun when you are the defendant.

Now normally, I suppose, plea deals with estimates of sentencing guidelines often work out within the range the feds estimate. But then again not everyone has 100 victims – real victims – real people who really got hurt by this monster – coming out to skew the results.

You can bet that the probation officer who wrote her Pre-Sentencing Report got a real earful of victimization.

And because these are true stories, because they are real victims, real people oppressed and often destroyed by this woman and her conscienceless use of her wealth in the service of her vainglorious master, I know they were persuasive.

Normally, you would not get a sentence much longer than the 21-27 months for the two felonies she pleaded guilty to. But then comes 100 victims – all with heartbreaking stories of how Clare ruined their lives. No longer are there two victims, there are 100.

It is a game-changer.

But it is fair.  The woman is a cruel monster. She has done despicable things to so many people and what makes it worse is that she had a fortune at her disposal which made her ten times more deadly. I know. I am one of her victims.

Still, if she had good legal representation she would not be in this jam, I suspect.

She made the wrong kind of plea bargain. The kind where the judge has the final say and nothing not in writing means a damn thing. Her lawyer ought to have known that. Just because the plea deal suggests 21-27 months does not mean you get 21-27 months.

And by April, she will learn that her plea deal was worthless.

Had she better representation – say had she not attacked Joe O’Hara back in 2005 and kept him as her attorney, he could have advised her of what he himself did – take a plea deal where the sentence is fixed.

In short, just to review, there are two kinds of plea deals. It is all under rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Type 1: A plea deal that does not bind the court to a sentence. It is up to the judge.

Type 2: A plea deal where all parties agree that a specific sentence applies. Such a plea deal binds the court once the court accepts the plea agreement.

Of course, had Clare gone for type 2 plea deal, the judge might have rejected the fixed sentence – and if he did that, then Clare would have had to go to trial, alongside her lovely master, Keith Raniere.

It might have gone even worse. She might have lost at trial and been convicted on more charges and had an even longer sentence than what she is likely to get in April.

But the judge might also have accepted a plea deal, say with a fixed maximum of 27 months.

Right now, she looks like she is going to get hit hard.

Karma, or so it appears.

But that’s what you get when you worship the man with the KAR of Karma in his initials.

Still, one can see why someone might want to worship him. One look and you can see why these two were a match made in Hades.

Warning Unpleasant Picture Ahead


Image result for warning sign

Clare Bronfman’s worshipful master, Keith Alan Raniere.

Warning More Upsetting Pictures Ahead; Do Not View on Full Stomach

Image result for warning sign

Clare Bronfman – she was Keith Raniere’s vicious [van]guard dog. Now she is going to the kennel for a long time.

Clare Bronfman did not fare well in her Pre-Sentencing Report.


She had been skiing high, wide and handsome for many a year. But the worm has turned.


“Kiss me my sweet with your wet kisses,” said Clare to Keith.

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  • Doesn’t look like that 6M fine Clare paid to reduce her sentence is going to begin to cover the victim’s compensation awards, after all.

    Might there not be another funding source in, say, pesos?

  • A lot being addressed here about Bronfman and attorneys requiring more time, and the language used implies a lot to me which isn’t being said. For a long time, I’ve had entirely different thoughts about what Mark Geragos “might” have been doing, as opposed to what it is supposed to look like he was and is doing. This could be because I have been observing him in action since the early 1990s.

    Things are not always what “things” appear to be. My own speculation has been and still is, that Geragos knows what he is doing but will never tell. Luckily, it is doubtful that Clare Bronfman has the wherewithal to see that she has screwed herself, once again.

  • It’s funny because many of Frank’s most ardent supporters — including our own pseudo-intellectual idiot Shivani — refuse to HOLD FRANK ACCOUNTABLE for his hypocritical VIRTUE SIGNALLING over the Clare Bronfman plea deal.

    Frank has spent the last month VIRTUE SIGNALLING to us.


    By claiming that while he hates Clare Bronfman and wants her in prison, he just can’t tolerate the government using their LEGAL RIGHTS to bring forth witnesses to help convince the judge to elevate Clare’s sentence above the jail time recommended in the plea agreement.


    Cuz that would be unfair in Frank’s mind, and Frank is all about fairness, LOL.

    Frank views himself as a righteous knight. LOL.

    According to Frank, the government is being ‘unfair’ to Clare. Therefore, Frank wants us to know that he’s standing up AGAINST this unfairness, even though Clare is his enemy.


    Cuz Frank is so VIRTUOUS that even his worst enemies won’t allow him to compromise his principles, LOL

    Is Frank REALLY the virtuous person that he purports to be?

    Let’s examine things.

    Frank and his female sidekick (Heidi Hutchinson) have publicly forgiven one of the most evil and dirty members of NXIVM’s illegal activities, Keith’s former senior henchwoman, Kristin Keeffe.

    Even though Kristin Keeffe spent decades doing illegal and immoral deeds for NXIVM, Frank and Heidi have forgiven her and won’t say a single bad word against her behavior.

    Yet in the same breath, Frank has written nearly 30 articles talking about how evil and unforgivable Lauren is —- and his idiot sidekick (Heidi) goes even further, by implying that Lauren deserves no mercy and is unredeedmable.

    Frank and Heidi are pushing for maximum prison time for Lauren Salzman. However, they’re not pushing for ANY investigations into Keeffe’s activities by any state agencies, even though Kristin Keeffe was far more powerful within NXIVM’s decision making structure than Lauren ever was.

    Kristin Keeffe was Keith’s able lieutenant. She had input power.

    Whereas Lauren was a forlorn pawn, just cannon fodder. Just a ‘yes’ girl.

    Keeffe worked directly with the corrupt Albany District Attorney’s office, among other things, to dig up dirt on enemies.

    Keeffe also allegedly had knowledge of (or possibly participated in) the coerced suicide of her former best friend, Gina Hutchinson. That’s the most evil thing a person can do IMO, especially to their former best friend.

    Yet Frank and Heidi don’t see any problems with forgiving Keeffe for such evil deeds, while simultaneously refusing to forgive Lauren Salzman for much LESSER deeds.

    Now Frank is VIRTUE SIGNALLING to us over Clare’s plea deal treatment.

    Guess what?

    Frank cannot have his cake and eat it too.

    Either Clare is evil and deserves to have her sentence elevated OR she’s not evil and deserves only 24 months.

    If you eat your cake then you can’t fucken have it anymore, UNLESS you buy another fucken cake from the bakery.

    Frank needs to make a 2nd trip to the fucken bakery first.

    Guess what else?

    Frank may be signalling his own SELFISH interests here.


    …Because by protesting against the DOJ’s treatment of Clare, he may be signalling his own fears that the DOJ may do something similar to him in the near future — which would make his motives less than virtuous.

    Fact is, the DOJ is likely to offer some unbelievably lenient plea deals to Frank as his trial gets closer, perhaps with no (or little) jail time recommended.

    Therefore, when Frank screams that Clare deserves ‘fair treatment’ from the DOJ, he’s really signalling his own SELFISH interests. He’s really thinking about himself and likely doesn’t give a shit about Clare’s treatment.

    But in reality, Frank has nothing to fear. He’s not in the same boat as Clare so he needs to STOP his defense of Clare.

    If the DOJ does anything UNLAWFUL to Clare at her sentencing, the appeals court will step in and reverse/lower her prison sentence to protect Clare’s rights. That’s what the appellate court is there for.

    It took Claviger 6 tries to pass the BAR exam so Frank needs to stop listening to Claviger’s bleeding heart, liberal nonsense.

    Have a nice day.

  • She just wanted an excuse to postpone it. It was going to be on Feb 14th, she has a hot date and is hoping she loses her virginity (in the luxury of her home and not on some creaky bunk)

  • Frank, I think it’s time to stick with one opinion of Clare Bronfman.

    You met the woman 15 years ago and said she was astoundingly naïve and diffident. She sought your approval to avoid going to a social function and you “permissioned” her not to attend.

    That tells me that you clearly recognized her vulnerability and malleability.

    Any competent social engineer would spot that in an instant.

    You constantly mention how strongly she was controlled by Raniere during your Hollywood misadventures.

    You detailed how she was isolated from her family, her very wise father, and his assistants by Raniere through published court transcripts.

    You’ve shown the thrall Raniere cast over her when you published her email (or text?) to Raniere where she asks how she can be of service in his “noble quest” and he answers “swear total obedience to me”.

    You’ve also presented testimony by Lauren that proved that Keith Raniere deliberately kept Clare Bronfman in the dark about the real activities of DOS, and even told Lauren he didn’t want Clare involved in the sorority.

    Therefore, you’ve proved that she was being misled, misdirected and deceived by Raniere; that Raniere manipulated Clare into using her resources to work as his attack dog, all the while believing she was serving ethical principles.

    You’ve even shown how, as a woman with half a billion dollars and an undeniable level of trust in Mr. Raniere, was tricked into criminal activity, by paying Raniere’s child’s monthly expenses with a credit card that Raniere did not have the legal right to use.

    She can’t be super evil in one blog post and helpless, naively trusting in another.

    Did she hurt people with her extensive litigation? Apparently, yes.

    But I can’t believe Raniere wasn’t pulling the strings. I doubt she would ever have done those things on her own volition.

    And last, Cui bono? Did she benefit? No. So where’s her good?

    Your profile doesn’t demonstrate a woman with the level of savage immaturely and unrelenting narcissistic hatred to persecute an ex-lover of Raniere for years on end; particularly when there was no “upside” in it for Clare.

    I’m sorry she’s fighting you in court but it’s time to get off that horse Frank.

  • Clare has looked god-awful in some pix, but I really think she has a nice slim body and pretty good bone structure, so with proper makeup and flattering clothes she could look attractive, seriously.
    However, I doubt she’ll look good in Orange.

    • QueerEye-

      -To answer your question, yes, I would stick it to her if I was hard-up. Any man who says different is a liar or gay. Men are men after all; Even your own father.

      I would want to be anesthetized with booze first. At the very least I’d want to drink a six pack before hand; then swallow a bottle of Viagra and bring a tub of lube.

      So yes, she is somewhat sexy in a weird-way like Sandra Bernhardt or my neighbor’s dog.

      • And I bet like your neighbor’s dog, your dick will be stuck in a dry place for too long while everyone laughs at you.

        • Anonymous> Could you please explain your insult? I am completely baffled by what you are referring to “like your neighbors dog”, and “your dick will be stuck in a dry place for too long”. In-my-mind the neighbor’s dog is tacitly to be female. I have all ready issued a comeback, but upon further examination I came to the conclusion, I may be misinterpreting your true meaning. Please clarify.


  • I doubt anywhere near 100 victims will show up in court. It’s too expensive for most people, especially those who were financially abused by NXIVM, both during and after they were involved.

    I wouldn’t fault Bronfman’s lawyers with the deal she got, the DOJ could have turned down a maximum plea deal as well.

    I vote for a sentencing date of April 1, 2020. It is the most fitting date for all of the NXIVM 6.

    • “I doubt anywhere near 100 victims will show up in court. ” Scott Johnson

      The Victim Impact Statements can be read in court with names redacted and the defendants given a chance to respond.

      In any event, I believe all of the Victim Impact Statements should be released with names redacted of course.

      The Victim Impact Statements will be the best record of the many crimes of NXIVM.

      • Defendants don’t normally respond to individual victim impact statements during the sentencing hearing, they are given a chance to make their own comments, but not in response to the individual victim statements. The time to do that is before the sentencing hearing. I don’t believe that victim impact statement are normally released.

      • I suppose the Victim Impact Statements for Pimp Mack and Pimp Salzman could average more than two pages in length.
        Much more.
        And there could also be many Victim Impact Statements from victims of Nasty Nancy Salzman and Keith Pervert Raniere.
        I believe that only Kathy Russell will be sentenced in April.

  • So much for the woman who liked to position herself as a “humanitarian.” This should actually help force her to confront what she was really up to.

    I’m glad to see that so many victims spoke out – and it appears they were willing to come forward with information about additional crimes, as well.

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