Famed Indian Guru Nithyananda ‘Could Not Have Raped Woman – Has Testosterone Level of Newborn Baby,’ Disciple Says

Here is a crazy Indian story.

Swami Nithyananda, 42, is from Tamil Nadu, and the founder of more than a dozen temples, schools and ashrams in India. He is one of India’s most famous gurus.

He also claims to be an avatar, the incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva. There are many who believe him.

In 2018, he was accused of raping a disciple over a nearly five-year period, during her stay at his ashram.

He chose not to stand trial

On November 20, 2019, Gujarat Police claimed Nithyananda fled India after not attending several court hearings.

In late 2019, it was reported that Nithyananda was set to begin his own sovereign nation on an island near Ecuador.

In December 2019, the embassy of Ecuador said it “categorically denies … Nithyananda was given asylum … or …. helped by the Government of Ecuador in purchasing any land or island in South America” but confirmed Nithyananda reached Ecuador after he left India but left soon after his request for refugee status was denied.

The Ahmedabad police think he could be shuffling between Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago.

A Disciple Calls to Defend Nithyananda

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Last week, an Indian gentlemen, Akhil, called me. He said he was a disciple of Nithyananda and wanted me to consider evidence that suggests Nithyananda is innocent of rape. He offered as proof a “potency test” taken of his guru.

[He sent me the test. I am reviewing it.]

A potency test is a medical test, the results of which can establish whether a person is capable of engaging in sexual acts or not and whether he could have committed a sex offence which he has been charged with.

The disciple claims the potency tests of his guru prove he did not rape the woman or for that matter anyone.

“There was a court ordered potency test and it was independently reviewed,” he said. “A potency test tests male libido functions. It was established that Nithyananda is impotent. Males and females have a hormonal level. Even women have some testosterone. The potency tests show that Nithyananda’s testosterone level was less than a newborn child.

“Experts – there were six of them from the US, UK and India – stated that his low level of testosterone is possible only if he had not had testosterone production for at least a decade. He was declared impotent. It was verified by experts. His level of testosterone is less than a newborn baby.  He could not have sex.

“If he were married it would be grounds for divorce in India. It is 5 or 10 times lower than the threshold for testosterone levels for divorce in India. It is not like America or Europe where it is easy to get a divorce. In India there are stringent divorce laws. His testosterone level is 12 micrograms per milliliter which would have been grounds for divorce if he were married.

“But he never married. He is a lifelong celibate. He never had sex let alone rape anyone. The tests prove he could not have sex.”

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Nithyananda Swami

Nithyananda Has Made Various Claims

While Nithyananda’s whereabouts remain unknown, he announced recently that he is planning to establish the sovereign “Republic of Kailasa”, which will be the “world’s greatest and purest Hindu nation”.

This “cosmic country” will be on a private island, [which island it is is not yet known] and will be purchased by wealthy devotees.

While remaining an apparent fugitive, Nithyananda broadcasts live to followers on YouTube. It is here that he described Kailasa – which will offer, he said, universal healthcare, free food distribution, free education and “revival of a temple-based lifestyle”. Cryptocurrency will be accepted.

In the past, Nithyananda attracted skepticism over claims that he can delay the sunrise for 40 minutes, can see through walls, that he cured 82 children of blindness by “opening their third eye” and was able to get cows to speak in Sanskrit and Tamil.

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Holy Cow, can they speak Sanskrit?

He also says he discovered 400 mystical powers that humans can possess and has initiated disciples into 60 of these including awakening the kundalini and the third-eye.

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“Amidst the saga of persecution, His Divine Holiness continues giving SuperConscious breakthrough to countless individuals,” the website http://nithyanandatruth.org/ says.


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He said he will open the third eye for anyone, free of charge, in 2021. He claims that persons whose third eyes are opened will be able to see through smog and walls.

In 2010, Sun TV broadcast a purported sex tape of Nithyananda and the Tamil actress Ranjitha, who was one of his followers. The tape was shared by many television channels and created a national scandal.

Nithyananda’s ex-driver Lenin Karuppan claimed he filmed the guru and the actress clandestinely, saying he lost faith in his guru after seeing him sleeping with other women.

Nithyananda and Ranjitha claim the video was faked.

Ranjitha filed a case in a Bengaluru court, which ordered a CID investigation into the alleged sex tape. The Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Bengaluru said they believed Nithyananda and Ranjitha were the two people in the tape.

In 2012, Nithyananda refuted the claim and said that four independent US-based experts analyzed the tape and concluded the content was “fake” and “morphed”. He gave copies of the US research reports to the Crime Investigation Department in Karnataka.

Akhil said he knows the tape was faked.

“These were independent experts who analyzed the tape. It is a fake. Deep fake. If you look at the two people in the film one person is absolutely stationary. It was morphed.”

Nithyananda’s supporters say that Hindu extremist militant terrorist groups released the video falsely featuring him with the South Indian actress to discredit him.

It is not the first time extremists tried to discredit or destroy him, Akhil says.

Swami Nithyananda and Tamil actress Ranjitha
Nithyananda and Ranjitha

He said Nithyananda was the victim of a previous false rape charge and jailed for more than 50 days before the court ordered the release of the guru.

“He was arrested but there was no victim,” said Akhil.

Akhil explained that a woman who is a US citizen charged Nithyananada with rape in India and the US.

“There was no evidence found and then the alleged victim refused to cooperate with police,” Akhil said.

The criminal case was dropped. A civil suit was filed by Nithyananda and he won a judgment of around $500,000, according to Akhil. It is unclear if the woman paid the fine.

“But he won the court cases as to no rape,” Akhil said.

Akhil added that Nithyananda has also been the victim of numerous assassination attempts in India during the last 10 years. His monks and nuns have been victims of assaults too, he said.

Akhil sent me a lot of documents intended to support his claims, which I plan to study. They may be able to show evidence of innocence as it pertains to the rape and hopefully, if he is innocent, offer some help in trying to uncover what the motives are for anyone to make false accusations against Nithyananda.

I think it fair to say that even if his claims of making cows speak and blind children see are lies, [and I have seen no proof one way or the other] that does not mean he raped anyone.

This is a case that is worth investigating a little further. Something interesting may turn up.

Stay tuned.

Image result for sunrise
Nithyananda Swami reportedly claims he can delay the sunrise by 40 minutes. I would be open to seeing a demonstration of this feat.


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  • The white man must be thinking – why is there no outrage from the Indians !?

    Y ?

    Even Seeta Maiya the hindoo epitome of chastity was raped for 12 years by Ravana and her husband was just fornicating in jungles

    Hindoos are squeamish about the rape of Seeta Maiya.The fact is that Seeya Maiya was raped by Ravana and she performed fellatio on Ravana !

    Hindoo poetry has a poetic way of describing rape – as we will see later.dindooohindoo

    Seeta herself states in the Yuddha Kanda that she was “done” by Ravana. What is the worth of Rama who could not save his own wife ? You might note that Hindoo Rajputs have a history of selling their wives and daughters to the Mughals to secure their kingdoms.They did the same with the Brits – in the privy purse matters

    Book VI : Yuddha Kanda – Book Of War
    Chapter [Sarga] 116

    यद्यहं गात्रसंस्पर्शं गतास्मि विवशा प्रभो |
    कामकारो न मे तत्र दैवं तत्रापराध्यति || ६-११६-८

    “O lord! It was not my willfulness, when I came into contact with the person of Ravana. I was helpless. My adverse fate was to blame on that score.”

    मदधीनं तु यत्तन्मे हृदयं त्वयि वर्तते |
    पराधीनेषु गात्रेषु किं करिष्याम्यनीश्वरा || ६-११६-९

    “My heart, which was subservient to me, was abiding in you. What could I do, helpless as I was, with regard to my limbs which had fallen under the sway of another?”

  • Again – there is a disconnect

    Rape is a crime in Hindooism – Only if done WITHOUT POETRY !

    The Hindoo Gods had a POETIC way of rape.dindooohindoo

    Post Rape they composed rape poetry for the rape victim – which is what the Nithyanand did not do.

    This is Indra

    Once, knowing that Gautama was away, Indra (called Thousand Eyes), Saci’s husband, took on the likeness of the sage, and said to Ahalya:

    “‘Men pursuing their desire do not wait for the proper season, O you , who have a perfect body. Making love with you: that’s what I want. That waist of yours is lovely.’

    What does Ahilya say

    And then, her inner being satisfied, she said to the god, ‘ I’m satisfied, king of the gods.Go quickly from here. O giver of honor, lover, protect yourself and me.’

    And how does Indra “describe his sexual encounter “?

    And Indra smiled and said to Ahalya,

    ‘Woman of lovely hips, I am very content. I’ll go the way I came.’ Thus after making love, he came out of the hut made of leaves.

  • I just happened to run across this, about yet another Nithyananda cult survivor:

    Taking her Life Back: Joanna Spent 14 Years & $130,000 on Nithyananda, Now She’s Speaking Out!

    I haven’t yet had time to listen to more than the first few minutes of it, but it jumps right into one of the fundamentals of cult recruiting and adherence, that the groups and their gurus offer simple explanations for everything, that followers find alluring. It then gets right into another typical issue, how they justify their programs costing so much, with the common fallacious argument that if it wasn’t expensive, people wouldn’t value it.

    If anyone is interested, there are quite a few similar videos, that may show up in the related “Up next” list on the right of the screen.

  • Low testosterone, but a full beard. Sure.

    Also, male testosterone levels are highest during fetal development and right after birth, so all of us have testosterone levels lower than that of a newborn male.

      • That’s a typical cult apologist tactic – accuse critics of being bigots, just for asking questions about dubious claims and reported abuses.

        Credulous dupes, who have bought absurd claims, claim others are the fools.

        • you and your religion are cult, hinduism is no tcult. Yogic science is not cult. We don’t need your interfence in our life. An athist has no place in yogic discussion unless he comes with seeking attitude. you are abuser, you are anti-hindu gang.

          • If it’s “Yogic science”, then show us the research and results.

            As there are none, it’s not actually science.

            And, it’s typical of cults to try to re-define words like science – exactly what Scientology does, for instance.

  • Such a load of rubbish. You are definitely not checking your sources and that is a crime in investigative journalism. You lose all credibility. Did Nithyananda pay you off? That’s what he does, he bribes people and is a dangerous criminal. Burn this shitty article. It’s terrible.

  • The writer should have researched a lot more before writing this foolish article.

    Nithy was taking things to lower his testosterone levels to get away from the rape charges. He refused to be tested for 4 years after the allegation. The rape case still ongoing and Nithy didn’t turn up to court for 40 hearings. Many 1000s have suffered in this cult and this writer is very irresponsible for promoting as a criminal.

    Shame on you.

  • While looking again for solid information about the number of Nithyananda’s followers – most references are to his being one among many “godmen,” with thousands of followers in a couple of Indian states, though apparently he is also working the new cult guru angle of having a significant following online – I ran into this chilling video by a recently defected North American member.

    She starts out by saying that the supposed child “miracles” that the swami’s credulous followers like to cite, are produced by children who are beaten until they learn the tricks of convincingly faking them.

    She also talks about typical cult tactics such as compartmentalization, discouraging members from going to outside authorities about abuses, and trying to discredit and attack members who leave and speak out. Apparently she has watched Leah Remini’s “Aftermath” series about Scientology, and relates some of what she experienced to things described in the series.

    Brainwashed by Nithyananda; Now I’m Speaking Out About his DANGEROUS CULT!
    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsnxFh1orY4&w=956&h=538%5D

    Now there’s something to “investigate”!

    There’s also a brief article referencing raids on a school, though not the specific allegations:

    I was brainwashed by Swami Nithyananda, reveals follower

  • Great job Frank for taking a look. I can say definitively that there is very solid and easily reproducible science showing that the blind fold reading is real, and it involves a new visual pathway that is not currently explained by accepted science. There are also in his disciples some new EEG patterns that have not been previously described, that seem to evolve as the disciple evolves, and corresponds with the evolved evolution they are describing. I can say as well that if you continue to look at this case you will be absolutely amazed at the corruption of the Indian media and how it influences the judiciary system. You seem to care about the truth; I encourage you to keep looking at this case. It is astounding what is happening in India! All the best.

    • Things like that have been said about various swamis and gurus for decades, if not centuries – and none of the claims has ever been scientifically proven. Surely India is not still such a backwards country that they can’t apply the latest of scientific methods to studying such phenomenon, get studies published in proper scientific journals, and put the detailed research and results up on a website for the world to examine, rather than relying on old-fashioned anecdotal claims passed among credulous followers.

      Is Nithyananda doing the same sort of things that are actually common to swamis and gurus, or are you claiming he is the first one among many over a long period of time who is not a fake who has fooled their followers – and how can we be certain he’s not just another charlatain like all the rest?

      And if he’s just doing what is common for swamis and gurus, then what’s so special about him compared to others?

      There’s an established saying in our part of the world, that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Perhaps Western science and reason has a bit of wisdom to it.

      • Anonymaker has made no less than 11 posts on this article, out of 46, at the time I write this. And we are to believe he is a random anonymous poster? Frank, and any other objective reader, can see here that the effort to defame Nithyananda has ample ground troops. You can see he writes seemingly reasonable and well researched posts, and he is aggressively putting forward a narrative against Nithyananda. Whoever is paying him is getting his money’s worth. Let’s not pretend he is in any way objective or uninterested.

        Visavis science, any reasonable person can research themselves: the following links are to pubmed articles on yoga & meditation. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=yoga https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=meditation Between the two of them, yoga & meditation have 11,000 citations. These practices all originate in the teachings of gurus of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a recent prominent one whose Transcendental Meditation was heavily researched, and there are many many others. All authentic gurus from Sanatana Hindu Dharma will evoke positive effects that can be scientifically measured.

        Plenty of research has been done with Nithyananda as well. As of a few years ago, some of it was published in Avatar Shastra: https://books.nithyanandatimes.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2016/07/AvatarShastra-Full_book_web-july21.pdf?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=683c9c7638a484b1d17fa5f96f5093972bb9e438-1579358349-0-AQKCc_mgY_N9MCM73TS1TTYs-ABuYIBTg6e9Kw1-8VWVYv-nFOn95ObqO-odtpN7ae0ZaSpFfjFtLdOT4Z43odJIJuObep5AJrUQAg9k_0sny8onLfa98L22byuMxcnmW1A3Q4GU1BbGkAvOX20ka0N_KVpnU8DBfGmbmrlNiR0aRvaK1vnh-7X8UZFxx3gprAM56fVOkT_pUp5pgHwegNv_zPJnPX1APrUEbfbD0kSki9kxNuiHEQk2Q5L4FTlW2YWW9ABZeXwdXJ8uOiByQj0x7_qxupqoBgeFZ-3CZcmYCPbqHnVTAMbWfTF9Ja4cnkLgvqzQEHLdP1_ifTe8TQ30nvDVC6A5qVO_udLaLtzv

        In between plenty of context and reports of individual experiences, this book shows a number of experiments demonstrating remarkable attributes of Nithyananda and his disciples. Two articles from here have been published in mainstream peer reviewed journals.

        The next phase of research has not yet been published, it is not clear when it will be. It is very very compelling; it is just a question of when is the right time to bring it forward. Any authentic scientific seeker who looks into Nithyananda and his disciples will be blown away.

        Frank, good luck sorting it out! You will find beings like Anonymaker following Nithyananda all over the web. They have no objectivity and their only interest is derision and defamation. Each one will have their own story, whether it is an attack on Hinduism, some strange personal vendetta, or in most cases straight financial compensation.

        At the end of the day, what Nithyananda is doing is fully legitimate and demonstrably amazing. The Anonymakers and their ilk will reap their just rewards. For Frank and any other true seeker of the truth: if you look objectively you will be amazed what you see!

        • If you pay attention to my comments here, you will see I am an equal-opportunity critic of baseless claims and theories, pseudo-science, faulty culty thinking and cults – and, actually, running a bit of an experimental project to engage with such mindsets. Gibson, and Horowitz and Kane, have also all made similar paranoid claims that I’m some sort of agent after them, because I have questioned, criticized and exposed them – which actually shows that I’m right that you all share the similar mentality of the various related types of true believers and cultists, whose worldview leaves them prone to making significant errors about what is true and false.

          So what are the articles in those supposed “mainstream peer reviewed journals” that you don’t actually cite? I frequently cite proper research here, which I consider an important touchstone for any rational and realistic discussion, so if you’ve got some, I’d be more than happy to give it due consideration.

          I’m actually a practitioner of meditation, a friend of genuine Hinduism, and fully aware of the basic provable benefits of such practices, including yoga. It’s the the more fabulous, unproven claims that I object to, along with the cults of personality of various contemporary gurus, of which there are dozens who seem to be charlatans with credulous followers, a phenomenon with a long and nefarious track record that actually goes back centuries.

          p.s. A quick fact check of my own to find anything related to Nithyananda and peer-reviewed research journals, turns up only a reminder of the nonsense he is teaching, from an Indian journalist who has apparently lost patience trying to make sense of it:

          “And what does he actually say?

          It’s hard to make out, since his motormouth outpourings are just a word salad of scientific buzzwords. To capture the absurdity of it, I can’t do better than quote from one of his sermons, which claims to disprove Einstein’s equation E = mc2.


          He says: “E equal to… not mc2, it cannot be. What is mc2: the difference between intensity and continuity. What is energy, what is matter? Matter is continuity; energy is intensity… The intensity and continuity is separate for a non-veg crooked brain, which has seen only ups and downs. Only a vegetarian brain, which can retain the experiences continuously without losing the intensity, can understand m and c is not mc, it is emceeee.”

          Stop, my head hurts!

          Already? There’s more where that came from. There’s another clip where he advances the mind-numbing theory that “chemistry and biology of the physics; physics and chemistry of biology; biology, physicality of the chemistry is one and the same.” But enough of this faux godman’s gibberish!”


  • The important thing in this case is – who made this video, when was it created, where it was stored, and where it was transported and how it was given to TV channel instead of police needs to unearthed. Supposedly the creator of the film was Lennin, who has mastered this science of making videography and he worked with another TV criminal called Saxena, and together, they tried to fish money out of the organisation and Swami.

    Anyone who says a video is true – is fool in this time. Any video can be made these days. Mixing can be done, Morphing can be done. Why do you think people enjoy movies so much? so much realistic scenes are created. Video is not evidence in the court of law unless it is authenticated.

    The lady who later charged rape case on swamiji is wanna be criminal , running away from US authority. She is a partner of lenin. Arati later wanted to get money from the organisation as Swami Nithyananda was being hounded by TV and media, police etc. she took chance seeing the tide against swamiji.

    Her case is completely bogus and frivilous. India where the world’s worst media houses and journalist works, they can be easily bribed and coerced to twist facts and present case as they wanted. Indian media work like goons . They are more powerful than politicians to be honest. Indian media is curse on the system. urgent Stringent law against them is the most important thing Modi government needs to bring in. He himself was vistim of media trial, bully and maligning his name.

  • I read your article with deep interest. Thanks for being critical and analytical. I understand you having difficulty believing blind people seeing . But this happend in live event attended by school authority, in Gujarat in India. I have personally seen hudnreds of these kids with third eye open and seen them doing scanning and finding objects, reading blindfolded etc to name few myself. it was hard for me to beielive untill I saw it myself. I have seen it many times since then. THis is a powerful science scientists have yet to discover. First of all most scientist will briush it aside thinking its myterious phenomenon. Honest scientist will investigate. Swamiji Nithyananda is no ordinary man.. he can function sleeping 1-2 hours for months, he has lost 30 kilo in recent months, can do extraordinary healing , i have witness many myself. He is the spritual head of two ancient order of monks in India. To know him is to know the most ancient scientific repository of human knowledge and power. He is mystic and yogi. Yogi can do lot of mystical phenomenon. Apart from this, as you said, lets get the allegations side straight.
    He is innocent from my research of knowing this story and following him closely over years from outside intially.

    • “he can function sleeping 1-2 hours for months”
      After only three or four nights without sleep, you can start to hallucinate. Prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to:
      – cognitive impairments
      – irritability
      – delusions
      – paranoia
      – psychosis

      Niel Rawal, it sounds like you need some sleep.

      • i have seen yogi who doesn’t sleep at all. I have seen yogis who can walk and sit on firemyself. Welcome to world of yogis. Your body and you yourself are mystery to yourself. what you know of your own body and mind is so little. Yet you try to tell me that you know everything about life, body and mind. there is so much to learn in this short life mate, relax!

        • How have you “seen yogi who doesn’t sleep at all” – did you stay up with him? It seems more likely you’ve seen a yogi who claims he doesn’t sleep, which is a different thing.

          In the US, walking on hot coals is well recognized as the parlor trick it is, and everyday people do it in hotel parking lots as part of seminars.

          What we really know so little about, is how readily our minds and even our senses can be fooled and misled.

  • Nithyananda has million followers and yes he seems to bemore persecuted guru in india. Recently he has been trending in Twitter top 10 and indian top most famous guru. Frank if u really do ur study dilegently without bias, you can be more realistic . one thing is true, he is not a criminal, he is not a fraud, he is not a cheat, he is not a bad human. His approch may be different than other gurus ..may be he is too much hindu that is bit of concern to me. His sun disappearing theory or anumal talking theory all from hindu scriptures and ppl from west cant understand that , even todays indians cant understand dat. I personally met yogis in himalays and they do lots of these kind of mystics….anyway logically u cant understand Nithyanada days my suggestion… Hope for the best.. Btw who is this person Akil who inforned u this. Can i. Have his contact details if possible with his consent…. I may be interested interview him in video face to face to know more about nithyanada power and science behind his all…

    • Rasheed, where did you get the figure “million followers”? He has a mere 1-2 thousand, if that. And that’s only if he and his minions market a free online event where he supposedly is going to offer an initiation. Remember the minions are forced to share his posts and videos hundreds of times, open fake social media accounts, and what not, to bump up his popularity.

  • I’m starting to suspect that, like Raniere, he’s more infamous than “famed.” I decided to try a search for an estimate of his following, and can’t readily come up with anything, but I did find this interesting reference that does in fact connect him in away with the Baghwan infamous for what he and his followers did in Antelope, Oregon (as told. in part, in the Wild Wild Country documentary):

    “Nithyananda, who is over 40 years old, is a native of Tamil Nadu and his real name is Rajashekharan. He set up his ashram at Bidadi on Bengaluru-Mysore highway almost 20 years ago. It is loosely based on Osho Rajneesh’s philosophy. His cheap imitation of Osho’s preaching has got him a good number of followers.

    Most of disciples are young professionals and some of them are foreigners. After his sermons, they dance with him and some even go into a trance. The ashram earned notoriety in the last 10 years for various nefarious activities allegedly taking place inside the sprawling campus.

    He was arrested by the police twice and had to cool his heels at a jail for some time before coming out on bail. His ashram was also raided by the police. In last August, he was charge-sheeted by the police for allegedly raping a female disciple at his ashram in 2010. The Supreme Court had directed a local court to complete the trial on priority. The trial has begun three months ago.

    Some even allege that fearing conviction in this case Nithyananda may have fled the country.

    Nithyananda is known for making stupid, laughable claims. Recently he had claimed that he could make cows speak in Tamil and Sanskrit. His comments on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and his discussion with former Infosys HR director TV Mohandas Pai went viral leading to avalanche of ridicule on social media in the last two months.”


    Also, his most recent arrest apparently relates to using the children of followers to collect money on the streets.

    And here’s another sort of Frank Report like site covering the guru and his cult:


  • Looks like some doofus went to a carnival and did one of those glamour photos.

    “Do you want to dress like a cowboy or a guru?” “Ummmm….I think I’ll dress like a guru.”

    Good call, good call.

    • Interesting. The report at the second link says that he is taking medication for diabetes and hypertension – so much for his miraculous healing abilities!

      • Just taking medication doesn’t make someone less divine. The entire universe is God’s. Medications are his creations as well. Masters may smoke, take alcohol, may take medications, can take poison. Sometimes, masters take medication to show respect to social customs and medical fraternity. His body was poisoned by various ill humans, so he might have taken medical advice as advised by devotees. When the devotees pray and advise – Master can go to any extent. Do not compare master’s authenticity by his actions for his actions are very hard to understand. Only by his state and reactions – he can be known. only by no assumptions – master can be known

        • No. Masters are true believers in God, and are the most upright of people. They are the ideals, the actualization of the best possible outcomes. When they choose, they choose the right way. They make only minor mistakes, and when they do so, they do so unintentionally and soon after rectify them to never do them again. More is always required of them and they adhere to a higher standard than normal.

          • no , your idea of right and wrong are not the framework on which guru work. i n fact he will destroy your every belief you project in him. that why when incarnations come, they are persecuted, they are questioned like what you are doing now. THis is not knew. Your take on ideals are not universal. Society and few moral teachers can’t dictate any person, or Teacher, or philosopher or incarnation. You can’t decide how Buddha or jesus should do! you are forcing your morality on them. An incarnation acts from different space.

  • Would there be some kind of an explosion if this guy and Raniere ever touched each other, similar to matter and anti-matter?

    Innocent men don’t run, something he and Raniere have in common, besides a limp d!ck.

    If he could delay the sun rising, a lot of people would notice that.

    • I think that’s true, Scott. If Nithyananda could delay the sun rising, a lot of people would likely notice it. I am not certain if he has ever done that or just said that he could do it. It is really a far better miracle than Raniere’s making it rain on the woman and not on him.

      • Thank you, Frank! Interestingly enough, people writing against Paramhansa Sri Nithyananda are hiding their names. No courage to share even the names! Why?

    • Additionally, I think it is true, Scott sneezes in his pants whenever Frank responds to one of his posts. 🙂

  • Frank Parlato should lead some kind of social movement against all kinds of religious or other sects. It is the noblest struggle that a man can carry out.

  • The war against sects must be an obligation of every healthy citizen. It is unacceptable that in the 21st century there are such fraudulent and dangerous organizations.

  • Nithyananda Swami is the incarnation of God – as he appears as The Lord Shiva. If you believe in him, you will attain to the blessed vision of Samadhi. He who has eyes, let him see. She who has ears, let her listen. Come to listen to his teachings. Satan himself has created these false charges against him.

    • Piffle. The Swami doesn’t even crack any Top 10 Gurus list that I can find – so I’m not even sure he qualifies as “famed”,

      The Top 10 Most Influential Gurus From India [NO Nithyananda on the list]

      Would you buy a vehicle that Car and Driver or Consumer Reports didn’t even rate?

      “Notorious” looks more like it:

      Tantric sex, condoms, video: Why the Swami Nithyananda-Ranjitha scandal is unforgettable


      Among the many skeletons that tumbled out of Sex Swami’s closet was the allegation that he made his followers sign a non-disclosure contract that had the following clause:

      “Volunteer understands that the Program may involve the learning and practice of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony, and freedom. Volunteer understands that these activities could be physically and mentally challenging, and may involve nudity, access to visual images, graphic visual depictions, and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity, close physical proximity and intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, and erotic nature, etc.”‘


      A supposed lifetime celibate who teaches tantric sex. Yeah, right.

      It looks like there’s even a Nithyananda version of the Frank Report:



      Of course his followers/apologists have all sorts of explanations, rationalizations and excuses – and probably even a conspiracy theory about who is to blame for the negative PR. So did Raniere and NXIVM….

  • Swami Nithyananda, today, looks like an Indian Scott Johnson…….

    …..I wonder if the Swami is almost as annoying as Scott is. Is such a thing possible?

  • Indian sure does know how to do gurus and cults.

    And where have were heard claims similar to that someone is a “a lifelong celibate”? It sounds like a pretty typical case of a cult true believer unquestioningly loyal to their guru.

    Any supposed tests or evidence would have to be from impartial sources; particularly in a country like India with a lot of corrupt practices, and where cult loyalists are involved, I’d guess that faked information is fairly easy to acquire. And I don’t see how some test like that would necessarily establish whether someone were capable of rape, unless at a minimum some sort of thorough assessment of erectile function were performed to ensure the individual was not capable of penetration. It all sounds a bit too cut and dried, and not really thought through – which is typical.

    Plus even if the guru tests as impotent – and that’s a big if, and open to interpretation of what it might mean functionally (inability to conceive is not necessarily inability to copulate), particularly given the availability of modern medications like Viagra – he could still commit some forms of rape. In fact, come to think of it, it’s an old ruse for guys to claim that they’re safe to have unprotected sex with, because some childhood disease like mumps left them infertile…

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