Irish Mother Who Rescued Teen Daughter From DOS Has Message for Snyder Family

A mother from Ireland rescued her teen daughter from the clutches of Allison Mack and her Irish associate, Kim Constable.
They were prepared to bring the teen girl to the US and possibly brand her. It was during the time Keith Raniere was looking for a virgin and requiring his slaves to find them for him.  This was before the New York Times came out and I was the only one writing about Raniere, Nxivm and DOS.
I helped the mother in providing the necessary information so she could rescue her child, literally in the nick of time.
This Irish mom has been following the case of Kristin Snyder and on the birthday of Kristin Snyder [Dec. 14]  she wrote this heartfelt message to readers and to Kristin’s family [she too lost a child] – and finally, she offers a message to the possible coconspirators who may have helped lead Kristin to her sad fate.
By An Irish Mom

Dear Frank,

It does not go without notice that today, December 14, would have been Kristen Snyder’s 52nd birthday.
As a mother and one who lost a child many years ago myself, I want to send my sincere thoughts and prayers to the Snyder family.
This birthday is all the more poignant for what you and Joe O’Hara have achieved this last number of months. The silent voice of Kristin has begun to be heard. The voice that was silenced on the 6th of February 2003.
For me, as a mother, I can only begin to imagine the excitement, joy, love and wonderment in the Snyder household that December in 1967 when their first daughter came into their life, then to be followed by a second wonderful loving daughter, Kim.
How blessed they have been, both the girls to have been given such loving parents – and the parents to have had such beautiful girls.
Tonight, my thoughts and prayers are with this family and that your actions by covering this grievous event may strike upon the heart of those involved to speak to you in confidence and bring forth the truth.
To those of you who know the truth, I ask you – in fact, I beg you –  to search your conscience and pick up the phone, write a letter, send an email to Frank Parlato.
I want to confirm from a personal perspective that this man is incredibly discrete and you can put your trust in him to do right by you.
And you can do right by the Snyder family.
God bless and keep the Snyder family…… in his care…..
I think I am qualified a little to understand the pain and the mystery surrounding Kristin Snyder. I’m very heartbroken over it as I have some information for you because my niece, Julie, ended her life under very similar circumstances and I have a few things to add in regards to the circumstances of both their disappearances.
And please thank that Irishman, Joe O’Hara…
It looks like it takes an Irishman and a Sicilian 🤫🤓 to hunt the bastards down…..
I want to thank Irish Mom for her message. And urge Ed Kinum, [Name Redacted], Esther Chiappone Carlson, Karen Abney, Nancy Salzman and anyone else who knows anything about the disappearance of Kristin Snyder to contact me at 716-990-5740 or email me at
I will keep your confidence and if you need legal assistance, I will try to arrange that for you.
I believe in time, someone will come forward. The first to come forward is likely to be the one who winds up with the least punishment – if crimes have been committed.
The Plea Deal Bus. It is not a big bus – but it promises to be a happy bus. Or said another way, those who fail to get on it, if they could have, may spend many years regretting that decision.
MK!0ART – Keith Raniere and his co-conspirator Esther Chiappone Carlson. Esther, if you have been misled and finally realize it – now may be the time to do something about it.

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  • Irish Mom, this is a beautiful message and I, too, am grateful to Frank, Joe, the ID producers and all the people, including yourself, who are working to obtain justice and prevent further victimization of young girls and women. Your and your daughter’s story is a spot of hope that the message is getting out regardless of whether justice is being meted out.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  • For the Irish mother, I would hope that the authorities in Belfast, Dublin and London are displaying more interest in sex trafficking by Allison Mack and Kim Constable than the authorities in Albany, New York have shown in similar cases.

  • “A mother from Ireland rescued her teen daughter from the clutches of Allison Mack and her Irish associate Kim Constable.”
    BS story…you know it, we know it so why continue with this story?

    Inconsistent story which is absolutely not fitting with the reality…too much imagination.

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