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“The Lost Women of Nxivm” premiered last night on Investigation Discovery at 9 PM ET and ran again at midnight.

It also ran in the other time zones.  Now, for a very limited time – I was told about a week – anyone can watch it free on Investigation Discovery’s website.

Viewers will have to endure commercials – as did TV viewers.

It is my understanding that it will premiere in the UK and Canada later this year. There will be an international version with an additional 10 minutes added and will be available on Hulu sometime soon.



Frank Parlato leads an investigation into the Lost Women of Nxivm.


Kristin Keeffe appears in the Lost Women of Nxivm

The ID’s press release describes the film:

— The Gripping Two-Hour Special Premieres Sunday, December 8 th from 9-11pm ET —

(Silver Spring, Md.)— The rise and fall of Keith Raniere and the now-defunct NXIVM cult is one of the
most disturbing scandals of our age. What began as a purported self-help group spiraled into a dark,
secretive world of illicit sex, money laundering, and exploitation all at the hands of founder Keith
Raniere and his accomplices. Now, former NXIVM publicist turned investigative journalist Frank Parlato,
who first revealed that NXIVM was branding women, takes a deep dive to answer the questions
surrounding the tragic deaths and mysterious disappearances of four women who all had connections to
NXIVM and Raniere himself. With exclusive access to members of Raniere’s former inner circle, some
speaking for the first time and others who remain anonymous for their safety, Parlato leads viewers
through a two-hour investigation that questions if there is more to this sadistic story. The provocative
new special, THE LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM, premieres Sunday, December 8 at 9/8c, only on
Investigation Discovery (ID).

“Understanding the depths of depravity of the NXIVM cult goes far beyond what we have seen in the
headlines,” says Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American
Heroes Channel and Destination America. “This explosive ID special takes a never before look at the
stories of four women who were unfortunately caught in Raniere’s twisted web and explores how their
association with him may have led to their tragic fates, providing hope that authorities might reopen
these cases to bring closure to the victims’ loved ones.”
THE LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM begins with Parlato’s investigation into the missing persons case of Kristin
Snyder, who disappeared on February 6, 2003 after being forcibly removed from one of NXIVM’s
Executive Success Programs (ESP) due to erratic behavior. Her abandoned vehicle was found the next
day with an apparent suicide note inside, but her body has never been recovered. In an exclusive

interview, Parlato speaks with Snyder’s wife of two years, Heidi Clifford, who claims that Snyder was
pregnant with Raniere’s child at the time of her disappearance. Parlato quickly discovers that just
months before Snyder vanished, 33-year-old Gina Hutchinson was found dead also due to an apparent
suicide. Heidi Hutchinson speaks with Parlato about her sister’s association with Raniere from a young

With the help of an anonymous source, Parlato also explores the deaths of two additional LOST
WOMEN OF NXIVM, 63-year-old Barbara Jeske and 57-year-old Pamela Cafritz. Both women lived with
Keith Raniere and were part of his trusted inner circle, many of whom mysteriously developed terminal
cancer. After collecting potential hair evidence from the source, Parlato sets out to explore if it is
possible that the women, experiencing a cluster of cancers, were poisoned over a period of years.

Additional revelations in THE LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM include the very first on-record interview with
Kristin Keeffe, who divulges what she knows from her 24-year relationship with Keith Raniere. She is
one of the many women Raniere impregnated, but unlike allegedly dozens of others, she was not forced
to have an abortion. When her son was 7-years-old, Keeffe escaped and went into hiding to protect
herself and her son. Additional interviews include: Susan Dones, a former NXIVM trainer, whose video
footage secretly recorded Raniere speaking to other high-ranking officials of NXIVM boasting “I've had
people killed because of my beliefs.” Neil Glazer, an attorney for NXIVM survivors; Rick Ross, an expert
on extremist groups; Dr. Jana Lalich, a sociologist, former NXIVM consultants; and many more….

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Frank Parlato

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3 years ago

Do you ever think about how Raniere and crew were described as being frightening to Heidi Clifford? This is not to say that Heidi is the only one who felt the burn. These “Nexium” people seem to have intimidated her for years, though, after Kristin vanished. Raniere looked to have things to hold over peoples’ heads, to knock them down and control them. Right?

His henchwomen and bedfellows knew the drill. “Nancy,” sez the Head Prick, ” you’ll have to play the bad cop here. By necessity, I have to be the good cop. I must never be associated with the problem you handed me with this hysteric lesbian form Alaska. So thank you for that. You make the staff instruction calls to Anchorage. You know that I have to get some sleep anyway ’cause you women have me all fuckered out.” Nancy moves her head out from between his hairy legs, licks her chops and pants, “Yassuh, Masta Wet Kisses. If command and administrate, I must, command and administrate I shall doo-doo.”

This part with conversation is made up, and I’d apologize for it, if that were possible.

Nevertheless, we in the audience at the Frank Report are getting the info, more and more, that privately, Raniere was even more physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to “his” women, individually and behind closed doors, than one might’ve imagined. Gone was the disguise as the soft-spoken saint and celibummerbait. The celibacy was just a dirty joke and cultic lipspeak. His sadism gets more pronounced, the more that people decide to talk about him personally. Raniere’s specialty was doling out sadistic sexual destruction onto others. Lovebomb. Pretend atonement. Then divide, isolate, conquer, cannibalize and eviscerate. Make damn sure the prey thanks you for every bit of it.

Raniere was an emotional blackmailer of targeted girls, women and of vulnerable men. He took not only money but got off on tearing people, especially females, apart. The younger the better, evidently. He pitted these women and girls against each other and then made them feel wrong for being so attached. Yet they were only allowed to focus on him, as some nauseating, hallucinated version of a sexgod. Raniere looks like a criminal psychopath who insisted that people become enslaved to his “magnetic charisma.” Bait and switch. Then make others beholden to bait and switch for you, so you can go around enlightening others through his high holiness the Sperminator, th one and the only. Or else.

What did these ladies do every night when it was not their turn with their sexgod, hump the rug? Okay, never mind that.

The point is, what did Raniere do to Kristin Snyder personally? Did he threaten and intimidate her, too? Did she resist him? Did he rape her? Was she drugged and “date-raped” and was that a conspiracy, too? Did any of his lady friends help him screw over Kristin Snyder? I mean, did Kathy Russell leap into bed for a threesome with and Kristin and Keithie-Weethie, dressed in her crotchless tutu and toe shoes? Or Was Kristin procured for Raniere and pushed on him by pressure from her so-called mentors?

Or what about Lauren Salzman maybe said, “Kristin your spiritual self will only expand if you enter alone into this chamber with the Vanguard. You must face yourself and spend the night with his grace. How I wish it could’ve been me and not you. But alas, I will be locking you in with him now until he texts me to come back and let you out, transformed forevermore, you rotten bitch you.”

Did he turn nasty and tell Kristin that this had to be their secret or else she would be in big trouble and so would her wife and family? Did he have videotape made of her, too? Was there a camera woman? Was there any attending physician, such as Dr. Porter, the mini-Mengele? Who can guess what Kristin Snyder might have encountered when she became the object of a predator and his subalterns who drooled over him and knew that they must feed his appetites? God knows what bullying and abuse Kristin might have found being forced on her. She is likely to have signed up for ESP classes or intensives feeling hopeful and optimistic. It looks very different from “optimistic” as those facades are in ruins.

Kristin wouldn’t have known any of this. Maybe she went home to Anchorage imagining that she could tell everyone in that intensive everything and that by just getting away from Raniere, she could tell the truth and be safe. She had to have felt awful around Raniere and relieved to get out of his presence. She left and bang! She was right back in that Anchorage intensive with more break from whatever happened to her with Raniere and his inner core groupie freaks.

3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

Oops. “with no break from whatever happened….” Also some Google priest turned the “Lovebomb. Attunement” bit into “atonement.” No. Raniere wouldn’t know atonement, but he pretended attunement as part of his act, his advertising, his luciferian Jesus schtick.

“I can see how special you really are. I can be the one who understands you, more than any other will ever be capable of knowing your very essence. Come follow me. I have to see more of your beauty, away from all distractions or I may fall ill very soon, gravely ill, my dear. I already feel blood surging up from my gastrointestinal tract just looking at you. Er. You are so pretty. Let us go and delve deeply into each other’s eyes.

“This could be forever for me and you. Step into my parlor.” No wonder this a-hole had to sleep all day. He had terrible, incurable gas. At night he could pass it off as levitation.

3 years ago

Did I hear this right?
The firearms expert said the original investigators did not look to determine if Gina died where she was found.
But a shotgun to the inside of her mouth would have left OBVIOUS splatter on the ground.
Did the expert misspeak or were the investigators blind?

3 years ago

Great show Frank. I could watch you for hours. I wish the did a tv show about you fighting NXVIM

One question: is it normal that Kristen’s wife didn’t have an issue with people throwing her out of the classroom? I would likely go with my partner to see if she were ok. Or maybe the cult had a lot of control over her too. I think it’s helpful to understand what happened to prevent it in the future. I feel nobody did anything against NXVIM. We need whistleblowers.

It is great to see the wife now speak up. Keep fighting!

3 years ago

How many were hired to work for Nxivm and walked when they were asked to do break the law??
Those who left were hunted but they did not compromise their values.

If you stayed you were corrupted and became a facilitator and accessory to crime. They are not victims!

3 years ago

Good job Frank. Keep digging for the truth!

There is always a weak link when you have a group of people involved in murder. Keith didn’t like to get his hands soiled and he is a very lazy person. Therefore, his followers had to execute the staged suicides.
Ester Chiappone, Ed Kinum, Nina Cowell, Nancy Salzman and Kristen Keefe all know what happened. If I had to take bets, I would place it on Ed to be the first to crack.

As for Karen Unterreiner and Kristen Keefe being frightened and victims of Keith the monster,
they know, participated and are accessories to the crimes from way back to CBI.
Without this inner group of women, Keith could not have done all this damage.
When asked to commit crimes didn’t they consider the consequences?

The poisoning was Keith’s way to eliminate witnesses to his reign of terror!

I say put them all in prison and throw away the key.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago

Many thanks Frank! I was able to watch a recording this morning and thought this special / reporting was well done. Sadly, too many questions remain unanswered that could bring some emotional closure to those families who lost a loved one. Hopefully, more facts will come forward with the airing of the investigation. Even though Keith’s sentencing is right around the corner, the questions, doubts and speculations will live on.

3 years ago

1.) It is unusual for a woman to commit suicide with a firearm.
Poison, Gas or hanging are more typical means of suicide for women.

2.) it is difficult for anyone, even a male, to commit suicide with a rifle shot inflicted to the head.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago

Not exactly sure what you are saying here Shadowstate. Were you intending to state the obvious unanswered questions, or, was this your attempt to offer a condolence to the Hutchinson family for their loss of Gina?

3 years ago

Girl Scout Cookies:
It is a bit of both.
I wanted to explain curious issues in both deaths and express my condolences to both the Snyder and Hutchinson families.
When I stated a few days ago that it was unusual for bodies to entirely disappear in drowning deaths a number of people jumped all over me.
In the video the Harbormaster, who had worked in those waters for 25 years, stated that of the 17 drowning deaths in Resurrection Bay he had dealt with the only body that disappeared entirely was Kristin Snyder’s.
The other 16 bodies were all recovered.

Many times when people are murdered and the body is disposed of in a body of water, the murderer tries to weigh down the body with chains and weights to keep it from floating up.
What usually happens is that as the body decays the decaying gases cause it to bloat up and counteract the effect of the chains and weights.
The body floats up like a balloon.
Causing a body to disappear is no easy task.

3 years ago


Re number 2.) Part I :

“An autopsy analyzing the angle of the gunshot wound determined the “high improbability” that Sharon had killed herself or had the physical ability to pull the trigger with her toe, as originally believed.”

Re number 2.) Part II:

A long time ago we discussed how difficult it is for a woman to kill herself by rifle/shotgun. Your post jogged my memory of a case just like Gina’s!!!

A man by the name of Jack Reeves, a former military intelligence officer, staged his wife’s suicide by shotgun. Gina Hutchinson’s suicide/murder has similar parallels

Originally the shotgun/rifle murder, in this case, was believed to be suicide until Jack Reeves second and third wives died mysteriously under other circumstances…

Then the shotgun rifle-esque suicide case was reopened and it was proven that it would have been physically impossible for the wife to use her toe to fire the gun properly to commit suicide…..
…… This murder staged as suicide is the closest and best example I could find that mirrored Gina’s death.

I would be interested in knowing the rifle model, Gina’s height, arm reach, and leg length.

Policed overlooked one murder and believed it suicide….Gee I wonder if another police department could have done the same thing in Gina’s case?

3 years ago

Thank you both Frank and ID discovery!

3 years ago

The Harbormaster, with over 25 years of experience with those waters, found sixteen bodies in Resurrection Bay.

On’ top of that kayaks and paddles are designed to float.
Neither the kayak or the paddle were found.

3 years ago

I didn’t see it stated, whether he had experience with suicides, including cases in which someone might have deliberately paddled out towards open sea. Area kayak routes and tours often go out of Resurrection Bay, and into the Gulf of Alaska, for example:

Caines Head Sea Kayaking Tours

I pointed out previously that older types of kayaks, and particularly kayaks with flotation compartments flooded (they are often also storage compartments, and have access hatches) can sink. And a paddle that ended up out in the open sea, would likely not be found.

Also, an example of the typical problems with such theorizing, is that it overlooks fundamental issues, in this case among them what happened to the kayak if it wasn’t sunk or washed out to sea. The unacknowledged, highly implausible assumption of such a theory, is that it requires that a sea kayak 12 feet or longer (not the little ones people might be familiar with from inland waters – I checked, and Miller’s landing currently rents only 17- and 18-foot models) typically of a color designed to be highly visible, be surreptitiously disposed of.


3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

The kayak taken from the shed at Millers Landing hadn’t been out to sea in 15 years, the Millers Landing owner said. There is the possibility that it was chosen because it looked like it could sink(?)

Our beach town, kind of the Florida home for our family, has kayaks tied ashore at its northernmost end of the beach. Just as you say, these seaworthy kayaks are huge. Very often two people move these bulky boats down the sand and into the water.

Anony, I just don’t think that Kristin did ANY of this entire truck and kayak scene.

3 years ago
Reply to  Shivani

Shivani, I think you may be falling into the trap of making your favored theory more and more complex, in order to try to explain away its shortcomings. So now we’re supposed to think that NXIVM’s henchmen, in the thick of things and the dark of night, and over 100 miles from their base of operations, somehow manage to pick a kayak they know will sink, and put it into the water as a diversion?

The principle of Occam’s Razor says that the simplest explanation is the most likely. I see nothing that rules out Snyder’s simple suicide as originally determined by the authorities, even if a complex and devious telling of her demise is somehow more salaciously satisfying – though that still leaves NXIVM’s, Salzman’s and Raniere’s scandalously negligent and even nefarious meddling with human minds as a likely contributing factor.

You do point to what Shadow failed to adequately research, that would have provided a clear answer – rather than a mistaken assumption – regarding the buoyancy of the kayak in question:

“A white wood and fiberglass kayak was found to be missing from the yard of Millers Landing when Snyder’s car was discovered. The kayak is handmade, has no rudder, is not outfitted for flotation, and had not been in the water for fifteen years. Officials at the resort noted that it would sink if tipped.”

It’s mind-boggling that after all this supposed “investigation,” amateur “research” and endless theorizing, basic and readily available facts like that are being missed – the sort of thing that the professional investigators for the Alaska State Patrol probably took into account, as well as the jury that determined Snyder’s presumptive death by suicide. Besides that jury that’s also been overlooked, how much other key evidence and context is there that’s being missed here?

Oh, and another key fact I don’t think anyone has ever nailed down, is whether Nina Cowell really had a place that close to Miller’s Landing, and just how close or far it was – what is the address she gave on that sign-in sheet?

3 years ago

Anonymaker & Shadowstate,

The missing Kayak is minutia. If the kayak had been found it would not necessarily answer the question of Kristin’s death as being the result of suicide or murder.
Unless the suicide or death occurred on the kayak.

Arguing about the missing kayak has no true relevance to the case of whether Kristin was murdered or committed suicide. You might as well argue about the amount of gas found in the gas tank of Kristin’s truck.

The missing kayak is a moot piece of evidence.

Side note:
The man, in the NYC section of the Hudson, who died in his kayak when his fiancé allegedly loosened the plug and died of hypothermia and drowning…..His kayak sunk.

Kristin with the right amount of ballast(rocks) added could easily have flipped her own kayak and caused it sink from the added ballast.

3 years ago

Shadowstate & Anonymaker,

I want to apologize if my “minutia” comment seemed rude. I should have said the two of you are too intelligent to argue over something so trivial.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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