Nice Guy’s Official Declaration, Clarification, and Full Retraction – His Wife Didn’t Order Him to Stop Posting; She Doesn’t Know About Frank Report!

Leo Durocher was well known for his quote 'Nice Guys Finish Last." But on Frank Report that is not true.

One of our favorite commenters, Nice Guy, recently wrote the post, Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman Spotted at a Macy Gray Concert; ‘Then My Wife Ordered Me to Stop Posting on Frank Report’.

In this post, he essentially said the following:

  1. He and his wife saw Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman at a concert.
  2. That he thinks Michelle is much more attractive in person than in her pictures.
  3. That his wife caught him texting and insisted he turn over his phone for her immediate examination.
  4. She discovered that he was using his phone to comment on Frank Report.
  5. She ordered him to stop posting on Frank Report evermore.
  6. He was leaving Frank Report in conformity with his wife’s demand.
  7. He sneaked in one last post to state that Ben and Michelle deserved to be exposed for they had received no punishment for their complicity in the imprisonment of Dani.

While extremely happy for the Intel on Ben and Michelle, I did advise Nice Guy that he should not be ruled by his wife.

Nice Guy told me his wife is Sicilian, as I am myself, and that I would understand why she might be exacting. I told him, in essence, that in my experience, Sicilian women appreciate a strong man rather than a weak one.

Image result for you can act like a man
Johnny Fontane, a nice guy, is advised by his Godfather to “act like a man.”

In any event, it appears that some of what Nice Guy told me was not true.

It is apparently true he saw Ben and Michelle at a concert, but the story about his wife ordering him to stop texting or that he will stop being part of the community of Frank Report commenters is not true.

Of the latter, we have ocular proof for Nice Guy has already returned to commenting.

But let’s let Nice Guy do the talking for himself.

He wrote me an email to request that I publish his “Declaration, Clarification and Full Retraction” of his earlier, rather henpecked post.

Nice guy wrote, “I would like to reiterate for you and for posterity that I do wish a retraction. I hope you understand my side of things and my own worries about having my character’s writing taken out of context.

“It’s always hard to frame sentences when any ambiguity can be twisted and misconstrued into something bad. I am sorry if my convoluted writing irks you or causes you vexation.

“I wish I had written my original post with more lucidity, than in my over the top NiceGuy persona character.

“Once again, I kindly request a retraction, but it’s obviously within your purview or prerogative. You are the editor and chief.


“Pathetically, I am probably coming across like Flowers crossed with the Cowardly Lion.

The lion of Nxivm

“I will make one more eventual post/article after Vanguard’s sentencing if The Rat has not come forward by that time. I will tell my own story that mirrors The Rat’s and Heidi Hutchinson’s sister’s story. It will be my feeble attempted at helping the Hutchinsons and Snyders.

“I apologize again if I am being a pain in the ass. I don’t want to be ‘Flowers’ if you get my drift. In any case, I wish you well. Take care for now! Tonight I have stress-based insomnia.  Good night!!!!”

Nice Guy then submitted his:

Declaration, Clarification and Full Retraction

By Nice Guy

How I truly feel in real life!

The following is my 12 point retraction.

1. First and foremost, I wish all current and former members of Nxivm and their victims peace, happiness,  joy, long lives, joyous love, and prosperity.

2. My comments are always made under a moniker/avatar/character. Whenever I post, I post under a pseudonym character. My character is just me role-playing on this website/blog.  NiceGuy is not who I truly am. It’s not my real name. I wish no one in my real life or the world harm or ill will.

3. I do not truly feel anyone from Nxivm – and especially Michelle and Ben – should ever be placed under a microscope, followed, or bothered, ever. I bear them no ill will and I wish them the best. I sincerely mean this!

4. I did observe Ben and Michelle at the club. Oddly enough, they actually are better looking in person. Ben actually looks better with a shaven head and no glasses. Ben and Michelle make a cute couple, actually. I did not speak with them personally or make any gestures in their general direction, whatsoever!

5. Nothing that I previously stated in my article should be considered fact or truth other than when I witnessed Ben and his girlfriend at the club and described what they looked like, in my role-playing article/fictional role playing post.

6. I took no pictures or any form of recording of them at any time.

7. I wrote this entire declaration myself and my wife has no idea or knowledge of anything I have ever actually posted on this website other than the fact that I once told her about my NiceGuy character. NiceGuy is a character role I like to play on the Frank Report.

8. The NiceGuy character and anything I have written and posted is not indicative of how I truly feel about anyone or anything. I wish no one under any circumstances ill will or harm. I hope and wish only happiness to all and all Nxivm members past, present, and future.

9. Only the government and the state can make decisions regarding people’s lives. I have no say or right nor does anyone else to decide anything affecting other people.

10. I do not want to encourage or intended to encourage anyone or members of the public at any time to ever bother anyone from Nxivm’s prior or current members – especially Ben and Michelle should be left alone. Again, Ben and Michelle and former and current members of Nxivm should be left alone. Private citizens have no right to harass or bother anyone.

11. I have no plans to ever see Ben and Michelle or anyone else from Nxivm ever again; nor do I want to. Seeing Ben and Michelle was a random occurrence. My wife bought the tickets months ahead of time.

12. We all make mistakes and all deserve the ability to move on with our lives and not be judged by anyone except the government and God.

Michelle and Ben.

Frank, I will greatly appreciate if you have the spare time to post this comment. I will be emailing you a copy for your records and mine.

Thank you!

P.S. Frank, you were right, not even 24 hours have passed and I am back.



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  • Has anyone ever seen NiceGuy and Bangkok in the same room together? Could they be the same person? Conspiratorial minds want to know.

      • KC are you a wool sock puppet or a condom finger puppet?

        Kevin C☘️
        Help a fella out what is your last name?
        All KCs are always from the Emerald Isle…Maybe you are one of those south-westerners who believe they are Scottish?
        Guess again asshole! 90% of Southerners who think their Scottish or English are Micks. LOL Keep dreaming!!!!
        …Are you by chance an Irish Twin? Nothing like couples getting right back on the saddle, literally.

        BTW I gotta little Mick in me. I’m from BeanTown afterall….

    • Diane, If Bangkok and I are the same person, then logically we will always be in the same room together. Your powers of deduction are astounding. Only Frank Parlato knows the truth.

      BTW Diane, In all seriousness, I enjoy your articles for the Frankreport and hope you write some more. I appreciate your detailed descriptions of the people in the court room, as well as your descriptions of the general mood, and atmosphere. You have a nice style to your writing.

    • It is a guest view and part of what I do is provide a forum for different voices, which often leads to discovery. It is not all investigative journalism. And I mean no disrespect to Nice Guy or even Flowers but for me this was a little comic relief.

    • Anonymous & Everyone else:

      Re Regarding Reporting The Real News:

      The Frank Report is no different than the Wall Street Journal. Read the sections or articles you want and skip over the rest. The Frankreport has a large domesticate and international audience base with many demographic segments.

      The Frank Report attracts over 5 million visitors!

      My initial sighting was news worthy. My observation was no different than the reported sightings of Ghislaine Maxwell by the mainstream media. FOX reports the same things. I just needed to post a small retraction and explain my character; Mainstream media does the same thing all of the time.

      Why should Frank have to hold him self up to your personal standards? Would FOX, CNN, or PBS take the time to respond to you?

  • Woah. This place is a soap opera in a sand box. Makes we wonder if all of the crazy regulars are just Frank posting as sock puppets.

    If NG exists….The most shocking part is someone would actually marry this guy?

  • Roll playing? A character? What’s true, what’s false? At least the batshit crazies that post here, post what I would assume to be there honest thoughts and opinions.

    Truly bizarre behavior, series of post, long sought after published articles and now emails to Frank. He’s just pretending. Developing a character with a possible back story of a wife and some past sad loss from a traumatic suicide.

    Of all the “characters” on FR, Sultan who vigorously defends an actress he does not know. Flowers with her strange tales of harassment and stalking that may or may not be true. Bangkok and his comedic heckling and interpretations.

    Role playing on a true crime blog. I enjoyed the back and forth. It would be interesting to know what he really thinks, sincere opinions on the articles and people involved etc.
    I once explained to Niceguy about internet trolls and he ends up being one

    • “At least the batshit crazies that post here, post what I would assinme[sic] to be there honest thoughts and opinions.”- Mitchell

      Mitchell, your statement makes logical sense. Are you by chance a former school crossing guard?

      Does your home health aid change your soiled diapers before or after dinner?

    • How do you know Sultan doesn’t know the actress? Besides, 95% of those who comment here don’t “know” Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Allison Mack, etc. Knowing someone is not a necessary precondition to make comments on content about them, NXIVM, or whatever topic is posted here.

  • I don’t really know what’s going on. I read the comment as factual in that NG saw Michelle and Ben at a Macy Grey concert and the bits about his wife as an embellishment, something to be taken tongue in cheek. I don’t think NG is a sissy. If he was, he wouldn’t admit this. I thought it obvious it’s a persona. Anyway, it’s not important.

    I really wish Bankok would come back. NG and Bankok trading insults was the best!

    • I don’t really think he’s a sissy. He does apologize a lot though and tries overly hard to be agreeable. Call it comic relief or two guys busting balls. The comment section is often entertaining and the cast of “characters” are very interesting. Turns out Niceguy is just that, a character.

    • Natasha,

      RE My Epic Verbal Sparring with the Legendary Bangkok:

      Every epic story has a hero and a great villain. Bangkok was the villain and my nemesis. In every comic ever written, the villain always returns. Let us all pray in this case life will imitate life. Bangkok’s stabbing wit and pithy comments were more than my equal. I was Bangkok’s foil and he mine. The Frankreport is now more boring than NPR radio.
      Special message to Bangkok:
      Bangkok, if you read this, please return to the fold soon. Scott Amway Johnson, Mitch Taboo Garrity, and Freaky Flowers the cat woman of British Columbia, all suck at the art of insulting and shiting on people. Never in my wildest fucking imagination did I think I would be saying this. But please return my red-headed, ADHD, and existential stepchild, to the Frankreport. Your caustic acidic humor is missed. Frank is despondent and inconsolable without you in his life. He now drinks cheap whiskey and watches reruns of I Dream of Genie. Things here are so boring without you. Please comeback you little dipshit. 😉

      Side note: Obviously. I have no life because I am adult that took the time to write this message to you on Saturday. I believe this sole fact alone is great material to insult me with. Take your best shot at me you little fuckwad! 🙂

  • This post makes Flowers freaking out at the statistical probability of the Salzladies being recognized by someone with a cell phone camera, who also reads FR, look like the grumbling of a practical—if skeptical—data scientist.

    Bizarre to think an adult thought this was either legally or morally helpful. To himself or to others, or—if he changes his mind, as lady persons are allowed to do!—he thought it was funny. It’s a joke! Again!

    This sort of flailing when caught sounds more like Toni. It isn’t, I assume. But similarly pathetic. NG even has a sad sad suicide story, much like Heidi. But maybe not! It’s a mystery! Too painful to role play talk about! He said in his role-play voice.

    Normally I’d feel embarrassed for his Sicilian wife…except, is there one? You can see why one would ask. My guess: she exists, she knows, and she doesn’t care what he does. A good model for us all to follow.

    Seconding the advice he talk to this partner about role play. Unless online humiliation is his kink.

    • N/A
      It’s not that I think it’s impossible, I just think its improbable.
      The story was that the Salzmans were on a road trip and had stopped at a gas station store along the way. So, that means the person who took the photos just happened to walk into the same store, at the same time, and quickly recognized them.
      Typically, people only spend a few minutes in gas station conversation stores, so there was just a short window of time for this photographer to notice them and to then decide to start secretly photographing them.

      • Flowers & Everyone else.

        It was a surreal experience; And at the same time a completely trivial sighting.
        When I saw them I was 99% sure it was them. The gentleman who appears to be a coworker in Cambridge confirmed things.

        I enjoy coming to this blog and posting. Like many other commentators I never have any real Nxivm news. When I am in New York I am usually am on the Island North-shore.

        Seeing individual characters from a website blog from a cult that is regarded as a sex trafficking cult at a Macy Grey from Upstate New York is a surreal feeling.

        The Cambridge guy’s post promted me to post and I thought about “things”, I did not communicate or interact with them whatsoever. So I decided to post my observation and share with the other commentors. I do not want to see them again.

        Not to be snotty and haughty, Ben’s seats were not first row or center and almost third row. Can you imagine? LOL

        A 150,000k only goes so far Boston/Cambridge area. 150,000k is the minimum in the Boston area to survive like a human being. Still not as bad a New York.
        So no one is living high on the hog unless they have other money. Where is all the money? I will not be commenting on this trivial sighting any more.

        I am sorry there was no orgies or human sacrifices going on.

      • They were photographed at Starbucks, Flowers. You say the pictures published here and you saw the long line of people waiting to order. It is not improbable they were recognized by someone who lives in the area and this person took some pics. It’s also not improbable this same person reads the Frank Report. You, of all people, should recognize this is more than probable considering the things you believe.

        • Dahlia,

          Re Our “friend”, LOL

          I twisted the original names to Jayzee and Dendrophilia because I do not wish to Dox anyone.

          I am of course writing as ambiguously as I can to obscure/obfuscate “it”. “It” is just a little unusual to say the least.

          Is Jayzee, who I think “it” is? You do have some great detective skills. How you figured “it” all out is amazing.

          I believe “it” is the same individual as “Dendrophilia”. Correct?

          Unsurprisingly, the true word originally used ,”Dendrophilia” is a neologism. Neologisms are usually made up by schizophrenics or artist types to describe their unreal world or their surreal artistry world.

          I am not surprised the journey ended up where “it” did.

          Please answer the 2 questions regarding Dendrophilia and Jayzee. I would greatly appreciate it. We both have a common friend in common(sarcasm).

          Happy Holidays!

          • I believe ‘it’s’ exactly as you think, Niceguy. I’m fascinated by ‘it’ and am learning more by the day. It scrubbed quite a bit but what’s left is still a good read. 🌺

        • Starbucks or convenience store….does it really matter? The article claimed they had stopped during a road trip, and the picture didn’t look like it was in Starbucks.

          And once again, Dahlia, you make baseless assumptions about what I think and believe.

          • Re-checked the photos and, yes, it is a Starbucks, but that makes no difference to the story. I still think it’s unlikely that they were randomly noticed and photographed.

          • Flowers you are so right….No one has happened to run into any NXIVM members randomly, outside of New York state at a Macy Grey concert or anything……

  • Frank,

    …..Of course you would use the biggest joke baseball team in the history of the MLB besides the Expos, for my retraction post. LMAO!

    Thanks so much! You are so nice.

    • Niceguy
      I find it more believable that you saw them at a concert than the person who said they noticed them at a Starbucks. The concert probably lasted at least 2 hours, but if they were getting coffee to go at Starbucks, that doesn’t leave a very big window of time.

      • Flowers,

        I recognized them almost immediately. It literally took 2 seconds, then it hit me.

        My sighting, as well as the one at the one at the Starbucks, has little meaning or consequence at the end of the day. It’s just something curious, and Frank posted the sightings to entertain.

        Paying even ten dollars for a Nxivm members sighting would be paying ten dollars to much. It’s worthless and pointless. The Frankreport gets no extra web traffic.

        • Niceguy, it’s probably correct that posting pics like that does little to increase web traffic, however that does not rule out the possibility of someone following Nancy and Lauren. And I still think it’s more likely they were followed than just randomly noticed.

          I often encounter people I know while shopping in the local grocery store, but considering it’s in my neighbourhood, and everyone needs to shop for groceries regularly, its inevitable that I would meet people I know there. But the story with the Starbucks has the encounter occurring at a stop during a road trip, which makes it much less likely.

          I don’t agree with anything Nancy and Lauren have done, but they have already been charged and convicted by the court. They have a right to privacy, just as everyone else does.

  • Hi Frank,

    RE Banning by wife:

    I do want to make one clarification. My wife did catch me posting on Frank Report after midnight. Initially, my wife thought I was secretly texting a woman.

    She then stated, “stay off that crazy website, what if some crazed cultist shows up to our house you asshole?!?!? I have enough aggravation regarding my client’s spouses!” She also asked me “who the fuck is Peaches?” LOL
    I did not intentionally lie, I have always had bouts of insomnia, and I sometimes sleep post oddly enough. I was paraphrasing myself and I did not necessarily mean to lie to you, Frank about something so trivial.

    My wife has no idea about the last 2 quasi article posts with regards to the sighting of Ben and his wife.
    You may ask yourself the question, “How do I know that’s true?”
    My answer to you is, “Well I’m still alive! What more proof do you need?”

    Last thing, regarding Sicilian women not being tough and mercurial…Are you kidding?

    Look, my wife respects me. You are right about Sicilian women; they respect strong men and don’t marry pussies. However, it’s an entirely different story once you get married. LOL

    Frank, are sure you are Paisan? Maybe you are from Sardinia.

    Side Note:
    Toni Natalie is not a true Sicilian. Real Sicilian women do not grab men by the genitalia. Real Sicilian women wield a frying pan like it’s a mace. You have never experienced a true concussion until you have been hit in the head by a frying pan.

  • That is because NiceGuy is John Sandweg, Attorney at Law. Business partner of the disgraced U.S. Attorney, Dennis K. Burke, in Arizona. Both gentleman had some serious lapses in judgement when they agreed to help Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere with visa immigration shenanigans in recent years. Apparently at least one is concerned with how his sock puppet accounts may be used as evidence in a potential upcoming trial if he’s charged criminally along with, or independently of Dennis Burke. That is, if the EDNY or some other federal prosecutorial office finally decides to follow up on the “scheme to circumvent the immigration laws” enacted by both Attorneys and disclosed in documents filed by prosecutors in late December 2018.

    Now, watch for one or more of the Burke/Sandweg sock puppet accounts to try to discredit this post. As always. lol

      • Exactly how does someone who uses the name “Anonymous” discredit themselves by not expounding? They have already discredited themselves by not using their real name or a traceable fake name. LOL

        • You don’t get it because you are a raging dick and don’t care about your reputation or retribution. But this anonymous commenter wouldn’t have posted this if he wasn’t anonymous. Maybe he has info that is pertinent to Frank’s mission.

          If you weren’t a random name like Scott Johnson,or if you were an actual threat to anyone, or if you had anything to contribute that was news worthy, or if you were worried about retaliation against your family (because you have anything other than hot air to type), you would either pipe down or post anonymously.

          If you were running this website, this website would be a thing of the past, and Keith Alan Raniere would probably be in the middle of branding your daughter.

          Personally, I think the comment was a joke. If I’m right, good for anonymous. If I’m wrong, why is anonymous silent? But just to be safe, hey niceguy, you ever eat a butterfinger? And you can stop giving your “Shivani gifts” anytime now and start filling in the blanks.

          • I fully “get it,” this website is filled with a bunch of immature juveniles. They are of legal age, but acting like children. My reputation is solid, I don’t hide myself, just like Frank doesn’t hide himself. You and the others, on the other hand, allow Frank and precious few others, such as myself, to be exposed. You have no responsibility or accountability regarding what you say, so I assume it’s all lies, and NiceGuy just proved it. The only queestion is, which is the lie, the original story, this one, or both of them? You could easily contact Frank with real information anonymously rather than make a confusing mess of the comment section. I’m not a random name, my name is in the Amway lawsuit posted on my websites, it just happens to be a common name. I’m a threat to Amway and other MLM scams, or they wouldn’t have sued me in the first place. I’ve contributed numerous newsworthy ideas, you’re just too stupid to think. I speak up because it is my First Amendment right to do so, I’m not afraid of being targeted, I’ve taken precautions to protect myself and my family. You on the other hand, are a small puddle of quivering fear. I really appreciate the fact that I did not serve with you in the US Navy. You have no idea or interest in how to back up someone and die for them if needed. If more people used their real names, there would be so many that the Bronfmans couldn’t keep up with them, let alone sue them. I have plenty to lose, but I’m not materialistic like you are. There are principles much more important than stuff, including educating others about Amway and other MLM scams. If I was running this website, I wouldn’t allow your comments, because you’re a coward. I don’t have a daughter, but if I did and Raniere had her cauterized, he probably wouldn’t be alive right now. I think the comment was a joke as well, just not the funny kind.

          • Nutjob,

            Anonymous is most likely Bangkok. Only Bangkok sticks to the Dennis Burke story story line. Now he has added Sandwig. Bangkok is trolling me with Burke because he knows I will always complain. I find the Burke Bs more annoying than Scott or even Flowers.

          • Scott,

            “I fully “get it,” this website is filled with a bunch of immature juveniles.”-Scott

            Okay, Okay, you fooled Nutjob and I. I believe now that you have been trolling Nutjob and myself all along.

            No human being could be as delusional and dumb as you have been acting. Not even Flowers with her incredible Flower Power could top you.

            Scott you are an amazing actor. Not even Rob Lowe when he played a retarded guy that bangs normal chicks could top your performance!!!! You are the greatest thespian of our times!!!!!

    • Bangkok,

      I know it’s you! If you have any kindness within your soul, you will cease trolling me with this Dennis Burke nonsense, you little dipshit. 🙂 Use your dyslexic imagination and come up with something new. It’s getting f*cking painfully old to see Dennis Burke’s name. BROKEY RECORD!!! You pathetic f*ckwad! 🙂

  • Since we’re doing the baseball theme. To steal from Ball Four and Jim Gosger, YEAH SURRRRE, niceguy.

    So to sum up, niceguy thinks it’s ok to harass former members of NXIVM and he encourages us to do so. But leave Flowers alone.

    I have a few follow up questions for niceguy. The first 2 questions are 100% serious and the rest may have a tinge of humor in them. Something tells me niceguy will not do the Barb Bouchey Heisman on me and he will actually answer.

    What exactly was the mistake you made? (I saw you entertaining us but must have missed the mistake)

    Do you also go by the fake name of Actaeon?

    Do you also jam to Tracy Chapman?

    When you go to Fenway, do you wear your pink hat and do the wave?

    If there was one commenter on FR who you do not wish happiness, who would it be?

    Have you considered speaking to your wife about your fondness for role playing?

    • Nutjob,

      Here are answers to your questions…

      1. I am not at this time commenting on Actaeon. It’s Frank’s call.

      2. I had in the past liked Chapman’s music. Recently, I was listening to her music and wondered why I ever liked it to begin with.

      3. Typically at a Sox game, I wear the standard navy hat with red B, size XXL. Other times, I wear my lucky RedSox 1978 hat. I really don’t care for the non-uniform redsox hats. I sit at the bottom Fenway Park Loge Box 101. Hit me up if you’re ever in Boston and we can meet up at what used to known as Who’s Bar right next to the Fenway. It’s also a great secret shortcut into the park.

      4. I wish “normalcy” and happiness for everyone on the Frankreport. However, I do not want Scott Johnson or Mitch Garrity to ever win a lottery.

      5. My wife and I are not into role-playing whatsoever…
      ….Good side story… When I was in college, I dated a girl who had me pretend to be a doctor doing a medical exam. I am not kidding. She had me stand outside her dorm room and knock on her door, like a doctor knocking on an exam room door. She would wear a towel like it was a medical exam gown. Then I would pretend to examine her….It was crazy. It was actually kind of fun the first time. Then things got a little creepy because she wanted me to do it all the time. I was thinking at the time two things. One, I’m getting laid, so fuck it. Two, she must really want to fuck her doctor. LOL

        • The glare of a phone screen will not help with getting a good night’s sleep. You shouldn’t actually look at one for an hour before going to bed and definitely don’t look at it if you wake in the night. Switch the thing off for the night! I sometimes wish there is some permanent technological failure where we all go back to carrying around Motorola Bricks. Ah, the good old simple days!

          • Natashka,

            I have had insomnia bouts since turning 40. A 4-5 bout day of insomnia is like torture; In wouldn’t even wish it on Scott Johnson.

            You are right the modern phone is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. I would love to go back to the Motorola brick. The light affects sleeping.

            I thank God I have never posted on any other blogs or social media sites before this one. It actually is oddly addicting.

            Having internet access 24/7 in your hands is not good. Do you know anyone with Amazon Shopping-itis disease? LOL

            Luckily next week when I go on vacation I will not have internet access except at night. I am sure Mitch Garrity and KC will be doing somersaults.

            BTW Mitch Garrity,
            Taking melatonin 20 mins before sleep truly does help somewhat. I take 5mgs. Also, Benadryl can help you stay asleep.

            Please stay the hell away from Ambien etc unless you want to have an “experience”.

        • We don’t evolve fast enough to deal with all these advances. I give myself a break and regularly enjoy going dark.
          Oh yes, I know a lot about the Amazon shoppingitis disease. In fact, I am currently in remission after a severe bout!
          Have a peaceful vacation.

          • Why do I have the feeling that while Mrs niceguy is chilling solo at the beach, niceguy is holed up in the hotel room, crafting a witty response to some AnonyMaker drivel?

      • Good job with the answers niceguy.

        Didn’t know the Actaeon questions were somehow invading some crazy secret that you, Actaeon, and Frank have been keeping. Do tell, if Frank permits the juicy details. My guess is somebody brainwashed Actaeon.

        Front row at Macy Gray. Good seats at Fenway. Buying good beer instead of Genny. African Safari this week. Other than your awkward late night moments under the bed sheets, things must be going well in the niceguy household.

        Red Sox suck.

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