Sara Bronfman Igtet – the Nxivm Criminal Who Got Away

Sars Bronfman Igtet
It was curious that Sara Bronfman-Igtet was not included in the Eastern District of New York, Department of Justice’s exhibit in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere that displayed his inner circle.
Bronfman was certainly one of his inner circle members and one of his great enablers.
She and her sister, Clare Bronfman, funded most of Raniere’s vicious escapades.
While her sister Clare is pictured as one of his inner circle – Sara Bronfman is not.
Bronfman eagerly perjured herself in numerous lawsuits – at the behest of Raniere. She funded his litigation. She allowed the rascal to swindle or blow through more than $100 million of her money – and when he told her that her father was to blame, this dunce believed him.
When Raniere wanted the Dalai Lama to endorse him in 2008-09, Sara spent more than $1 million getting him to come to Albany. And to cinch the deal, when Raniere told her to seduce the Dalai Lama’s assistant, the monk Lama Dhonden Tenzin, Sara eagerly complied, opening her heart and her legs for the monk – who had vowed celibacy and was the chief representative of the Dalai Lama in the USA.
Two monks who made lifelong vows of celibacy – Lama Tenzin and the Dalai Lama.
Sara Bronfman with phony monk Lama Tenzin.


Lama Tenzin in a partying mood at Necker Island with Allison Mack on a Nxivm retreat.
Richard Branson and Sara Bronfman. She rented his Necker island for $250,000 per week for Nxivm retreats.
After Lama Tenzin finally left her, Sara was on the rebound and ran into the arms of the charlatan, Basit Igtet. A gigolo at heart, Igtet pretended he was wealthy and Sara believed him.
She was still suffering over the breakup with her lover lama, but she made some room for Igtet – in her heart and between her legs – a very generous combination she offered to many, sources say – and, although it is unclear who the father is – she wed Igtet when she was three months pregnant.
Keith Raniere always had room in his heart and between his legs for Sara Bronfman – and not because of her wealth, he said.
At first, Igtet tried to be a man and put his foot down about Sara’s insane devotion to creepy Raniere.
But she who has the gold rules and Igtet had to choose between a life of wealth and ease – or go back to being an aging gigolo.
He chose to be a cuckold to Raniere, allowing Raniere to be alpha to his beta role as the cuck husband of Sara Bronfman.
Once he got in line with Raniere, the Vanguard even threw Igtet a bone – he led him to believe he could be prime minister of Libya.
Vanguard to Igtet – You can do it, my boy – Libya will embrace you.


Libya is a deeply divided country where conflicts over Muslim ideology merge with political tyranny, armed insurgents, and forces for democracy.
Igtet, with Bronfman money, hired Joe Lieberman’s former law firm to help get him support in the US.
That did not work out.
So he started a grassroots campaign to overthrow the US-supported government and align himself with ISIS.
That too did not work out. His efforts were a flop.
He called for a mass rally to foment a revolution in Tripoli, Libya to overthrow the US-supported government.  He told ISIS rebels to come into or near Tripoli.
Raniere told him he would have tens of thousands of Libyans behind him. He could march on the capitol and assume leadership of the country.  If need be, the ISIS rebels would quash any resistance by the US-backed Libyan government.
Igtet came to Libya expecting a huge crowd. Less than a thousand people came out.  Many more however came out to attack Igtet.
It was only because the American-backed government in Libya protected the rascal that he was not killed on the spot.
He left with his tail tucked between his legs. But ISIS was less forgiving. They put out a hit on his top assistant, the man who promised ISIS that Igtet would bring tens of thousands of supporters.  His assistant was killed and it is believed that if Igtet ever ventures back to Libya, ISIS will take him out.
Igtet with his assistant who was murdered by ISIS after Igtet’s failed overthrow of the Libyan government.
The moral of this story is that Sara Bronfman funded an effort [ridiculous as it was – and ill conceived] to overthrow Libya and put it into the hands of enemies of the US – ISIS – with her husband as their leader – and this stupid cow probably did not even realize what she was doing.
Raniere told her to do it and she did it.
Neither did she see how awful it looked that she, the daughter of the former President of the World Jewish Congress, was funding a Muslim terrorist group that was hell-bent on destroying Jews.
This is the same woman who, on her Twitter bio, called herself a “World Citizen”, and who wrote she is “Working for a safer, more humane world – inside and out.”
She may not be the brightest woman in the world, but then again, she might be nearly the dumbest.
Now she seems to have ducked below the radar – hiding out in Provence, France.
Image result for provence france
Clare and Sara Bronfman. Clare was indicted for crimes not dissimilar to her own.
Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. Many people worked hard to make themselves safe from her attacks, to save themselves from her brutality – and the millions of dollars she placed in the hands of the monster, Keith Raniere.
Today, Sara Bronfman-Igtet is living in Provence, France, operating a Rainbow Cultural Garden experiment school, advancing the Raniere program where babies and young children are separated from their parents and taught by indifferent and poorly educated strangers some seven different languages.
The experiment has not been a success – being based on psychopath Raniere’s diabolical concepts.
Many children who were subjected to his Rainbow experiment cannot speak any other language but their native language. Some are reported not to be able to speak even their own language – but rather a hybrid of languages that could be described as babbling.
Still Bronfman-Igtet keeps the experiment going.
Because Raniere told her it was good for children. She even has her two children enrolled in this dangerous experiment.
While Clare Bronfman is headed to prison, for some of the same crimes Sara committed, Sara appears safe from prosecution.
Sara recently moved into a mansion in Provence, not far from her resort hotel.
She has claimed she owns the resort- but an investigation by Frank Report uncovered that she does not own the resort but merely leases it.
Inside sources close to Bronfman told Frank Report that she and her “kept” husband Basit Igtet are operating the resort deeply in the red.
But she can afford it.
Indeed she is blowing through money at a far slower pace now that Raniere is in federal custody and no longer advising her on how to spend her money.
As far as the resort losing money – largely from a lack of paying guests  – this may be because Sara is a notorious figure and people naturally shy away from her and her dangerous connection to the Nxivm sex cult.
It may also be because her and her husband haven’t the faintest idea on how to run a resort.
Her website for her hotel[s] [Athal Hospitality] contains some curious statements:

Athal Hospitality is the new luxury and lifestyle hotel collection, breathing new life into the hotel business. Domaine des Andéols, a unique property in the heart of the Lubéron, Provence, is the company’s first outstanding address in France.

[There is no hotel collection. They only have one leased hotel, the Domaine des Andéols,]

Athal Hospitality was founded by Basit Igtet, a Zurich-based international entrepreneur with a strong track record in iconic hotel and property acquisition, and his wife Sara Bronfman, a philanthropist and education entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the field of human potential. 

[I do not believe Igtet is an entrepreneur. I would like to see his track record of hotel acquisitions.]

Sara Bronfman and Abdul Basit Igtet with their daughter. Will she branded and placed on a 500 calorie diet when she gets older? When she gets to be around 13 will they entrust Keith Raniere to mentor her one on one – if he is out of prison by that time?

It turned out Basit was broke when he married Sara and she had accept the fact that she had been conned. This was made easier because when she married him she was three months pregnant. It is not clear who the father is.
Here are some pictures the Domaine.

You can make a reservation here:

More pictures:

Related image

Image result for domaine des andéols

Image result for domaine des andéols

The address is Les Andéols, 84490 Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, France

As part of Sara’s “world citizenry,” she used her fortune to destroy  – to make people paupers – people who worked hard for their money – and to criminalize them – while she sat aloof and pampered herself and Tweeted drivel.
Though she closed her Twitter account more than a year ago, here is a sampling of Sara Bronfman Tweets tweeted while she was destroying lives by funding Raniere litigation:

It’s so true.. “Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.” Andy Rooney

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Altogether, Sara Bronfman had 19,900 Tweets and 2,246 followers before she deleted her account. Most of her Tweets got zero replies, zero shares.


Sources tell Frank Report that Sara’s Twitter account was managed by DOS slave Sylvie, a longtime NXIVM member.

Sylvie, a citizen of the UK, married another Nxivm member – but she was ordered not to have sex with him by Clare Bronfman – so she could experience Keith Raniere’s oral stimulation – as his slave, Sylvie testified.
Clare had to pay Sylvie $96,000 for cheating her out of wages – as ordered by the court.
A source told me that Sylvie quit working for Sara about the time Sara deleted her Twitter account. Sylvie was the first witness to testify at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. Sara would never continue to employ anyone who would testify against Raniere.
Sara with Nancy Salzman at a Jness gathering in England. Sara was one of the primary financiers of Nxivm and herself a High Rank member [she earned the rank of the Green Sash].
In addition to deleting her Twitter account, her website,, was deleted – or walled off from the public.  Snapshots of her website are still available on internet archive.
Up until last year, Sara Bronfman, [on] let the world know this about herself, She was:
  • Special Envoy for Humanitarian Aid
    Independent Libya foundation (ILF)
  • President
    Libyan Chamber of Commerce – United States
  • Background
    Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Professional Coach
    Co-founder, Ethical Humanitarian Foundation
    Chair and Co-founder, World Ethical Foundations Consortium

Sara Bronfman has always genuinely been concerned for the welfare of others.

Growing up in different parts of the world brought with it unique lessons in humanity: exposure to a number of cultures and contexts would help Sara relate with people beyond race, culture, religion or socioeconomic background.

Through the years, critical formative events led to her determination to find a way to make the world a safer, more humane place—specifically, to find solutions to war, violence and injustice. This conviction fuels her path and has brought her to be involved in the business, social and humanitarian endeavors she is today.

In September 2002, after studying both in the US and abroad, interning with NFPs and NGOs and engaging in successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Sara discovered Executive Success Programs, Inc., earned the prestigious positions of Director of Humanities, Regional VP and Professional Coach. Through her training with ESP and her personal and professional development, Sara gained a deep understanding of:

  • The mind-body connection, human behavior, and human psychodynamics Language, communication, and emotions
  • Practical tools for achievement, success, goals, inspiration, and motivation
  • Systems theory and organizational development
  • Personal and professional ethics

Sara inspired the creation of the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a highly directed non-profit initiative dedicated to furthering compassionate ethics. Their efforts garnered the support of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, among other Nobel laureates and dignitaries, for the WEFC’s initial, high profile events.

Today Sara is still fueled by the hopefulness and sense of purpose of her youth yet equipped with the tools and perspective to be a real catalyst for change. Having grown up in a family of change makers, Sara continues the family’s philanthropic legacy. However, while her family has typically focused on Jewish causes Sara, often together with her sister Clare, seeks to find innovative, cause-oriented ways to promote the welfare of all people – supporting individuals and organizations promoting ethics, the ethical use of resources, and humanitarianism…..

While working as a “humanitarian,” according to a source that worked close with her, Sara has been moving assets offshore for more than a year and a half – to secrete them from the US DOJ.
Basit Igtet came to Albany several times recently to help liquidate holdings, including several real property assets in the Albany area that were held in shell corporations, the source said.
It appears that the DOJ has little interest in her and do not intend to indict her.
So she lives in luxury in France with her subby hubby and her wealth intact.
This time I can truly say it, Viva Executive Success!
MK10ART’s sketch of the marvelously stupid Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

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  • Mr. Abdul Basit Igtet,

    I would like to inform you that you should be tested for HPV human papillomavirus.

    I believe you most likely caught the disease allegedly from possible NXIVM members.

    The good news is if you ever had sex or married someone that carried the disease and did not inform you, they were a carrier you can sue them in court.

    Special Bonus:

    If a spouse did not disclose to you that they are a carrier of HPV or other sexually transmitted diseases, you can use that ” fact ” as leverage in a divorce… And follow up Lawsuit! Just play your cards right!

  • This paints Sara to be even more of a dunce than her sister. If you compare the totally stupid actions of them both, Sara seems the more idiotic of the two. It just must be blind luck that she hasn’t been arrested. Either that or there is someone with intelligence now advising her.

    • I don’t think this should be a political blog – but this does serve to counter-balance off-topic postings being allowed from the other end of the political-ideological spectrum, and remind us for instance that dubious financial dealings involving the children of the highest elected officials in the land is a bi-partisan problem.

    • You forgot how the Clinton Foundation looted many millions of dollars from the earthquake relief funds for Haiti.
      I guess those poor people in Haiti will never miss money they never had.

    • Anonymous,

      The Clinton, Bush, Trump, and Kennedy administrations are all corrupt.

      An example:
      President Grant is one of my favorite pre-president historical figures……
      However, as a President of the United States he led one of the most corrupt administrations of all time. Literally his administration was corrupt. President
      Eisenhower one of the greatest presidents of all time believed in segregation.

      This website is not a political blog unless Frank says otherwise.

      Don’t play Shadowstate’s game, no offense to Shadowstate.

  • The baby looks more like the monks baby. I don’t see anything similar to Igets face in Sar-Rahs babies face.

  • At least most stupid people are also poor. It seems that Sylvie should be willing, at this point, to state whether it was her, or someone else, that ran Sara’s Twitter account. Perhaps if Sylvie had run my Twitter account, it wouldn’t have been terminated. LOL

  • I would be happy to have Sara Bronfman burka’d up in an ISIS refugee camp, being shown her place in the grand scheme of things by a cholera pathogen.

  • No legal sanction for organising an (ineffective) coup against a US backed government?

    Isn’t it grand how you can escape prison for crimes of this magnitude, but god help you if you steal a loaf of bread through hunger, or attempt to punish someone for hurting you or anyone vulnerable in your care. Especially bad if you can’t afford bail conditions and it seems like you need to be in the top tax bracket in the US to do that anyway.

    • “No legal sanction for organising an (ineffective) coup against a US backed government?”

      For an American citizen or US resident to try to overthrow a foreign government that the US is at peace with is a violation of the Neutrality Act.
      It is illegal but seldom prosecuted.

  • Roll back…Did I just read Sara Bronfman’s Muslim husband and baby sire (maybe) made 3 failed attempts to start a revolution in Libya for his own aggrandizement and in fulfillment of Keith Raniere’s “Vanguard” vision?

    And all that’s held Basit Igtet back from staging another Libyan revolt is that ISIS assasinated his brother?

    Certainly further investigation into any Vanguard planned foreign
    military activity might well be warranted as well as RBCG mental conditioning child abuse activities overseas.

    • Heidi,
      One of the big scandals of the Obama administration was the foolish overthrow of Muamar Ghaddafi in Libya.
      As crazy as Muamar was, he was one of the sanest people in Libya.
      And now multiple militias and Islamic groups are fighting for control.
      And the result was that a year later the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was brutally murdered along with three other Americans in Benghazi.
      The Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton deliberately ignored up to 300 emails about lack of security for the US diplomats in Libya.
      The British removed all of their personnel from Benghazi.
      And America sleep walked into a massacre.
      And all Hillary Clinton could do was cackle about Ghadaffi’s death.

        • Girl Scout Cookies:

          Did you ever notice how much Chelsea Clinton looks like Webster Hubbell?
          Chelsea Clinton looks more like Webster Hubbell than Bill Clinton.
          How could that be if Bill Clinton is the biological father of Chelsea?

  • That looks like Kim Constable right behind Sara in the second row, third from the left.
    You all remember Kim Constable Allison Mack’s old friend from Belfast who erased all mention of her and Allison a year ago.
    It must have been an accidental erasure. LOL

    “Most of her Tweets got zero replies, zero shares.”
    Most of Sara’s Tweets were word salad that were so banal that they make Keith Raniere sound profound.

    Knowing how the French government has provided sanctuary to the admitted pedophile Roman Polanski for over forty years, it appears that the French government will tolerate any type of perversion.
    Perhaps in the next European War we should let the Germans keep France.

    “His assistant was killed and it is believed that if Igtet ever ventures back to Libya, ISIS will take him out.”

    Let’s start a Gofundme campaign to buy Basit a one way ticket back to Libya.

  • Frank, if the Feds have indicted Sara it would probably be sealed at this stage, thus I doubt they’d advertise this fact at the trial by putting her name on any trial exhibits.

    You’re making a wrong assumption about her lack of presence in the trial. Why should the feds tip their hand?

    If she’s indicted then we’ll never know unless she steps foot in the USA and gets arrested.

    She’s not exactly living worry free.

    Plus, she’s living in a DUMP of a resort and that fucken shithole isn’t exactly paradise.

    Well, maybe to Heidi that’s paradise but to me it’s not. 🙂

  • Her resort looks like a real shithole, very minimalist with far fewer amenities than I’d expect for a ‘resort’.

    It looks like they just setup some very basic stuff outside in the countryside next to crumbling brick walls and poorly manicured trees — along with some very basic looking pools with a brick deck that looks as if it needs to be refurbished.

    That whole place looks as though it needs to be refurbished.

    Methinks they haven’t refurbished that place since Napoleon got vanquished.

    If that shithole was located in Vegas, they’d need to call it a ‘motel’ and charge under $100 per night to get any business.

    I wouldn’t stay there even if it were free. I have better standards.

    I’m guessing Heidi would be right at home there since she’s already admitted to staying at fleabag motels. 🙂

    • Okay it’s probably not a brick deck by the pools, judging by the video, but instead a CHEAP looking wooden deck that looks as if they were on a pauper’s budget when creating it.

      Looks like they just plopped down some cheap looking wooden slabs. It’s probably termite heaven.

      It looks like an old winery property in a semi-desert environment. It looks to me as though there’s partially dead grass everywhere, along with tons of unraked leaves and poorly manicured trees.

      There’s probably all kinds of animals taking a shit on everything too. Probably mosquitoes too.

      What a shithole 🙂

  • When Sara and her husband Basit Igtet make love , she often mistakenly calls him “Sultan.” A memory of a brief, but happy affair in Albany.

  • Why doesn’t France go after her like they are doing with Epstein’s accomplice JeanLuc Brunel? Or, is it laziness or not caring for the children of Provence, France?

    • So Yolanda, aka Nicki, is Sara helping fund NXIVM until the storm passes?

      Will Sara front Nicki’ some dough to help buy the NXIVM tech from under the Salzmans or will Nicki use some Mexican money for that?

      When Allison finally gets out of the clink will Sara help provide Ally with a do nothing job in the new NXIVM?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Know what’s hilarious?
        Were it not for Nikki taking that pic in Mexico we would never have known where Keith, and company,were so quickly.
        Thanks, Nikki, for betraying your Vanguard. You did the world a huge favor.
        But you get to live with your faux pas forever.
        I bet you cost Clare a lot in legal fees.
        Way too funny.
        Bad ass bitches. Yeah, right. More like a bunch of reprobate morons who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag.
        Feminists? Lol yeah, right, more like white slavers and sexual predators is what you all are.

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