Allison Mack’s True Role In Sex Cult Explained — She Actively Deceived People in Everything She Did

Allison Mack cries while listening to the words of Keith Raniere.

By AnonyMaker

Allison Mack Was in Different Nxivm Front Groups

In the big picture Allison Mack remained while even other former insiders like Kristen Keefe and Daniela resisted and got out.

Others started to eat and rest and come to their senses when they had to travel away from Albany, but Mack did not. There is something unique about her case that made her particularly suited to being Raniere’s henchwoman in carrying out the abuses of DOS.

I think Mack was some mix of victim and perpetrator, but it’s hard to judge exactly. That’s what makes her case intriguing, practically begging for better answers, though I also think it gets more attention than is really merited.

Clearly, like a typical cult, Nxivm was running a bunch of different front groups calculated to get their influence into the world, and to recruit people into NXIVM and DOS, while deliberately hiding the actual connection to their guru Raniere – particularly since if they were up front about who their master was, an internet search anyone could do would turn up that they were shilling for a conman pedophile.

However, it does go to show that Mack held a lot of different roles for a supposed mere “pawn.”

She was a lieutenant or henchwoman for Raniere all over the place, not just DOS. But perhaps the best defense for her, would indeed be that she was just so stupid that she didn’t realize what she was doing 24/7, from Albany to Puerto Vallarta.

Allison spent her years in the cult not just going along, but going to lengths to actively deceive people in everything she did – even lying to her slaves about the weekly “family photos” that were actually taken for Raniere, and sent to him.

And then there is Girls By Design, yet another deceptive, creepy recruiting front Mack was involved in, whether it was “just” to recruit girls into NXIVM, or whether she knew it was more sinisterly intended to introduce them to BDSM and groom them as sex slaves for DOS, and ultimately as “fuck toys” for her Master.

Allison Mack posed in many pictures with her tongue sticking out. Was it just a girlish silly pose or did it have a secret message to other women or to her master Keith Alan Raniere. Did the tongue sticking out correlate at all to Keith’s own fondness for cunnilingus? Mack was commanded [and she readily complied and seemed to enjoy it] in threesomes. She was not allowed to be with any other man – other than Raniere. They had an expression that Raniere and other women in Nxivm who were sleeping with Raniere often used – ‘Wet Kisses.”

She Got Her Master Fuck Toys

Mack was:

* broadly involved in running and promoting NXIVM’s front groups used for deceptive recruiting
* engaged in deliberate, constant deception to outsiders being recruited through front groups
* engaged in deliberate, constant deception to insiders, including her slaves of whom she was taking naked photos
* providing “fuck toys” for her Master Raniere

I do not say that Mack was the “mastermind,” just that she had a pivotal role.

Allison Mack kept control over her slaves – and fed Raniere their nude pictures.

Kept the Drop Box for Collateral

Here’s just some of what we know so far about her unusual role in DOS.


* kept the DropBox used for collateral for all the slaves in all the pods
* was tasked by Raniere with coordinating the designing of the branding ceremony
* calculatedly went around to her neighbors telling them not to mind screams coming from “yoga”
* had slaves branded at her home, including those from others’ pods
* had some of her slaves staying with her
* was indicted along with 4 other key players, by a grand jury that reviewed extensive evidence and took testimony from many more witnesses than we heard at trial

She clearly was in a role above all the slaves and even other pod leaders; and unlike others from Kristin Keeffe to Dani, she didn’t object to, resist or escape from the situation.

We still don’t have good enough information to properly assess to what extent she was a victim or a perpetrator, but we do know that she was involved in perpetrating actual harm against her fellow human beings, as well as real crimes, and never tried to step away from such misdeeds.

As was established at Nuremberg, the “I vas chust followink orders” isn’t a valid defense.

The Patty Hearst trial also set a precedent that even “Stockholm Syndrome” doesn’t absolve people of responsibility for crimes committed.

Some people who tend to support Mack as a victim either misunderstood or misrepresented facts, in ways that downplay her involvement, such as having claimed quite recently that her having roommates meant that Mack couldn’t have held brandings at her home – though among other things, there is sworn testimony from Lauren Salzman that slaves from her pod were taken to Mack’s for branding.

Allison Mack has a flexible tongue.
Allison Mack [l] and India Oxenberg [r] – India was Allison Mack’s slave and evidently a pretty good student. India is not writing a book about her experiences in Nxvm, Dos and her escape.
Allison Mack with Belfast Ireland leader of Nxivm, and Rainbow Cultural Gardern – Kim Constable. Allison came to Belfast and reportedly tried to bring back a teenage girl for Raniere – who Constable recruited. The teen ran away in the nick of time – returning to her home – just as Allison had landed and was seeking her out – possibly as a wonderful new fuck toy for her master.
Everything he said was magical to her. How bright, how wise….
How funny…
How emotional…
How dazzling….
Sad Allison Mack cries at hearing the word salad of the world’s most ethical guy – Keith Alan Raniere.  It touched her so ‘authentically’ she wept.
Keep in mind that Allison Mack is filming with Raniere him to help him recruit by promoting the concept that he is a highly ethical and wise teacher – with a message to the world that can help all. Keep in mind that she was having sex with him at the time and she knew he was having sex with many other women. Keep in mind that she was running some of his front groups – like the Source [an acting class].  At the same time one cannot help but see the stupidity and the gullibility of this sad loser, Allison Mack. Look at that blank, nearly idiotic face.  Maybe she is an idiot. She gave up everything for him. And lost all she had worked for over decades. In this respect – that this could happen – this makes it worthy of study. Even if it could not happen again – even if Keith Raniere and the influence he had over others – even if that was completely unique – it is still worthy of study for those who are interested in the secrets of the human mind and human behavior. But is Raniere unique? Or are there 100s of similar destructive cults and high control groups around the world – with varying degrees of menace to the followers and society?

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        • Sarah Edmondson is a self righteous fraud. So is Mark Vicente. Taking immunity deals to avoid punishment themselves. They arrogantly portray themselves as naive victims/heroes. Mark Vicente thinks he’s a moral crusader. His social media posts are saturated with self indulgent pretentious bullshit. They are both perpetrators portraying themselves as something they are not. For those who had never heard of them before DOS, they don’t know what they were up to for years before. Mark Vicente even got his own mother involved with NXIVM money laundering. Sarah Edmondson now doing the media rounds for the attention she never got from her acting “career” and not getting called out. Disgusting. Feel free to confront them on this.

        • “LaLaLad
          September 20, 2019 at 3:57 am
          The harsh review sounds like many posts here about her”

          I don’t believe in putting lipstick and rouge on a pig.
          And Sadistic Slave Master Allison is a pig.

    • Seriously, one bad review by one person who only wrote one review on one book? They made an account to trash one person! Beware of false news and reviews.

  • Frank’s title for this wrap-up of several of my comments that he puts together, reminds me, the active deception that she engaged is in one of the most damning things about her case. Her apologist/s can argue that everything she did, or that was done under her name, was just complying with what Raniere wanted, but her participation in the lying and manipulation was active and calculated on her part, and even required a strange initiative of sorts.

    Mack had to look her supposed friends in the eye and tell them untruths, an then go through the effort to manage and maintain the lies and deceptions. Often that was in part of manipulating and coercing them, getting them to do things they would not normally have done or did not want to do.

    Many people in NXIVM reached a point of deciding that enough was enough, and things had gone to far, but Mack, at the center of the worst of it, never did.

  • Well, the loss of fame and the need for normalcy after her sentence is through, and this is no longer a story, means I might have a shot with ole Chloe after all. I spilled a lot of batches of splatter batter to her on Smallville.

      • Won’t be too old for ole Franky. He figures after he pens his sentencing recommendation on Allison’s behalf, having poured through all of the court transcripts and Allison’s text, emails and blogs showing the judge how she was just stupid and a poor gal targeted by the evil Raniere, abandoned by her friends, etc, etc and begs the judge to go easy on her, Allison will come running into the stubby, wrinkled smelly armpits of one Frank Parlato. In 5 years, Frankie will have had time to air out his moldy balls and stocked up on that viagara. Of course he might be in prison too, but I think they’d get out about the same time if he’s convicted so all will be well and then they can go on the talk show circuit and Frank can talk about how he actually saved Allison by exposing DOS. Maybe Frankie will even pen a song for her like he did for his friend Keith or better yet, he’ll write a musical in which AM will star. She’ll warble out some of his terrible tunes with faux sincerity while he clumsily plunks away with his stubby figures on his little keyboard.

  • “Some people who tend to support Mack as a victim either misunderstood or misrepresented facts, in ways that downplay her involvement”
    You are the one who upplay her involvement while the court testimony shows that she is really just a pawn.

    A few facts:
    -Allison was doing EXACTLY what Lauren and a few others did…and chronologically, it seems that Allison wasn’t the first!
    -Allison was coerced, it’s one of the first things that the court showed (by “releasing” her collateral)
    -Allison was under the same diet as the others, under the same sleep deprivation.

    YET you ignore this and try to make Allison a major player?!
    A major player follows WILLINGLY the order…
    DOES SOMEONE UNDER COERCION (not disputable) AND FORCED TO FOLLOW A DIET (which impacts the mind) WILLINGLY following orders?
    In your sick world, maybe but the REALITY is she was coerced and under a diet that made her judgment clouded so EVERYTHING you say means nothing!

    Your false accusation, allegation, deformation of the truth that you used to make your point are absolutely not valid as YOU deform the facts…

    “such as having claimed quite recently that her having roommates meant that Mack couldn’t have held brandings at her home”
    And to you, it’s believable that they didn’t notice, of course.

    Let us remember that this clown is considering that marking (accept by consenting adult and are not considered as a crime in the US) happened in a small condo from a 4 unit building with around many other condos

    AND nobody heard anything …of course
    And let’s forget also that the condo wasn’t Allison’s renting until………..June 2017 (after the branding happened)

    Funny how you turn EVERYTHING (including an allegation because it was just an allegation for the court) into proof against Allison…Try again, idiot!

    “There is sworn testimony from Lauren Salzman that slaves from her pod were taken to Mack’s for branding.”
    No, there is a testimony that said that MICHELLE HATCHET was supposed to organize the branding…and it was from SYLVIE

    Lauren was there at her branding and even if she said “Allison’s condo” (which I absolutely don’t recall), it wasn’t her’s until after the branding.

    Anonymaker, you are an idiot, that’s all you are and when you try not to be, you’re becoming a bigger one.

    Just because Frank is biased and stupid enough to post your allegations (while he ignores the few analyses that PROVE that Allison was just a pawn), doesn’t make the true
    Nor makes you anything less than the idiot you will always be!

    • Why the name-calling? Take a breath, read the transcripts and ask yourself. Does this fit the description of a victim or perpetrator? If you remove your feelings and study the criminal justice system, there is only one conclusion. She clearly was not a victim.

      • “If you remove your feelings and study the criminal justice system, there is only one conclusion. She clearly was not a victim.”

        You are absolutely right.

    • We actually learned more yesterday about Mack’s unusual, pivotal role, from Edmondson’s new book:

      * Edmondson thought “she’d now replaced Pam as Keith’s number one”
      * Vicente said she appeared to be “at the top” (of “an alternative stripe path”)

      Mack was also brought into DOS before Lauren Salzman, even though Salzman was a much longer standing member and on NXIVM’s board; and in DOS Mack apparently ranked above Salzman. Again, Mack was Raniere’s lieutenant and henchwoman – or at least his madam, enforcer and procurer – in a role unlike any other, particularly compared to the pod slaves like Oxenberg.

      And, yes, Lauren Salzman did testify that she took a group of slaves to Mack’s house to be branded after a “candle-lighting ceremony,”; it was reported by Diane and another media source, but Frank has just not published that specific portion of the transcript. Also, Frank reported that branding took place at both of Mack’s properties in Knox Woods, and probably at her place in Brooklyn as well; and Sarah Edmondson has of course said she was branded at Mack’s residence. You still seem confused about the fact that Mack had owned a home in Clifton Park since 2011, and so always had a place for the brandings to be performed when the Vicentes weren’t living there.

      I think that by now you’ve established your point that you’d consider Mack a victim even if Raniere had told her to get a gun, point it in someone’s face and pull the trigger – and she’ done it. That’s essentially the role she was in, looking people in the face and doing harm to them, from deception and extortion to branding.

  • So, the shadow detective now thinks he knows the hours people keep, why did the Allison fan page post a new pic just 9 hours ago? Maybe because they wanted to, posting pics is what fan pages do.I’ve seen shadow guess multiple times about who he thinks they might be or where they live but does it really matter? I also see Frank falsely claim copyright on pictures that are already out there as he seems to think if he posts them nobody else should. Yet I see lots of pics on here that have been posted on the fan page> If its good for you to post pics from elsewhere, then it’s good enough for others to post pics you use

  • This all sounds like very sound, good judgement; most especially your statement that there is not yet enough information TO JUDGE Allison’s degree of victim vs. perpetrator.

    • Really? Good judgement?
      You of all the people , know that way Raniere can manipulate people and force them to do things they Don’t…
      You decide also to ignore the diet scientifical facts?
      The sleep deprivation facts?

      I usually avoid the subject but you know as i do that Allison position could have been your sister’s position!Actually, it feel like this was EXACTLY WERE SHE WOULD BE from what you revealed…

      YET you defend what anonymaker is saying !?

      The last sentence isn’t enought to redeem the fact you talk about “good judgement”…
      And “good judgment” isn’t given by biased people like Anonymaker or I…

      He is idiotically obsessed to hate Allison (for absolutely no reason) and his crazy hatred is based on nothing solid
      I’m defending Allison because i know who she is really and because she doesn’t deserve to be dragged into things she wasn’t related just to please the sick dream of a few like Anonymaker.

      Neither are unbiased therefor there is not “good judgment”

      Think about how you would feel if it was your sister who was dragged into those false stories and allegations?
      Would you still consider (knowing who she was) that it’s “good judgment”?

      I’m really sick of seeing everyone trying to destroy an awesome person who was a victim of the cult who tried to destroy her too…
      Instead of caring about their own business,
      we get a 60years sicko who forces me to worry about Allison’s security (because he is raged and pushed to continue by people by frank)
      we get an idiot like anonymaker who tries to play the analyst but prefer to base his assumption on lies rather than follow the truth and tries relentlesly to demonstrate that Allison is the monster of the cult…
      Ignoring of course all the proof and the other real culprit

    • “there is not yet enough information TO JUDGE Allison’s degree of victim vs. perpetrator.”

      Heidi, people get sent to prison every day on far less evidence than we already have on Allison Pimp Mack.

  • Interesting thing about victimhood: it is widely assumed these days that being a victim provides an excuse, but this is a false assumption. This is a relatively recent error, and is a consequence of our current victimhood culture. It also comes out of an equally mistaken dichotomy of good guys versus bad guys, either/or.

    Victimhood has become a kind of social currency. We should believe victims (why?) Victims are automatically assumed to be good guys, we are supposed to automatically gravitate to their side. Victims are to be assumed credible, victims aren’t to be held responsible. Yet none of this makes logical sense. None of this is helpful at getting to the truth. Its appeal is emotional, not factual. One doesn’t have to delve far into social media to see a kind of victimhood olympics going on, where the more downtrodden a person can be made out to be, the more virtuous they are assumed to be. Bizarrely, being a victim, being weak and incapable, immature and unable to cope, has become a sure route to status and acclaim. Being bullied, suffering from a syndrome, being a “survivor” — sometimes of nothing more than the ordinary buffets of life– is the new heroism.

    So in fact the question of whether Mack is a victim or not has no bearing on her responsibility for the things she did. She was an active and enthusiastic part of the criminal conspiracy that was Nxivm. The evidence has come out in open court and the verdict is in: Nxivm and its various operations, including DOS, was a criminal racket. Allison Mack was Keith Raniere’s willing lieutenant in Nxivm and DOS, she was heavily involved in this for years, and she was loyal to the bitter end. Mack has pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. The facts are no longer in question. She’s a convicted criminal and questions of victimhood have no bearing on this.

    Facts matter, and justice ought to be meted out impartially. The allegorical figure of Justice, blindfolded and holding a set of scales, exemplifies this ideal of impartiality. Allison Mack’s personal sob stories ought to count for naught. Interesting as her various insecurities and life story may be, they matter not a whit when it comes to meting out justice. This is the ideal at least, the Western concept of justice and applied law. It’s an ideal we should stick to as closely as humanly possible.

    • You missed a major factor – the age of the person. Take, for example, the two year old who was sold into sex trafficking and f*cked by a couple of dozen men every day and had to have a series of major surgeries just so her “plumbing” worked again, but will never have children of her own. True story, just ask Jaco Booyens. In fact, he will be on my radio show in another month or so, but in the meantime, his sister, Ilonka, will be on September 28th, she was sex trafficked for several years starting when she was 12.

  • And you will also notice how the women were all in the same place psychologically. They’d all come to the point where their careers had stalled, they lamented their lack of education, and were flattered to be taken under the wing of “one of the smartest problem solvers on the planet”.

    Its social engineering to get people to incrementally cross their own moral boundaries with tiny steps, but which in the long run implicate them in untoward behaviour.

    • ——-the women were all in the same place psychologically. They’d all come to the point where their careers had stalled—-

      Maybe some, but Bouchey was successful, Kreuk and Mack were on a semi-hit show, Clyne and Park I think were working too??????

    • Poor thing, her career had stalled. Except Mack was still working on Smallville when she joined Nxivm and began recruiting for them. She cut back her episode count on the last year of the show so she could devote more time to Nxivm. She was on the show for ten years, an exceptionally long run for any actor. And by that time she had earned many, many millions of dollars from this extraordinary lucky run of good fortune. She was far better off than the vast majority of actors.

      And she was still in her 20s. She not only had in impressive resume as an actor, the Smallville producers had given her the opportunity to direct the show. So she had a double career path open before her.

      She had professional contacts in LA and in Vancouver.

      Her position was enviable. And what did she choose to do? Hook up with Keith Raniere and join his cult. Despite all the red flags, with never a moment of honest reflection, and despite dire warnings from friends and acquaintances, she chose to join a cult. Followed it into criminality, followed it to her destruction.

      No excuses. She chose her path of her own free will and is now being held responsible for her actions.

      • Actaeon being actaeon again and talking out of his ass..can’t you say one, just one clever meaningful thing? no? then for you sack , just shut up…

      • You’re fucking mentally handicapped. Retards like you shouldn’t breed, much less breathe. SHE’S A PERP, RETARD. THE WOMEN FUCKING STATED THAT ALLISON TREATED THEM LIKE SHIT AND REFUSED TO GIVE UP THEIR COLLATERAL. You know NOTHING of “who she truly is”. You never even met her in person you mother fucking dip shit. YOU’RE. FUCKING. MENTALLY. HANDICAPPED.

      • Yes, I may be an idiot, but never so stupid as someone who would spend one dollar or one minute on or with a chubby fraud with a bag full of bad tech.

        “Builded”? Did you mean built? Are you in your third year at a two-year community college? Or just a “Mexian” with bad translation skills?

  • I’ve said this before. Allison was apparently targeted because of her role on Smallville. I mean seriously, with the dozens of “teen steam” shows why was Smallville, the story about the “secret alpha” Clark Kent, the only one that actresses were drawn from. Obviously, the women had demonstrated a “predisposition to relation” with a secret alpha.

    In order to play a role of a best friend of a secret alpha believably, you’d have to go there in your mind to some degree.

    Also it’s probable she demonstrated a service oriented nature to the casting directors who were looking for an actor who could play the part believably.

    Can you imagine how hard that part is to portray with some ordinary dude pretending to be superman, who just ate a pastrami sandwich from the craft truck, standing in front of you on a set with 15 or 20 people watching?

    No. I believe Allison was primed by nature for the capture, it was just a matter of getting her to believe that “the great one” was the Vanguard, and that he was honest and constructive in intent.

    What’s more important, is that as “the great one” he probably taught her some basic life lessons or truths, which she would have learned anyway from school or running a business or managing people. But when infused with the context of “illumined teachings from the great one”, will have far more weight than they deserve, and be difficult to separate from the fictions.

    I believe she may have to adjust her thinking to understand that truths are not the pearls of wisdom from a teacher, they are the result of subjective experience and relevance. JMO

  • Great piece. You described exactly how I feel about her. 10% of me believes she was a victim. 90% of me believes she was a perpetrator. And the person who posted “fuck you” is clearly too stupid to offer any other view.

  • So Anony, you think Allison gets more attention than is merited? ME TOO!!!! We’re on the same page. These constant Allison articles are such overkill! Gotta go – I’m gonna write an article about Allison and see if Frank will post it!

    • He won’t, More than ever, Frank isn’t able to do the right thing…when you see what he post, Don’t expect him to be unbiased, this is just another conspiracy bullshit website…Nothing more

      He is so much self congratulating about the fact that he INDIRECTLY help a few people that he forget that now he has (sort of) a responsability on the released contain….

      I feel like i’ll stop defending Allison around here as even people who use not to be believing BS (like Heidi) are starting to fall for all the false allégations…

      In anyway, it’s not in the hands of the idiot and i’ll concentrate on the support of Allison for when this is all behind her…That is what is important.

      I understand why she considered it was useless to answer to Rumor and false allégations…with people like Frank, Anonymaker , Shadow, Shivani or Actaeon , it’s just a lost game but luckily, they have no power and the people who decide her fate know the Truth…
      They Don’t rely on those idiots who only live for the lies.

    • “So Anony, you think Allison gets more attention than is merited?”
      How hypocrit from Him to say more attention than is merited while he is (with shadow and a few) the one who is giving her attention…
      And systematically by lying or transforming the Truth or hiding some details (like the FACT that she was coerced)

  • Some of the groups Allison Mack was involved in at NXIVM include:

    1.) JNESS, a portal to bring women into the cult.

    2.) Girls By Design, a portal to bring teen age girls into the cult.

    3.) A Capella Innovations, a singing group designed as a cultural front for the criminal gang.

    4.) Simply Human, another singing group serving as a front for NXIVM.

    5.) The Knife Media, a propaganda outlet for the NXIVM gang.

    6.) The Vow, a bogus acting school designed to attract aspiring young actresses into the cult.

    7.) Rainbow Cultural Garden, another recruitment and indoctrination group designed to lure children into the cult.
    Allison Mack might have been trying to use Rainbow Cultural Garden to lure a young girl from Northern Ireland into the cult.
    This is a matter that should be investigated thoroughly by American and British authorities.

    8.) The Vow or NXIVM DOS, the inner core of the slave group of women owned by Raniere.
    And Allison Mack was the Harem Keeper of the Vow.

    Nevertheless we still have the NXIVM and Allison Mack apologists (liars) who spew out the lies that Allison Mack was a victim lured into the cult.
    Allison Mack was a major player in NXIVM.
    A sadistic woman who lusted after wealth and power.
    While we’re at it let’s play a little game of “True or Not True.”

    1.) True or Not True.

    There was a NXIVM scheme between the Albany leaders of the terrorist gang and NXIVM Mexico to lure NXIVM defectors and critics to Mexico where where corrupt Mexican police prosecutors and judges would cause those people to disappear forever in Mexican prisons.
    (What is such a kidnapping conspiracy but a form of terrorism?)

    The possibility of such a kidnapping conspiracy compelled the FBI to quickly act before anyone was harmed.
    It also caused the FBI to treat NXIVM as organized crime from the get go.

    2.) True or Not True.

    While Raniere was in Mexico hiding out, leaders of the criminal gang back in Albany hatched a scheme to buy up domain names in the names of various NXIVM DOS sex slaves and set up web sites to distribute their blackmail material over the internet as retribution against the enemies of Raniere and NXIVM.
    If actions were taken against the criminal gang or its leaders the NXIVM DOS SLAVES would have their blackmail material distributed on web sites under their own names.

    The possibility of blackmail material being used as a Vengeance Weapon compelled the FBI to act immeditely against Raniere and his gangsters and terrorists.

    How about asking these types of questions.

    • The truth about NXIVM has usually turned out to be worse than the rumors.

      And why did Allison Mack’s fan page post a new photo of her just nine hours ago?

      It is now 1 PM in the Central Time Zone.
      Nine hours ago would have been 4 AM in the Midwest or 5 AM on the East Coast.
      But nine hours ago was about 11 AM in France and 10 AM in Britain.

      Is Allison Mack being “love bombed” from Western Europe?
      Now who in Western Europe is involved with NXIVM?

      • charger426hemi1
        ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

      • Good to know you are monitoring Social Mackia. Your “Western Europe” theory seems to assume that people active on social media are not busy in the wee, wee hours of the morning, yet I am sure a timeline of your posts on the Frank (and who knows where else?) would evidence a 24/7 devotion to mostly Mack, Nicki Crime and to a lesser extent the homely home schooled Bronfman heiresses.

        That is, of course, when not writing sentencing recommendation letters to Judge Garaufis. (Note: sentencing recommendation letters usually come from family members/friends/associates of the convicted, or (the other side of the coin) victims or family members of victims of the crime leading to the conviction or victims of other bad acts of the convicted. Of course the sentencing recommendation letters the Judge will give the most weight to are those submitted by the convicted party’s attorneys and the US Attorney team; these letters will contain legal precedent, not references to the Frank Report and links to Wikipedia pages of Hasidic rap groups.

        What great knowledge of Allison Mack do you have that leads you to believe that Judge Garaufis will give any weight to your sentencing recommendation letter? Your belief, shared by others wearing tin hats, that Allison Mack is/was a central player in NXIVM’s plot to dominate the world with an army of B- actresses and waitresses at Vegan restaurants? (Are these the Millennials that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, herself once a waitress at a Manhattan dive bar, said were the real badasses, roughing it out in their parents’ basement?)

        No Judge Garaufis is worldly wise. He will see the sentencing recommendation letter for what it is: the bizarre ramblings of a middle age man who went from infatuation to obsession and ultimately, to disappointment and hatred, for an actress who spurned his advances.

        Once again I repeat, it is my strong feeling that there is some history between Shadowstalker and Allison Mack which predates the increased scrutiny of Mack on the Frank Report and Shadow’s simultaneous arrival here.

          • My only evidence is my memory that when Shadow arrived other posters accused him of obsessing over Mack to the point of Mack’s handlers/management having to get an order of protection against Shadow. As you so frequently point out, this will never be proven or disproven until Shadow’s identity is revealed, (rather unlikely to happen).

            That is where Shadow and I differ. Read my post and you will see the words “it is my strong feeling that there is some history between Shadowstalker and Allison Mack”. Shadow tends to state his strong feelings as facts.

          • There was a person who got caught being a peeping Tom, but I don’t think it was Mr. Shadow. Also, he doesn’t even have to have strong feelings to state something as factual, and has often been dead wrong.

        • a middle age man who went from infatuation to obsession and ultimately

          You seem to suffer the same effect of this compulsive obsession with her if I may say so.

          • Actually, I had never heard of Allison Mack until she decided to throw her life away in the name of her Vanguard, and said heave was reported in great detail here on the Frank Report. As to obsession, my targets tend to be more mature and intelligent than Ms. Mack. My opportunities to act on any obsessions are greatly limited by the fact that I am married.

            As has been pointed out by one perceptive contributor to the Frank Report, my obsession here is clearly with Shadowstate, and it is only a mild obsession. It does not have anything to do with the man personally. I just find his one-man campaign against a woman who IN MY OPINION is both a criminal worthy of punishment and imprisonment AND a victim to be hilarious and almost always worthy of comment.

          • “Actually, I had never heard of Allison Mack until she decided to throw her life away in the name of her Vanguard”
            And that give you the right to?

        • Anyone can write a sentencing recommendation letter.
          America has a little thing called the First Amendment of the US Constitution that gives citizens the right to comment on any public issue including the sentencing of a convicted criminal like Allison Pimp Mack.

          • Indeed, Shadowfake, anyone can write a sentencing recommendation letter.

            Whether it is a right protected by the First Amendment TO (not of) the US Constitution is a question which one could argue.

            I am rather certain the sentencing recommendation written by Shadowstate will not be given much attention by Judge Garaufis because Shadow, for all of his passion, (a) is not what the legal system might call an “interested party” and (b) has likely written a letter bereft of legal precedent. If Shadow’s letter is anything like his contributions to the Frank Report (as entertaining as they are), I doubt the Judge’s law clerk will read beyond the first paragraph.

          • To All of Them Witches:

            I have written recommendation letters before.
            In a case where a deputy police chief was taking 10 K per month in protection money from a drug dealer I wrote the judge a recommendation letter to punish the dirty cop.
            The deputy police chief received 10 years for aiding and abetting a drug dealing conspiracy.

          • “America has a little thing called the First Amendment of the US Constitution that gives ”
            And it comes with a nice law about defamation…
            Free expression yes but only to say the TRUTH.

          • “I am rather certain the sentencing recommendation written by Shadowstate will not be given much attention by Judge Garaufis because Shadow, for all of his passion, (a) is not what the legal system might call an “interested party” and (b) has likely written a letter bereft of legal precedent.”

            He will give attention but not for the sentencing…Shadow will probably make him notice that he is a danger for himself and others (well, to be fair, to Allison)…
            His mental instability will surely get the attention of the judge

    • Are there any facts that you can actually challenge?

      Yes, everything Mack did can be painted as just being something Raniere made her do – a sort of conspiracy theory posing her as a total puppet of an all-powerful villain, really – but am I actually wrong about all the things she did, all the parts of NXIVM that she was involved in, and so on?

      • AnnoyMaker,

        You article is fair.

        When I listened to the recording of Allison and Keith discussing the branding it all seems evident that Allison was fully engaged in the activity and planing “it” out… “How best to introduce the branding idea and get women on board.”

        Allison seemed very lucid and cognitive when discussing the branding plans with Raniere.

        I do not believe that Allison Mack is the devil incarnate…..

        ……Even so…..

        She deserves whatever sentence the judge decides.

        • We probably didn’t listen the same recording then niceguy…

          I heard a girl that said “ok ok”
          And tried to give a shy rationalisation for it…if anything, it demonstrate how not lucid and cognitive she was.

          But of course, not knowing who is NORMALLY Allison…
          You judge based on what to know she is lucid and cognitive?

          And the record is certainly not proving that she was managing ANYTHING…
          It just show that she was there with a few other girls to LISTEN to RANIERE’s ORDER.

          She deserves nothing…

        • Fair point. He had his other wing-women who applied social pressure. Nancy Salzman engaged in a sort of thought reform with her EM sessions. And there was a broader atmosphere of groupthink and social conformity as well.

          That’s why NXIVM, and particularly the inner circle in Clifton Park, qualify as a high control group, and one of the more extreme ones. But Mack became, or was on her way to becoming, one of those “evil women” herself, a perpetrator in ways that can’t be readily excused.

        • “It wasn’t just Raniere who caused Mack to do the things she did, there were a handful of evil women who helped him.”
          Well then you certainly have paid attention to the trial…or wait, no you didn’t!

          HE WAS COERCING THE VICTIM (and Allison was coerced too)
          Hardly the sign of free will but let’s ignore it …

          • I never said Raniere didn’t coerce them, I said he had a lot of HELP from a handful of evil women. That would be obvious if YOU paid attention to the trial, and all of the information that was first report on the Frank Report and has subsequently been proven to be true.

      • I can challenge each and every personally because many are FALSE and many don’t acknowledge the whole situation

        And, of course, there are your usual stupid analyzes.

        Nothing new here, I gave you indisputable facts but you systematically ignore those…
        You prefer to build your wild accusations on false allegations, false information and when there is a bit of truth, you twist it into something absolutely false.

        An idiot is always challengable…Don’t overestimate yourself, you are nothing else but an obsessed idiot! Period.

        BTW, the “conspiracy” is demonstrated VASTLY (while your stupid allegation aren’t)…Wasn’t she under collateral? was she coerced? you quoted yourself the coercion but whatever…ignore it!

  • Mack, like many of those Hollywood types, seem to have a desperate need of attention. Being the center of any attention, even negative attention, is better than no attention at all. So morals, ethics, and empathy aren’t big factors for them.

    There is a lot of commentary of people who aren’t intelligent being susceptible to joining cults. I tend to wonder if it is less about intelligence, but more selfish motives. Don’t many of these cults promise to make one more special than everyone else? That sounds a lot like the people in the entertainment industry.

    • Good questions. Research shows that intelligence has nothing to do with it, and that those who get involved may even be above average. What makes people most vulnerable are situational factors, such as life disruptions and losses, or even a life-stage crisis.

      I suspect that in the most extreme cults and particularly those that emphasize faith over intellect, among the most hard core members, there may be deficits in intelligence and particularly critical thinking abilities. Also, some groups may attract Hollywood types because it appeals to vanity, but those are a minority of members; those people’s membership gets featured precisely because they are recruiting tools for rank and file members, and in many cases they get even special treatment within the group as well.

      Conspiracy theorizing also appeals to a desire to be part of a select group with special knowledge – it’s a widespread human desire.

      • Actually , Franky, NO SHE WASN’T, she was presenting it mostly…It was the baby of Kreuk and her other friend.

        And even if she was, was there anything illegal that happened there? Be careful, Franky…what you say can be held against you so try not to defame (if you still can).

          • “Actually Mack was involved in Girls By Design in the beginning of it.”

            “Allison appeared in early promotional efforts in the beginning of Girls By Design.”


            Really? I was looking up all things Girls By Design to learn more about the creepy NXIVM connection.

            Could you direct us to any links regarding Allison Mack promoting NXIVM?

            Or is it that a NXIVM source(s) told you?

            The only thing I could find regarding a Mack/GBD connection was your interview with the woman you dubbed “Jane” who described herself as a member of GBD before ultimately joining NXIVM and DOS.

            If it is true that Mack was indeed part of GBD, then the testimony of “Jane” must be true. That she (Mack) was taken off the project by Raniere and that GBD was an attempt by Kristin Kreuk to spread a, quote: “feminist approach to BDSM”.

            Recently on a podcast, Kreuk was asked about the “work” she was doing with young girls, (obviously GBD) and she quickly changed the subject. She also answered some questions on her GBD social media page, possibly Facebook and stated she wanted to address “sexuality”.

            Could you elaborate on Mack’s early GBD appearances and what you think about the revelations the woman you dubbed “Jane” told you regarding GBD/NXIVM/BDSM etc and if it is indeed true a girl Kristin Kreuk knew from GBD was recruited into NXIVM, presumably by Kreuk and later into DOS?

            Thank you.

          • Excuse me but PROMOTING isn’t exaclyt being involved directly in GBD…You prove exactly my point.

            Are you unable to say one thing right without twisting it?

            Just because a false source of yours say “she was involved then she left” ,doesn’t allow you to pretend Something like “she was involved”

            A false statement from a source debunked fully is hardly a demonstration of being part of something…

            Also, What illegal happened there? Nothing…well as long as it doesn’t concern Allison.
            It’s Always the same with you, you twist, turn to fit your narrative but Don’t give the PLAIN FACTS.

          • —-If it is true that Mack was indeed part of GBD, then the testimony of “Jane” must be true—–

            Actually, only the part that Mack was in GBD “must be true.” The rest of Jane’s story still could be as preposterous as it sounds.
            At Keith’s trial, the Feds did everything they could to make him and NXIVM look disgusting to the jury, even bringing up stuff that wasn’t germain to the charges. If the Feds had ANY evidence that GBD really was grooming young girls for his sex cult thru BDSM….gee. wouldn’t the Feds bring this up?
            They didn’t mention it…why not?

          • Mack was taken off the GBD project because her cankles were scaring the little girls.

            The Feds didn’t bring up GBD because the crimes they decided to prosecute against Raniere didn’t involve GBD.

          • Bell-bottoms and flare pants are coming back in style, just the thing to hide those ugly cankles. Too bad they will be out of style again by the time Mack Is Back In Town.

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