More Problems Ahead for Brandon Porter

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Last week, the Frank Report announced that the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) had sustained 24 of the 25 charges of professional misconduct that had been lodged against Brandon Porter – and, as a result, had revoked his license to practice medicine in the State of New York.

In conjunction with the “Determination and Order” that NYSDOH issued on August 20, 2019, Porter has five days to surrender his license and registration certificate to the agency’s Board of Professional Medical Conduct in Albany, NY.

Porter also has 14 days from the date of the “Determination and Order” to request a review by NYSDOH’s Administrative Review Board.

Should Porter choose to file an appeal, he and NYSDOH will each have 30 days to file their legal briefs with the Administrative Review Board.

At this time, it is not known whether Porter plans to file an appeal.

Whether he does so will likely depend on whether Clare Bronfman will agree to pay the legal fees that will be incurred in conjunction with such a filing.

This is the picture used by the prosecution of Clare Bronfman to show the jury during the trial of Keith Raniere.

The odds of the Administrative Review Board overturning the revocation decision are extremely low – especially since Porter was found guilty of so many allegations of professional misconduct.

Thus, it seems unlikely that Brandon Porter will be practicing medicine any time soon in New York State.


Decision Process Took More Than a Year

The proceedings concerning Porter began with a Pre-Hearing Conference on June 12, 2018 – and concluded with deliberations by the Hearing Committee on May 8, 2019, June 11, 2019 and June 20, 2019.

By contrast, Porter’s mentor, Keith Alan Raniere, was convicted on several felony counts by a jury that likely spent more time putting together its lunch order than it did on deliberations (Raniere’s jury took only a couple of hours to convict him on all the charges he was facing).

The web of Keith Raniere (MK10 Art).

During the course of the proceeding, NYSDOH called the following witnesses:
– Elmer Streeter Thea, M.D.
– Steven Hanks, M.D.
– Brandon Porter, M.D.
– Subject A.5
– Ariella Cepelinski
– Michael Mcnashy
– Bruce F. Farber, M.D.
– Robert L. Klilzman, M.D.

Porter’s attorneys, on the other hand, called the following witnesses:
– Julia Berry
– Lucas Roberts
– Robert Younis
– Subject A.9
– Dolores Wilson
– Scan Crancy
– Evan Horowitz
– Subject A.10
– Janie Porter (Brandon’s wife)
– Roxanne Cohen Silver, Ph.D.
– Brandon Porter, M.D.

The Hearing Committee determined that Porter had conducted human subject research studies on approximately 200 subjects who were attending NXIVM/ESP courses during the period from 2010 through 2017.

In addition, the Hearing Committee also determined that between 2012 and 2017, Porter had performed human subject research on ten subjects who were suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome – and on two individuals who had been diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Former doctor, Brandon Porter

Finally, the Hearing Committee also determined that Porter had performed human subject research on approximately 40 individuals who were shown various videoclips that included “happy or inspirational and disturbing or graphically violent scenes from commercials, short films and movie clips (video clips study). These clips included a video depicting the actual murders and dismemberment of five women and movie scenes showing a gang rape and a racially motivated murder of an African American male”


What About All the Other Stuff That Porter Did for NXIVM/ESP?

Although the NYSDOH report contains shocking revelations regarding the extent of Porter’s mad science experiments, it also does not take contain any information regarding some of his other misdeeds and potentially criminal acts.

RE: Barbara Jeske
For example, what role did Porter play in Barb Jeske’s death?

The late Barb Jeske

Reportedly, he was her attending physician – which, since she was suffering from late-stage cancer, raises the question of whether he was qualified to provide the care she needed.

As noted in the NYSDOH report, Porter had previously been “…employed as a hospitalist at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany. His job duties included providing care and treatment to hospital patients and making referrals to specialists”.

A “hospitalist” is generally defined as “a dedicated in-patient physician who works exclusively in a hospital”.

In other words, a general physician.

Not someone who is qualified to take care of a late-stage cancer patient.

Not a pain medication specialist.

Not a palliative care specialist.

So, why was he serving as Barb Jeske’s attending physician?

Who paid for this care?

Whose directions did he follow in terms of devising a plan-of-care for Barb?

Did he consult with Keith Raniere in terms of the “special medication” that Raniere provided to Barb?

What kinds of records did he keep – and where are those records?

Did he assist Barb’s death in any way?

Was he with her at the time of her death?

Did he sign her “Death Certificate”?


RE: Pamela Cafritz
Pam, of course, is another of the women Raniere lived with who died at a relatively young age from cancer.

The late Pam Cafritz.

So, why was Porter serving as her attending physician?

Who paid for this care?

Whose directions did he follow in terms of devising a plan-of-care for Pam?

Did he consult with Keith Raniere in terms of the “special medication” that Raniere provided to Pam?

What kinds of records did he keep – and where are those records?

Did he assist Pam’s death in any way?

Was he with her at the time of her death?

Also, did he participate in the unauthorized removal of Pam from the Albany Medical Center – and the return of her back to her home?

Was he involved in the scheme to literally put her “on ice” – and to withhold notification of her death for several weeks?

Did he sign her “Death Certificate” – and if so, did he enter the correct date and time of her death on that document?

Does he know what happened to her body?


RE: Rainbow Cultural Garden
Although it was not part of NYSDOH’s recent investigation, Porter was reportedly also conducting research on the young children who attended some of the Rainbow Cultural Garden (RCG) Centers.

Rainbow Cultural Gardens – a very dangerous experiment

What exactly was the nature of that research – and did he obtain “informed consent” from all the parents before he began that research?

What types of data collection did he utilize in order to determine the impact of the RCG curriculum on the students?

Did he utilize a “control group” in order to identify the impact of the RCG training?

Who paid for him to do this research?

Did he produce any reports regarding his research findings – and, if so, where are they?


Porter’s Problems Are Far From Over

Porter and his wife, Janie, may think that the worst is now behind them – and that they can now start rebuilding their lives and maybe even get off of Clare Bronfman’s tit at some point in the future (Frank warned Janie a long time ago that she and Brandon needed to get out of the NXIVM/ESP cult).

Unfortunately for them, that’s probably not the way things are going to work out.

In addition to committing numerous acts of professional misconduct, it’s also quite possible that Porter committed one or more criminal acts.

And depending on the level of his involvement in the deaths of Barb Jeske and Pam Cafritz, the consequences for his actions could be extremely severe.

Just remember that you read it here first: Brandon Porter may end up in prison before all is said and done.


Note To Danielle Roberts:

Danielle Roberts D.O.

We haven’t forgotten about you, Dr. Cauterizing Pen.

We’re already looking into your own numerous instances of professional misconduct – and trying to ascertain if you could also be charged with criminal violations for some of the things that you did while you were involved with NXIVM/ESP.

Moving away from the Capital District was probably a good idea.

But it’s not going to save you from getting fully exposed for what you did as a full-fledged member of DOS.

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  • It’s very interesting who Brandon Porter’s side called to the stand – I assume as character witnesses for Brandon. You have the King of Delusion – Lucas Roberts – who stood by SOP and Raniere until the bitter end. But what about the others? Why isn’t there an article on them? Julia. Sean. Evan. Why doesn’t this site illuminate us on why these people are standing with Keith and Brandon instead of doing what’s right.

  • Somewhere out there, Shadowstate and SultanOfSpank are masturbating to their favourite fantasy spanks, Allison Mack & Kristin Kreuk.

  • The NXIVM cult’s Manchurian Candidate program is no more. Now, they’ll just have to do make do with the few remaining Brainwashed, rather than the Brainwashed and Programmed Zombies, they were hoping to produce.

    There is nothing you can do Clare. Give up.

    • Clare won’t give up. What else has she done with her life? Nothing! Not even an education though now she claims to want a GED and attend college. Wanna bet it’s women’s studies she majors in? And joins the college BDSM club?
      Money gives her power in some circles.
      Clare will always be dangerous, along with her sister, Sara.

    • Thanks for that.

      I can’t say that I feel too sorry for a PI firm that did things like go through someone’s trash, ending up screwed in their dealings with NXIVM. It seems to have been a typical outcome, even based on deliberate practices, that outside firms and contractors ended up getting the short end of the stick.

      I wonder if NXIVM has any assets left to settle the judgment?

      I found an old article that details a settlement with Ross – Interfor apparently spent a lot of money on legal expenses compared to what they ultimately had to pay out:

      “Ross eventually served a non-party subpoena on Interfor for investigation records, and Interfor ultimately settled the claim Ross brought against it for $25,000 in 2008.

      Although NXIVM at first covered the costs Interfor incurred while fighting to quash Ross’ subpoena and defended against his counterclaims, Interfor said the payments stopped in February 2007.”

        • I’d say it’s a sign of sleazy PIs who are acting at the fringes of the law – it’s the sort of thing Scientology routinely has done, for instance. Some localities have actually outlawed it.

  • I assume that if criminal trouble is actually brewing, there will be a cases or cases in NDNY brought against several of the next tier of NXIVM conspirators not brought to justice in the top group just prosecuted.

      • I’m just figuring that any prosecutions related to Jaske’s or Cafritz’ deaths are likely to involve others as well, though I don’t hold out much hope that the authorities will go after cases that have gotten cold, and where it could be hard to prove criminal intent versus hapless neglect or even the decedents’ own rejection of conventional medical treatment. And if Porter is charged for other of NXIVM’s nefarious activities, that almost ensures a wider net that will sweep in others as well.

  • Defense witness Evan Horowitz is a friend of both Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack.

    And Dr. Danielle Roberts has been known to visit Legatus Pro Tempore Nicki Clyne at Ms. Clyne’s new cozy Brooklyn Presidential Palace which Nicki shares with Michelle, Samantha and Justin.

  • I already said Brandon may be in criminal trouble. Roberts should be in criminal trouble assuming she was aware of the blackmail, which she presumably was, as she was a DOS member.

  • Perhaps Keith will point the finger at Brandon Porter. But if the cancer “cures” had been successful, he would have taken all the credit for himself.

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