Clare Bronfman on Keith Raniere’s Greatness in 2008 [She Claims Richard Branson Took Nxivm Classes]

The great and glorious Vanguard not only stripped Clare Bronfman of scores of millions of dollars, he stripped her of her clothing and made her wear a jockstrap. Lastly, he stripped her of her freedom. She is going to prison soon.

On April 9, 2008, Clare Bronfman wrote to defend Keith Alan Raniere on a blog.

It was sparked by criticism of Raniere, arising out of his A Capella Innovations [AI] concert – one which Clare funded and Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne hosted in December 2007.

Invited to perform were college a Capella groups from around the Albany area. Raniere’s own a Capella group, Simply Human, also performed.

Clare’s brother, Edgar Bronfman Jr., attended the concert and supposedly was to be a judge of the talent. At the time, Edgar was president of Warner Music.

There were people in the a Capella community in the Albany area that were suspicious that Raniere’s motivation for organizing the concert was not to promote a Capella performances but to recruit college students into Nxivm.

Clare wrote in his defense. It is a fascinating document since it reveals what she felt at the time. She almost certainly got Raniere’s permission to publish it. Perhaps he even wrote it for her. 

It is also fascinating to see how events unfolded 10 years later with their arrests for racketeering and other charges. At the time, Clare [who was spying on her father and bringing in women illegally to the USA] was quick to accuse Rick Ross as a criminal. Ross remains free. Raniere is in prison and Clare should be heading there shortly. Clare also failed to mention that Raniere was having sex with her at the time, along with, as she likely knew, dozens of other women. He was a sexual predator, but she does not mention this in her sterling defense of her Vanguard. Finally, Clare, in defending Nxivm, lists the notable people who took Nxivm classes as a reason why Nxivm cannot be a cult. She mentions, among others, Richard Branson. Branson denies ever having heard of Keith Raniere and that he never took a Nxivm course. I would tend to believe Branson over Bronfman any day, but who’s to say? Did Branson – whose Necker island was being rented out by Sara Bronfman for $250,000 for five days and was in residence at the island do more than party with the Nxians? Did he take the course?  


Clare Bronfman wrote:

I am deeply offended by the conduct of certain individuals in this [a capella] community.

Please forgive my writing as I explain my experiences. I am the organizer of A Cappella Innovations AND Keith Raniere is a dear friend of mine AND I am deeply committed to NXIVM.

First, I know the people who back Rick Ross to fabricate the cult controversy through a carefully funded, politically orchestrated campaign of media and law.

Here are some references relating to Rick Ross:

Here is what Rick Ross believes is acceptable conduct:

Here is the judge’s opinion of Rick Ross in that case:

Here is an excerpt of a psychiatrist’s opinion of Rick Ross:

Here is Rick Ross’s past criminal history:

Here is an article in a reputable news source about Rick Ross:

These references are difficult, but not impossible, to find on the internet because of political protection.

Keith tends not to talk about his achievements and has always kept very quiet about the people he knows. Is he money driven? Although his past businesses have put him in a profit position of over $1 million dollars a month, he did not take this money and lives in the same house he has for the last 20 years: an $80k (purchase price) condominium in a small suburban neighborhood. He lives a very simple, modest life where he teaches voice, piano and invents—he also coaches some to the top people in the world. Is he power hungry? I have worked with him on the AI festivals and my sister is on the executive board of Nxivm. Keith is respected but often can be convinced to change his mind and is at times outvoted. He is both rational and compromising.

Having watched Keith’s life for the past 5 years (and I know others who have known him for as long as 30 years—Karen … one of the facilitators at the festival), he is neither money driven nor power driven and always strives to do the right thing.

Here are some facts about Keith Raniere:

This is the preface to Keith Raniere’s book from a prominent academic. Keith’s articles have been featured in each edition of Luis Todd’s journal for the past several years and there was a complete edition devoted to Keith. Here is the foreword to Keith’s book:

Here is more information on Keith:

He is noted as one of the 3 top problem solvers in the world and was in the Guinness book under highest IQ, 1989.

Because of Keith Raniere and his creations:

Nancy Salzman, my sister and I had a personal meeting last month with the Dalai Lama on Keith’s ethics program and children’s school. We will have a second meeting with the Dalai Lama this week.

Nancy Salzman served in Keith’s stead to head the international conference on bioethics for Mexico. (Remember, Nancy is allegedly the “cult” head right under Keith.)

Some people who have taken Nxivm programs: Sheila Johnson (co-founder of black entertainment network), Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Ivan Misner (CEO of BNI, see youtube video@4:00mins and also read this references a Nxivm training we did on Necker Island), Royalty from several countries, Stephen Cooper, CEO of Enron hired to rectify past ethical problems, Members of 3 past first families of Mexico, many prominent actors, musicians, and athletes.

Do you think a recommendation from Keith Raniere could help A cappella? How do you think we “pull in” the funding and experts? Do you really think such business people and royalty would be involved if Nxivm was a cult? Do you think Keith needs to recruit college students?

Now it is everyone’s choice who to believe Ross (see above) or Raniere (see above.) In the case of people who have attended AI and met me, Siobahn, Keith, Nancy, Lauren, Mark, Karen, etc. they have additional data. By continuing to spread the Ross propaganda you support Ross, a criminal. I think most people would not want to do that. I guess we will see if people continue to further his position.

In case some of you did not know, I was ranked 12th in the US and 80th in the world for equestrian show jumping. I came to Keith for help in riding. Keith does not ride nor does he know anything about riding proper. His method of analysis rapidly uncovered things that the best riding coaches of the world could not see. My results were unprecedented.

Keith has done similar things for world class soccer players, musicians, business people, actors, dancers, scientists, weight-lifters and singers. Just because he is approachable and non-assuming do not assume he is not extraordinary.

Is NXIVM a cult? Is Keith a “cult” leader? I think not. Of course, some people who have already “dug-in” their heals [sic] will not want to really consider this information. Nxivm is an ethics and critical thinking education program of international distinction and repute. It is not a “cult” by any definition.

The prominent people of the world know this. If one believed individuals such as Rick Ross, they would think Oprah, the Pentecostal Churches, Mormon Churches, Amway, Waldorf schools, etc. etc. etc. are all “cults.” Just remember, media likes a controversy and no media had called Nxivm a “cult” until Rick Ross created the controversy.

One last note: If you believe the Kristin Snyder suicide story, you should probably examine it more closely!

Ancient Chinese proverb – If you believe everything you read, better not read.

– Clare Bronfman


Clare asked readers – who you gonna believe Rick Ross or Keith Raniere?.

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  • Is the author willing to submit a second writing in defense of this, now that the trial is complete? I would love to hear from the other side, for their thoughts. Like Point, Counterpoint.

  • Clare Bronfman has such bad karma. Terrifyingly bad karma. OMG. and the intelligence level of a very young person – a child. I’m always amazed to find that she is even more stupid, even more craven than previously suspected. Her life will not go well or end well, her sister Sara too. Morally intellectually spiritually bankrupt. That just leaves money. And a face only a mother could love. Except hers appears not to.

    The horror, the horror.

  • I’d guess that Branson probably got a complementary “EM” session, and that morphed into claims of his having done an “intensive”; it’s also even possible that he was allowed to sit in on part of an intensive, perhaps even a segment chosen to be most impressive to an outsider. From what I’ve seen, it’s very typical in such groups, for minor things to be over-represented like that. It’s also worth carefully noting the wording, which can be revealing as much for what it says as what it omits; while Branson is in a list of people who did some sort of “program,” only the person listed after him is specifically tied to a Necker Island “training.”

    Bronfman may have been high up enough to know the truth, but often what happens is something like that gets falsely or at least misleadingly represented, and then it circulates on the group grapevine as a marvelous anecdote reaffirming members’ belief in the success of their endeavor.

  • I wonder what made Bronfman think of Amway in the list of cults. Like many others, she missed the point. The point is cults are not illegal, doing illegal things such as operating an illegal pyramid (little to no retail sales to outside customers) and RICO fraud (making several times more from the “tools” while giving the impression the profit is coming from Amway) are illegal.

  • There is no way that Richard Branson will ever give birth to Raniere’s avatar child.

    He’s just too busy.

    I hope that thought will bring you some comfort, Clare.

  • Clare, after having been in NXIVM so long with Keith’s assistance in your equestrian training, where do you rank in the country and world TODAY as opposed to before NXIVM. Oh yeah, YOU DON’T. Viva ESP

  • Excellent advice for Clare Bronfman and a possible secret she needs to know!

    Dear Clare Bronfman,

    A long time ago, I watched a movie with Walter Matthau. The movie was called Grumpy Old men. Jack Lemon also co-starred in the movie with Diane Cannon. During the movie, Walter Matthau’s character makes the remark “If I had a dog as ugly as you, I would shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards.” Clare, for the love of God, please shave your ass and learn to walk backwards. I think people will view you differently and in a more positive light.

  • Seriously? “The prominent people…”? “Nancy Salzman served in Keith’s stead to head the international conference on bioethics for Mexico..”

    This is, right here, the whole narcissistic tone of Nxivm, esp, sop, the Source, the Knife, “the program/tech”, etc.

    And, in my opinion, this hubris, this snotty, “sorry–not sorry/good in the “tech”, bs “victim” and “how dare you?” attitude IS the program.

    But of course Nancy and Clare had no idea about Keith and the Vow. No idea he ran off to Mexico/no communication.

    Not sure if there is an answer, but why did Mack email Clare about releasing “slave” collateral?

    • I don’t believe that any of the convicted NXIVM felons have changed in their feelings towards Raniere. They pled guilty, but they’d all known for years what he was doing. Nothing they heard during or after their arrest was unknown to them. So why plead guilty?

      1. So that they could rebuild NXIVM after shortened prison sentences.

      2. Because Raniere told them to, thinking that it would deflect some accountability from him.

    • ” why did Mack email Clare about releasing “slave” collateral?”

      And Allison Pimp Mack’s defenders will cry to high heaven that the collateral is not blackmail and Mack is not a blackmailing Pimp.

  • “He is also internationally recognised as having more abundant body hair than Bubbles, Michael Jacksons pet chimpanzee.”

  • In the video linked above featuring Dr. Ivan Misner, he excitedly extols the virtues of meeting with Nancy Salzman and her colleagues on Necker Island. As a result, he says, “the actions you take today in creating relationships with other people can lead to places you would have never expected.” I bet there were more than a few people who attended that get-together who never expected where those relationships led.

    • A lot of them led to the gynecologist. The smelly one is a baby killer. The only thing he gave life to abundantly was the herpes.

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