Raniere Did Get a Fair Trial – He’s Just Stupid, That’s All

MK10ART's painting of the world's smartest man.

By Back Off Mr. Backup

This is in response to Keith Raniere Did Not Get Fair Trial; Does Not Deserve Life Sentence  by Patrick Backup.

Mr. Backup needs to back up a bit…

MK10ART’s painting of Marc Agnifilo cross-examining Sylvie.

First off, Keith Raniere got the best defense money could buy. Not only did he have an ace defense team, but he also didn’t even have to spend any of the $8 million that Pamela Cafritz left him. Oh, by the way, he lied about that when he claimed he was broke when first arrested.

Clare Bronfman paid for his defense.

The Judge held Curcio hearings about a potential conflict of interest due to Clare Bronfman paying for everyone’s defense, and Keith Raniere said he was happy with his defense team and wanted to keep them.

Second, you must think very little of Americans if you think they cannot look at all the evidence produced by the DOJ on every count and sub-count against Keith Raniere.

You, sir, were not in the courtroom for six long weeks, you did not see all the piles of evidence produced against this mastermind of a criminal enterprise that got five other defendants arrested. The five other defendants were smart enough to know if they went to trial, the evidence would prove they were guilty, and they would end up serving much longer sentences. In the end, none of them stood by their Vanguard.

MK10ART. He lead them for years and they all [wisely] abandoned him to stand trial alone.

Third, Keith Raniere cannot even do his time awaiting sentencing without breaking the rules. Raniere was found with a cell phone. WTF, he has something to hide even now if he cannot talk through his lawyers or over the phones at the MDC. He is still plotting something.

Fourth, Keith Raniere is not going to get a life sentence. He’s just an old fart who will most likely not live out his unnatural life span in prison. At the rate he is going, he might even commit suicide, attempt a prison escape, or come to the end of his life at the hands of his fellow inmates.

Fifth, Keith Raniere ran most of his defense strategy himself. It’s his ego. He cannot help himself. In his mind, he is still the smartest man in the world. He must have gone through 100 post-its pads in the six weeks of the trail, plus countless pads of paper during the trial.

MK10ART – Keith Raniere before the jury. He was seen as less than stellar. It took the jury about 3 hours to find him guilty on all counts.

Sixth, Keith Raniere could have taken the stand in his defense. He was too proud to do that. He did not believe that the DOJ had proven their case. Why, because he will always have a less than average IQ. His ego will always get in the way. He is too blind to see that most people don’t buy his bullshit for too long.

Seventh, in America, Keith Raniere can appeal. He is famous for it. In almost every legal battle he has been in when he does not get his way, he appeals. He knows his rights in this arena. He will most likely lose and will have to do his time.

If he wins an appeal, it only means a new trial.

Poor bastard, still no one is going to testify that he’s a good guy. None of his Mexican friends were willing to risk being arrested for coming across the border to defend him. Even his friends are smarter than he is, but they act as if they are still loyal to him. I say it’s total bullshit; they must like the money.

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  • Shivani’s written response is like the 1985 Bear’s NFL player Refrigerator Perry. It just rolls over everything the other side has to offer.

    Patrick Backup is most likely one of three die hard brothers or a Kim Constable groupie in my opinion.

    To Whom it may concern:

    If you happen to be a Kim Constable groupie or a Kim Constable groupie’s attorney and feel insulted please do not contact Frank Parlato or Attorney Neil Glazer because they really don’t give a shit.

  • Completely agree with this post. Also, if I recall, KAR’s attorney tried to convince him to seek / accept a plea deal like the others. He stubbornly wanted to go to trial and be found not guilty. (But he did not testify.)

    He has gotten himself into hot water time and time again by overestimating his own intelligence and underestimating that of others.

    The point about him breaking the rules even while in custody is spot on. He will NEVER play by the rules… (Wait – “in my opinion”, that is.)

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