Happy Birthday, Allison Mack – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

This is the the government's exhibit 39 - submitted in evidence. It is the perp shot of Allison Mack.

Allison Christin Mack turned 37 today.

It’s the second year in a row that she has not been with her Vanguard to celebrate the event.

MK10ART’s portrait of The Vanguard

Given that she’ll be heading off to federal prison sometime in the next few months, she’s also not going to be with him for several more birthdays.

And once she gets out, she’ll only be able to see him if she’s able to get on his “Approved Visitor’s List” because Vanguard will, in all likelihood, never get out of prison himself. At least not alive.

Past birthdays meant that Keith Raniere would definitely be with her for a “birthday fuck” (He did that for all the women in his harem – even the ones who were no longer young enough or skinny enough to merit more regular visits).

And if she was especially lucky, Keith would even bring along another woman for her to enjoy.


Birthdays Are A Time For Celebration & Reflection

For most people, birthdays are happy occasions.

They’re times to be with family members and friends – and to celebrate life.

Birthday Cake & Balloons

But they’re also a time to reflect on the past – and to think about what lies ahead.

So, let’s try to imagine what Allison was thinking about today.


Thoughts Of Impending Imprisonment Never Goes Away

Regardless of how hard Allison tries, she simply cannot stop thinking about the fact that she will be headed off to federal prison in the not too distant future.

That thought has to be in her head 24/7.

A typical prison cell in federal prison

It starts first thing in the morning when she steps out of bed and feels that ankle monitor drop down into place.

AllisonAllison Mack’s  ankle monitorAnd it stays with her throughout the day as she whiles away her time at her parent’s house where she is on home detention.

Even if it’s a day when she gets to leave the house, she’ll probably have to check in with her Probation Officer to confirm where she’s going, what time she left the house, what time she got to the approved location, what time she left the approved location, and what time she returned home.

And if she happened to get randomly selected for another “piss test” today, then she’d have to head over to the Probation Office – and urinate into the little cup in front of an attendant. So much humiliation in a 30-second encounter.

Thoughts of life in prison probably invade her dreams most nights.

How long will her sentence be?

Where will she serve her time?

Will she be safe?

Will she survive?


Thoughts Of What Life Used To Be Like

For someone like Allison – who at one time had a storybook life – it’s also impossible not to think back to happier birthdays.

Not the ones that she spent with the Vanguard.

The man and his power: Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard. (Photo copyright Toni Natalie and TheFallofNxivm.com)

But rather the ones she spent as a successful Hollywood actress who was one of the stars on a TV series than ran for 10 years. Not many people achieve that level of success in Hollywood.

Or the ones she spent with her family as she was growing up – when life was full of endless possibilities.

Certainly, the ones that marked important stages of her life: getting to double-digits at 10; become a teenager at 13; moving into adulthood at 18; and becoming a full-fledged adult at 21.

And all the ones she spent with boyfriends and lovers.

Happy times…Good memories…

Will she ever have any more of those?


How The Fuck Did I Get Where I Am?

In the course of the last 15 months, Allison has gone from being a lesser-known Hollywood actress to being a convicted felon.

She gave up fame and fortune to follow her Vanguard. 

Certainly, she has to have reflected today on how she got to this point in her life.

She probably recalls the fateful discussion she had with her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk, who had already begun attending NXIVM training sessions – and who talked her into attending one herself.

Then the love-bombing that occurred as the NXIVM High-Rank convinced her how important it was for her to come to Albany, NY to continue her training.

The private jet provided by the Bronfman sisters.

The introduction to Keith Raniere, the self-proclaimed “smartest man in the world”.

Her first sexual experience with the Vanguard (This was before he was, so to speak, struck down with Erectile Dysfunction).

Keith Raniere

Her acceptance of the fact that she would have to share Keith with a multitude of other women.

Her resolve to become his #1 woman.

His promise that she would bear his avatar baby who would change the world (Keith made this promise to lots of women).

The death of Pam Cafritz – and Allison’s elevation to be the leader of Jness.

Keith Raniere & the late Pam Cafritz

Keith’s decision to make her the head of DOS (Sorry, Lauren, for jumping ahead of you but a girl’s gotta do what she has to do to please her man. And besides, you’re too old to be the head of anything).

The discussions with Keith about branding the members of DOS.

How and where to do the brandings.

Taking close-up pictures of other women’s vaginas.




Sorry, sister…Take a look at your left ankle. This ain’t no dream.


What Lies Ahead?

For all that she’s been through in the past 15 months – and all that she’s going to have to get through for the next 48-72 months – Allison Mack’s life is not over. Not by a longshot.

On this, her 37th birthday, she needs to focus on the fact that she’ll still be in her early 40s when she’s released from prison.

Basically in the prime of her life.

Now is the time for her to start thinking about what she’s going to do with the rest of her life.

That part has yet to be written.

Maybe she’ll become an advocate for abused women or female prisoners.

Maybe she’ll help other women who become enmeshed in cult-like operations.

Maybe she’ll reach out to the many women that she harmed – and try to make amends.

That’s the beauty of the future.

It’s all “maybe”…

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  • After she serves her prison term, the honorable course would be to slink off unnoticed, keep a low profile, and be ashamed of herself. I really don’t want to hear she has written a book about her experiences, or is trying to resurrect her acting career, or is setting up as an advocate for any damned thing. The last thing she should ever do is offer anyone advice. She had her go at changing the world for the better, and it turned to shit for her and everyone she came in contact with.

    I don’t want to hear any excuses from her. And the excuses are ready-made: how she was misled. Misled by a man. How she was ill-treated and brainwashed and she bears no responsibility because she’s a woman and women are taught they can’t blah, blah, blah. There’s a ready-made narrative to absolve her of guilt, but I’m not buying it. And likely as not by the time Mack is out of prison in five years or so, the current identity-politics nuttiness will have blown over sufficiently that she won’t be able to claim membership in a victim group. She bears responsibility for her criminal behavior, and she needs to carry it for the rest of her life.

    • Mack could be a great spokesperson for how to avoid cults. She can accept the guilt/responsibility AND speak out how she was fooled by Raniere. Whether she can get to that point is the question.

      • How does one avoid cults?
        Use your brains.
        Edgar Bronfman quickly understood that NXIVM is a cult.
        Roger Stone quickly understood that NXIVM is a cult.
        Frank Parlato quickly understood that NXIVM is a cult.
        Joe O’Hara quickly understood that NXIVM is a cult.

        And don’t expect the government to protect you from your own follies.

        As for Allison Mack she is too stupid to know the difference between her butt and a hole in the ground.
        No one needs advice from an idiot.

    • The honorable course for you would be to shut up with your insane obsession and yet, you won’t stop.
      All you do is spreading lies and BS.

      “I don’t want to hear any excuses from her”
      First off, she owes excuse to NO ONE. If she isn’t a victim to you, the others are not victims either…Allison was in the same position; so by your standard, there are no victims.

  • Or maybe she’ll go right back to making stupid mistakes. Maybe she won’t get out for 40 years or so. We’ll see, I guess.

    • “You may have been infected by the Shadowstate Virus:

      It’s called the Truth Virus.

      I took the trouble to look up the temperature at which cauterizing pens operate.
      Bovie is a manufacturer and distributor of cauterizing pens for medical professionals.
      Cauterizing pens operate at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.
      About three times as hot as a brick oven in a high class pizza restaurant.

      Would you like Allison Mack to carve initials into your flesh using a 2000 degree plus piece of metal?
      The woman is a mentally ill criminal
      A female version of the Joker.

      • Knowing the exact temperature of a cauterizing pen is a critical factor in the NXIVM story. Obviously, 2,200 degrees is much more painful and cruel than a mere 1,500 degrees.

  • You lot are obsessed with Alison Mack. It’s pathetic. Get a life and stop wallowing in other people’s pain.

      • The women brought the pain onto themselves. They ought to have left as soon as collateral was required from them. They didn’t.

      • Yo shade1958!

        “She deserves all the pain she’s going to get and more.” TheShadow1958
        How aroused was you when you posted yiur comment?
        Was you shaking and sweating?
        Hitting the sauce?
        Ur a dirty old boy!

  • I love this, written with the knowledge that Allison and every other high profile Nxivm member/former member are regular readers here, much like David Miscavige is certain to read Tony Ortega’s blog. Happy birthday, Allison!

    • “I love this, written with the knowledge that Allison and every other high profile Nxivm member/former member are regular readers here,”

      I believe that you are more right than you realize.
      Although the NXIVM defendants , other than Raniere who is in the MDC, are not supposed to access the internet, I would not be surprised if some of them found a way to work around any restrictions.
      Nothing is fool proof because fools are ingenious.

  • I know I’ve said this before, but I was a fan of Allison’s when she was on Smallville, I watched the movies “Alice and Huck”and “You” because she was in them, I saw her in her two off Broadway plays “Love, Loss and What I Wore” and “Apple Cove” and I remember thinking she could have a huge career as a theater actress. And now she’s 37 years old and a convicted felon and she’s looking at the tragedy of a life wasted and potential destroyed. Damn sad.

  • Raniere tried to completely erase her original personality.

    This is what he meant when spoke of “Trying to break her.”

    Without the regular NLP covert hypnosis top-ups applied by Raniere and Nancy Salzman, she might revert back to her pre NXIVM personality.

    She was pretty lost and confused, but she was better than what came after.

    • Personality change in definitely a common part of the high control group or cult phenomenon.

      At the height of the cult phenomenon in the 1970s, when kids were literally disappearing off the streets into communal groups of various sorts from Jesus Freaks to Moonies, where they changed appearance and abandoned everything and everyone they’d known before – Mack made a similar sort of break, at least from her pre-NXIVM acquaintances – there was even a book written about it, “Snapping,” claiming it was an epidemic.

  • My God are people still talking about Allison Mack Let It Go already if she goes to prison she goes to prison if she doesn’t she doesn’t everybody who keeps writing stuff down find something else to do guys this is getting pathetic it’s just one woman she’ll do her time and that’s at end of story… Please find something else to talk about other than Allison Mack the first year the crap was enough but now it’s getting absolutely ridiculous.

    • Robert, why do you care? People can say what they want. It’s called free speech. Plus, when people like you tell others to stop, don’t you know they’ll only do it more to piss you off?

  • Lots of action at Nancy’s house tonight. I recognized Lauren’s car. I guess SOP (I assume) guys standing outside, bro-ing it up. Just like the old days!!! Cars parked outside like they are no longer keeping their continuing community on the down low.

    Is something happening in terms of the Salzmans?

  • “She probably recalls the fateful discussion she had with her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk, who had already begun attending NXIVM training sessions – and who talked her into attending one herself.”

    Kristin Kreuk just has a shit smell about her. Still with NXIVM in 2016, even after the pedophile revelations of 2012. Lying about leaving in 2013 and having people go to the press to lie for her, presenting her as someone who wanted nothing to do with NXIVM post 2012/13, talking poo about her staging “interventions” over “many years” to get Mack out, yet she was still there in 2016. These people are dirty and liars.

  • Good News for Allison Mack!

    Bovie has plenty of high temperature Cauterizing Pens in stock.
    And they can reach up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

    The perfect gift for the Pimp who has everything.

    “The Best Cauteries Ever Made
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  • One thought to consider – Allie has always been an actor directed in everything she’s known by an actual Director since she was little. I have no strong feelings about her guilt or victimhood – I think there are cases for both.

    I keep going back to KAR’s “recommitment” ceremony in Mexico and Lauren saying it wasn’t her thing. And then separately Frank sharing an email from Allie to KAR and Dani P and mentioning her discomfort about their relations. And Cami and Dani – none of their personal comms to KAR was a display of bliss in following their guru. In fact they were so obviously wrestling with their morals and trying to justify it.

    It’s easy for me to say since I wasn’t there but these women were mind fucked to a degree that I don’t think any of us outsiders could ever grasp.

  • I’m still waiting for the scolding and scathing Mark Hildreth article. You know, the guy who got Kristin, Allison, Nicole, and others involved, and convinced them to stay when they were having doubts, and did a number of Keith Raniere conversations with the man himself. The guy who was a part of SOP and was still in the cult up until 2017.

    Or did he cry to Frank and tell him not to publish anything on him?

    • –Or did he cry to Frank and tell him not to publish anything on him?–

      that’s my guess

        • Wouldn’t surprise me one bit, except for the “valuable info” part. Learning from the master of self-interest himself, Mark would likely apply VanFraud’s principles to save his own skin and D-list career. Cowering away from NXIVM’s bad publicity even though he was in this mind-fuck for twelve years and brought a number of women in and acting like a rat suits his smug face.

          • Mark Hildreth has always been a pretentious smug cunt with a Ghandi complex. His self righteous ramblings about “love” online in particular cause one to want to punch him square in that smug face. Like he didn’t know of any wrong doing. Little coward piece of shit.

    • They do not care about the guy who pimped them into the cult, just about the girls they have a crush on for 20 years.

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