Allison Mack Wanted to Share Raniere’s Crap With the Whole World

MK10ART portrait of Allison Mack and her brand.

By Shivani

This is in response to  Was Allison Mack Making Plea for Help With Blog Posts?

This is anxiety that Allison Mack expresses. Consistently, her anxiousness has tended to shift from topic to topic, according to what she is trying to ponder. The elements composing her anxiousness and her personal neediness show, in other words, regardless of whatever her subject is. (And usually, her subject is herself.)

I perceive from her cited blog entries that she knows that she is caught up in wrongdoing and that it is causing her tremendous inner conflict, but most particularly huge worries about the possibility of being caught for those wrongdoings.

“…the whole street whispering secrets.”

You bet your ass it was and for very good reasons. Those whispering leaves and streets represent her conscience trying hard to get her to pay attention, whereas what Allison was doing was letting her conscience go down for the count.

I went through a battle with my conscience once that deteriorated to the point where I woke up often with dry heaves. I had been afraid to work to solve the conflict. It had to be faced though.

Allison is far from alone here. She was too trapped to be able to solve it for herself. She was living in a chaos of intense peer pressure, hunger and groupthink, beneath a foul, foul individual and his batch of dizzy, attached fanatics.

She speaks of “fear of intimacy” as part of what distresses her. Just pile on the new age manure! Parroting words and concepts without concentration, without investigation, without understanding is an old and popular game. If she knew herself more “intimately”, she would never, ever have been attracted to the Raniere-based life that she chose. She would have been more at home with her own core. Maybe now she is.

Certainly, she was helped to get semi-out of this catastrophe by its having been exposed. She was not helped out of it by any inner, personal change to do with her own comprehension. It is obvious that she was under inner and outer pressure to keep the cult’s sickness and all of its criminality secretive.

Allison doesn’t seem to be a secretive person, though. She seemed to want to share this Raniere crap with the whole world. The secretiveness itself could have partly sparked her anxiety. Secretiveness shows that there is some motivation to keep things hidden. Allison wanted to be proud. Allison wanted to be admired. Allison wanted to be able to want to be noticed, but how could she manage that with these circumstances?

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  • I suspect that there was also some typical culty “thought stopping” going on, where she’s been trained to try to ignore her questions and doubts, like why her supposed “integrated” renunciate guru has sex slaves and kinky fixations, and his “ethics” require her to commit abuses and crimes. That’s a recipe for a stew of cognitive dissonance boiling just below the surface.

  • Shadow get over your hatred of Allison, its disturbing how much you go on about her being evil. Comparing her to Nazis is so beyond anything that may have happened in nxivm

    • As I said a couple of days ago, Mack owns Mr. Shadow’s brain. He could have written the same blog comments/tweets that she did in a recent story from his perspective. He should more appropriately use his hatred for Amway and other MLM scams that are scamming 10s of millions of people as I type this. But his hatred of Mack is so deep that he can’t pull away from the Black Hole that is Mack.

    • “Comparing her to Nazis is so beyond anything that may have happened in nxivm”

      What do you call be branded by hot metal in a process that takes 20 to 30 minutes?
      A process overseen by Allison Mack.

    • So they branded people, sold them into slavery, starved them, and raped them. Yeah, that’s not Nazi like at all. What’s more is, she’s the one that was in charge of each of these processes. What, in your fantasy world, is it that you think this cult did? You’re so obsessed with calling other Nazi’s because they have a different opinion than you do or because someone told you to call others Nazi’s, that you’ve lost touch with reality on a fundamental level and are now disputing actual Nazi behavior based on historical fact. What’s more is, you’re saying it can’t be Nazi behavior because it’s someone in Hollywood who did it. Seriously, you desperately need to rejoin the real world.

  • Between the sleep deprevation, near-starvation/malnurishment, whacked out Raniere “teaching,” participating in crimes themselves, and NDA (non-disclosure agreement), these women were doomed to fail.

  • Let’s continue with the analogies to Nazi Germany and World War 2.

    Allison Mack’s anxiety is the same emotion that the leaders of Nazi Germany felt in 1942 when the tide of battle started turning against them on the steppes of Russia.
    The handwriting was on the wall and Nazi Germany would lose the war.
    The exact details would be worked out but Nazi Germany would lose and lose big.

    The time for Allison Mack to worry about the consequences for her actions is before she starts branding women like cattle.
    Before she starts collecting blackmail pictures, videos and stories.
    Before she starts recruiting women to serve as sex slaves.
    Before she starts threatening to release the blackmail information.

    Why all of this hand wringing over a two-bit actress like Allison Mack?
    She knew sex trafficking is illegal.
    She knew blackmail is illegal.
    She knew involuntary servitude is illegal.

    Allison Mack knew she was breaking the law and she did not give a damn as long as it was secret and she profited from it.

    Allison Mack is a shakedown artist and now she always will be known more for her gangster behavior than for her acting.
    But Ms. Mack did achieve one goal.
    She wanted to be noticed and now the whole world knows Allison Mack as a gangster and a pimp.
    Allison Mack is as sleazy as Heidi Fleiss; only Heidi was not cruel enough to oversee the branding of women like cattle.

    • Nancy Salzman is the Gran with a Plan.

      They were probably celebrating the wonderful new life they’ll in the South of France, after their brief prison sentences served at minimal security prisons. Nancy is the only one of the accused who left the court with a smile on her face after pleading guilty.

      There’s been some talk about Allison Mack being lined up as NXIVM’s patsy, but I see Raniere as a patsy for Nancy Salzman. She played a major role in the creation of the fictitious person, “The Vanguard.” She taught Raniere the covert hypnotic techniques of NLP. Without her, there would never have been a Vanguard or an NXIVM.

      She is unconcerned about her upcoming short sentence, because when she gets out she’ll fly off to Zurich to open one of the anonymous locked boxes that are the speciality of Swiss banks. No name needed, just the number and password.

      Provence is lovely at this time of year, though a little too hot for some.

      • I believe something of the sort could happen, considering that the squad of Porter, the Salzmans remain in Bronfman good graces seem quite cozy. After all, Clare did not have her property taken due to her millions.

        Ha. Nancy and Clare are such boobs. Yet so very devious. They realized Keith was a creep.

      • I think that if they really had money stashed, they’d already be living it up somewhere beyond the reach of the law.

        Nancy Salzman, in particular, with her health issues, can’t necessarily count on coming out of prison alive. I don’t know what that grin of hers was about, but I doubt she got away with much of anything except in her own mind.

        Clare Bronfman doesn’t seem bright enough to really plan for anything – she actually happens to have that island in a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US, but didn’t go there when things heated up.

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