Epstein Bail Denied – Seems to be Losing His Grip

Jeffrey Epstein

Unlike Keith Alan Raniere, who was alert throughout all of his appearances in court – from bail hearings to every moment at trial – Jeffrey Epstein, 66, seemed out of it today at his bail hearing even before he was denied bail.

A wobbly-legged, seemingly zoned out Epstein appeared and observers said he seemed like he didn’t know where he was.

Dianne Lipson, who covered the Raniere trial, was at court. She reports:

“The judge denied Epstein’s bail and said he would have a written order in the next couple of hours on the docket.  Epstein was wearing a brown shirt over a navy blue prison outfit.

“He seemed a little out of it. He seemed like he didn’t have a focused look on his face. It was very different from Keith Raniere, who was always attentive.

“Epstein continues to be remanded – at the request of the prosecution. His pretrial release was denied. The judge said he considered Epstein to be a danger to the community.  He also took into consideration the risk of flight. He said there was a preponderance of evidence regarding risk of flight.

“He said he did not think the defense could come up with any bail package that could overcome the threat of danger to the community. The judge took into consideration the prospective victims, two of whom made statements at his initial bail hearing, who said they feared for their safety and the safety of others if Epstein were to be released.

“At the hearing, they discussed evidence about whether Epstein has complied as a registered sex offender in the past. He apparently did.  

“There was a discussion of the fact that the seriousness of the charge presumes detention.

“Epstein’s great wealth and vast resources also worked against him, as did his numerous foreign residences.  Evidence found at his NYC mansion was also taken into consideration: $70,000 in cash and an expired foreign passport under a fake name that made reference to Saudi Arabia.

As for his condition, Dianne added, “It almost looked like his lawyers were helping him to his seat at the defense table. Even his facial expressions seemed out of it. Almost no expression. Like he was sedated.”

It is hard to know what caused old Jeffrey to be like a zombie in court.  Maybe it is all sinking in on him and it has sunk his spirits.

This entitled perv is not getting bail and is now likely to spend the rest of his life in a cage, like his brother in spirit, Keith Alan Raniere.

What is clear is that Epstein will be convicted. He will get life in prison. No jury will acquit him.

What is not clear is if Epstein will be taking anybody down with him. Powerful people who may have enjoyed the same perversions he did with him.

What is also not clear is whether Jeffrey was just a perv, perhaps a perv who liked to share his perversions. Or was he a perv who liked to find others to join in order to blackmail them?

Did he procure girls for others on purpose for blackmail?

Did he think he was protected because of what he had on so many powerful figures?

Did he think he could rape children with impunity because he got his powerful friends or blackmail targets to do the same and he had pictures and other evidence?

Jeffrey was led out of solitary confinement in a hell hole prison in Manhattan to come into court. His life has radically changed. He knows it. It showed on his hopeless face.

He was just there for the appearance. If he is competent to do any thinking at all, he knows he is finished. This was just for show.

The die is cast.

And maybe there is more. He may also know that he may wind up being assassinated. Right in prison. It will look like a suicide. Of course, he knows he will never have another woman or little girl again to satisfy his urges – for the rest of his life and that may be a minor consideration – compared to the threat of his sudden death.

He may know that others are going to go down because of him if he fails to remain silent. Powerful people who would think nothing of murder to save themselves.

He won’t be too concerned about the trouble that others get into – even if they were his friends. His only concern is the danger these friends present to him.

He won’t this time – even if he offers up presidents and kings –  be able to buy his way out. He will be in prison forever. Which may not be that long.

In the Bureau of Prisons, one can be assassinated. You could ask Whitey Bulger to explain how that’s done if he were around.

In any event, Epstein appeared as a zombie today. It must have been unreal to him. He knows his days are over. He is the walking dead. He will either die soon or live a while in a cage.  There will be no plea deals offered like he got the last time – where the feds agreed not to press charges against him in return for him doing 13 months in county jail in Florida with work release.

This time he is in a cage for the long haul – which may not be too long at all.

The only interesting question is not if he will be convicted, but who else was involved and how Epstein incriminated them.

That is why this story is compelling. Not his perversion but who else’s perversions. And will any of it come out – before Jeffrey Epstein dies?




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  • The truth about Epstein. Disregard the left wing disinfo fools who pollute this blog. Epstein is very political.

    • An hour of conspiracy theory radio, without even a time reference to some portion of it that might be relevant to the subject at hand here? Give us a break….

      Yes, it’s a very political case in a way – Epstein, his buddies and enablers, patrons and the people they co-opted and perhaps corrupted, are all over the political spectrum, demonstrating how cronyism and influence-peddling are generalized problems.

      Attempts to paint something like this in either a partisan or conspiratorial light miss the point, and fall into the same types of culty, fallacious thinking and irrationality that groups like NXIVM and leaders like Raniere exploit.

      Here’s a piece that actually sheds light on the sort of things that really went on:

      Meet the woman who ties Jeffrey Epstein to Trump and the Clintons
      Heiress Ghislaine Maxwell paved the way to presidents.

      “How did wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein come to be palling around with Bill Clinton and Donald Trump?

      People who know those involved said Epstein’s connections to two U.S. presidents ran through one bubbly British heiress: Ghislaine Maxwell.
      Her family knew Trump before Epstein arrived on the scene, and she continued to socialize with Chelsea Clinton after Epstein was jailed on sex offenses.”


    • “stacks and stacks of brand new Lacoste white polo shirts, all size medium.”

      Epstein would pay the girls he molested with lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.
      These were girls who came from cash strapped families who did not have lots of nice clothes and dolls and
      Epstein took advantage of their desires for a better lives.
      In many cases Epstein crushed their dreams.

      And the elite in politics, business, media and academia who rallied to Epstein, even after his conviction, should be ashamed of themselves.

  • When it comes to pedophilia, you would think people would leave politics out of such acts perpetrated towards children. I don’t give a damn who Epstein made arrangements for – both Trump and Clinton were friends with him. If either one of them behaved inappropriately towards a child, they should be charged with child molestation. I don’t care who the person is – whether it’s one of my friends, my spouse, parent, whatever. There is no excuse for ANYONE to prey upon a child or young teenagers. They are defenseless, and not mature enough to deal with such things. It is just as wrong to turn your head away from it or make excuses for someone, just because it is someone you like, voted for, or issues your paycheck. If you have sex with a child, your ass should be in jail, and you are a despicable lowlife – period.

    • Tell that to the fake news, they have attempted to attach Trump to Epstein FAR more than Clinton, even though the evidence is that Clinton was much more involved.

        • Unfortunately, they care more about protecting the politicians they elect than protecting children who are being molested. It is a non-partisan issue. This is a legal issue and one would have thought a moral issue, but the comments in this thread clearly demonstrate that precedence is placed on one’s politics, and the victims are secondary. All the attention is diverted away from them, and what Epstein and other perpetrators have done to these children. It is a sad commentary. indicative of where children stand in our society today – and it is clearly not first. People are far more concerned about protecting Donald Trump than they are about these children. Consider the comments here – the bulk of this thread is discussing politics – not the children who have been abused.

          If some of these on here should ever one day have a child victimized by a pedophile, I wonder how they would feel if the people around them were more concerned about protecting the Republicans or Democrats they voted for. How would they feel if everyone around them was more consumed with their politics than they were about seeking justice for their child. If you have a young girl as you stand before your God (if you believe), you better think about that. I find it unconscionable others have made pedophilia into a political issue.

    • Had that same conversation just yesterday. He will die of a “heart attack” or something. Not a single known politician or royalty will ever be known.

  • I can see him being denied bail as a flight risk. The danger to the community argument seems weak given the bail terms, which involved monitored house arrest. He would have been isolated from the community on bail. It looks to me like the judge wants to punish Epstein, which is problematic given the supposed presumption of innocence. Punishment is supposed to come after the trial, not before. No matter how heinous the charged crime.

    • If the conditions included no internet, phone, monitored mail, no talking to anyone without a court officer present, etc., I would tend to agree with you. But then it becomes an issue of cost for the taxpayer to pay for that monitoring/oversight, plus a double standard for those who can afford to pay for it themselves. They can do the above much more efficiently with Epstein in jail.

      It is not true that bail is guaranteed, no matter how heinous the charged crime: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eighth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution Bail has been denied for a lot of people over the years, and underage sexual assaults is a recognized category for denying bail. Plus, we already know he’s a felon, he plead guilty in Florida. Society (threats against his accusers) and justice (ensuring he will be at the trial) is being protected more than Epstein being punished.

  • ] 19801675? 6 minutes ago (edited 4.8 minutes ago)

    What is also not clear is whether Jeffrey was just a perv, perhaps a perv who liked to share his perversions. Or was he a perv who liked to find others to join in order to blackmail them?

    What is NOT clear?? Of course it’s clear that he’s part of a wider network. What sedative is the Frank Report on??

    Pay attention people, do not let them re-write the script now.

  • I am betting Jeffrey Epstein will be found dead by apparent suicide under suspicious circumstances….

    ….Or Jeffrey will be put into the prison’s general population by accident and get murdered.

    Clinton and everyone else have to much to lose.

    • Any truly calculating, ruthless conspirators would have neutralized Epstein long ago – or at least before he ended up arrested and in jail again.

      Speaking of those who have much to lose, we have yet to really hear much about what the deal is with Epstein’s major backer Wexner, the actual billionaire who was a well-connected major Republican donor, and his only known supposed investor. There’s got to be something very unusual about their relationship for Wexner to have given Epstein a $100 million New York City mansion.

        • You need to read past the headline, about the one relatively small recent donation – less than 1% of his almost entirely Republican-leaning political donations over the years:

          “Wexner, the CEO of retail conglomerate L Brands (which owns Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and La Senza), had been the wealthiest GOP donor in Ohio prior to his decision to leave the party. Between 2013 and 2018, he and his wife reportedly donated about $1.9 million to Republican campaigns and candidates in the state.

          Wexner also gave Jeb Bush $500,000 during the former Florida governor’s failed bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

          Wexner ― a critic of President Donald Trump’s ― has also supported groups that promote bipartisanship. He and his wife donated $2.8 million to With Honor, a super political action committee that supports Republican and Democratic candidates.

          Wexner may no longer consider himself a Republican but he hasn’t stopped donating to GOP groups entirely, the Dispatch reported. He recently gave $10,000 to Ohio House Speaker Ryan Smith and $10,000 each to the Senate and House Republican caucuses.”

          The thorough conspiracy theorist might even want to consider, for instance, that the Republican backer Wexner might have been told to play “independent” when it became known that the Epstein scandal was likely to break again, this time nationally, so that cultish, credulous partisans would have forgotten which side of the fence he was really on when pedophilic crimes were being committed.

          p.s. I did a bit of checking – the sort of thing that people actually interested in the truth, do – and it turns out that Wexner’s partisan giving all the way back to 1990 has always been almost entirely to Republicans:

          $3,488,000 Contributed

          42% Republican
          1% Democrat
          0% 3rd party / other
          14% PACs
          43% Outside Spending Groups


    • Trump has a lot to lose also ! Appears that Trump liked to go to Epstein’s parties. The videos have been on the news.

      • Trumps own words incriminate him. There are videos of him and Epstein watching women dance with Trump making very sexist remarks, etc. Whether or not Trump was involved in any illegal activity, his own actions makes him look bad.

        Frank, it looks like your posts are mysteriously disappearing again!

      • I think those videos are Trump’s parties, and a party is very different than f*cking young girls. Trump even remarked at the time that Epstein like very young girls.

        • Always good for a laugh to see the same left wing nuts think this is finally going to get President Trump. It is because of President Trump the Epstein shit is floating to the surface again. Not good for the leftists.

          • I’m pretty sure President Cheeto fucked Ivanka when her tits started coming in, yet before her plastic surgery on her face.

        • There are claims bring made that Trump and his pal Epstein had at least one private “party” where the only male guests were Trump and Epstein….and the rest of the guests were young girls/models.

          No matter what Trump did, this still makes him.look creepy and pervy, (even more pervy than Slick Willy.)

          • All by left-wing wackos. Look, silly girl, if Trump was involved with Epstein, the left-wing media and democraps would have played that card during the election. They didn’t because it is bullshit and the democrats and Hollywood pedos are going to taking a beating from this. Again, no coincidence that NXIVM and now the Epstein pedo empire are being brought down during the Trump administrtion.

          • Trump has had all kinds of claims against him, few have been proven to be true. In any event, he got elected because Hellary THE Horrible was much worse.

  • Hm? Seems like a pattern is developing here with folks becoming lethargic after they are incarcerated. tsk tsk. Oh well.

    • GirlScoutCookies,

      I hate the Clintons, but I am hoping that Clinton did not partake in the activities on the Loltta express…

      ….because that would mean an under age teenager was molested.

      Given Bill Clinton’s proclivities and the number of times he hung out with Jeffrey Epstein….. It’s hard to imagine Clinton did nothing wrong.

      According to the New York Times Clinton even ditched his Secret service entourage for a number of flights.

  • When Acosta was named to Trump’s cabinet 2 years ago, I wonder if Epstein worried this might bring his forgotten case back into the public eye?

    And I wonder if all his sleazy friends got worried too. They should be.

    • The Epstein issue was part of his Senate hearing. There are plenty of people on both sides of the aisle who are probably worried, although Epstein was a very generous Dem contributor and most notably flew Slick Willy around dozens of times.

    • Acosta served his purpose. Now it is dark to light. Some of the people you loved and admired are in for the fucking of their dirty criminal lives. The filthy witch was right about one thing. If he wins we hang.

  • If he lives long enough to stand trial, I’ll be surprised.

    He’d need to have friends in higher places than his friends in high places…

  • What have I been saying on this website from the beginning? You have to speak up! https://nypost.com/2019/07/18/jeffrey-epsteins-no-bail-ruling-may-encourage-more-accusers-to-come-forward/ “[Judge] Berman cited the “compelling testimony” of Farmer and another accuser, Courtney Wild, while ordering Epstein locked up pending trial on child sex trafficking charges.” Law enforcement can’t read your minds. You either do the right thing and come forward or assume responsibility for others being harmed. It’s your choice.

  • Maybe his behavior at the bail hearing was an act so that the judge would reconsider and let him out on bail.

  • Epstein claims to be a hedge fund manager/trader. He should have reams of trading records and filings. Where are they?

    There should be records and filings of where he got his money, and also reams of records/files of his trades, filings etc….

    Let’s see the proof or lack thereof. SEC? IRS? where are you???? The info would be EASY to obtain for prosecutors.

    The SEC and IRS should be all over his ass. Yet crickets…

    IRS and SEC are DS strong holds

      • Oh bullshit..patience. Look little fella, this criminal has gotten away with this for years. Where was your precious NYT all these years when this pedo was right under their fucking nose. Why did it take the election of the Trump administration to finally do something about this bastard as well as NXIVM???

        • I said a LITTLE patience. If you read my link, the media is actively working on it, and the FBI/DOJ probably is as well, and they have access to a lot more documents via search warrants and can threaten people to tell the truth or get charged themselves. These things take time to sort out. If you’re so impatient, then do your own investigation, little fella. I’m no fan of the NYT, the reason they didn’t go after Epstein is probably because he compromised some of their high-level people, or high-level people they were friends with, and didn’t want to get disinvited to their cocktail parties. It took Trump to win the election because of the deep state swamp. Here’s some additional examples, which are much larger than NXIVM and Epstein combined: https://youtu.be/G0lhrzWtWMc

          • Bullshit. Had much to do with it little fella. You are as goofy as Scooter Johnson.

          • Both of the above two Anonymous posts are stupid. NXIVM was prosecuted under the Trump administration, so by definition it had something to do with the NXIVM trial. Obummer did nothing.

            What did I say that you find “goofy,” IDIOT?

  • He knows the gig is up. I hope whoever partook in his perversions by stealth go down the sewer with him. There is no excuse or exception for an adult to have sex with a child – it is pedophilia and it is depraved and heinous thing to do to a kid. I don’t care who or how famous the person(s) are, and I hope he and others will be exposed. Epstein knows he’s screwed – the reality is sinking in. There is too much evidence against him, and he knows it. Someone very well may had to give him medication or sedate him, just so that he could get through the hearing.

    Somehow, I don’t really believe Raniere and R.Kelly realized how screwed they are yet. I think the two are delusional into believing they are too clever to be held accountable. They have gotten away with it for so many years. Even though Raniere was found guilty, I believe his ego will not allow him to accept the verdict – that on some level he truly still believe he can get out of this by appealing. Epstein, Raniere, and Kelly all enjoyed years of freedom afforded to them that they did not deserve. It would be fitting if all 3 of them shared the same cell, and could resort to each other for their “needs.” What they have done to these children is despicable, and I don’t believe there is a hell pit hot enough for them.

  • Epstein has more to fear than Raniere. Both have the threat of prisoners who are looking to play whack-a-pedo, but Epstein has the added threat of a lot of “elites” who are willing to pay for a prisoner or more likely a guard other other prison employee to do the deed. Perhaps Epstein is telling the other pervs that he won’t expose them in order to save himself.

    Regarding Epstein’s disposition in court, even though he was similar to Raniere in terms of f*cking little girls, Raniere was always focused on mind games, so he saw the court as another mind game and one that he, as the world’s smartest man, would win. So the trial was a stimulent to him. Epstein on the other hand was a genuinely smart guy who not only needed little girls to f*ck but external cerebral stimulus as well: https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/07/15/jeffrey-epstein-and-the-collapse-of-europe/ and https://abcnews.go.com/US/contractor-jeffrey-epstein-quit-concerns-revealing-pictures-topless/story?id=64406022 who said, ““He was the most intense person I ever met.”

  • “Jeffrey Who?
    I don’t know any Jeffrey.
    Was that the name of the Giraffe that Toys R Us used as a mascot for it’s business?”

    William Jefferson Clinton

    Mr. Epstein is worth an estimated 550 million dollars when one adds up the following:

    Epstein’s 7 story Manhattan townhouse in a building that once housed a former girls’ school.
    It’s supposed to be the largest private residence in Manhattan.

    Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida

    Epstein’s 70 acre Pedophile Island in the US Virgin Islands.
    Epstein does have a thing for Virgins.

    Epstein’s 7000 acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico near Santa Fe.
    Epstein bought this ranch from the late
    Governor of New Mexico Bruce King.

    Epstein’s personal Boeing 727 private jet.

    Epstein’s personal Gulfstream jet.

    Not bad for a grifter from Brooklyn who dropped out of college.
    Some people believe that Mr. Epstein acquired his wealth not through clever investments but from good old fashioned blackmail.

    • I’m actually really really enjoying Frank report! I don’t know if a direct link can be drawn but it wasn’t too long after this site brought down NXIVM, and cast the net wider to J.E. that documents were unsealed and this monster got locked up!!
      I had known of this monster for years… 2 years after his release he was photographed out walking with Prince Andrew in Central Park and it made me sick!!

      Well done Frank (and others)

      I just wish for 2 things
      1) manage the lunatics Scott and Shadow who’ll ruin your work with their own warped and often sinister agenda
      2) keep poltics out of it.. decomtraics vs Republicans/liberals Vs conservatives… Keep it unbiased and unfiltered..
      But aside from that Bravo and well done!!

      • 1.) I am one of the first people on this website to try to tie in the NXIVM sex operation with Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly.
        This is a very deep rabbit hole.
        America’s elite is corrupt just like in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

        2.) ” keep poltics out of it.. ”

        In America everything is now politics.
        You have to go back to the days of Eisenhower and Truman to get a decent non-partisan government where Democrats and Republicans work together without rancor.

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