Jeffrey Epstein: Also Not the ‘World’s Smartest Man’

Jeffrey Epstein

[Dianne Lipson attended the bail hearing today and provided information for this report.] 

What is it with these pedophiles?

Does pedophilia automatically lead to stupidity – or is it the other way around?

Accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has his bail hearing today – which gave the prosecuting attorneys an opportunity to tell U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman about some of the things they found when they searched his residence last weekend.

Jeffrey Epstein

Like a fake foreign passport that included his picture with a different name – and listed his address as a residence in Saudi Arabia.

Or the “vast trove” of lewd photos of young women and girls.

Or the piles of cash and dozens of loose diamonds.


Two Accusers Speak at the Hearing – and More Contact Prosecutors

Two women appeared in court today to encourage the judge to keep Epstein incarcerated until he goes to trial (Unlike in the Raniere case, these women gave their full names in court).

One of the women, Courtney Wild, told the judge that she was sexually abused by Epstein when she was 14-years-old. “He is a scary person to have walking the street”, she testified.

The other woman, Annie Farmer, testified that Epstein was “inappropriate” with her when she was 16-years old (She did not elaborate on what she meant by “inappropriate”). She is being represented by David Boies, the renowned attorney who represented Al Gore back in the election snafu in Florida.

Prosecutors also told Judge Berman that several more women who claim to be victims have contacted them since Epstein’s arrest on July 6th.


Prosecution & Defense Attorneys Have Different Points of View

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller argued that Epstein should be denied bail because he is both a flight risk – and a danger to the community.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Rossmiller

He also noted that the federal Office of Pretrial Services has suggested that Epstein be detained without bail – and that there is a presumption that a defendant who has been charged with sex trafficking should be denied bail.

Epstein’s attorney, Martin Weinberg, began by noting that contrary to many media accounts, his client is not a billionaire. Apparently, his net worth is closer to $550 million – which is similar to what Clare Bronfman’s net worth was before she met Keith Raniere.

He then reviewed the various conditions that had been proposed as part of Epstein’s bail package – e.g., home confinement in his Manhattan mansion, a GPS ankle monitor, a private security service, new security cameras at the front and back doors of the mansion, etc. – and said that Epstein was also willing to post a $100 secured bond.

Rossmiller quickly noted that “A person who needs (all) these conditions needs to be detained”. He then added that Epstein was basically asking “to build his own jail” – and “to be limited in his own gilded cage”.


Judge to Announce Decision on Thursday

At the end of the hearing, Judge Berman indicated that he would take the matter under advisement – and announce his decision on Thursday, July 18th. In the meantime, Epstein will remain in custody at the Manhattan Correctional Center just a few cells down from El Chapo.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman

For those of you who have other things to do on Thursday, I’ll save you having to check your phones for updates.

Epstein’s chances of getting bail are about the same as Raniere having his recent conviction overturned.

As The Joker used to say on the Batman TV series: “Zero, zip, zilch, nada”.


Some Final Thoughts

I’m starting to develop the same feelings about Epstein’s prosecution that I have about Raniere’s trial: i.e., I don’t really care if the prosecution uses some questionable tactics because both of these guys are slimeballs that deserve to be incarcerated for the rest of their lives (Hell, they could even end up in the same prison).

So, even though I think that having alleged victims testify at a bail hearing raises some troubling issues – like how the hell was Epstein’s attorney supposed to be ready to question them? – I don’t really care.

I guess I’ve simply run out of patience with perverts who abuse young girls…

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  • He went to NYU School of Math – need we say more about him. Extremely smart guy. How many could get into that school??

  • Some of the info from prosecution has been about Epstein using his sex-traffic operations as “leverage” against people. He would not repay loans, etc. The details are vague so far. But it shows via evidence that Epstein’s sexual menu of offerings was a business, used to gain favor, influence and profit. He behaved as if the young ladies he took advantage of were a product. His product, not human beings. Not unexpected or surprising; Epstein is intensely mercenary.

    Jerry Epstein has been more than just a rich perv looking to get his rocks off. He turned it into a criminal industry, purveying young females as a pound of flesh for his benefit. It is very hard to even think of Epstein as a human being when he has spent years being a foul monster, literally designing his life and that of some of his employees around taking advantage of innocence and youthfulness. He looks completely unmoved by any harm he has done. He seems to be hopelessly indifferent, as if real feelings don’t touch him at all.

    Reading some of the victim statements coming out so far is heartbreaking. Epstein and company had no hesitancy about traumatizing young people. The fact that Epstein calls these girls working prostitutes is appalling. So not true. Innocence and social venturing, learning the ways of the world, all decimated by being deceived (come to a party) and exposed to older peoples’ sexual appetites and vileness, the vileness of using someone’s body, mind, heart and soul as if it were valueless, disposable trash.

    One girl who was trafficked by Epstein at age 14 said, “I was still wearing my braces.” She was not a woman at 14 and had no comprehension of what Epstein was after. She thought these were “nice people” inviting her to a party where other kids would be. Instead she has had years of difficulty and depression ever since Jerry Epstein and co. came along and sexually assaulted her.

    You recover, but are never the same. Some do not recover. And yes, I have tears in my eyes.

    I so hope to hear that Ghislaine Maxwell does not skate away without consequences. She certainly seems to have loved her pimpstress work alongside Epstein, for years and years. It has been her lifework, just as Keith Raniere has been Clare Bronfman’s lifework.

    At least two of Epstein’s teen victims have told prosecutors that they were sexually assaulted by BOTH Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. If you’ve seen photos of her, she looks like a tough and rather deliberately masculinized woman. Even her jewelry looks weaponish. Her preternatural short hair is colored a harsh, bottomless black. Probably to match her heart. Her mouth has those almost nonexistent lips. Those lips look like a pair of switchblades. How would you like it if your beloved teenager was trapped in her hands? My God.

  • Bill Barr’s father, Donald Barr, was headmaster at the Dalton school in NYC. He hired Jeffrey Epstein, a two-time college dropout to teach physics and calculus to high school students.

    That’s right boys and girls.
    Jeffrey Epstein, a man who still to this day has no college degree, was hired in 1975 to teach high school Math and Physics by none other than Donald Barr, the father of current US Attorney General William Barr.
    The Dalton School is an exclusive, expensive private school in Manhattan.
    And by all indications as a teacher Epstein was very interested in mentoring to female high school students.
    America still has the best justice system money can buy.
    A picture of Science and Math teacher Jeffrey Epstein in 1975.
    He looks just like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

    • Look at the chalk board, it looks like he can’t even spell his own name. However, he apparently is a very smart guy. Those who think only a person with a college degree can be smart are stupid.

      • Scott:
        “Those who think only a person with a college degree can be smart are stupid.”

        It is usually a requirement for a person to teach children in school that they have a degree from a four year university.
        Almost every state has a public university that used to be called a “Normal” school that specialized in educating people to be instructors in public schools for children.
        This is not a negotiable issue.
        And no one would regard a pervert and possible blackmailer like Epstein of being smart.

        • Private schools – including religious ones – are generally exempt from such requirements. That’s one of the reasons for the dirty little secret, that many of the worst of them do a very poor job of educating kids – particularly, though not exclusively, when fundamentalist religious indoctrination is the real priority.

          However, it’s unusual if not really even strange for a prominent private school to have hired someone without a degree. Generally it’s considered proof of ability to do professional-level work – which Epstein indeed turned out not to be – plus a dropout would set a bad example at a school whose parents are paying college-level tuition with the expectation that their kids are being prepared to get a prestigious degree. It was the 70s and Dalton was a bit of an unconventional school, but it still makes me wonder, particularly when he was hired by Barr, who had come on board to impose more traditional standards and discipline (probably after some excesses, if not scandals); maybe even back then he had developed some sort of connections.

      • Interesting perspective……

        ……Unfortunately for you not having a college does not mean you are smart.

  • Krclaviger,

    I noticed that very arrogant smug look Jeffrey Epstein usually has is now gone.

    It has been replaced by a “I’m so f*cked looked”.

    ….And to think if someone had tipped him off he would be in Paris, or some other metropolitan city with no extradition treaty, enjoying the good life…..

    ……Maybe Jeffrey Epstein does not have the pull we all thought he did….

    Or just maybe someone who is more powerful wants Jeffrey Epstein’s head.

  • Although both Epstein and Raniere are not the world’s smartest men, they do have similar MOs: Well to do rich women willing to find little girls for them to f*ck, and their families have sordid pasts. We know about the Bronfman legacy, this is what one of Epstein’s evil woman’s family heritage is: Daddy even named his yacht after her!

  • This case is not going to be as cut and dry as the NXIVM case. The biggest obstacle the prosecution will have to overcome is that this case places Epstein in double jeopardy as he already reached an agreement in FL with the Feds. The SDNY indictment may be new, but Epstein’s crimes are not. They are the same offenses from which former AG Acosta agreed to spare Epstein from federal prosecution if he pled guilty to state prostitution charges. SDNY will argue that the previous agreement was limited only to FL, but that’s going to be a tough sell.

    Unless they bring out some witnesses whose circumstances differ from the ones by which he already made a deal, they don’t have anything new. If they just trot out a bunch of new girls who make the same type of accusations against him as those which caused him to reach the FL agreement, then they really won’t have anything.

    I also expect him to make bail as the courts will have to look as his case as just other federal case where he is innocent until proven guilty, and so is entitled to bail.

    The guy is scum, but his previous agreement with the Feds might just save his rotten neck.

    (My post is NOT to be used as its own free-standing article posted to the Frank Report)

    • If he f*cked different girls, it’s a new crime. The circumstances can be similar, as long as the girls are different, which they probably were, as they were in New York and not Florida. Also, the courts have taken the position the deal has to be clear that it applies to all DOJ jurisdictions. Also, the prosecution has stated they are digging up more and more dirt every day, so stand by for more charges. We already know he had pictures of underage naked girls, so he’s just like Raniere in that regard.

      (Any of my posts are welcome to be used as its own free-standing article posted to the Frank Report)

      • Plus it’s also a crime if he’s in possession of child pornography – same or different girls.

        And there’s that fake passport….

  • No one likes sexual offenders however your condoning of bending or breaking laws, acting unfairly or unscrupuously toward defendants in sex cases is disconcerting. We all know these same tactics can be used against innocent people or political dissidents to intimidate them or take away their just rights.

  • My experience has been, yes, personal experience, that little of these sex crimes ever see the light of day.
    Look how many years, how many sign posts along the way, and it is what? 15, 20 or more years with Keith and Epstein.
    In that time more females were prey.
    To add insult to injury both men were aided and abetted by other women.
    Females constantly betrayed by their own sex!
    Money, power, positions of authority over others, the ability to impoverish someone if they protest or speak out.
    Even Janet Napolitano had a field day in her administration with the reported shenanigans in her office.
    Seems ya can’t even trust a lesbian!

    We must ask ourselves why females, of any age, babies, toddlers, teens, griwn women, elderly are perceived as sexual prey by both sexes in positions of authority and who wield great power especially with vast sums of money.

    This is not patriarchy or misogyny (sic). This is a virtual global war on females of all ages.
    We must put an end to it.

  • Thanks the updates Joe & Diane!!!

    I want a fake Saudi passport like Epstein.

    Can I purchase one on Amazon?

  • ” I don’t really care if the prosecution uses some questionable tactics because both of these guys are slimeballs that deserve to be incarcerated for the rest of their lives (Hell, they could even end up in the same prison).”

    I have no love for Raniere, Epstein or R. Kelly.
    In fact the government is already using RICO to confiscate the wealth of Raniere and R. Kelly and probably will do the same with Epstein.

    All that said I want proper legal procedure to be followed.
    I want the civil rights of all defendants to be protected.
    It’s easy to protect the rights of popular people.
    It’s the unpopular, even the despised people who need to have their rights defended as well.
    It’s easy to demonize people and turn someone into an “Enemy of the People.”
    George Orwell in his novel “1984” described a future totalitarian state where the powers that be orchestrate a daily two minutes of hate to stir up people against the unpopular and the designated pariahs.
    Indeed in 1984 the target of the daily hate is named “Goldstein” not “Epstein”.

    I want law and order and I want wrongdoers to be harshly punished.
    But I also want proper legal procedures to be followed and I want defendants to have their day in a fair and impartial court.

    In Soviet Russia a wealthy peasant, an exploiter of the people was called a Kulak which means fist, because they held onto their wealth with their fists.
    What made one a wealthy peasant?
    Two pigs, a cow and a horse.
    Refuse to surrender those livestock and one got a one way trip to Siberia.

    There are people in Congress today (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ) who believe Soviet Russia was a paradise.

    America becomes an Orwellian nation, it will be a poorer country.
    America will no longer be America.

    • “All that said I want is proper legal procedure to be followed; Provided of course Allison Mack(Lilith) gets 20 years to life and 300 lashes!”.

      Dear Shadowstate1958,

      I personally feel that you are a reasonable compassionate human being and fine Christian American


      Ps. I think God broke the mold when he made you so please remember to use prophylactics…..
      …..God knows we don’t want any more of you running around out there!

        • Shadowstate1958,

          I can’t argue with your logic……

          Allison Mack deserves a solid 2 years or slightly more…..

          …That’s it.

          An Allison Mack on supervised probation is not a threat to anyone.

    • Exactly. Presumption of innocence is a an essential human right and a foundation stone of democracy. No matter what the crime, the accusation of guilt is just an accusation until the end of a fair trial. Start making exceptions to this rule at the risk of inviting tyranny.

      • If you watch “The Ruby Yacht” episode of “Rocky And Bullwinkle”, you might see some similarity between the American “justice” system and that of Jaipur:

        “I demand a fair trial for my client!”
        “But we don’t have fair trials here! We don’t have any trials here!”

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