Coaches Summit: Stripe path to be overhauled

Keith Raniere's sketch of his sash.

During NXIVM/ESP’s Coaches Summit, it was announced that the stripe path will be overhauled and that old ranks may be abolished.

For nearly 20 years, the stripe path, with colored sashes, has been the basis of hierarchy at NXIVM. Rank is indicated first by the color of the sash – and then by the number of stripes on that sash. Sashes are worn during NXIVM classes.

From Keith Raniere’s patent application for his sash; this sketch shows the way the sash is worn and its shape.

The colored sash ranking system is [from lowest to highest]: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold. Each sash has up to four stripes. A Yellow with four stripes ranks higher than a Yellow with three stripes but both are lower than an Orange with no stripes.

To date, there have been thousands of Whites, hundreds of Yellows, and more than 100 Oranges.

There has been, as far as I know, 14 Greens: Currently, there are 10:  Lauren Salzman, Sara Bronfman, Cecilia Salinas, Emiliano Salinas, Omar Boone, Jimena Garza, Dawn Morrison, Loreta Garza, Esther Chiappone, and Alejandro Betancourt.

There were four Greens who are no longer with NXIVM: Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Mark Vicente, and Sarah Edmondson.

Blue; 1: Edgar Boone.

Purple: 2: Barbara Jeske; Pam Cafritz [both deceased].

Gold 1: Nancy Salzman

The reason for the change in the stripe path, it was announced, was that Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson [as well as Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie] achieved the rank of Green but left the organization and were labeled suppressives. This means that four of the 14 Greens were suppressives [29 percent].

A reset was said to be necessary.

Only Vanguard can know the right way to reset the stripe path.

Sources say everyone may have to start at square one. Greens may no longer be Greens, Oranges no longer Oranges etc. In fact, members are awaiting Vanguard’s final determination on how the change will take shape. It is possible there will no longer be sashes or stripes or possibly they may be of an entirely different color ranking.

Lauren Salzman indicated that some who have high rank may be demoted and some who rank higher than others may wake up to find that she who was first may be last in comparison to others.

It could be compared to when a new corporate president comes in he might demand every executive’s resignation and then determine their future position and pay irrespective of their past position.

With NXIVM, there is often no pay.

Sources say they believe that the Executive Board will have their hierarchy preserved. The Executive Board consists of Nancy Salzman [president], Lauren Salzman [VP Education], Clare Bronfman [VP Operations], Emiliano Salinas [VP Ethics,] Alejandro Betancourt [VP Commerce] and Karen Unterreiner [VP humanities]. Frank Report is informed that Sara Bronfman will also continue to hold a high rank under the restructuring of the stripe path.

The change in the stripe path is retroactive. People will be promoted or demoted as Keith determines.  Dawn Morrison and Edgar Boone have been mentioned as possible demotions. Esther Chiappone may also suffer demotion.

Esther Chiappone Carlson achieved the rank of green some time ago, which makes her one of the top 12 highest ranking people in NXIVM. Keith Raniere has since determined that this method is antiquated and not as ethical as it could be. Will Esther remain in the top 12? Sources say she may not.


Past costs are not relevant in terms of determining future rank. If a member, such as Lucas Roberts or India Oxenberg spent $250,000 in classes to become an Orange, for instance, if Orange is no longer a rank, it is entirely irrelevant. There are no ultimate victims and NXIVM members are instructed not to see this as victimization, especially since Keith Raniere is expected to chalk out a new and more ethical pathway to the high rank in the dwindling organization which purports to be dedicated to creating a more noble civilization.

Frank Report is expecting a second report from a source in attendance at Coaches Summit after the event concludes tomorrow and she is free to provide full details including the two methods revealed to expedite the new stripe path.

Stay tuned.

Jimena Garza was promoted to Green sash shortly after she accomplished her goal of getting five new women branded in June. But as the old expression goes, ‘What have you done for me lately?” This question may loom large in determining who starts off where in the stripe path.

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  • NXIVM has no written contracts that protect anyone doing business with them. Sales people, field trainers, center owners, EMP, etc. No one is protected other than their own self-interest.
    How is this morality ethical?
    When you believe Keith and Nancy are Honest, Nobel and what most people would consider ethical is (other than just consistent) and you have the upper leadership supporting this, most people won’t even ask.

    If you do ask about contracts you have the entire leadership up your business if you question why there are not contracts as if it’s a sin to even ask. “Why would you even need to ask? Do you think Keith is going to steal from you? Is this your projection? Are you planning on stealing from Keith or have you already done it?”

  • This isn’t new. They have changed the system a few times in order to keep people in and the cash a flowing. It has happened with coaches/proctors who were working their way to EMP. Just before they reached EMP status, they changed the system and made them start at EMP 1 again.
    LAST CS they were threatening this. They said that to remain an Orange (Proctor), you had to be an EMP (Exploration Meaning Practioner) before they changed the system. In true NXIVM style they never told us WHEN they were changing the system. That would mean extra time in classes ($$$$$$$$$) and they are only held in Albany ($$$$$$$$$). This threat was also used to coerce people to join the University. It was sold as a fast-track to EMP. We now know that the only thing learned in University is grammar from children’s books and 1984. It definitely shook up the current Proctors who pride themselves on being Orange. It’s all so laughably sad now to think it’s just part of the game Voldemort plays. It’s so smart though just when people are leaving and the cash cow is no longer moo’ing…
    I think they would be nuts to demote people after such a mass exodus. If I was on the edge of leaving, it’d push me out.

    • Considering as how they promote the University as being a fast track to sash and stripe success it makes change up the game. Lets face it the OG Albany coaches probably are no longer bringing in students as they once were if at all. It has to be virtually impossible with Dr Oz, 20/20 the Albany Times Union etc covering the story. If our neighbors in Half Moon/Clifton Park didn’t know about NXIVM/ESP before they sure do now. Plus it makes it even harder to recruit when half of the inner circle seems to have high tailed it to Mexico.

      It makes sense to promote the die hard Kool-Aid drinking young guard like Brian or Marc Elliott or Lucas Roberts who may actually still able to recruit.

  • I wonder if the patent lawyer who reviewed VanDouche’s patent application was laughing hysterically throughout the entire process. “This guy is trying to patent a…sash? BAWAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

  • The word is that Keith is going to introduce a new sash for the women who have been branded. It’s going to be flesh colored with his initials on it in purply-red – and singed on each end. Sounds cool!

  • LOLZ – imagine spending all that money to be part of the scam and then, because of other less noble you have to start earning the stripes and colors all over again! People should start burning their sashes and tell Vanguard to piss off — but that won’t happen. Both actions require the ability to think independent of Keith and Grand Scheme.

  • Jim Del Negro never made Green? He was orange at the time of the posting of the old list on the SID blog. For someone who has had his name on bank accounts, and given word salad testimony on the witness stand you would think he would be rewarded for his contributions to the “mission”

    One would expect Rosa Laura Junco and perhaps Allison Mack to be promoted under the new system or even under the current system considering how instrumental they were/are with DOS.

  • Holy crap. I can’t believe they are actually re-doing the stripe path. When I was still a coach, they kept talking about starting “professional sashes” which meant many people would be back to square one, including many of the proctors who weren’t really up to standard. Siobhan, Ivy, Chris Collins and a lot of the early proctors for example, would lose their income from teaching Ethos. They did this awhile back with the EM path when they decided that people weren’t getting though their issues fast enough, so they made everyone re-certify their EM skills (at their own cost of course). Keith is such a moron, he didn’t think anyone would notice that’s RIGHT out of the scientology playbook. Nothing he does is original, but if I was one of the desperate idiots sticking by Keith and ESP in their proud days of pubic branding to build character, I would be especially pissed at having to re- certify at this point. I would finding a very good excuse to leave so I don’t have to face the gestapo and fill out a breach form.

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