Allison Mack Ruined Her Own Life

MK10ART's painting of Allison "Pimp" Mack

By Actaeon

Evidently, according to one (anonymous) source, Mack ”had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.’”

IMHO she’s been babbling and incoherent for the past 10 years, ever since she joined Nxivm.

So what if this report is even accurate? So what if she’s a neurotic mess?

I suppose most people awaiting sentencing on a double felony rap have plenty of anxiety issues. I bet most people serving out their sentences in prison have even more “issues”. She better get used to it, and fast.

Because come September, when she’s off to the pokey for a multi-year stint in a federal penitentiary, she will no longer be living the life of a privileged California girl. In her new surroundings, nobody, and I mean nobody, will care about her emotional well-being. She kissed that life goodbye when she engaged in felony racketeering.

“Allison’s whole life was ruined”?

She ruined her own life. She chose to join Nxivm. She was Raniere’s eager lieutenant in founding DOS.

One listen to the sickening conversation these two criminals having a walk outside and discussing how the branding “ceremony” should be conducted proves just how eager a partner in crime Mack was.

She undertook her duties with aplomb. Facilitating her “friend and guru” in his sick schemes. She broke the law, there is no doubt of this, she confessed in open court. Now she has to pay the price. That’s justice. She also demonstrated an appalling lack of ethics, and there is a price to be paid for that. Her cruelty, her manipulativeness, her selfishness and lack of pity for those in her grip has blowback.

Reasonable people have the right to ask, “why should I feel sorry for her?”

Allison Mack will perhaps be better remembered for her work with Dr. Danielle Roberts than for her acting. Painting by MK10ART.
MK10ART’s splendid portrait of Allison Mack. She loved Nxivm.
Painting by MK10ART
MK10ART – the three enablers of a dog-like perv.


MK10ART’s splendid painting of Kristin Kreuk (who introduced Allison to Nxivm) wrapping her body around Allison Mack.
MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere on trial – testifying against him.
MK10ART’s subtle painting of Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.
MK10ART’s painting of the two happy leaders of DOS.
The fabulous MK10ART’s depiction of Allison Mack reflecting on her threesome with Keith and Dani.
MK10ART’s excellent portrait of the two faces of Nxivm.
MK10ART – From Slave Master to Straight Jacket


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  • Allison Mack Ruined Her Own Life. That’s quite a subjective title. That’s like saying Donald Trump is President.

  • Allison Mack is complicated: Yes, she was abused – and yes, she was an abuser. Those are my last on this topic unless some new information comes to light.

  • Actaeon is just one of the odious, butt-hurt Erica Durance fans only here hating on Allison Mack because of the shit throwing that took place between the Chloe/AM and Lois/ED fans during Smallville. It’s just revenge posting and gloating from an Erica Durance stan who doesn’t know the truth about ED.

    • A’s posts remind me of that sultan guy the way it borders on word salad. Maybe they can do a duet.

    • Really? So you’re all good with branding the ‘Obedient female sex slaves’ who were held prison and raped? You must be a Democrat. Only a Democrat would evidence this level of hypocrisy.

  • Hey Everyone,

    Nutjob says his head will implode if Actaeon or Shadowstate write another Allison Mack diatribe.

  • This bitch sold out her gender for a scumbag sex addict. Not much between the ears for AMack but Keith only cared about what was between her legs.
    She was fine with fellow females being starved and mutilated while Keith ate pizza.
    She deserves everything she gets and it will be plenty.
    “CRUELTY” are you fucking kidding me? This bitch played out a cruel and high-stakes game at the expense of others physically, emotionally and financially.
    She’ll be forced to show that branding hourly and I am happy for her.

  • People come here to get updates on the scandal. Not unmitigated, visceral hatred towards one of the players.

    Reading copy filled with seething hatred lowers a persons perspective on the day. It brings you down. It depresses you. It turns your perspective negative. And I’m sure it’s having a profound effect on your targets.

    Allison Mack will pay for any crime. She’s accept responsibility for her actions.

    More than anything, your words constitute unnecessary cruelty.

    So now I have to include “Acteon” to a short list of hate promoters who have nothing to do with writing and informing and everything to do with ruining my day.

    Less and less value from coming to this site….

    What is it about this blog?

    Last year all the garbage and “libtard” insults, this year just non stop hatred.

    I won’t even bother to read any other articles today. You’ve made me feel crappy enough.

    • I agree and these kinds of over-the-top hate “articles” make the site seem very amateurish, as do the captions under the illustrations — why are they always editorialized as “splendid” and “marvelous”? Just publish your illustrations and let the reader/viewer decide if they are splendid or marvelous. It’s absurd, and makes it seem like they must be drawn by someone’s child needing praise. This site seems to not know whether to be hard-hitting investigative news with some editorial (to me, the more appealing side) or purely sophomoric, vindictive, sensationalist drivel.

      • “purely sophomoric, vindictive, sensationalist drivel.”

        I’ll have you know that Sophomoric, Vindictive, Sensationalist Drivel kept Mad Magazine in business for sixty-six years.

    • ” Not unmitigated, visceral hatred towards one of the players.”

      One of the players?
      One of the players?
      Is this a play on the stage?
      This is real life.
      Allison Mack clearly violated numerous laws.
      Allison Mack clearly tortured people.
      Allison Mack clearly enslaved and dehumanized people.
      And she enjoyed exercising power over people until she got caught at it.

      This was not a game.
      This was not a play or a contrived entertainment.

      “your words constitute unnecessary cruelty.”

      What about the unnecessary cruelty of branding human beings like cattle in a twenty minute process that one woman described as more painful than childbirth?
      Allison Mack was fine with that sort of unnecessary cruelty

      ” It brings you down. It depresses you. It turns your perspective negative. ”

      So any opinion that disagrees with you is terrible and makes you feel bad.
      All news should be filled with sugar and spice and pretty unicorns with rainbow colored tails.

      • Allison Mack violated numerous laws.

        -and this is not Mr. shadow, something that all the slaves of 1 and 2 line did, is not something that many of the KAR followers both women and men did, so that qualifies it as one of the PLAYERS and not the player principal .

        Allison Mack clearly tortured people.

        -You can tell me how many women and their names were tortured by allison, and please do not mention the brand, since this was all the slave women of DOS that was made clear by Lauren’s testimony, the only difference is that the 1 line slaves were marked by an expert in tattoos and brands which does not make it less painful.

        Allison Mack clearly enslaved and dehumanized people
        – You mean that those PEOPLE (generalizing, to make your claim more ambiguous, clever of your shadow part as always) were in subhuman conditions as for example, chained, dirty, without possibilities to make decisions for themselves, meaning without power exercise your FREE will.

        And he enjoyed exercising power over people until he was caught by that
        – she led in Jness and at the source, two of the Nxivm companies. so leadership and power over people and had no collateral.

        What about the unnecessary cruelty of marking humans as cattle in a twenty-minute process that a woman described as more painful than childbirth?
        Allison Mack was fine with that kind of unnecessary cruelty

        Well, if you did it to yourself and did the other 7 slaves of 1, line, I do not think I considered it cruel and it is not as if the women had NO options, I wonder what would have happened if the 8 slaves first line no other woman would have accepted to make the mark, these 8 would be the only stupid that would have the brand of KAR, and if that were the case we would say of them.

  • Wow, you manage to surprise me with how stupid you can be everytime…i’m so shocked that i Don’t know where to start!

    So you forget about everything said in the trial and come with some extremely serious crime to compare…
    Allison collected collateral, that’s it! that ,in a normal trial would give her a maximum of 2 years (because she was not a criminal before) and probably 0 as she was coerced herself.

    The mental breakdown news, until it’s clearly supported by a REAL source, i won’t pay attention so i’ll ignore your stupid moronic comment on it.

    “She ruined her own life. She chose to join Nxivm. She was Raniere’s eager lieutenant in founding DOS.”

    No she didn’t or all the victims did the same and therefor , let’s release Allison but also Raniere…
    You are a moron, she didn’t choosed to ruined her life…Like all the victims, everything was fine until Raniere try to break them (Something that is clearly stated about Allison in the Trial)

    And where did you get that she was “eager lieutenant in founding dos”? it’s pure BS , she was not part of creating Dos in any way!
    Only Raniere was the Creator, that is definately proved in the trial!
    But continue to Believe otherwise and shower us with you lack of knowledge and absurd theories

    “One listen to the sickening conversation these two criminals having a walk outside and discussing how the branding “ceremony” should be conducted proves just how eager a partner in crime Mack was.”

    ??? what the **** are babbling about (yep ,i used this terms on you, because that’s what you Always do)
    There is 1 recording were she is heard talking twice and it doesn’t seem to me like she is creating or anything like that…

    You point allison who said “ok…ok” but fail to talk about another first line who said the tattoo was cool…
    Ok ok mean what? Let’s make a secret society and make sure that many of the member have to have sex with raniere?

    She just said ok ok!
    Stop making her say things she didn’t say!

    “Her cruelty, her manipulativeness, her selfishness and lack of pity for those in her grip has blowback.”

    What cruelty are you talking about? selfishness,? wow, you sure like to twist all the facts you can Don’t you?

    The fact his , she didn’t commit any cruelty but was subject of it (she was caged , she was punished for others)…

    Selfishness? that’s why she took responsability of Dos while it is STRICTLY proved it’s false…

    As for the “confession” in court, it’s a PLEA DEAL moron! Innocent people sometime plea guilty because they have no choices.
    I’m not saying she didn’t commit ANY crimes but not ALL what she “confessed”…

    She just collected the collateral, anything else has failed to be proved in court! including the so called “force labor”…
    She asked a service to Nicole after giving service to nicole (helping her for her career)

    When Nicole was asked “Did you paid Allison for her service” , she said “No”…and Added a ridiculous “she was my mentor so it’s not the same…”
    Let’s ask if Allison never paid her mentor,shall we?
    Either it’s “forced labor” and in this case, Nicole was guilty of the same. Or it’s not and neither of them committed the crime.

    “Reasonable people have the right to ask, “why should I feel sorry for her?”
    Because you consider reasonable when you spend your time to lie, twist facts and try to prove that a girl who has lost almost a third of her life was a bigger criminal than she really was…

    Reasonable people should ask “why would she deserve to pay more than she already did”
    “Who the crime profited” , “Who took advantage of the situation”, or “Where people like Actaeon , shadow and such are searching for their info as it has Nothing to do with what was said in the trial”

    And nope, for the 2nd and 2rd question, it’s not Allison…If you followed the trial , you would know that.
    But you were too busy looking at BS info to try to prove she was the master of everything , she made nxivm, probably is the mother of both Raniere and Hitler…

    You really should consider getting a life (i already adviced you that) and get a hobby (different than an obsession on someone who did Nothing to you and way less than what you expected)…
    Knitting maybe!

    • “Allison collected collateral, that’s it! ”

      In the real world it’s called BLACKMAIL MATERIAL.
      And collecting BLACKMAIL MATERIAL is a CRIME.
      Collecting BLACKMAIL MATERIAL is a FELONY.

      While we’re on the subject Jeffrey Epstein also collected blackmail material.
      He set up cameras to record the sexual encounters between adults and children.

      Allison Mack is no different than Jeffrey Epstein.

      ” a girl who has lost almost a third of her life ”

      Allison Mack is not a girl
      Allison Mack is an adult who CHOSE TO COMMIT SERIOUS CRIMES.

    • He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • “One listen to the sickening conversation these two criminals having a walk outside and discussing how the branding “ceremony” should be conducted proves just how eager a partner in crime Mack was.”

    I dont think it’s the best evidence of her crimes to cite the branding discussion. The branding is not an uncommon cult thing. Ho hum, so DOS members pressured each other to get brands at the behest of a sociopathic charismatic. What makes Mack a criminal is actually much bigger than this.

    • Except the collateral collecting? there is Nothing big in that.

      Even India did it…Jayes(India’s victim) was on the verge to do it!

      There is Nothing big in term of “criminal” concerning Allison…That is a fact proved by the court (to their dismay).
      That’s the Reason why Allison wasn’t allowed to testify…
      Testifying would have made the case against her to be dropped, pretty much.

      Except Nicole (i Don’t consider Jayes as she changed her testimony between raniere’s arrest and Allison…not a victim of anything) ,And nicole didn’t charge that much Allison in term of crimes…At best she showed that Allison was needing to wash her mouth.

      Vicente discredited the “she is a mastermind criminal”
      Lauren did it too

      Dani didn’t talk about Allison at all
      The other witness had Nothing to say against Allison.

      She was not in the “crime organisation” until end of 2015 (after she was collateralized…which is seen by Shadow as free will).
      After that, all she did is collecting collaterals.

      • “She was not in the “crime organisation” until end of 2015”

        NXIVM was always a crime organization and Joe O’Hara alleged in a lawsuit that Mack was involved in money laundering as early as 2012.

        “After that, all she did is collecting collaterals.”

        Collecting BLACKMAIL IS A CRIME.
        It’s what Jeffrey Epstein did when he filmed or taped sexual encounters with children in his mansions.

        In that respect Allison Mack is no different from Jeffrey Epstein.

        • I’m a bit surprised you would compare her to Epstein when the much more apt comparison would be one of the women he paid to bring friends over. (Actually, no I’m not surprised, you say crazy stuff constantly)

          Epstein was able to turn his victims into recruiters to bring in more victims. Sound familiar? That’s how sex trafficking works and it’s why your blanket declarations of who is good and who is evil don’t really make sense.

        • In what world was Mack exonerated through Raniere’s trial? Good Lord, some people are invested in celebrities

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