Opposing View: Salinas ‘Ain’t Being Charged’

Emiliano Salinas - he barely knew the Vanguard he says nowadays.

Guest View by Bangkok

If the Feds had enough evidence to indict Emiliano Salinas they would have ALREADY done it over the last YEAR.

Frank is PRETENDING as though the Feds are ‘waiting’ a few more months before charging Emi, because he doesn’t want to admit the TRUTH that Emi ain’t being charged.

The Feds spent a WHOLE FUCKEN YEAR investigating NXIVM and Emi.

Guess what?

Emiliano Salinas [left green t-shirt] and his dear friend and partner Alejandro Betancourt [right green t-shirt] may not be dancing for their beloved master Vanguard on his birthday anymore, but it is still not known if the Feds will make either of those two lads dance because of their Vanguard and the things he made them do.
There’s no REASON for the Feds to wait a few more months before charging Emi.

They didn’t charge Emi cuz they don’t have enough evidence to make a solid case in court.

Frank’s comments about a few stray emails isn’t enough to convict him.

Guess what else?

Emiliano smiles in the UK with his wife Ludwika Paleta – purportedly proving he has no plans to flee to Cuba and that he is happy as a clam because he is in the clear.

Having Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza call him a co-conspirator isn’t enough to convict him either. Lots of people are considered co-conspirators but are never charged — cuz there’s not enough SOLID evidence to gain a conviction.

Frank doesn’t seem to know how the legal system works.

Frank is desperate for Emi to be charged. He’s losing his grip on reality. Penza is moving on to her next big cases. This dragon has been slayed. She’s moving on. Nothing to see here.

Emi ain’t being charged.

Get a clue.

Tanya Hajjar, Mark Lesko and Moira Penza – the prosecution team – leave the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse where they successfully convicted Keith Alan Raniere. Are they done now? Will they rest on their laurels or are more indictments coming for other Nxivm members?

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  • Debe terminar la era de la impunidad. Él es hijo del hombre que le robó a México un tercio de sus recursos. Entiendo que aquí se le proteja. Pero en EEUU no. A menos que estén coludidos Clinton y demás. Es un sociópata igual al padre. Cínico y malvado. Perverso. Debe ser castigado. Las víctimas lo merecen y la sociedad también. Éste artículo es tendencioso.

  • I do not know if Emiliano will be charged – evidence or not. I do hope justice is done, in part so people are protected.

    I also hope that people that want to “be close to power/money/Salinas/whatever…” think for themselves & do some serious and reproducible research before paying for any courses, bringing kids to foolish kindergartens, or dancing like buffoons in V-week.

  • I actually agree with Bangkok’s belief that Salinas will not be charged, however for different reasons than Bangkok lists.


    It’s so nice that Bangkok took time on the 4th of July to write an op/ed.

    He was home from Summer camp. 😉

  • “They didn’t charge Emi cuz they don’t have enough evidence to make a solid case in court.”

    When the Feds investigate and prosecute a complex case like NXIVM it often takes two or three years.
    The Feds only did a hurry up job on NXIVM because Raniere was in Mexico and planning to flee to Fiji.

  • Emiliano is on the run. He fears, he´s hiding, he´s a pussy, he´s a coward, a criminal. He knows his daddy can no longer protect him.

    But most importantly; he knows his lord vanguard can no longer illuminate him.

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