Nancy Salzman Whines “No Mas” – Wants Ankle Monitor Removed & Curfew Ended

MK10ART's fabulous painting of the three faces of Nancy Salzman.

For those who thought that Nancy Salzman might have lost some of her sense of importance and privilege, rest assured that she still thinks of herself as “Prefect”.

What other explanation could there be for yesterday’s filing in which her attorneys asked that Salzman have her ankle monitor removed – and that she be relieved of any curfew restrictions?

Unless she’s near death, neither request should even be considered by U.S. District Court Nicholas G. Garaufis, let alone granted.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

And even then, he should probably insist that she keep the ankle monitor on just in case her NXIVM acolytes decide to have her cryogenically frozen and hide her body somewhere like they reportedly did with Pam Cafritz (More on Pam’s status at some point in the future).

Dubious Reasons for the Requests
While it might be expected that her attorneys would have some well-reasoned and persuasive arguments to support the two requests, that is most definitely not the case.

Instead, Prefect’s attorneys have based both requests on the fact that the trial in the Raniere case has been concluded.

MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere.

“We make this request at this time because the trial in this matter has been completed and therefore many of the reasons justifying these conditions no longer exist”.

Seriously? What the fuck are you smoking guys?

Just because Raniere’s trial is over doesn’t mean jackshit in terms of the likelihood that Prefect might head off to Fiji or Mexico.

Don’t you think that the most likely time for someone to flee is AFTER they pleaded guilty or been found guilty and BEFORE they’re sentenced and taken into custody?

This is about the weakest possible argument you could have made for what are, under any circumstances, two outrageous requests.

Implications for Other Defendants
If Judge Garaufis grants Nancy’s requests, how can he possibly justify not granting similar requests for Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell before their sentencing dates?

Hell, why not just book reservations for everyone to Clare’s little home-away-from-home on Wakaya Island in Fiji.

Wakaya Island may be where Nancy Salzman wants to go for a permanent vacation.

And as long as we’re at it, let’s let Keith out while his inevitable appeals wind their way through the legal system for the next 10 years.

He certainly deserves a little fun-in-the-sun – not to mention a little pussy – after spending the last 15+ months in the bowels of the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Metropolitan Detention Center

Requests Must be Rejected
Unless Nancy’s attorneys can submit credible proof that Nancy is going to die before her sentencing, both requests have to be rejected.

They can submit that proof to Judge Garaufis “under seal” so that Frank Report readers and the general public don’t get the details of Nancy’s impending doom.

But unless that’s what is going on here, Judge Garaufis needs to reject this request faster than Raniere’s record-tying time in the 100-yard dash.

Seriously, Nancy?

You want to be treated like you’re the Prefect?

Are we going to bring back Joan Osborne and the Funk Brothers back for your birthday party too (I hate to admit it – but they actually put on a great show for your birthday back in 2004)?

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  • Does she currently have cancer and is she receiving chemo/treatment? Does anyone know?
    I can so clearly imagine her feverishly digging up some cash-stuffed Medaglia D’Oro cans in the middle of the night. If there were thousands in cash in a desk drawer in the office where Dani worked, who would miss Nancy pinching a bit here and there? Over 20 years, that could result in quite a few emergency coffee cans for that rainy day when either the IRS or law enforcement dropped the hammer. Once they knew the investigations were coming, when they read about the branding on the Frank Report and Nancy angrily turned on her own sacrificed daughter for the activities of DOS, there was ample time to divvy up the cash piles into what she could allow the feds to find and confiscate and what she could stash.

    Then again, she was dumb enough to go along with this whole charade of nxivm, maybe she really isn’t that clever after all. Surrounded by marginal student Keith, the Bronfman GED brain trust, and some ditzy Hollywood actresses would likely make even a complete dumbass feel smart, even someone with a two-year associate’s degree like Nancy. Somehow, she gives off an aloof vibe that makes me wonder if she didn’t figure she was the true brains of the operation, using Keith as the front man, seeing the Bronfmans as simply investors. Hopefully, she is smart enough to carry herself to a real oncologist, and not get cancer care from a doctor wielding a cauterizing pen and a glue gun.

  • I am sure Nancy reads the comments soooooo, Nancy, have you been shopping at Stuyvesant Plaza of late? Been to Starbucks? Different Drummers? Or at your tailor at Executive Park?

  • Now, now Nancy, you must get 100 EMs, 50 coffee enemas and take Pain and Suffering 200 times with Jim Del Nigro teaching you the class.

    Suffering about your ankle monitor before your bag is packed and you’re ready to serve your time in Federal prison is no way for a Prefect to behave.

    No, you cannot take your sash with you. It belongs to the government and it could be used as a weapon in prison.

    Boo Hoo. You were warned years ago to leave your Vanturd and you didn’t listen.

  • It seems to me that if she wants the ankle monitor off, then she can just start serving her sentence. I’d assume it’s possible that she could ask for something like having her bond revoked, and sitting in pre-sentencing detention, expecting to have time served credited to her eventual sentence – plus like Tighe, she could then get free medical care.

    The only possible legitimate contingency I can see, would be if she was in some dire medical condition that would warrant compassionate release if she were incarcerated. Or conceivably, if she’s contributed so much to another case being developed, that it might merit her not being served to any time at all – except her plea deal specifically did not include cooperation, which just seems like another strike against her.

    The more I think about her non-cooperation, and her role in using the law to wreak vengeance on others like Tighe (imprisoned for at best a likely small offense, possibly having mistakenly downloaded one, or just a couple, child porn images, one of those things that quite a few people are probably inadvertently guilty of that wouldn’t have been caught and punished otherwise), the more I think there’s no good reason for the judicial system to show her particular compassion.

  • I was surprised to read in the NY Post article about this that the prosecutions had no objections to the request??

  • In the NY Post, Nancy’s attorney David Stern noted that prosecutors have no objection to the request. Is that because they were laughing uncontrollably at how ludicrous the request is? 😂🤣
    Happy Independence Day to all in the USA!

  • It must be a bit awkward for Nancy Salzman. Imagine going around trying to drum up business as the Nurse Ratchett of self-help and your goddamn ankle-monitor just RUINS your whole look.

  • I think she’s actually quite a sinister figure, who’s good at blending into the wallpaper. She’s cultivated an air of respectability around herself as a ‘professional’ therapist, but her public image is no more real than Raniere’s. She’s a senior member of a criminal enterprise. She isn’t a respectable therapist. She’s a criminal. Unlike Raniere, she doesn’t crave adulation and devotion. She craves money, and she’s done very well out of the NXIVM scam. If anyone knows where the money is, it’s her, and she’s a definite flight risk.

    • She’s a RN (two year degree) who has mis-represented her credentials at times. While she did quite a few hypnosis and NLP courses, she’s not really qualified at anything therapeutic, even if she holds some sort of NLP certification (most of which can be acquired in less than a month).

      If she were a properly qualified and registered therapist, she would actually be in trouble for violating professional standards and licensing requirements, as well. And that may point to one of the actionable take-aways from this: people and groups dabbling in psychotherapy like NXIVM, should probably be required to be licensed and held accountable to some sort of professional standards, including at least being insured – if nothing else, private insurers would tend to exclude groups that presented too much of a liability.

  • She turned over all her money it says in the NY Post article.

    WHAT…. how the heck do we know that Salzman doesn’t have some stash of cash put away in someone else’s crawl space(s).

    This reader agrees that it’s the best time to run. Right before your going to spend some time in prison.

    If the Judge allows this for Nancy Salzman he has to allow it for those who made plea deals.

    • Salzman’s having left money lying around like that suggests to me that she was what they call a disorganized criminal – not one who would plan ahead and come up with a sophisticated plan to create and hide an emergency stash. One of the things that makes criminals different from you and I, is that they don’t necessarily think the same way about responsibilities and consequences, so it can be a mistake to try to project our logical processes onto their actions.

      Many fraudsters have a sort of gambler’s mentality (Raniere reportedly actually gambles) and don’t expect their run to come to an end, even when things start to turn against them. A classic example is Bernie Madoff, who had absolutely no plan as to what to do when things went South, though at one point he had enough money in hand to buy a nice island somewhere and set himself up with enough of a stash to be taken care of for life – he didn’t even have the foresight to put some assets safely in his wife’s name, and she now lives in virtual poverty, while his sons lost everything and ended up dead.

        • That list shows clawbacks from his sons, but none from his wife – if I recall, everything they had was just jointly held and so ripe for the feds to confiscate. I’m not even sure he took the token step of putting money in her name, and from what I’ve seen of other frauds there is a good chance that some tightly protected arrangement (particularly using funds arguably made from his legitimate business) would have allowed her to walk away with a bit of her own money – but the point is he didn’t even try, he just wasn’t thinking that way in spite of being obviously very bright and capable in many ways, and having had the funds and knowledge to have stuck away a few tens of millions in some untouchable retreat.

          There have been multiple suicides in the wake of Madoff’s fraud, including one of his own sons, plus probably many people whose lives were shortened by everything from stress to lack of money for health care, the sort of double-whammy that may have done in his other son. The worst of these so-called white collar frauds do actually cost lives.

  • She needs the tracker removed so that she can go dig up some of the money she buried over the years.

    This is the money that the FBI, Bronfman, and Raniere don’t know about.

    “I came across a fallen tree
    I felt the branches of it looking at me
    Is this the place we used to love?
    Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?”

    – Keane, “Somewhere only we know.

    She should be banned from going any closer to a shovel than fifty feet.

    • Paul is exactly right!!!!!!!!!!!

      There is a bucket load of NXIVM cash floating around out there…..

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