Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. It is our last known photograph of the Vanguard. Treasure it.

One Night in Bangkok: The Judge Must Put a Leash on Marc Agnifilo

By One Night in Bangkok

It should be noted that in Marc Agnifilo’s previous bail motion filing (to get Keith out on bail), he said that Keith Raniere’s trip to Mexico was not to flee the DOJ investigation and that Keith was willing to cooperate with the DOJ at any time while he was in Mexico.

As part of that previous bail motion filing, Agnifilo said that another one of Keith’s attorney [Michael Sullivan] had contacted the US Attorney’s Office to setup an interview with the DOJ while Keith was in Mexico (i.e., thereby implying that Keith was willing to return to the US for this interview voluntarily and was NOT fleeing any investigation during his trip to Mexico).

Yet, in his most recent filing, Agnifilo is now CONTRADICTING his previous bail motion by confirming that Keith was NOT willing to voluntarily cooperate with Mexican or US authorities when captured (i.e. Keith was NOT willing to voluntarily come back to settle these charges when captured by Mexican police and had to be involuntarily deported, against his will, at gun point).

Agnifilo is, therefore, admitting — at least tacitly — that Keith was in fact running away to Mexico to flee the DOJ.

I have a legal question for Mr. Claviger…

How can an attorney submit filings which appear to contradict themselves? Especially when he’s supposed to be an officer of the court and is supposed to be 100% honest with every filing.

This is why nobody respects attorneys. Defense attorneys are rarely punished severely for bullshitting. If a filing is not 100% truthful, then the judge should use his judicial hammer.

The judge must put a leash on Marc Agnifilo.

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  • Maybe someone’s afeared that were it true KAR et al fled — by recent apparent admission of KAR’s own counsel, contrary to Aggie’s prior assertion more in keeping, I suppose, with Bangkok’s preference — to the arms of potential Mexican “traitors,” after being denied entry to Canada — whichever immigration legal Counsel (wasn’t it Burke’s company with Mark Sullivan, Frontier?) was retained years prior and presumably advising Ms. Bronfman as to Marianna Fernandez immigration status might be more accountable than Bangkok is comfortable with at this time?

    Bangkok’s indignation over Aggie’s “contradiction” is understandable. Aggie’s not only off-leash, he’s way off-script. And, if this IS Burke, better get on some new prescriptions.

  • Hear, hear! What a catch, Bangcocky! EXACTLY why lawyers are hated — they’re allowed to bullshit just like Aggie’s doing now!

    …Never figured Burke for a team player but would he turn on and call for the judicial hammering of his defense co-counsel, like this? Like he’s allegedly doing to his former pal Peterson and those DOJ “chuckleheads” he leaked on?

    Say it isn’t true, Cocky. You can’t be the same Burke who was so sympathetic with murdered ATF Agent Brian Terry’s mourning family he refused to testify but took to leaking, albeit to save his own white bread ass?

    Because you, Bangkok, etc. have displayed such endearing sympathy for victims here on FR you could not possibly be Dennis Burke himself.

    Plus, you always manage to sound like testosterone on coke sans neurons. Where would Burke get the money for such a costly habit?

  • I believe that Raniere was certainly unwilling to voluntarily return to the US. But I’m not understanding how Agnifilo’s recent filing confirms this. Is it because of the Mexican police using force to take him? I’m not familiar with their procedures, but isn’t it possible that the Mexican police did not ask Keith nicely first, to come with them? Maybe I’m wrong here. As I say, I do not know the procedures.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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