Clare Bronfman Has Secret Meeting With Nxivm Coach Vanessa Sahagun

"In Keith We Trust" Edgar Boone and Vanessa Sahagun would take the fall for Keith for he has done so much for them.

It may just the last dying gasps of that obscenity called Nxivm.

Or maybe, with Clare Bronfman’s money, and the Mexican contingent, they will be able to keep Nxivm alive – to brand and bleed followers in the future.

Clare Bronfman, who stands convicted of two felonies in connection with the Nxivm enterprise, met recently with Nxivm coach, Vanessa Sahagun, wife of Mexican Nxivm leader, Edgar Boone, according to  Nxivm insiders.

Bronfman is not allowed to meet with Boone himself, without attorneys present, based on her bail conditions.

The meeting with Boone’s wife and Bronfman reportedly took place at Bronfman’s luxury apartment in Manhattan where she is confined to home detention pending sentencing in July.

Sahagun Slipped Through Cracks

Vanessa Sahagun is one of the more recently graduated coaches of Nxivm and is not on the 2017 Nxivm Coaches List in possession of the government.  Bronfman is prohibited by the terms of her bail to associate with anyone on the 2017 Coaches List without attorneys present.

Since Sahagun is not on the list, technically Bronfman can meet with her without attorneys.

Sahagun was named coach in 2017, after completing her $5,000 per month course work at Vanguard University held at Nxivm headquarters in Colonie, New York.

The Future of Nxivm

What Bronfman and Sahagun spoke about is not clear, but it appears to have been Nxivm related. Speculation is rife among recently defected members that it was about how to keep operations alive in the US and Mexico.

Sahagun divides her time between homes in Clifton Park, New York and Monterrey, Mexico.

Bronfman expects to be out of prison by 2021. Her attorneys are likely gathering letters from friends and Nxivm students detailing her kind and noble personality and generous acts she has done for society to inform the judge on her sentencing.

Former Nxivm members worry that Bronfman will resume Nxivm operations, with her assuming her role of Director of Operations after she completes her prison sentence. Her willingness to punish enemies of Nxivm with legal and extralegal methods have ex-members frightened about speaking on the record.

Front row: Vanessa Sahagun, Marc Elliot, Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack [convicted], Danielle Roberts, Siobhan Hotaling, [defected], Nicki Clyne, [DOS slave who has defected] India -defected], Michelle Salzman.
Back row: Jim Del Negro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sahajo Haertel, Justin Elliot,

Sahagun Tight Lipped

After their meeting, Sahagun came out determined to speak with certain Nxivm coaches and insisting that coaches remain loyal to Keith Raniere.

“She cut me off, “ said one Nxivm coach. “Because I made a disparaging remark about Keith.”

Many Nxivm members privately question whether, if everything that was said at the trial is true, especially about Camila, should they reassess their position toward Keith?

The Elliot brothers, Angel Smith, Janie Porter, Sahajo Haertel and other Nxivm and DOS slaves attended the trial but reportedly remain faithful to Raniere.

Children in Rainbow

Sahagun and her husband Edgar Boone have triplets. The infants have been placed in the Nxivm child experiment called Rainbow Cultural Garden. In Rainbow, babies are isolated from parents for up to 14 hours per day and cared for by nannies from different countries who speak to them in seven different languages – one for each day of the week.

Parents are prohibited from speaking to their children in their own language while nannies are present. Sahagun and Boone paid $200,000 per year for the privilege of having their triplets in the Rainbow experiment, according to a former Rainbow high ranking insider.

The experiment was devised by Raniere, who speaks only English – as a method to increase babies’ brain power by exposing them to multiple languages.

Dr. Brandon Porter conducted studies on babies, toddlers and children in Rainbow. He devised tests to determine their growing [or diminishing] linguistic skills before and during the child experiment. He has not published the results of his study on the Rainbow experiment to date.

Boone Is Highest Sash Member of Nxivm

Sahagun’s husband, Edgar Boone, holds the Blue Sash of Nxivm. Only the late Pam Cafrtiz and the late Barbara Jeske outranked him with Purple Sashes and Nancy Salzman, who had the Gold Sash of the Prefect. Since Salzman’s conviction on racketeering conspiracy, she appears to have opted out of Nxivm. Therefore, her Gold Sash is retired.

Salzman recently agreed to surrender ownership to the US government of First Principles LLC, which owns the rights to Rational Inquiry, which is used in Nxivm classes. Former students told Frank Report that she is “extremely angry” with Raniere and “feels Raniere deceived her for years.”

Bronfman Felonies

Meantime, the most important figure in Nxivm, other than Raniere, Clare Bronfman stands convicted of two felonies.  The first is conspiring to conceal and harbor an illegal alien for financial gain.

That alien is Sylvie, a DOS slave, who hails from the UK. Bronfman made false statements to US immigration about Sylvie’s pay rate to get her a work visa in the US.

By paying Sylvie less than what she claimed on the application, Bronfman saved an estimated $100,000 over several years. Bronfman has a net worth of more than $200 million.

Bronfman’s second felony was the fraudulent use of the late Pam Cafritz’s identification.

After Cafritz died in November 2016, Bronfman helped Raniere use her American Express Card and bank accounts.

Bronfman’s aid in helping Raniere use the dead woman’s assets allowed Raniere, the government alleged, to “falsely portray himself as a renunciate and to not pay taxes on his income”.

MK10ART’s wonderful painting of Clare Bronfman.

Bronfman Sentencing

As to Bronfman’s conspiracy to conceal and harbor aliens for financial gain, the maximum term of imprisonment is ten years.  With regard to her fraudulent use of identification, the maximum term of imprisonment is 15 years.

The government made a prediction as to the calculation of her sentencing guidelines which, they informed the court, is 21 to 27 months in federal prison.  Bronfman pled guilty on April 19, 2019.

As part of her plea agreement, she can appeal the sentence to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit if the sentencing judge, US District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, sentences her to more than 27 months

Bronfman also consented to pay a $6 million fine to the government by June 19.  She also had to pay $96,000 in restitution to Sylvie.

Her Allocution

During her allocution in April, Bronfman was careful not to blame Raniere or even name him.

She said in part, “Your Honor, I was afforded a great gift by my grandfather and my father. With the gift comes immense privilege, and more importantly, tremendous responsibility. It does not come with the ability to break the law, it comes with a great responsibility to uphold the law. I failed to uphold the following laws set forth by this country, and for that, I’m truly remorseful.”

She admitted she harbored Sylvie and Sylvie’s “work was a financial benefit to me.”

She also admitted to using Cafritz’s credit card and bank account after she died.

“My office and I handled the logistics of payment of the credit card bill from the bank account, and the person using the credit card did not intend to pay taxes on the income received in the form of payment for goods purchased on the credit card.”

The person using the credit card, who Bronfman did not mention by name, was Raniere.

No Harm, So Why a Foul?

During her allocution, Bronfman explained that she was well intended.

She concluded, “I meant no harm in either case, however, that does not justify my actions nor their affects (sic), and for this, I am truly sorry. I endeavored to do good in the world and to help people; however, I have made mistakes. This experience has taught me the gravity of my responsibility, and I will take these lessons forward in every future decision. Thank you.”

One of her more recent decisions was to meet with Nxivm coach Vanessa Sahagun.

What that meeting was about is unknown.

What is also unknown is whether Bronfman will take her responsibilities seriously in operating Nxivm in the future.

Nxivm may be dead and the few remaining people just don’t know it.

Still, with Bronfman’s fortune and the active Mexican group – people like Vanessa Sahagun and even her children once they come of age – maybe Nxivm may survive without Raniere who is likely to be sentenced to life in prison.

With zealots like James Del Negro, the Elliot brothers, Esther Carlson, Nicki Clyne, Dr. Brandon Porter, Michelle Hatchette, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Omar Boone, Ana Risoul, Edgar Boone, and heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman and their money, one cannot yet claim Nxivm is finished.

Which is why our work here on Frank Report will go on…


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  • Vanessa Sahagun has been an ESP coach for many years now. She quickly became a coach after she took her first ESP trainings, and that was before 2010.

  • BS…Why risking to get a bad sentencing (It didn’t happen yet) while she could end up facing 0 time in jail?

    Can’t you stop making false news? or at least back it up with real proof!
    This website is Nothing but that lately… false accusation, defamation and people who create stories about things that never happened.

    Sorry, but i’ll Believe it when someone credible (understand ‘no one from FR’) talk about it.

  • I think we don’t really have any solid evidence about where Bronfman really is in her thinking.

    It’s not surprising that she’s talking to important members, including some who may still be loyalists. Whether she’s trying to rally them, talk them out of something, or talk them into going some new direction, is completely up in the air.

    My best estimate is that she will end up buying rights to the NXIVM “tech” back from the government, and then attempt some sort of rehabilitation and reform intended to put her in a good light. People may have little choice but to follower her direction, if she has both the intellectual property rights and the money to keep something going. My guess is that it won’t go any further than, say, all the many attempts to create a purified, independent version of Scientology – none of which have ever succeed at anything more than providing a sort of halfway house for a few diehard members.

    • And she will have Barbara Bouchey as her second cause we know Barb keeps putting forth that there is good in both NXIVM and Keith lol. And Barb has been promoting herself as the savior of all the good in NXIVM (pardon me while I vomit at there being any good in NXIVM)

  • Clare Bronfman has no family left except for those bought through NXIVM and her mother.

    The only reason her bother in law came to bail her out was to make sure Clare did not sell her sister Sara Bronfman down the river for a lesser sentence. Its possible she did based on her guilty plea deal.

    The only reason Sara Bronfman didn’t come bail her sister out is she herself is fearful she’d get arrested herself.

    No other Bronfman family member has shown their face to any of Clare’s court hearings to support her. Who wants to support the sister who has funded and supported one of the most evil cult leaders of the century? None of the Bronfman clan.

  • Nancy Salzman is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 10th, the day before her daughter, Lauren is sentenced, as well as Allison Mack. But Nancy Salzman’s anger at Raniere, as cited here, is not enough. It is valid steam, but venting steam is only steam. She cannot work with Raniere, nor can she change him or heal him. As yet she has only begun the digging into what she is going to have to study, and that digging isn’t about Keith Raniere.

    It is time to dig into herself, to resuscitate whatever good is left. And it will be hard work; probably it will be ongoing for the rest of her life. She has had a front row seat to learn about the tremendous distinction between belief and experience.

    • Nancy is actually scheduled to be sentenced on July 10th. Here are all the scheduled sentencing dates and times:
      • Nancy Salzman – July 10th (11:00 AM)
      • Clare Bronfman – July 25th (2:30 PM)
      • Kathy Russell – July 31st (TBD)
      • Lauren Salzman – September 11th (11:00 AM)
      • Allison Mack – September 11th (12:00 Noon)
      • Keith Raniere – September 25th (11:00 AM)

      • Too bad the Judge doesn’t make them closer together for those who are out of town can come and get their day in court.

      • Thanks, K.R., I wrote it wrong. That day is coming up on us very fast. Wow, her sentencing day is in 2 weeks. Holey moley.

    • She was full of smiles when she left the court after her guilty plea. My guess is that she’s got quite a lot of money stashed somewhere the Feds couldn’t find. I get the feeling that she’s very money focussed. Who else keeps half a million dollars just laying around in their house? New name, new place, no problem. Of the whole creepy crew, she’ll probably get one of the lightest sentences.

      • I think the sort of person who keeps half a million dollars lying scattered around the house, is most likely the sort of overworked cultist who’s not really thinking ahead or planning for contingencies, like finally getting busted by law enforcement….

  • Bronfman, confined to home detention in a very comfortable atmosphere, continues to conduct Nxivm business, after pleading guilty to Nxivm-related crimes. Of course she keeps holding on to what has already been her downfall. She has stayed inside the bubble, having faced very little discomfort so far. It was very noticeable during her court statement that she wasn’t adapting herself to detach from Raniere or to question her own “good” works as having really been harmful acts against others. Her regret seems to be that Raniere and she were caught and now lack their past amount of freedom.

  • If Edgar Boone is in the US, why has he not been charged with financial crimes?

    Did he put his tail between his legs like the rest of the Mexicans and run to Mexico when the mothership started burning down?

    Edgar Boone had to have known about the cash coming across the border. He was at the very top of the NXMX pyramid being the first to join NXIVM from his country.

    That is the main reason he is now the highest ranking student in NXIVM.

  • Clare is not intelligent; she never was. She works her ideas by the limits of her intellectual power (almost non-existent), but also by her amazing hatred towards life and people in general. She is a totally wretched woman. Because she has never known happiness, nobody else should be happy (one can tell just by her look).

    But she suffers (big time) from another disgrace; she cannot act by her own volition. She needs to be commanded. She is a dependent pseudo-human being too afraid to be a real, functional person to actually be someone.

    She is an automaton at the service of KR, and she knows it. She feels that, away from him, she is nothing; and she is damn right. That is why she will continue to do what she knows, the only thing she knows: do evil. But she will screw things up and finally destroy the remaining of her own life. Lest we forget, she faces other serious charges (that´s the best part of Penza’s brilliant strategy).

    Clare is a witch. Moira Penza is the heroine in this tale.

    And so; the day she gets out of jail, she will walk from the gates of one prison to the cells of another one.

      • Not only Clare but Sara, Allison, Lauren, Michele, Nancy, Brandon Porter and his wife, Dr. Danielle Roberts just to name a few who are beyond redemption.

    • Bingo! You pegged her just right.
      As Jerry Springer said the only difference between the folks on his show and the rich is…the rich have money.

  • Miss Bronfman would be mad to associate herself or her family name with someone found guilty of being a nonce by a jury. Believe me, if she goes down that route the stigma will not be shaken. Ever.

  • Keith is gone. Rid NXIVM of its financial support and it’s toast. Now are there enough suckers in Mexico, wealthy and/or famous or not, to make it worth the while to try and keep it going? Because IMO the organization in the USA is dead. And what’s to be gained in Mexico that declaring the organization dead and then reorganizing under a different name (hopefully leaving the stigma behind with it) couldn’t accomplish?

    I suppose if someone worth $200 million wants to keep tossing money into the abyss, you can’t necessarily stop them. I could see pride getting in the way of walking away from NXIVM for Bronfman, a sort of “I’ll show them” attitude, but what a waste.

  • The only remotely charismatic individual besides Keith Raniere was Emilliano Salinas. Salinas left and I doubt his father will allow him to return. There are no heirs or usurpers to carry on Vanguard’s legacy. Thank God!

    Metaphorically……I think NXIVM is DOA. The body(NXIVM) is on the ambulance in route the hospital. Once it arrives at the hospital it will be pronounced dead.

    Bangkok was actually right in his article. 😉

  • Was it part of the plea deal, or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that allows Bronfman to appeal the sentence if it exceeds the recommended timeframe?

    The gay Mexican guys also have a lot of money behind them, I wouldn’t doubt they get involved again, if they aren’t already.

  • Concern has been expressed in both the US and Mexico about Clare becoming very hairy, and no longer taking showers or washing her hair.

    Is she setting herself up as the new Vanguard?

    When asked for her opinion, the current leader of DOS only said,” She doesn’t have a very nice cunt.”

    Seems very fishy to me.

    • The Bronfmans have owned and operated NXIVM for some time.
      Whoever ends up as the Vanguard will have to answer whoever pays the bills.
      What is that old expression:
      “She who pays the piper calls the tune.”

      And in light of the NXIVM sex cult scandal where one very perverted so called man created a brutal sex slave cult with the help of Allison Mack, it appears that the best tactic for a revived NXIVM is to fill the leadership ranks with females or compliant males who will strictly follow the orders of the Bronfmans and the Mexican NXIVM leaders.

  • After World War II the victorious Allies embarked on a prolonged program of Denazification to rid Germany of the toxic effects of Nazism.

    This program began in 1945 but was ultimately abandoned in 1951 and there are still minor Nazi influences in Germany today.
    Only the slow death of an entire generation of Germans indoctrinated in Nazism reduced the influence of this ideology.

    I doubt that any attempt to do the same with NXIVM will also be fruitless particularly as the cult still has tremendous financial resources and political influence in New York State and Mexico and Hollywood produces no end of gullible actresses eager to join cults.
    Just look at Scientology and Ramtha for proof of the last point.


  • Frank, I’d like you to write another article about the likelihood of Clare Bear being charged for new crimes.

    You said that other agencies, including the EDNY and NDNY, are possibly gonna bring more charges against Clare.

    You also said that her plea deal did not include any non-prosecution agreements.

    However, I have to believe that the original racketeering counts against her (that were dismissed as part of the plea deal) can never be brought against her again, as that would be double jeopardy because the 2 crimes she pleaded guilty to are linked to the original racketeering charges that were dismissed. .

    Doesn’t that prohibit the government from coming back with new racketeering counts, using those same crimes as predicate acts?

    Hopefully the feds have other predicate acts to prove racketeering against her.

    Anyway, I’d like to hear more about what you think will happen, including other possible charges that are likely to happen.

    You should write an article on this shit cuz it’s interesting stuff.

    Clare Bear needs to go down in flames. Penza needs to keep pouncing on her.

    • Any new federal racketeering charge would have to be based on different predicate acts (In theory, New York State could pursue a state-level racketeering charge against her for the same predicate acts for which she was charged in the EDNY but that’s not going to happen). But there are plenty of criminal acts that took place in the NDNY to support a new racketeering charge.

      We’ll have much more to report on Clare Bronfman…

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