Nicki Clyne Now Leads DOS

Nicki Clyne leads DOS

Nicki Clyne, formerly an actress on the TV show Battlestar Galactica, has risen to the top role in the master-slave group, DOS, according to Nxivm insiders.

DOS, which stands for Dominus Obsequious Sororium [Master Over the Obedient Women], was founded by Nxivm leader, Keith Alan Raniere, who was convicted earlier this month on federal charges of racketeering and sex trafficking.

Clyne, 36, a First Line DOS Slave under Raniere, takes orders from Clare Bronfman, who now functions as the head of Nxivm. But Clyne continues to regard Raniere as her supreme master, according to Nxivm insiders.

Supreme Master of DOS, Keith Alan Raniere.

Clyne holds readiness drills at 3 am – or at any other suitable time -to keep her slaves in preparedness, which is part of DOS training.

Clyne’s slaves have 60 seconds from the time of her texting to respond with a reply text saying, “ready M” [“M” stands for “master”] or they can be punished with penances such as reducing their caloric intake to under 500 calories, taking cold showers, doing planks, standing outside in the middle of the night perfectly still, or, in some instances, corporal punishment such as bare buttocks paddling.

While the Raniere trial was ongoing and in the months leading up to it, a hiatus on recruiting new DOS slaves was imposed. Reportedly, Clyne is now encouraging slaves to begin recruitment efforts again.

According to one source, Clyne hopes to recruit at least 50 slaves [mainly from Mexico] to make up for those who defected as a result of DOS being exposed and Raniere being arrested and convicted.

DOS was developed by Raniere, he said, to train women to be more disciplined or “badass”.

Critics say Raniere devised DOS as a way to have sex with women, who, as his slaves, had to obey his commands, including to have sex with him. This latter accusation formed the basis of sex trafficking charges against him. The sex trafficking charge he was convicted of carries with it a minimum penalty of 15 years in prison. Raniere is 58 – and will turn 59 before he is sentenced in September.

The collection of collateral, which consists of material that is damaging to a slave’s reputation, finances and/or quality of life – which is collected tensurere secrecy and obedience in DOS – was suspended prior to the arrest of Raniere on March 26, 2018.

Of the eight first-line slaves of Raniere — Allison Mack, Rosa Laura Junco, Camila, Dani Padilla, Monica Duran, Loreta Garza, Clyne, and Lauren Salzman – only four remain committed to DOS.

Loreta Garza, Monica Duran, and Dani Padilla remain in DOS and are in Mexico.  Clyne remains in the US to lead DOS in America.

With DOS slave Dr. Danielle Roberts faithfully on board [with her cauterizing pen], branding may resume. It is not known if future DOS brands will still feature Raniere’s initials.

A source close to Clyne admitted that recruitment in DOS looks bleak in the US where the trial of Raniere has had extensive media coverage.  But the remaining First Line slaves feel there is a fertile field in Mexico, Central America, parts of Europe and elsewhere. With hoped-for funding from the Bronfmans, the goal is to keep DOS vibrant despite the setback it received by the imprisonment of Raniere.

DOS slave Dr. Danielle Roberts

Dr. Roberts was informed that a New York State Department of Health investigation into whether her medical license should be suspended or revoked was halted until the trial of Raniere ended.  Now that he has been convicted, the DOH reportedly will continue its investigation and will utilize evidence revealed in the criminal trial.

Even if Dr. Roberts loses her medical license, she would still be able to brand women. A medical license is not needed to perform scarification [branding] in New York State.

In a related development, the Medical Licensing Board of the Department of Health is expected to soon decide whether Dr. Brandon Porter may keep his medical license. He is being investigated for his role in conducting human fright experiments on Nxivm women and failing to report a suspicious outbreak of poisoning or illness at Vanguard Week in 2016.

Dr. Brandon Porter should know his fate soon.

Porter is not practicing medicine and was recently hired to sell insulation in the Capital Region. After his new job was revealed on Frank Report, his employer fired him. Dr. Porter continues to live in Clare Bronfman’s Clifton Park home. His wife, Janie, attended the trial of Raniere and sat with Raniere supporters.

Clare Bronfman

Clare Bronfman, who is reportedly still loyal to Nxivm, is subject to home arrest in Manhattan and awaits sentencing in July on charges of harboring an illegal alien and identity theft. Sentencing guidelines on her charges call for a sentence of 21-27 months.

Despite being barred from meeting with anyone on the Nxivm coaches list without her attorney being present,, Clare has met with at least one Nxivm coach from Mexico at her Manhattan apartment, reportedly to give instructions through her to Nxivm Mexico followers.

While DOS has taken a severe blow in membership, there are still a number of steadfast slaves. Whether they remain in DOS because of the collateral held on them, or whether they believe in the DOS training is unknown. Clyne has adopted several of Mack’s slaves into her own slave pod, such as Michelle Hatchette and Dr. Roberts.

DOS slave Michelle Hatchette.

Mack, who is no longer active in DOS, is under home arrest and will likely face prison time for her role in the Nxivm racketeering enterprise when she is sentenced in September.

Despite her defection, Mack’s collateral was not released. It was described by FBI agents as consisting of graphic nude photos, an apparent bogus letter accusing her father of sexually molesting her, a letter to child protection authorities claiming her nephews were molested, a contract promising to give custody to Raniere of any unborn children she might one day birth, and the signing over of all her financial assets to Raniere were she ever to leave or disobey him.

Mack denounced Raniere when she made her allocution in April, as she pled guilty to one count of racketeering and one count of racketeering conspiracy.  The maximum penalty Mack faces is 40 years in prison, but federal sentencing guidelines for her are in the 3-5 year range. The judge has discretion on her sentence.  Mack agreed to forfeit her townhome in Clifton Park to the government based on her conviction.

While some have argued that Mack is a victim of Raniere, during the trial, two DOS slaves, Nicole and Jaye, gave testimony replete with unflattering stories about Mack’s robust role in sex trafficking, forced labor and state law extortion on her master’s behalf. How this will impact the judge’s sentencing is unknown.

Clyne is presently living in Brooklyn, sharing an apartment with DOS slave Michelle Hatchette – and Samatha LeBaron and Justin Elliott. Dr. Roberts is also in the same slave pod with Michelle. She was formerly a slave under Mack and now is a slave under Clyne.


Sam LeBaron lives with Nicki Clyne. Stay tuned for more on this topic.

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  • At the end of the day, who the fuck cares if Nicki Clyne is in charge of whatever. I’ve never even heard of any of these so-called actresses. Seriously, they are all amateurs hoping to become actresses. Same with Keith.

  • The whole NXIVM saga was an experiment in mind control, and Nickvi is one of the subjects who were successfully programmed.

    Don’t forget that NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic *Programming*

    But in itself, NLP isn’t strong enough to create a true Manchurian Candidate.

    That’s where the DOS brandings and Brandon Porter’s obscene experiments fit in.

    Pain, hypnosis, exposure to truly horrific material and NLP.

    After that it was easy to replace the victims belief system with Raniere’s.

    That’s how Nicky ceased to be Nicky, and became Nickvi, the perfect slave.

  • So, I wonder what “Nike” thinks about Keith Raniere sporting one of their hoodies in this photo?

  • Rumor has it that Justin Elliott and Samantha LeBaron are engaged. Who was/is Samantha’s Master was it Clyne?

  • Wait. What!?!? Now we hear Nicki Clyne is indeed leading DOS? Where is the proof? Photos please? Text?

  • If people are idiotic enough to join Nicki Clyne’s little Club of Fools, let ’em go for it. Want to get called at 3 am? Voluntarily take a cold shower if you don’t jump fast enough? This sound like a good idea to you? Peachy.

    You can’t cure stupid. If people have no sense, that’s their own affair. As long as nobody is being blackmailed, or coerced into sexual servitude, or cheated or threatened, as long as it’s their loss alone, then let them have at it and I hope it makes them happy. Or miserable, I really don’t care.

  • Some observations:

    “Despite her defection, Mack’s collateral was not released.”

    I would argue that Mack has not defected and instead has gone into hiatus.
    In the spy trade Allison Mack has gone to ground.
    And Nicki Clyne, writing as Pea Onyu has recently told Allison Mack that she is welcome back into NXIVM
    If one examines the allocutions of Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman I think you will find that they read as if they were written by the same person.
    Just tweak the words a little and Allison could read Clare’s allocution and Clare could read Allison’s allocution.

    That tells me that both allocutions are shams.
    Neither woman has changed except temporarily and under pressure.

    NXIVM’S new catechism is that it is a good organization filled with noble and ethical people but its leader became infected with a Luciferian Spirit and ended up betraying the Mission of the True Believers in NXIVM.
    No doubt the Nexians are working on their new theology as we speak.
    And Nicki Clyne will become a prime candidate to become the new Vanguard at some point.
    Barb Bouchey is welcome back as is Allison Mack.
    In fact many of the NXIVM defendants will become candidates for Sainthood in the new NXIVM church.
    They are Martyrs for the NXIVM Mission.
    And NXIVM’s new church will use glowing cauterizing pens as votive candles.
    “Sam LeBaron lives with Nicki Clyne. Stay tuned for more on this topic.”

    Sam LeBaron is a member of the LeBaron family a Mormon based cult located in Northern Mexico
    Earlier this year I wrote extensively about Ervil LeBaron who is called the Mormon Manson.
    Like Raniere Ervil LeBaron was a polygamist and pedophile.

    Shadow: Keith Raniere and Ervil LeBaron’s Bad Ass Warrior Bitches
    Why the FBI regards NXIVM as Organized Crime
    “the remaining First Line slaves feel there is a fertile field in Mexico, Central America, parts of Europe and elsewhere.”
    The most promising sources of new slaves are the following:

    1.) Asia, particularly China.
    China has over 1.2 billion people and many Chinese women would be willing to come to America even at the price of becoming sex slaves.
    Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, supposedly patronized a manicure shop where the women were from China, a common profession of young women newly arrived in America from China.

    “On February 22, 2019, the police chief of Jupiter, Florida, announced that Kraft would face two misdemeanor charges for “soliciting another to commit prostitution”, stemming from a human trafficking sweep in Jupiter.[78][79] Investigators suspected the managers at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where Kraft was allegedly video recorded in sexual activity, were sex trafficking women, forcing the women to perform sex acts on clients.:

    2.) Eastern Europe
    The internet is filled with ads of women from Eastern Europe willing to become “mail order brides” to come to America.
    Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Romania are popular sources for these desperate women.

    “Dressing Up Human Trafficking in a Bridal Gown”

    My brother who has traveled extensively in Russia has told me that once you get out of Moscow and Saint Petersburg the people suffer from “dire poverty.”

    3.) Latin America is also full of women desperate for a better life.

    Although after being exposed in court as a sex trafficker Allison Mack will no longer have an easy time recruiting actresses to the cult.

    • If Clare Bronfman is still in the cult don’t be surprised if some of the Mexican millionaires who claim to have left the cult are not also being less than truthful.

  • Everyone,

    Allow me to ask the most obvious question:

    Because of this latest news regarding Clare Bronfman and Nikki Klein………

    .. are Nancy Salzman’s Lauren Salzman’s Allison Mack’s and Kathy Russell’s Mea culpas bullshit?

    Captain Obvious says “Time will tell”!

    • I don’t know. I don’t think Lauren’s was. Or she’s a way better actress than Allison, Nicki, and all the other Nex actresses combined.
      I have doubts about Nancy and Kathy.
      If Clare is trying to breathe new life into NXIVM, I hope she’s caught and winds up penniless. I would not be surprised if she were trying to do that, though. She’s not very bright, just cold and born to way too much money.

        • You are definitely correct about that.

          Raniere’s worst overall strategic criminal blunder was not getting NXIVM reorganized as a religion of some sort.

          • Slavery is illegal in religious organizations, just like everywhere else.

            You are OK with extortion?

          • Thanks Tommy, is slavery illegal?

            Being acknowledged by the IRS as a legitimate religion and not a for profit enterprise is advantageous.

            Plus if “slaves” are donating their time like Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormon…..

            ….. you get the idea Tommy?

      • NCGIRL,

        I am pretty much am in agreement with you.

        Lauren Salzman deserves an Oscar if she was not being honest about her remorse in regards to Dani.

        Allison Mack I hope is out for good but she has not filed for divorce from Nicki Clyne, which makes me wonder what’s truly going on with her. Considering the recent news involving Nicki things don’t look to good.

        Kathy Russell……….is supposedly moving to be with her real family. I hope things work out for her.

        Nancy Salzman…… I don’t know what to believe.

        Clare Bronfman I thought she would be moving on by now, but I was totally wrong. 🙁 She had real power over people for the first time in her life.
        Power can be intoxicating. The diehard NXIVM holdouts need Clare’s money now that no one will be buying intensive or program modules for sometime. I imagine after her sentencing she will be filing a civil lawsuit against Frank. Considering the lastest news I will be shocked if she does not file a lawsuit. She is litigatous.

    • “. are Nancy Salzman’s Lauren Salzman’s Allison Mack’s and Kathy Russell’s Mea culpas bullshit?”

      All of their Mea Culpas would make good projectiles for a cow chip throwing contest.
      Read Clare and Allison’s allocutions.
      With a few tweaks and rewordings they read very similarly.

      “I was merely trying to improve the world.” Bullshit
      “I was merely trying to help people.” Bullshit

    • I suspect that all of them were basically telling the truth when they essentially said that had come to realize they’d done things that were wrong and illegal, under mistaken beliefs and the undue influence of Raniere.

      However, they are almost certainly at different points in coming to terms with than, in believing that NXIVM’s tech is still valuable or at least has some supposed “good” versus a complete fraud, and in having some remaining loyalty to Raniere or having completely turned on him.

      Nancy Salzman, who was the first to plead but who explicitly did not agree to cooperate, was also involved the longest and the most deeply in creating NXIVM’s – she may still believe wholeheartedly in the “tech” (much of which was her creation) and only blame Raniere to some extent for having taken indulgence of his sexual proclivities too far, and thus having brought unwanted attention that ruined everything. On the other hand, Lauren Salzman sounded on the stand as if she’s done a lot of reflecting, and probably some reading as well, and is coming to realize that Raniere was a fraud, and NXIVM’s supposed philosophy a sham.

      But I don’t think we have much more to go on, to try to figure out in more detail just where each really stood when they gave their allocutions, much less where they stand now.

    • Nancy Salzman has been mentioned on social media as continuing to promote herself as a viable source of guidance and counseling. People who have lived around her locale for years have noted that she’s still doing the same things to aggrandize her “professional” reputation as she did prior to her arrest. She must not have let it sink in yet, how notoriously recommendable she is going to be as a help to anyone, for the rest of her life.

      Dr. Danielle Roberts, DOS slave and brander of human beings, still gets to be a doctor. Incroyable.

      • Since it was done under coercion, it qualifies as criminal torture and mayhem. There is no escape for quack doctor Danielle Roberts. She will be going to prison for a long time.

    • I don’t know. I’ve said before and for some reason offense was taken, that they continue to use the “cult speak” after they supposedly have become aware.

      With as long of a time as they were in, I don’t know if I believe them. They’ve been taught to lie for “the mission”. The mission itself, a more ethical, noble and humanitarian world is a good thing. But do they still believe in their leader, what he taught and the methods?

      • “The mission itself, a more ethical, noble and humanitarian world is a good thing”

        Balderdash. There is no mission to Nxivm other than willful abuse of others. That much is quite clear.

        • I agree. My point was many believe “the victims” truly wanted to do good but were tricked into doing the nefarious deeds.

          I’m not so sure. As was stated, power corrupts and when the “victims” graduated from being a noob to having some recruits to abuse they seemed very willing to escalate and were quite content with their place in the group if not ambitious.

          I’m cynical of many that left and went against the cult. I can count on one hand those that imo left out of disgust at what they figured out and were honorable decent people that wanted to stop the madness. Some others I think were scorned or felt left behind, tossed to the side or maybe were given an ultimatum by someone close to choose. These latter I’d predict would have gladly stayed. I won’t say who because it will start a war in the comments. Probably will anyway

          I just don’t believe they didn’t see what was going on with all the time they were there. Seems like when they lost their cool kid status and they were on the receiving end they took issue

    • People in Cuba are coping with food lines, increased rationing and the return of other hardships, not that this would impact a rich person much. Cuba sounds like a very impractical escape hatch, though. Trying to disappear on a small island is never a good plan. This is how come bank robberies are unusual in Hawaii.

      If Salinas is really in the midst of a nervous breakdown, it doesn’t matter where he goes. He is still going to be stuck with himself. If there were plans for him to be hidden, reasonably, there wouldn’t be leaks about it unless those leaks were deliberately misleading.

      • He should stare at that photo of himself saluting Raniere until he realises how very much of a mistake it was.

        Ordinary people don’t salute each other.

        Best to leave that to the military.

  • The truth is: Nicki has gone totally nuts. She is mentally fracturfed, My bet is she kills herself before Dumbgard dies in jail (either sucide or murder in the hands of the Mexican mafia).

    • “The truth is: Nicki has gone totally nuts. She is mentally fracturfed, My bet is she kills herself before Dumbgard dies in jail (either sucide or murder in the hands of the Mexican mafia).”

      Nicki Clyne might be nuts but no more so than any other woman in NXIVM.
      And Nicki Clyne is a True Believer.
      She now has the perfect reason to live.
      To rebuild NXIVM and welcome back the lost sheep.

  • If DOS is still operating, does anyone know if they are yet issuing gift cards? I emailed after the NYT article broke, but never heard back. I do have some female colleagues in the office Christmas pool.

  • And to think that Nicki Clyne’s guidance counselor from high school didn’t think she’d amount to anything. Congratulations, Nicki! The head of DOS…and your very own slave pod too! How cool is THAT!

    The people on this blog must not realize that having a short, pudgy, cross-eyed ethicist ejaculating on your face is the epitome of female empowerment. But like Taylor Swift sings, “haters are gonna hate”. Hopefully, you and Clare were smart enough to save some of your Vanguards semen, as you evidently had to work pretty hard obtaining it at times. It may be a while until you get more of that. You are an inspiration to us, Nicki! As a man, I regret not being able to take an intensive (at a bargain price of $7,500.00). But can you put a price on the chance to be in the Society of Protectors? I think not. Alas, I can only dream of being involved in an organization personally designed by Vanguard. To quote from the Hindenburg zeppelin disaster, “Oh…the humanity!”

    • Jarhead,
      I think that you will find that Nicki swings both ways just like Allison and Clare.
      NXIVM is a cult to cater to straight, lesbian and bisexual women who are into BDSM.

  • Well, if this is true, Nicki has learned nothing. Let me tell you what makes a bad-ass woman. A woman who upholds virtue. Who serves others. Who selflessly has children. Who loves her husband. Who looks for ways to better the world through charities, and selfless service. THAT makes a bad-ass woman. Not these groveling sadistic women.

    • Everyday I meet young women who work hard and study hard and struggle to raise families in a difficult world.
      Those women are the real heroes.
      Yesterday I had a business meeting and all the young women I encountered were professional, intelligent and courteous.
      To some degree it was refreshing to leave behind the women of NXIVM.

  • Frank
    This must be a joke, or maybe someone is pulling your leg, because this story doesnt make much sense. If DOS was really just a group that Keith devised and used to manipulate young woman and girsl into have sex with him, why would Clyde now lead this group?

    • Flowers:
      About a month ago Radar On Line published a story that Clyne was seen driving a BMW around Clifton Park with young women on board.
      That story got lost in the chaos of the Raniere trial.

      Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
      Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.
      May 20, 2019 @ 13:00PM

      As for NXIVM DOS I have always argued that this group was as much a BDSM cult for women who were into kinky sex as it was a cult for Raniere.

      • Shadow, the evidence presented at trial doesn’t support this scenario.
        However, if this is a true story, it certainly isn’t illegal for a group of consenting adults to form a BDSM group. It would be illegal if these women were being coerced/forced into prostitution, or if they were being blackmailed with their collateral.

        • Frank’s story indicates that there might be some coercion involved.
          And if Nicki is reading this I would urge her to scrupulously avoid Raniere’s many mistakes.
          No children
          No Branding
          No Blackmail
          No Coercion
          and No Prostitution for money.

        • I feel the same. If they want to enjoy sex according to their own (weird) preferences, its not a problem, but as soon as the coercion/blackmail enters the picture, they’ve crossed a line which should not be crossed. There’s no such as a person who volunteers to be blackmailed.

          • On top of that, it is never legal to force people to blackmail themselves by forcing them to create fraudulent false evidence against themselves.

      • Scott Johnson should replace the Vanguard. He has mlm experience and the ability to publicize. What do you think Scott?

  • Frank which source do you trust more. The one in April who said Clyne was cooperating with the FBI or these who say she is leading DOS. If this article is true, do you know why Clyne hasn’t been arrested? Do DOS masters only get arrested if they have slaves who defect and go to the press or police? Do you know if any of Clyne’s slaves have left or what kind of slave master Clyne is described as being? Do you know if the FBI has ever questioned Clyne?

    India has been out of DOS for almost a year but has remained silent. Do you think she should finally make a public statement? If she spoke out publicly, she could maybe help get some slaves to leave seeing as she was such a staunch sex cult / Raniere supporter even after Keith was arrested.

    • “Frank which source do you trust more. The one in April who said Clyne was cooperating with the FBI or these who say she is leading DOS.”

      Great Question!
      Remember the story of the Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger?
      Bulger was a vicious gangster who murdered several people and terrorized Boston for years.
      At the same time Bulger was also an FBI informant.
      That is a common pattern.
      Gangsters and criminals cooperate with the police to get favors and lenient treatment but at the same time continue with their rackets.
      Almost every major police department in America relies on criminal informants who are basically the scum of the earth
      and are still running scams and criminal schemes.

      Another example is the case of Anna Sage.
      Anna Sage was a Madam who ran prostitutes in Chicago in 1934.
      At the same time Anna Sage helped finger the bank robber John Dillenger for the FBI to shoot outide of Chicago’s Biograph Theater.

      “Ana Cumpănaș or Anna Sage, nicknamed Woman in Red (1889 – April 25, 1947), was an Austro-Hungarian-born Romanian prostitute and brothel owner in the American cities of Chicago and Gary. She is best known for assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation in tracking down gangster John Dillinger.

  • Frank says that Nicki Clyne is running DOS now?

    Frank is reporting bullshit again. He’s giving us HALF truths, as usual.

    Nicki Clyne may be running things now, but DOS is no longer a functional group.

    DOS is no longer capable of ANYTHING other than holding readiness drills at 3am with cell phones, LOL.

    DOS has essentially been reduced to a girl’s club with a secret handshake — without any funding, goals, direction, leadership or even a single male left to copulate with these slaves.

    If they remain in DOS they can’t fuck another man ever, cuz they made a lifetime commitment to Keith.

    They’ll have to wait for grandpa Keith to be released when he’s 80 years old before they can fuck again.

    Until then, they’ll be on a steady diet of eating pussy and not much else.

    Here’s the reality:

    DOS is currently just a few girls PRETENDING to be a coherent organization.

    Why don’t they leave?

    Cuz they don’t yet know what else to do.

    Thus, pretending that everything is normal is their only option psychologically.

    I’m sure they’ll hold meetings, sleepovers and sit by the campfire telling stories with each other. However, that doesn’t mean DOS is still functioning as a coherent organization.

    You can’t recruit new slaves — not even from Mexico — into a PRETEND organization that has no FUNDING, no future and no influential members left. You just can’t.

    There’s no base of operations in Albany anymore. There’s no place to house and train future members, cuz all that shit costs money.

    Even the current ‘leader’ (Nicki Clyne) is so broke that she must share her home with lots of other adults, LOL.

    Where are they gonna house future slaves in training, while they indoctrinate them? …Not in a Bronfman owned property, since why would she risk being indicted again by allowing new slaves to be recruited using her properties?

    What purpose will DOS have left?

    Any idiot can text someone at 3am and say “Ready M”. It’s meaningless.

    It’s basically a bunch of waitresses texting each other every now and then.

    DOS will fizzle out as members slowly realize there’s nothing left to do, other than text back “Ready M” to a broke actress working at a Vegan restaurant.

    Frank doesn’t wanna admit this shit cuz he’s too personally invested in taking down DOS and NXIVM. He therefore wants to make it seem as though DOS is running strong.

    No wealthy person will EVER fund it again. Not here. Not in Mexico. There’s just too much risk of being indicted and extradited in the future, for new crimes.

    Even Emi, who comes from the most powerful family in Mexico, is running scared now. LOL.

    I can promise you that nobody will ever fund DOS again. Anybody promising to fund them is only trying to keep the current members from fleeing to the government’s witness list, LOL.

    If Nicki Clyne wants funding, she better get a 2nd job working at Mickey D’s or KFC. Lord knows she’s got the experience for that kind of work now.

  • My thoughts…… on the article:Regarding Nickl Clyne and Clare Bronfman…

    I am not shocked but I am surprised by this latest news.
    I am shocked that Shadowstate was/is correct about Nicki Clyne.

    Congratulations Shadowstate!!! Your batting .500 now.

    2 RBI’s

    • Nicki Clyne is actually smarter than her image.
      And she is as tough as nails.
      When she was 19 years old (around 2002) she traveled through Central America all by herself.
      That’s a gutsy thing for a young woman of that age to do.
      And Nicki knows Spanish and is familiar with Hispanic culture.
      Nicki might know more Spanish than Allison Mack who grew up in Southern California.

  • It seems to me that Raniere was caught just in time. I shudder to think how far he would have gone if left unchecked. He should never be released from prison. The public good can only be served by a life sentence.

  • “DOS, which stands for Dominus Obsequious Sororium [Master Over the Obedient Women], was founded by Nxivm leader, Keith Alan Raniere, who was convicted earlier this month on federal charges of racketeering and sex trafficking.”

    Frank, for the sake of accuracy:

    First, OBSEQUIOUS is not a word in Latin. The adjective meaning servile or fawning in Latin is OBSEQUIOSUS.

    Second, in Latin the endings of adjectives must agree with the nouns they modify. The ending -US is masculine singular.

    Hence, with corrected spelling DOMINUS OBSEQUIOSUS SORORIUM means the SERVILE MASTER OF THE SISTERS.

    What was intended by Keith, I have no idea but it certainly does not mean what you say.

    What specifically is your primary source for this meaning of the DOS abbreviation?


      One way of looking at NXIVM DOS is to view Raniere as catering to the sexual needs and desires of the women.
      In some ways Raniere was a kept man who was tasked with servicing the women.

    • News reports consistently use the “lord over the obedient female that companions” translation, usually caveated with something to the effect of “loosely translated.” Basically, I think it’s just more unintentional evidence of Keith’s less than stellar academic prowess.

    • You are getting soft, Snorlax, you used to say they should die in prison. But you still lump Kook in with “la dos DOS”….why?

    • Yolanda:
      That is a website that features X-rated videos.
      It does not surprise me, Yolanda, that you would be familiar with that website.
      No doubt you also know Pornhub.
      There’s nothing wrong with consenting women enjoying sex or pornography.
      The problem comes when women are subjected to blackmail or torture or brandings.
      Another problem is when women are pimped out for profit.
      Yolanda, tell your friend Nicki to behave herself or she will end up like Allison or Lauren.

  • The recent piece about Salinas, and comments from people in Mexico, suggest that the NXIVM trial brought enough negative attention that they’re falling apart down there, too. As cult expert Rick Ross was quoted as saying in the Times Union a couple of days ago, they’re unlikely to recover from this or reconstitute; in all my observation, high control groups or cults depend on particular combinations of personality and circumstances, including often the aura of a guru and a certain mystique, since they don’t offer anything uniquely valuable,and I can’t think of any example of a shattered group that has survived as anything more than few vestiges.

    Hopefully the ongoing activity will help motivate the NDNY and Albany-area authorities to pursue further charges against a wider circle of members, and finally put a complete end to abuses like DOS. It may be necessary to keep the pressure up and get people active in pushing for that; there’s no reason yet for complacency, as even the remnants like we see here can still do harm.

    • Nxivm is just one regional node of a global abuse ring run by people like the Bronfmans and Hillary Clinton et al. Get some popcorn. The house of cards is coming down.

  • Dos and NXIVM need to be stomped out! This is ridiculous that it continues and proves this was a religion for people who don’t want to think for themselves. The government needs to stop the remaining members so some poor unsuspecting Mexican women don’t become new victims. Frank, help! Not to mention the child abuse scheme Rainbow Cultural Garden.

    • DOS and NXIVM were doing a lot of things that are not illegal. Criminal facts need to be brought forward to prosecute them. Weird stuff doesn’t count, it has to be law breaking actions. I’ve asked about whether the RCG schools in Albany, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles are still open and nobody responds. I reported the schools to CA and NY state agencies, but having addresses and phone numbers would help. Surely there are people local to these locations who can help, but all I hear on this website is b!tching.

      • i actually tried googling thru to see if i could come up with anything about the brooklyn rainbow cultural gardens and google is so insanely broken right now that it started skewing child trafficking with rainbow shops <=== a clothing store so it was so bizarre nonsensical

        obstrifucation just like the video of them swearing 2020 will be different …..

    • To some degree I believe the government’s focus on Raniere by using “Shock and Awe” tactics was a mistake.
      Just like in Irag Shock and Awe was fine for taking down Saddam Hussein and Raniere but ignored the fact that there are numerous underlings who are still capable of causing mischief.
      It took years to pacify Iraq and that country is still not stable.

    • “Dos and NXIVM need to be stomped out!”

      It was not my idea for the DOJ to issue so many plea bargains.
      Letting so many NXIVM leaders off the hook allows the cult to rebuild itself.

  • I feel quite sad when I think about how these people have thrown away their lives to do something which has no merit, and doesn’t benefit anyone. There is no upside to any kind of master/slave relationship. It’s an offense against human dignity.

    Only Raniere could come up with such a twisted idea.

      • ” he had a lot of help from others, mostly women.”

        Scott, I have long argued that the women of NXIVM DOS and the other women in the cult actually manged the organization and to a large degree the cult reflects the women’s fetishes including BDSM.
        Raniere was not the only freak in NXIVM.
        And note the popularity of books and movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Nine and a Half Weeks.”
        Most of the fans of that kind of BDSM culture are women.

    • Paul, It is an offence against stupidity not just human dignity! It transgresses that by miles! I simply cannot conceive what shit is inside these people’s heads! Seriously cannot!

      • ” I simply cannot conceive what shit is inside these people’s heads! Seriously cannot!”

        Ask any woman who bought the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” or its sequels or who watched the movie “Nine and a Half Weeks.”

        • No, no, no. These women wanted to become famous and powerful and thought that joining Nxivm was the way to get there. Con artistry from Nxivm helped push them in.

          The BDSM enhancement was Raniere’s self serving pathology added in.

    • “There is no upside to any kind of master/slave relationship.”

      I agree.
      But some people crave that kind of relationship.
      Including Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack and maybe to some degree Kristen Kreuk.

  • I am speechless. After everything that’s been happening they still carry on with the bullshit. They just don’t give up do they? I don’t understand what Raniere has done to their brains destroying them, turning these people into automatons blindly executing his orders beyond the grave if need be, jeopardising their personal freedom, their lives if necessary for what? What is going on there????? This is extremely disturbing stuff.

  • Clyne..wasn’t she Clare’s housemaid, effectively? I expect it’s difficult to give up the only glimpse of the high-life (jets, islands, etc.) that she’s ever likely to experience, also even tho this chick got an education, she’s clearly always been one scone short of a high-tea, probably sat thru Porter’s snuff movies with that same stupid grin, cracking jokes. At this stage, she deserves all that karma will heap on her.

    Michele? another housemaid, (for deep, deep shame, given her blk consciousness, Wakanda Forever, schtick) who will likely never get over the fact she knows Billionaires!!! (two of them) and famous Chloe from Smallville told her she had a pretty vag. – Hopelessly shallow example of the banality of evil all these left-over cult groupies. Who cares what happens to them? Their crappy choices will continue to serve up more crappy outcomes.

  • Nicki:
    I have tried to be nice to you and say nice things about you and give you warnings about this type of activity.
    Your friends Allison and Lauren have gotten into a lot of trouble with this sort of behavior and I don’t want it to happen to you.
    Allison has been exposed in the trial by testimony as a sex trafficker and that kind of stain never goes away.
    Her acting career is over.

    About a month ago I submitted a proposed story about you that was based on two stories published in Radar On Line and a Blind Item in Crazy Days and Nights.
    Frank chose not to publish that proposed story which is his right as editor and publisher.
    At the time the trial was ongoing and Frank was busy with other matters.
    But I must now publish the relevant parts of that proposed post to give you a clear warning to change course.
    Nicki, you’re headed towards Niagra Falls if you don’t change course.
    Nicki, If I did not like you I would not give you this type of warning, I would just let you go over the Falls.


    Strange Happenings in Halfmoon

    KR Clavinger enumerated a stunning list of crimes that occurred in and around Halfmoon, New York.
    It’s obvious to anyone that this crime wave cries for investigation and prosecution.
    The residents of Halfmoon are still haunted by strange happenings and it’s not from the ghosts of old Henry Hudson and his crew.

    Recent news stories indicate that NXIVM’s crime wave is ongoing.
    Recently Radar On Line published two stories reporting mysterious behavior in the area that point towards a continuation of NXIVM and its activities.

    The first story details how Alison Mack’s navy blue BMW is driving around the Halfmoon area periodically and returning to its parking space.
    Since autonomous cars have yet to be sold to the public it must be NXIVM members using Allison Mack’s car on cult business.

    Allison Mack’s Ex Neighbors ‘On Edge’ Over Actress’s Possible Return To New York
    Residents of Halfmoon claim bizarre activity continues as trial rages on.
    May 16, 2019 @ 5:51AM

    Allison Mack’s former neighbors in upstate New York are “still on edge” about the Smallville actress’s possible return to New York as the NXIVM sex cult trial rages on, can exclusively report.

    Residents of Halfmoon, New York revealed to Radar that they are “freaked out” over the ongoing “bizarre activity” in the neighborhood where the actress formerly lived.

    They even revealed that Mack’s vehicle – a navy BMW – is still being driven around upstate New York while she remains under house arrest in California.

    “Someone comes and takes the car she used to drive a few times a week before bringing it back,” a resident told Radar.

    Radar revealed photos of Mack’s former house of horrors where the branding of NXIVM females allegedly took place.

    The residents also raised concerns to Radar about the foot and vehicle traffic in the Halfmoon neighborhood, where NXIVM founder Keith Raniere also lived. Radar previously reported that eyewitnesses often saw Raniere walking the streets with young women at night.

    As readers know, Raniere is currently on trial for seven charges, including sex trafficking, racketeering and sexual exploitation of a child.

    “Neighbors here are all still on edge because there are constant black cars going by the NXIVM properties,” a resident explained.

    Additionally, non-NXIVM residents in Halfmoon told Radar they do not know who to trust in their own neighborhood.

    “It’s never slowed down here since they all got arrested,” a resident said.

    The fears also include Mack’s possible return to upstate New York. Mack, 36, pleaded guilty to racketeering charges to escape heading to trial with Raniere. She is expected to be sentenced in September.

    On top of that Nicki Clyne has been spotted tooling around the area in a white BMW.
    (BMWs must be the staff car of the NXIVM cult.)And according to Radar On Line Nicki has been picking up young women in her car from the vicinity of the townhouse that Nicki and Allison shared.

    Do you suppose that Nicki and these women are going out to enjoy Root Beer Floats?

    Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base
    Nicki Clyne resurfaced in upstate New York this week, eyewitnesses claim.
    May 20, 2019 @ 13:00PM

    Allison Mack’s wife has been lurking around upstate New York nearby the Smallville actress’s former home and NXIVM sex cult headquarters, can exclusively report.

    Nicki Clyne, 36, is best known for playing the role of Cally Henderson Tyrol on TV series Battlestar Galactica. NXIVM founder Keith Raniere reportedly requested that Clyne, born in Canada, wed Mack years ago so she could become a United States citizen and remain living in New York with the cult members.

    Former neighbors of the Smallville star claim that Clyne has been galivanting around her old Halfmoon, New York neighborhood with young women believed to have been involved in NXIVM as well.

    “Nicki Clyne is driving around in a white BMW picking up girls on Flintock Lane where she once lived with Allison,” an eyewitness told Radar.

    “It’s crazy because there seems to still be a lot of NXIVM women getting together around here and they aren’t hiding,” the eyewitness continued.

    As readers know, Raniere is currently on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court for severe charges including racketeering, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of a child.

    While NXIVM reportedly shut down after Raniere and Mack’s arrests last spring, neighbors watching Clyne and other NXIVM members out together in Halfmoon is worrisome, a source tells Radar.

    “They’re up to something,” said the source. “We wonder if NXIVM is still running behind closed doors.”

    Mack, as well as Kathy Russell, Lauren and Nancy Salzman all pleaded guilty to racketeering charges earlier this year to avoid trial.

    Clyne is one of the former NXIVM members rumored to possibly testify. The trial is expected to last until late June.

    What could Nicki and these young women be doing?
    Flower arranging?
    Playing friendly bridge games?
    Baking cookies? (Alice B. Toklas cookies of course.)

    Crazy Days and Nights has an intriguing Blind Item that suggests a possible answer:

    MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019
    Blind Item #13
    A few enterprising leaders, including a former actress, of this former cult have started an escort service using some of the still brainwashed former members.

    Who could this former actress in a former cult be?
    Kristin Kreuk?

    It can’t be Nicki Clyne.
    Nicki is still very much an actress and NXIVM is still very much a cult

  • It should be easy for the DoJ to check whether Clare has broken her bail conditions. Wouldn’t there be cameras in her building? Was her attorney present?
    Nicki Clyne’s activities need monitoring. It’s strange that she wasn’t indicted. The sham marriage should be evidence enough. Who is funding DOS at the moment?
    I came across Jen Kobelt’s complaint against Brandon Porter.

    • “Who is funding DOS at the moment?”

      Excellent Question, Pyriel!
      Some of the people in NXIVM were also connected to the OSHO cult run by an Indian Guru named “Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
      OSHO had a commune in Eastern Oregon and cultural centers around the world.
      OSHO funded itself by having the female members engage in prostitution.
      That might be the purpose of DOS right now.

      One of the members of OSHO later went to NXIVM and had Allison Mack for a Coach.
      Even Nicki Clyne was familiar with this cult when she lived in Vancouver.

      blk master Kusa
      May 21, 2019 at 12:53 am
      seen this garbage before sanyassin
      bagwan shreve rajesh

      in Vancouver hippie chile searchlight for love
      another place
      call flakey acres

      blk master kusa is another pen name used by Nicki Clyne.

        • Shadow – In the early1980s I lived in Scarborough, a seaside resort in the north of England. A couple that I knew were renting a house from a “Bhagwani”, as they put it. I stayed over one night and the house was full of portraits of Bhagwan that creeped me out. I also met a wealthy nightclub owner called Peter Adams who had once run a music venue called the Penthouse. Many top groups played there which was unusual for the area. He also became a “Bhagwani” and changed his name to Swami Dhyan Rahim.

  • So, for the people who claimed Nicki was an FBI informant, how is she both that and the head of DOS? And, why is she still here in the US? This kinda proves her marriage was a sham, so she could stay with the cult.
    So, Rosa Laura finally got out. Good. Just stay away from other people’s kids. She is scary.

    • Good point. That shows how baseless some of the speculation here has been – people trying to interpret shadows in photographs to come to conclusions, and so on.

      • She’s not mentioned as still being part of DOS in the article, so I presume we can take that to mean that she’s no longer in DOS.

      • I was responding to the article above, which lists who is still active in DOS. Rosa Laura is not one of those listed. That does not mean she is not a loyalist still. But, getting out of DOS might just indicate a step back toward sanity.

    • NCGIRL-This is exactly a point I was trying to make about Allison a few months ago. The one DOS person who had legal marital access to Allison was Nicki. No press or stalkerpaparazi covered Nicki showing up and acting married to Allison. So 1 either Allison said stay away. Or 2. Nicki stayed away. 3. The press missed visitation.

      Either way where’s the divorce? Why hasn’t Allison filed or the Immigration taken care of this phony marriage? It is the easiest way to get Nicki back to Canada.

      • “Either way where’s the divorce? ”

        As long as there is no divorce neither spouse can be forced to testify in court against the other.
        I submit that their marriage of convenience is as much a marriage as many others.
        How many marriages have sexless relations?

      • Anyone suspect that Mack actually married Clyne so Mack could get Canadian citizenship?
        As a Canuck, Mack then would have the inside track to get cast on Kristin Kreuk’s CBC TV show.

    • “for the people who claimed Nicki was an FBI informant, how is she both that and the head of DOS? ”

      How could Whitey Bulger be both an FBI informant and the head of the Boston Mob?
      It turns out that many police informants are also active criminals.

      “James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr. (/ˈbʌldʒər/; September 3, 1929 – October 30, 2018) was an Irish-American organized crime boss and FBI informant, ”

    • maybe Nicki is both you know a HONEY POT see who else get entrapped just saying its a possibility i do not know these people to speak first hand

  • Not sure if it’s true,

    I heard that Clare Bronfman is using time with her attorney’s to work with NXIVM staff members she has hired to work for her.

    If true, isn’t this pushing the boundaries of her bail?

    I heard Clare Bronfman hired Justin Elliot, Angel Smith, and Jannie Porter to work for her.

    Is the DOJ keeping tabs on these sort of things? Can she get away with this? How does the DOJ know Clare Bronfman isn’t continuing to plot NXIVM’S return?

    • As I recall, Bronfman was only prohibited from communicating with other defendants and certain NXIVM people (stripe path, etc.) unless at least one of their lawyers were present. Who are Elliot, Smith, and Porter? She can get away with anything that isn’t reported to the FBI/DOJ. I would be surprised if Bronfman isn’t plotting NXIVM’s return, it’s all she knows.

      • Good points.

        I’ve been figuring that Bronfman might also make some effort to salvage the supposed “good” in NXIVM, in order to try to salvage her reputation. It seems that the notion of being a “humanitarian” was a big hook for her, and I expect her to try to put some kind of new spin on it. I thought that during or after her incarceration she might start some new initiative to rehabilitate her public image, but it would also be at least a start if she put on a show of some sort of reformation of NXIVM, and perhaps tried to portray herself as something like a well-intended innocent taken advantage of by Raniere – yet another victim, in a way.

        • You have to understand that this type of criminal uses “humanitarian” and other positive-sounding terms as a cover front for nefarious activities, and it is standard practice as part of that m.o. The Clinton Foundation is another example of the same type of criminal organization which professes to be a “do-gooder” as a cover front while committing crime as the real goal.

          Clare Bronfman could give a shit about any humanitarianism, or about her own public image. She is an ordinary criminal who will be spending a long time in prison.

          What sort of person hacks a keylogger onto her own father’s computer in order to steal and read his emails? That is someone whom no one can ever trust.

      • Scott, Jaynie Porter is Brandon’s wife (although she doesn’t typically use her husband’s last name. I think she goes by her maiden name, which I know, but won’t reveal, since she hasn’t been convicted of anything). Jaynie and Brandon must be pretty hard up for money so maybe Clare hired her to do work for her, whatever that may be. I was very disappointed to read that Jaynie attended the trial and sat with NXIVM devotees. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but disappointed. I met Jaynie quite by accident a bunch of years ago, and we got together for a play date with our kids and only thereafter did I realize she was part of NXIVM (which was bizarre for me, having had experience with ESP 20 years ago when it began). She did not try to recruit me. At the time she seemed to carry shame about NXIVM. She must have gotten over that. A pity. She is a very nice person. But perhaps she is just in survival mode, seeing as she has three kids to feed. Hopefully she has abandoned the Rainbow Fuck Up Garden for her kids’ education. Despite everything that her husband was involved with, I wish Jaynie and her kids the best. I don’t think she was involved in any of the nefarious activities of NXIVM, although if she supported her husband in his disgusting experiments, I don’t know what to think. It’s hard to meet someone who seems genuine and nice, only to know that perhaps they supported (and continue to support) this disgusting group.

        Justin Elliot is someone who used to be (still is??) involved with NXIVM, but I don’t know what his role is. You can probably search for him here on Frank Report.

    • “If true, isn’t this pushing the boundaries of her bail?”

      I believe that NXIVM pushes the boundaries on every opportunity it can.
      Don’t you think the defendants over the past year communicated with one another through their lawyers?
      Even to the point where they all made plea deals within weeks of one another.

  • Why has Nicki Clyne not been arrested on marriage fruad and sent packing back to Canada?

    Maybe Mexico will take Nicki Clyne in and all of DOS can become a Mexican thing. Mexico doesn’t seem to mind this sort of lifestyle.

    • “Why has Nicki Clyne not been arrested on marriage fraud and sent packing back to Canada?”

      There are thousands of cases of immigration fraud and an estimated twenty million illegal aliens.
      And new illegal aliens are pouring in every day.
      A white girl from Canada is not a high priority.

    • “I’m concerned this could lead to Clyne and Mack’s divorce. Let us all have a moment of prayer that that will not occur.”

      What Satan has joined together let no man put asunder.

  • Sorry, i forgot to add : Thanks for FINALLY acknowledging that it’s not Allison’s initials in the branding (I assume you needed the court information to confirm but atleast , some, might stop using it as an argument against Allison)

  • “While some have argued that Mack is a victim of Raniere, during the trial, two DOS slaves, Nicole and Jaye, gave testimony replete with unflattering stories about Mack’s robust role in sex trafficking, forced labor and state law extortion on her master’s behalf. How this will impact the judge’s sentencing is unknown.”

    It’s not an argument but a statement…It’s a fact in every way.

    She is a victim of the same things the “official” victims are…The only difference is that neither Nicole nor Jaye have collected collateral (even if Jaye was close to recruiting)…
    BTW Jaye was not a victim of Allison but of India…Jaye’s testimony was vulgar at best and didn’t demonstrate any crime…(at least, not on Allison Side)
    Nicole’s testimony, I can’t argue but if Allison had a fool mouth, there is only the collection of collateral that is demonstrated…

    There is nothing that shows links to sex trafficking, forced labor…only extortion.

    The judge should stick with the fact and the fact is Allison only collected collateral (while Under collateral herself)

    • “There is nothing that shows links to sex trafficking, forced labor…only extortion.”

      There are paper trails everywhere connecting it all.

      You think they paid cash for everything?!?

  • If this is the case, we must all acknowledge that Nicki and her associates should be darwin award nominees. There is no saving these people. They are the ones that get out of the bus on safari and take pictures of the tiger and then get eaten. And that’s ok. The world is overpopulated and the stupid are sometimes are weeded out naturally. I’m sure these brain dead idiots will do something idiotic to put themselves in more jeopardy.

    • Agreed.
      It’s hard to understand why someone would stay in a group like this?!
      Have they been isolated from the rest of the world for so long they can’t adapt without Nx and DOS?

      • Some people have such low self esteem that they feel like they need to belong to something in order to be someone. I think that was most of the people that gave up their lives to be in NXIVM. Certainly many of the higher-ups. It’s funny because the higher you got in the course, I think that’s indicative of how low your self esteem actually is. To the point of where some people – including those above – just became mindless drones. And I don’t see an out for these people. They are too far gone. Too lost.

  • They probably live at 197 Halsey St:–2359611022

    It’s a 3/2 unit rented since Oct 2018 for $4250/month, a 20 min drive to MDC, and is apparently the current address for Samantha Lebaron.

    Samantha is now Naama Mire and makes overpriced ceramic tumblers she sells on her website and on amazon.

    If Samantha and Justin are still a couple, they’re likely sharing a room, meaning Nicki and Michelle each get their own room.

    • I guess if I need a detective, I should consider you!

      I eat at Saraghina, which is 3- 4 blocks away but I’ve never seen them.

    • That address is listed as being in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.
      When my Dutch ancestors came to Nieuw Amsterdam back in the 1650s they had a farm in the then farming hamlet of Bedford.
      Shall I drop in on Nicki and welcome her to the neighborhood?

      • Shadow
        Yeah, be sure to let them know your ancestors used to live nearby and you’d like to see how they like the neighborhood.

        Btw: Eat At Saraghina

    • Brooklyn:

      Good job!
      You nailed it!

      Samantha LeBaron is a graduate in Ceramic Arts from the University of Texas at El Paso close to the Mormon colonies of Northern Mexico where the LeBaron family lives.
      The odd thing about the UTEP college campus is that most of the buildings are built in a Tibetan style of Architecture.

  • So use of the terms ‘slave’ and ‘master’, as referenced in these reports, is part of the cult’s dogma and not interpretive?

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