Tanya Hajjar & FBI Agent Put on ‘Keith & Cami Show’ for Jury – Keith Has Severe Jealousy Issues

Tanya Hajjar read the chats and emails of defendant Keith Alan Raniere on the morning of June 5 in Brooklyn federal court.

By Dianne Lipson

Today, the prosecution called FBI Special Agent Megan Rees.  It was an extraordinary show.

Tanya Hajjar essentially played Keith Raniere and Rees played Cami, the DOS slave Raniere sexually exploited since she was 15.

It was almost like a stage play, at times, with FBI Agent Rees reading Cami’s texts and emails and Hajjar reading Raniere’s.  [Cami is unavailable to testify. She is in Guadalajara Mexico, sadly, still a member of Nxivm]

Rees and Hajjar really put their feelings into it. There are hundreds of pages of chats on What’s App between Cami and Keith. Keith appears on these chats as “unknown caller”.

I will paraphrase some of the more piquant moments.

They Started Before She Reached the Age of Consent

In a September 4, 2014 text, Keith writes to Cami,  “I am so proud to have been your husband for 8.75 years.” [She would have been 15 in early 2006]

There was another September email from Camilla where she says “the full moon is tomorrow that will make it 34 full moons that we’ve been together.”

FBI agent Rees calculated that this meant they have been together since 2005 [when Cami was 15].

[In New York State the age of consent is 17].

Keith’s Super Jealousy Issues

Apparently, at one time, there was some romantic interaction between Camilla and Robbie Chiappone [the son of Esther Chiappone Carlson, a longtime follower of Raniere].

This drove Keith crazy with jealousy.

Keith [to Cami]: Do I deserve this from my partner? You’re not giving me what I deserve.

Keith is smarting and deeply upset about Cami’s affair with Robbie.

Keith: You need to be desirous of me. You need to sexually be more aggressive than you ever were.

Meantime, poor Keith is going crazy about Cami and Robbie.  He wants Cami to tell Robbie she finds him disgusting.

Cami: I was insane to choose Robbie.

Keith is speaking of wanting Cami to not find Robbie attractive. Keith speaks of a hypothetical child, their baby. He says to Cami, so that she doesn’t ever touch him again, “I want you, Cami, [when you think of Robbie] to see our child crying out to stop you, ‘please, mommy don’t do it’, as you spread your legs.  You should see our child saying, ‘please, please, mommy, don’t spread your legs.”

On and on it goes, tiny Keith so jealous, so small.

He accuses her of defiance. Cami says she feels she’s under attack.

Keith wants to know what she has done today, “in the name of love for me.”

He wants her to satisfy him. He is threatening to push her away if she doesn’t do what he wants which is to lose weight to get down to 100 pounds.

He says, “The extra weight hurts my heart physically when I am with you.”

He’s talking about Cami collateralizing her word. He wants her to lose five pounds a week.

She asks for help with her bulimia. He says “lose the weight first.”

There is a reference to the Victory Way condo [where refrigerator magnets spelled out obscene messages]. Keith tells her she needs to leave the condo if she doesn’t do what he says. And the doing what he says appears to be about Robbie.

Camilla: I’m crying.

Keith: You need to move out.

She wants to stay [She has nowhere to go and is in the country illegally.]

Keith: If you’re cooperative, cooperative enough.

Cami: I guess that’s it. I guess that’s it then goodbye,

Keith: Do something Camilla.

Cami: I don’t know what to do. I have disgraced you.

Keith:  In the worst, deepest sense. Move out.  You must leave there immediately and not come back. You either fix it [with Robbie] or leave and we’re done.

Keith wants to know exactly what Robbie did to her sexually.

Keith: Tell me what he did each of the five times right now.

Keith wants her to treat Robbie just as if he was a rapist and not like she had consented to their dalliance.

Cami: Okay, I’ll treat him like a rapist.

He demands her obedience. Camilla says this all feels scary and suffocating.

Cami Senses He’s a Monster

There’s a theme running through the chats. Camilla knows he is abusive. She’s expressing that, but each time it comes to actually breaking things off, she pulls back.

But Keith says he’s the victim. He is always the victim.  He tells Cami that it’s “her pride” and he is the one “who was damaged.”

Cami says he’s asking her to do something she’s not comfortable doing.

Keith: You wanted to be my slave.

Cami complains she has to ask permission for everything, to text her family, to cut her hair. She says she hates asking for permission.

But she does ask for permission to “shave the kitty.”

“Whatever I take off I will save it for you,” she says.

Cami talks about depression.

Cami: You’ve taken away all of my life; you’ve branded me. I feel helpless and worthless. I feel dead inside.

Keith: You need to be happy whenever you are with me.

Then he threatens her to turn her out on the streets.

Keith: Take the vow and love me – or move out.

Cami: You’re heartless.

Keith: You’re heartless in your behavior in not fixing what you did.

Cami: You’re being cruel. I closed off my world. I have no friends because of you. Don’t abandon me.

Keith: If I don’t get what I want, I want you out.

Keith: You damaged me, cut out the victim stuff, Cami.

Cami: I will go peacefully. I never thought you were going to do this.

Finally, after getting verbally beaten up by Keith, she finally says “I will do whatever you say…. I have to do whatever you say.  I don’t know why I’m scared.

Keith: You’re scared because you’re serious. You must be responsive to me at all times.

Cami: I don’t want to be that type of woman.

Keith: Do you want dignity, integrity and love?

There are many references to Camilla’s sisters in the texts and references to children.

[Cami babysat Galen – Keith’s secret son – and cared about him.]

Keith in referencing kicking her out, also says she will not be allowed to see Galen ever again.

Cami: Please don’t take Galen away. I was more with Galen than you ever were. You’re abusing your power. I feel like a prisoner. This is your kingdom. You forgot to mention that you would unleash your fear if I ever want to leave.

Keith says she’s playing the victim.  And tells her she’s a monster. She has to prove she’s not a monster. She must look at it from his side.

Did Keith Beat Up Cami?

There are references to domestic abuse. Cami almost called the domestic hotline. She called in and hung up before they answered. She told Keith about it. She said it was anonymous.

“I never connected with them,” she tells him.

Fuck Toys for Keith

Keith said she should find a slave [for him to fuck].

They discuss what he wants the slave to be like.

Keith:  I want somebody to have character. They would have to prove their obedience or have to pass tests of loyalty.

Cami: I don’t like the whole domination thing.

At one point, Keith says, in relation to her looking for a sex slave for him.

“I suspect I’m a pretty sellable, a sellable guy.”

Then Keith asks Cami for more nude photos.

Keith Has More Jealousy Issues

There’s somebody named Jim [Del Negro?] that Cami also had some kind of romantic interaction with.

Keith wants her to write a letter to Jim. And the draft of this letter goes back and forth between Cami and Keith. The draft says things like, “regarding our sexual contact, I felt forced. I felt forced to let you touch me. I only took off my bra so you wouldn’t hurt yourself not because I wanted it.”

Keith is trying to get Cami to make Jim feel like a rapist.

Though Keith accuses Cami of “being the abuser”, Cami says “I feel like you will hunt me down.”

She says she needs to satisfy him lovingly.

Keith: I earned my power by using it justly….  You give me nothing.

There is another email where she’s finally, really expressing herself.

[Remember all of this is being read by Agent Rees [as Cami] and Tanya Hajjar [As Keith].

Cami: I never wanted you to correct me; it angers me. It angers me that you do not uphold what you claim. It angers me that you said you would step aside if I want someone else. It angers me that you made me believe in fairy tales. It angers me that it’s all a lie. It angers me because of you I had to blame you and angers me because you abused me for having you blame me. It angers me because you took away my love. It angers me that you took away my life. It angers me that I contemplated suicide many times.”

Keith: If I really did start with you too young, I lose all authority over you upon which our relationship is based. If you had dropped your pride, I could have rehabilitated you. To get rid of your pride you must think of me as infallible in this area….  You need pain and humiliation. To get rid of your pride you must see me as infallible in this area.

And that’s where the morning ended.

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  • Now Keith can feel shame and pain. I guess he must enjoy it if not, he will learn or at least be conditinoned to endure it. He’ll have no choice.

  • It is good she is strong enough to lay out how he let her down so clearly and did not fall for his inconsistency or at least tried not to cave in to it – that apparently he arlier said if she found someone else that was fine and then of course changed his mind inthe face of his jealousy. It is not particularly unusual for men to want their cake and eat it but want their wmoen to be loyal only to them. US and UK statistics show that men tend to divorce wives for adultery but wives tolerate it more (probably because in many cases there is financial dependence – no place else to go – a bit like Cami here). People like Warren Jeffs took it to extreme with 80 wives and the wives not allowed to have sex with any other men, although their culture at least in theory means about 3 wives and you financially support them and have sex regularly and equally with them (in theory but yet again there is an example of principles which are then not always stuck to just like KR not sticking to his own public principles – that he had no sexual partners).

  • Holy hell…. this is revolting. The prosecution is being wonderfully circuitous in their lynching of this mad man. It’s hard to imagine how much evidence they must still have to unravel. And the scores of things time won’t allow them to get to. Ugh kar go away forever please.

  • This disgusting animal is like a rotten onion of horrors. Every layer you peel back is more vile than the last. I do not want to know what goes on in the deepest recesses of his mind and his horrific plans for women and the world. His texts remind me of an older boyfriend I had at 15. He told me that he and all of my friends noticed I had no self esteem. He could ‘show’ me how to gain some! Until that point I was happy and confident. He used that to control me in a manner very similar to Keith. These types of people leech off of happy and healthy individuals in order to control them and fulfill their sick psychopathic fantasies. We must be vigilant against this type of behavior and shun it at every corner. Btw, thanks for the Frank Report. Keep up the good work of reporting on this garbage demon man.

  • First of all – what a pathetic picture Keith paints of himself in these texts. Whiny, fearful and so desperate about being abandoned it’s cringe worthy. I guess the play is here that he’s the world’s smartest man and his only kryptonite is a woman’s love. But 100% obedience is the only kind of love he’ll accept from a woman. What a bag of dicks that is. Limp ones no less. Easy for me to say since I’m an outsider looking in and wasn’t groomed for 10 years but this is classic manipulation. However – it’s not criminal.

    Second – someone please tell me KARs demeanor whilst this stage performance was unfolding. Did it elicit any kind of physical response?

    • nope – no change in his expression or demeanor whatsoever – just another day in court for him, no different from yesterday, no different from tomorrow. I’m amazed he hasn’t shown more outward reactions at various moments, today included. (yes i was in court)

  • What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    How could Raniere expect Cami to be loyal when he does not reciprocate that loyalty.

    What’s remarkable is how many women accepted this Group marriage with Raniere.

  • Didn’t Heidi try and make the argument that Keith was not insecure about his manhood?

    Didn’t Heidi try and claim that Keith wasn’t worried about how he measures up to other men in the love making department?

    Looks like Heidi was fucken wrong, yet again. 🙂

    Keith went CRAZY thinking about his women copulating with other men.

    Keith even wanted that woman to tell him that she didn’t ‘like’ the sex she had with Jim Del Negro, LOL.

    Looks like Heidi is another blabbing idiot who doesn’t know jack shit about NXIVM. 🙂

    • You don’t have enough information to be casting or PIGEONHOLING people in your script. You are being cast yourself Bangkookery. “Heidi” is trying to help you avoid being pigeonholed. The J dubs only have one b. Jeff is telling everyone I have a “dozen burner 📞 “ ‘s I only have an inactive emergency phone to track to stay on track.

  • Raniere is one sick demented twisted f*ck.

    He should be put back into general population at MDC.

  • Holy shit!!! This is horrific to read! I can’t believe after all if this, and after Cami seemingly tried to be with two other men because she had issues with Keith, she is apparently still involved with NXIVM in Mexico. At least she can’t be near Keith or communicate with him. Reading this is so upsetting. I thought it was bad with Dani!

  • This is nothing more than abuse and manipulation from a selfish, pathetic excuse for a man. KR is disgusting. Throw him under the bus.

  • Most likely, Keith has jealousy issues due to his childhood. He learned this somewhere.

  • “What a piece of work is man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable, In action how like an Angel, In apprehension how like a god, The beauty of the world, The paragon of animals.”

    And then these two invertebrates get to talking. Nothing more risible that a lovers’ quarrel, nothing more inane and depressing.

  • And here we have more patterns of how Keith operated. He used the exact same shtick on everyone. Just about EVERYTHING written above is a typical pattern of how Keith dealt with his insane jealousy issue.

    I will say this to Keith: You dumb fuck. Just because an 18yo and a 15yo confessed to hooking up with other guys, doesn’t mean they were the only ones. They were just the only ones who made the mistake of telling you.

    You should have done of a better job of taking care of your women. They wouldn’t have needed to secretly talk about your shortcomings, and find others to satisfy them. From what I hear, you couldn’t spot a fake orgasm if it came straight from your flacid self. Keithy don’t know all. You’ve been cheated on more than all of Albany.

    TRUTH. Or should I say, TEE HEE.

    • Nutjob,

      Evolutionary Psychology theory would be in agreement with your opinion that Keith Raniere was most definitely cheated on by most of the harem women.

      It would be illogical for the women not to cheat on Keith Raniere according to evolutionary theory and doctrine.

      Sorry Vanguard but you most definitely got played.

  • Are there any long time Frank Report readers asking themselves: Did Keith set up Robbie C to take the fall for his actual child abuse? Did Keith abuse Robbie as a young boy setting him up to become a child molester himself?

    Keith needs to rot in a jail cell for the rest of his.

    Is the jury sitting there all poker faced or are there any audible gasps coming from the courtroom when Keith is being shown as the monster he his?

    • Reba – I’m with you on the Robbie thing. Wouldn’t surprise me if Keith set him up in order to get rid of him. Keith was very good at getting rid of males that stoked his jealousy embers.

  • “Frail of heart
    Renounce all fear
    Locked away inside
    All these years
    Remain in the light
    Renounce all fear
    For you have been
    Break this spell of silence”

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