Kathy Russell ‘Super Freak’ – Landlady Shows Video of Her Apartment at Trial

Kathy Russell leaves court.

Yesterday, May 31, during the trial of Keith Alan Raniere, AKA Vanguard, AKA Master, AKA Grand Master, [AKA Supreme Master, AKA Prisoner Number 57-17705], the landlord of Kathy Russell was called.

We learned a lot about Kathy Russell, 62, during this trial and she is more and more looking like she had a role in Nxivm that may have been more juicy than what was previously imagined by outsiders.

This is the government exhibit photo of Kathy Russell, our candidate for Nxivm Super Freak.

Kathy was the one who helped Dani [the Mexican woman who was confined to a room for nearly two years] illegally get across the border from Canada to the US, providing her with fake ID and for which Kathy pleaded guilty – her sole crime in a plea deal whereby she faces a likely prison sentence of between 6-12 months.

We also learned from Dani and Lauren Salzman that Kathy was involved in threesomes with them and Keith.  In one steamy episode Kathy and Keith were making out hot and heavily in front of Dani, who was trying to ignore them.

Finally Keith and Kathy inveigled Dani to join them in their manege a trois even using a bit of classic guilt-tripping by reminding Dani that it was Kathy who helped get her over the border whereby she was here in the first place.  Dani succumbed, but testified she did not enjoy it.

Kathy – who we have previously reported is an erstwhile ballerina despite her age – seems to be the super freak – next to Vanguard of course – of Nxivm.

In the trial of Raniere, Kathy’s landlady was called to the stand and for what reason time shall no doubt disclose.  The gist of her landlady, Sheila Jelonek’s  testimony was that Kathy rented the apartment from her under a fake name – Kathleen O’Sullivan – and that she paid in cash once yearly.

Kathy told her landlady that she was a rich widow and wanted to pay in advance. The rent was about $900 per month which means Kathy plunked down some $11,000 in cash – which Jelonek testified Kathy brought in a paper bag.

Kathy Russell [r] leaves court after one of her appearances.
Kathy rented the apartment for years in this fashion and it came out that Nxivm’s other candidate for super freak, Daniella Padilla [the DOS first line slave who bought the cage, paddles and other sex toys online for DOS] also used the apartment at least once.

The landlady encountered Padilla in the apartment and Padilla [who is not the same Daniela that testified] told Kathy’s landlady that she was housesitting for Kathy.

After renting the apartment for years – and paying annually in cash, [she met the landlady at Starbucks annually] in 2018, subsequent to Keith Alan Raniere’s arrest [on March 26, 2018] Kathy Russell [known to her landlady as Kathleen O’Sullivan] failed to return her landlady’s multiple calls seeking to learn whether Kathy was going to renew her lease.

Her landlady finally entered the apartment and took a video [which was shown in court] which revealed that Kathy had light-blocking black drapes and blinds – so little or no light would enter and there was a tripod for a camera there.  The tripod was set up next to a bed.

This has led some to speculate that “collateral” [i.e. blackmail] photos of DOS women may have been taken there. Or photos of threesomes featuring the lordly one, Keith Alan, himself.

There was some question about whether Kathy actually lived in the apartment or whether it was used for other purposes – perhaps a sex lair.

What captured the attention of some spectators in court and possibly jurors too was that the video revealed a colorful display of alphabet magnets on Kathy’s refrigerator.

The magnets themselves were not only colorful and pleasantly designed and arrayed, but creative Kathy [or Dani or someone] spelled out a number of interesting and intriguing words, Nxivm concepts no doubt -which, happily, Frank Report is prepared to show our more attentive readers.

Before we get to Kathy’s lovely refrigerator magnet display – the landlady’s video also showed a picture of Kathy’s beloved leader, the ethicist, Keith Alan Raniere, pinned to a bulletin board.

The Worshipful One’s photo was pinned to a bulletin board in Kathy Russell’s apartment.

The landlady, who took the video, testified that she was surprised to find what she called ”juvenile” words on the fridge.

Was it juvenile or was there a deeper Raniere teaching? You be the judge:

Here are some of the colorfully displayed words and concepts on the fridge:

Slap my heinie



Feed me

Hard on

I Suck Big Hard Dick



Zoom Penis


Ox Boner



Tight Pussy

What was not on the fridge was a concept that encapsulates all of the ideas on Russell’s refrigerator – a simple notion that speaks volumes to all followers of the Vanguard worldwide:

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Ok, beyond the sex stuff… I mean, you can put whatever you want on your refrigerator… but one: The apt was rented under a fictions name: landlady didn’t ask for ID, do a background check, nothing?? Two: tenant met you at a Starbucks and gave you a year’s worth a rent in cash in a paper sack???!!! The shiny crap are the words on the fridge… you are missing the real issues.

  • Up till now I’ve had sympathy for Kinky Kathy, thinking she was some low-level nobody who was going to take the fall for the rich and the twisted sickos of NXIVM. I guess I should have known better, considering the group she was indicted with. The way she manipulated Dani to have a threesome with her and the camera in the room, it makes one wonder what her involvement with DOS truly was. It makes me sick to think that these women all took a plea deal. Honestly they all deserve the max possible sentence. They better be providing info intel that was worth their slap on the wrist they received.

    • Oh it so sickening these women including Alison such a waste she was always running i her car ir just running around the neighborhood she lioked like she had all together yea right

    • Based on the newer account Frank posted, Russell was just the bag lady used to rent the place. She doesn’t seem to have really been part of the inner circle, and yet Raniere seems to have enjoyed her sexually, so I think we have yet to understand what her role really was. Though maybe it was just that she would do all the dirty work that was asked of her, from money laundering to threesomes.

  • So did Kathy go down on Allie Whack? Did Allison munch on Kathy’s elephant ear Vajayjay? Shriveled up and loose like month-old Roast Beef?

    Ewwww… Yucko!

    Kathy is old enough to be Allison’s Mom.

    Uggghhh… No wonder Queef was complaining about fish hole smells. Yuck!

    • Does Allison Mack have collateral on her? Is it fellatio or the labia that these two enjoy? Both maybe. Prison will be enjoyable for them. Not for Raniere. Don’t drop the soap.

  • They all had this word salad game all over theIr fridges, not just Kathy.

    Remember Amy and Heather? And Rachel, Katy and Bethany. Please, go the FBI now!! Just tell the truth, please! There’s safety in numbers, Serena, Denise, please tell it straight. Whatever you remember, however it conflicts. They’ll piece it together. They’ll have to as long as it all sticks together and we stick together! Word Salad, ruled!

    Please! Kelly, you too! And Kristin and Angie and I can’t say who else. Trust me, please. They can’t pretend anymore! All rise!

    Jane DOE’s or/or Jane DOES! ❤️

  • Who enjoys sex more? Men or Women?

    From Greek mythology.
    Let’s look at the legend of Tiresias — the prophet who, as the result of an altercation with some magical snakes, was transformed into a woman for seven years. Some time later, Zeus and Hera asked Tiresias to settle a dispute over the question of who had more pleasure during sex. When Tiresias replied that sex was nine times better for women than men, Hera was so enraged that she blinded him.
    Zeus, feeling a little bad about the situation, gave Tiresias the consolation prizes of prophecy and long life.

    • Ha! Cool, shadow. Thanks for that bit of Greek mythology. I just saw a production of Antigone in which Tiresias makes a cameo appearance. 😉

  • Ah, these nxivms are great with hiding their true identities.Interested in how this really pertains to Keith’s trial… would love to know what the judge is thinking…

  • Frank, Can you publish the names of people that are going to the court to see the trail that support Raniere so we can know who to watch out for after this trial is completed? This would be important information for your readers.

  • “The rent was about $900 per month which means Kathy plunked down some $11,000 in cash – which Jelonek testified Kathy brought in a paper bag.”
    “After renting the apartment for years – and paying annually in cash,”

    These type of large cash payments year after year raise suspicions of money laundering.
    One wonders if the other NXIVM defendants were also making large cash payments year after year.

    Kathy Russell is indeed a Super Freak but so are the other NXIVM women who arranged a group fellation session with Raniere.
    All of the NXIVM women are Super Freaks.

    • Shadow. everything you’re saying makes sense factually except the part about KATHY “arranging” to give KAR a blow job. Please hear me out.

      First, a group blowjob is NOT illegal. That’s Everyman’s dream. Why do you hate on a woman (or man) who would fulfill your fondest fantasy?

      I know OF girls in Malibu in Jr. HS who — to their Dad, if not their Mom’s horror if their maids (whatever adults were around) ever told and their busy folks were ever around — who “arranged” to do and DID just that — threw mattresses down in a Malibu mansion and threw a blowjob party. It was in the local news bc these kids got busted by the police and I knew one of the Mom’s of the then 13 year old girl who supposedly “arranged” the whole affair. Would you hate on her if her name “Jade” was withheld bc she was a minor?

      (To speak analogically.)

      Second, KATHY, who was NANCY’s personal handmaiden and Keith’s ass drone for decades was not high-ranking or popular enough to have arranged anything — not like Lyin’ Lauren. KATHY did NANCY’s bidding.

      NANCY whose name and face are conspicuously missing from any “inner-circle” chart that should have been a PYRAMID. I wrote on here previously that KAR used to mesmerize his acolytes about the Pyramid with the all-seeing eye atop it on US currency.

      Shadow, did you contact Frank or did Frank contact you? Are you telling the truth about your brother in D.C.? Is he Frank’s or Joe’s D.C. “informant”? Who is misinforming Frank repeatedly that Edgar Boone was the first Mexican NXIVM. Not Joe. Joe knows that is not true, I took another look at his lawsuit. Ana Fox, whom my sister Gina knew, is listed there. She was a member while Gina was still alive up to 2002. And Gina was dead before “Edgar Boone” — who Frank says is the first Mexican Nexian — ever recruited Alex and Emiliano.

      Btw, both of my “devices” (as Jeff calls them) are redirecting my FR posts. But IDK where to. I think Guadalajara— one redirect. Betcha Uncle Ben would know. Jeff Apple might know if he’d ever WAKE UP.

      He’s not stupid enough to forget to pick-up “D’s“ meds. Especially not when he’s trying to “arrange” to have me evicted so he can steal another house. This is not a test! This is not a script!

      Jeff or Philllipe please go to the FBI and tell the truth. Frank is NOT going to prison and Dylan’s house nor VAN are not going to be redirected to the Aurelia day program, to Joy’s agency, or to UCP. Please don’t let Jeff Apple steal anything else from his son, including his mother!

      • Edgar Boone had taken his first Intensive in Early 2001and recruited both his parents and his brother Omar in June 2001.

        I know this for a fact. I was there! Emi and Alex came a year later.

  • Kinky Kathy at one point did live in one of the NX owned condos (the one Dawn Morrison moved out of on Yorktown). After watching the video she just moved to another condo within KW, those who reside here could identify that kitchen island anywhere. It also appears Kathy had a little unreported run in with the law back in 2014:

    6/3/2014 Saratogian

    Unlicensed operation: Kathy L. Russell, 56, of Clifton Park was arrested at 6:29 p.m. May 30 and charged with second-degree facilitating aggravated unlicensed operation, a misdemeanor, and several traffic violations following a property-damage accident on Broadway.( the main drag of Saratoga)

    Like Frank says it appears the aspiring ballerina (or maybe dominatrix ) was not just the hapless bookkeeper. She appears to have been one of KAR’s most devote disciples and would literally do anything for him.

    Wonder if Cami was also holed up here from time to time. It was thought that KAR had squirreled her away somewhere so Mariana would not catch on.

  • Kathy Russell is a Freak on a Leash!

    My kinda kinky Hussy.

    I bet she’s a Sexual Tyrannosaurus. Maybe she was the one with a Big Hard Cock. Like a strap-on

    • more like a tranny <==they dont need strap-ons {most obvious big head ps alot of ballerinas these days are MEN!}

  • It’s hard to know for certain who did what in that apartment, but apparently Russell somehow served Raniere’s kinky sex needs, which may help explain why she was kept around in the inner circle.

    I’m curious to see a picture of her in her prime, and how much she fit Raniere’s type, which seems to have run to women who looked like waifish girls. All we see now are pictures of her turned into an old woman, apparently not having aged well – perhaps it’s telling that unlike others, she doesn’t seem to be in photos from the early days.

    And speaking of serving Raniere’s kinky sex needs, I find it very curious that Karen Unterreiner still lives in Raniere’s old sex pad, where he brought some of his earliest underage sex conquests – statutory rape victims, really – and honed his technique for roping in multiple sex partners, while demanding loyalty without giving it in return. Does she actually bask in the memories of what went on there?

  • Let me guess it was the jetsetting lifestyle of 60+ballerina that prevented her from buying a house

  • Anyone else wonder if KAR put those magnets on her fridge and she just left them like that (because he is such a super human).

    • IDK where Gina and her roomies got their word salad magnets but they used to do the same for fun sometimes dirty words. That was the only time any of them ever swore. Kelly, who became a Buddhist nun in India — who’s dad was a Navy officer — would never have allowed it. Kelly was a complete slob. She said she had to move to India to fit in with the polluted environment there. She felt at home walking around in Buddhist robes with her head shaved. When people stared she said MEN love spiritually enlightened women. What would a NUN care? Kelly was in India with Gina, too. Frank, during our interview I kept thinking about India and how controlled the women are in that Country. I’ve been lucid dreaming about shaving my head.

      Why did Brittany Spears shave her head?

  • I can see why the anonymous poster was struck…if not for cause certainly preemptively. I just hope her report of juror misconduct doesn’t result in a mistrial! KAR will be found guilty—eventually. This case speaks to the magnitude of veiled depravity prevalent in this world.

  • Quiet Kathy Russell as the boning, moaning Nympho. Gasp!

    What other shockers are in store? Speaking of shockers, was the remote control butt plug for Kathy or Queef???

  • While most granny’s are baking cookies, babysitting their grandkids, gardening, volunteering , etc., Kathy has other….uh….”hobbies”…..

    • perfecting her “dairy free” frosting recipe no doubt.

      “is that lemon and vanilla I can taste in your icing?”

      “Why no, that’s just a touch of jzm drizzle, sweet-cheeks!”

  • How big was the apartment? Only $900 rent? Where is it located? Did that include utilities?

    • Probably big enough to do Raniere collateral porn. You know pictures of the labia and the erect (or limp) penis.

  • Keith Raniere is a pussy. He sucks big hard cock while the other inmates smack his hinie. He and his cell mate love doing the 69. He thinks of tight pussy as the jzm glazes his face.

  • This gets crazier and very upsetting that she may only get 6 to 12 months theres no justice at all

    • I agree.
      Kathy is seeking employment, or so she says. Having this come to light who would take the chance of having her on staff?
      Now her family begins to know. I would love to know how they now feel having her around their spouces? Kathy appears to lack boundaries and has lacked them for years.
      Didn’t she abandon her own family for Keith years ago?

  • She wishes she could suck big hard cock. Will Viagra be introduced as evidence the chosen one was empotent?

      • Probably had to resort to his tongue since he suffered jello dick. IMO Keith needs to walk a gauntlet of his fellow inmates and they all shout at him: Hey, Herpes, HEY Limp dick, etc.

        • He might want to ask for solitary confinement in jail. Shower time will have different version of threesome instead of what he’s used to. No vaginas just hard penis after dropping his soap.

  • Based on those magnets, I’m guessing that Kathy had a backdoor man (somebody other than Keith).

    It says “I suck BIG cock” and Keith is only 5’4″ with tiny feet, so I doubt he’s sporting a BIG cock. No fucken way he’s Ron Jeremy. More like Tiny Tim or at best Average Joe. He’s probably sporting a chode, a superwide cock that’s really short.

    Anyway… This magnet would seem to indicate that Kathy was boning a real stud, somebody other than KAR.

    I’m guessing our resident actress is gonna chime in here, to give us another clarification of Keith’s cock, based upon allegedly being offered his prize and turning it down. 🙂

    • The magnet also said “HARD” dick — but we know that KAR is sporting a LIMP and FLACCID dick in his middle aged body, thus that’s more proof of Kathy having a backdoor man other than Keith. 🙂

    • I’m not chiming, Frank. If you mean me. Stop putting words in my mouth. I’m trying to provide useful FACTS and REAL RECOLLECTIONS that fit REALITY, toots.

      Jeff Apple might be mind-conditioned to help Emiliano and KAR and “Jack Levy” the NEW FACE taking the fall for NXIVM but they don’t call it NXIVM in Mexico. They call it ESP Mexico. The name changes — the players are the same. Cemex, Telmex — that’s the real NXIVM.

      Who’s building the wall?

      Not getting many clicks now that Kathy Russell instead of Allison Mack is the tabloid centerfold. Are you?

      Kruek’s posing for Penthouse?

      Pardon me if that sounds “irrational” trying to tie this into the big picture — that’s what real screenwriters do.

      Jeff, Kym and Phillip might just get themselves arrested trying to keep me locked out of Dylan’s life and have you put in prison yourself Frank. Your playing a very dangerous game. I warned you about Jeff and his ties but he might not know from fantasy anymore and you are not as impervious as you think.

      Look into the Sinclair (Sin Clare??) Media Corp. Don’t let your ego rule you. Everyone has a voice w/o your instigation. You are not the KING. DO NOT take offense. I am trying to help you without letting them steal my son’s property in the process. What is your intent?!

    • Bangkok,

      Is now an expert on cock…

      …..”He’s probably sporting a chode, a superwide cock that is really really big and short”, Bangkok.

      Wow !!!!!!! Bangkok and all this time, I thought you did not know anything.

  • NXIXM is/was full of liberal cunts. Let’s see what they think of weak border crossings now.

    • America is in good hands. Trump raising the tariffs on Mexico (which US companies and consumers will pay 100%) will solve the immigration problem, the stable genius says.

        • You and Trump are both WRONG about tariffs:
          In fact, they are a tax on companies in the USA who buy imports, 100%, and mostly passed on to US consumers. Even Larry Kudlow was forced to admit this by Chris Wallace…on FOX!
          Yes, the economies of these countries will suffer some because US companies might buy less from them, if they can, but 100% of the Trump Tariff Tax is paid by us.
          Tariffs are a huge disruptions on all economies and Trump doesn’t know even freshman econ.

    • Perhaps, they, and some other “liberal cunts” are liberal bc most of the Maga maggots I know are mysoginists, racist, bullies who beat up the likes of “Flowers” on blogs when they’re not spinning conspiracy theories or dispensing fake news.

      Please stop trying to “Pigeon” hole commenters if you want to stay out the hole yourselves — “volunteers.”

      • Heidi, misogynists gotta misogyny , I guess. Lol….Not that I really care what they do, but it’s good to know what
        motivates their actions, which helps predict their future actions.

        From your posts today it seems as though your exhusband had (or still has) some kind of involvement in NXIVM, or am I misinterpreting? Didnt remember you mentioning that previously, so I could be mistaken about what you meant.

      • Flowers asked some questions you must have missed.

        * Flowers 
May 24, 2019 at 1:45 pm 

Apparently Heidi and Frank have been friends for years, but I find their friendship a bit puzzling. Since Heidi’s sister, Gina, died in 2002, and Frank began working for NXIVM in 2007, I wonder when Heidi and Frank became friends? Obviously, it must have been sometime after Frank left NXIVM (or else Heidi would have warned him to not become involved, right?). yet Heidi makes it sound as though she has known Frank for a very long time…..
Maybe Frank explained how they met before and I just missed the article.


      • Wow…

        No, liberal cunts are liberal cunts because they are cunts. Liberalism is the self righteous cult that hates white men.

        Trump is in power because people are sick of liberal cunts. It’s a reaction.

        To actually believe people have become liberal cunts because Trump came to power in 2017 is madness. As if liberals are reacting!

        Anyone who is not a “straight white man” is given free reign to publicly hate on them without consequence.

        Saying illegal and mass uncontrolled immigration is bad and needs stopping is not racist.

        Saying immigration should me merit based is not racist.

        Saying majority white tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for the welfare state leeched off by non-whites, only to have their votes cast out by them is not racist.

        Not wanting terrorists to enter the country is not racist.

        Not pandering to women is not sexist.

        Pointing out more blacks kill whites then whites kill blacks is not racist.

        Pointing out blacks, less than 13% of the US population commit 52% of all murders is not racist.

        Everything liberals say is made up pretentious word salad, easy to debunk. They are so far up their own assholes, deep in their cult, that they refuse to listen.

        That is why Trump is in power. Why he will probably be re-elected. Why Brexit happened. Why the Brexit Party in the UK dominated in the EU elections. Why there is a large right wing wave happening throughout Europe.

        Come on Heidi, you don’t find weak ass liberal “men” appealing. Women don’t respect pussies who hate themselves. That is why white women are obsessed with Muslims, despite Muslims being everything feminists and liberals claim to hate. It’s as if you want masculinity…

        No way in hell you find weak as “men” like “SultanOfSix”.

        Liberals are cunts. People were “conservative” before Trump and people will remain so after Trump.

  • Not sure how this is relevant to the trial; sex lairs are not uncommon in the world; I’d hate to see this trial turn into a moral crusade against diverse sexuality. Half the world will be in prison for life if that’s the case.

    I wonder sometimes what case the prosecution is building? Is there enough focus on actionable crimes? Will the jury be able to focus on relevant facts when necessary?

    And, the reporting has not covered what Agnifilo’s response has been to witnesses beyond the incident with Lauren Salzman. It’s hard to get a real sense of how the trial is going from the coverage presented thus far. There seems to be little point vs. counterpoint in the reporting analysis.

    Comments by Dianne Lipson would be appreciated.

    • I agree w/this. If they’re going to present evidence that the camera was used to produce child porn, and the magnets were spelling out a script/words that needed to be said, then it’s relevant.

      But she’s not on trial for that, and if there’s no crime, I’m not interested.

      Also 2nd the call for what happened during Dani’s cross examination.

    • It does seem irrelevant to any of the charges against Raniere. So Kathy Russell had naughty phrases stuck up on her fridge; why is this being introduced as evidence by the government? It’s not a crime. Though the busybody landlady snooping around her tenant’s apartment and taking photos hints at invasion of privacy.

      It’s pretty obvious what the prosecution is doing. They’re painting the Nxivm cult as particularly revolting and sex-obsessed, which is both true and to the prosecution’s advantage. This tactic was obvious when they had the sex shop proprietor testify. What kind of horrible person buys a ball gag or a butt plug! Oh dear and clutch my pearls!

      By hinting at all sorts of depraved goings-on, the prosecution is poisoning the jury against Raniere. Which to be honest, ain’t hard. The tactic is probably quite effective, as people are probably more influenced by emotion than by reason. Still, it creeps me out that this is how trials are run. Facts, schmackts, if the jury dislikes the defendant sufficiently they will convict. Problem is, this tactic works equally well against a defendant who hasn’t actually committed a crime. So it could be me or you.

      I want Raniere sent to prison based on the facts of the case. Not because his accountant has a taste for big dicks.

      • Its circumstantial evidence it helps illuminate the context, not necessary to prove his crimes but sufficient to explain why these crimes occurred (what kind of people were the perpetrators? what motivated them?)

      • Actaeon, have we met in person ever? John T. introduced me to some Saratoga “friends” of his who were donating or already had donated a whole new computer set-up bc they agreed with his politics, loved his blog and all.

        That might have been where the kiddie porn on his puter came from.

        John T. was eager to help investigate Gina’s death but I expected the Albany TU to dig in a little deeper than they did. I thought the exposure would be greater as well going with the TU exclusively at that time.

        So, for John T. to have been introduced to that “baby soft-voiced” Me-too hopeful running the evil Empire State (NOT) at that Clinton fund-raiser as, apparently, a supporter of Gillibrand’s, that means some of John’s friends might have been Gillibrand supporters.

        And that might have a little sumthin’ to do with why Clare’s brother made a rare donation to dem dems and Gillibrand’s campaign AFTER the TU story came out, in July 2012, when Coffee and Kirslop went on the mad hunt for any computer in it that contained information leading to the whereabouts of “the suppressives.”

        It’s just you seem so anxious to shut out any further investigation.

        Maybe, I met you then? Or maybe I’m the “succubus” you married, sucker. JK.

        If so, you and your lovely, latest muse and her ex aren’t producing one of my stories without my name (nor hers or theirs) on it this time.

    • It’s relevant to an investigation into the deaths surrounding NXIVM. It’s also relevent to the truth if that interests anyone, anymore.

      And if you think Dani taught herself “programming” all by her lonesome, think again.

      American law started with American theatre. Why, btw, did Barbara Bouchey move to San Fransico without knowing a single soul there? And the poor lass is still flying cross country to protest at the trial that NX is good.

      A little compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings might help you in your Analyses.

  • ….So much for the image of Kathy Russell as the unassuming account and amateur ballerina.

    She may be one of the few woman that fully enjoyed having sex with Vanguard.

    Kathy’s apartment looks like a shit hole.

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