Heidi: Can anyone doubt that the Raniere’s 2005 pics of nude women [and girls] were taken for ‘collateral’?

Keith Raniere loved to photograph women. but why?
Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

In response to the story Who are the 12 women Raniere photographed nude in 2005?, which makes speculation about who the 12 women were that Keith Raniere photographed nude in November 2005, I want to point out that my sister, Gina Hutchinson, was not one of them.

Gina passed away before 2005.  I do fear these pictures may only be some stray “back-ups” with other years erased, however.

I have a good idea who else may be in the pics.

How humiliating for these girls and, especially, the middle-aged women like Kathy Russell — already nearly 50 yrs. old in 2005.

How can anyone doubt that this was blackmail material to hold over the ladies’ heads, especially if the posed pics were collected in the same year KAR illegally, deliberately de-virginized the 15 yr. old underage girl [Jane Doe 2] being groomed for him?

Must be difficult to get a face shot in with genitals. Especially in a selfie. And find bad ass chicks “willing” to do that, in case taking those pics of underage chicks turns out to be nearly as illegal as fucking them.

Girls By Design sure tried, though, with that “Sexy 7” contest offer to win a free camera by sending in pics of yourself – like that 12 yr old girl who wrote in to Kendra Voth and Kristin Kruek did.

That was, what, in ‘08?

And that all occurred in the NDNY, Northern District, too.

If NDNY and/or the State don’t bring charges, especially with the Court already ruling some evidence omitted for jurisdiction, I fear Raniere will have grounds for appeal, if it is now admitted in the EDNY court, which cannot, anyway, rule on something that didn’t happen in its district — such as all the statuatory sex crimes on the under-aged children.

Which, I’m sorry, is exactly what this is about in reality at its core.


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4 years ago

Heidi is spot on it was all about control.

4 years ago

I suspect that Raniere started out taking naked photos of women as a way to satisfy his juvenile obsessions, and then realized they had “collateral” value as well – and could be collected from others, not even his own conquests, as a tool of manipulation and control. Schemes and scams tend to evolve like that.

He apparently was fixated on posing women in particular ways, that sound like they might have been inspired by the cruder “beaver shot” type porn magazines of his youth. So much for being “integrated.”

I’m hoping that Raniere gets asked in court, about what all was on that original source, the “backups” for which were all that law enforcement has. I suspect that he kept a full copy for himself on something like a USB key or SD card hidden somewhere, and maybe even some day, like in the buried videotapes in the Karla Homolka case, it will turn up.

Also, hopefully NDNY will be under pressure to pursue the other sex charges, and perhaps more as well, if only because there’s another conviction in place in case of appeals in the EDNY case.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

I agree that Heidi is wrong (again), the purpose of the pictures evolved. Raniere won’t have to answer any questions about anything if he doesn’t testify.

4 years ago

Spot on, Heidi. It’s all about control. And how must several of those females feel knowing that there are still nude photos of them still lingering out there?

4 years ago

Heidi – I agree. It seems unlikely that there would be non-DOS photos taken in only 2005.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Reply to  BOOM!

I’ll take your word for it. I don’t do Sultan tweets.

No offense to Kruek’s fiancé — Eric “The Putz” — but anyone who poses as an Arab to impress a hot Asian actress, especially if that Arab-impersonating suitor is Jewish — has issues I don’t even want to know about.

What’s curious is that Sultan’s schtick worked for Putzer. Go figure.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

What are you talking about? I know it’s easier for Frank to get away with publishing defamatory and libelous statements about celebrities, especially on a blog with limited appeal, but at some point, I imagine some of the other people whose names are carelessly tossed around here might start doing something about it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

I don’t get the obsession with Kruek, myself, either for or against. In the grand scheme of things, she is small fry. The saying “pick your battles” springs to mind.

4 years ago

Girls By Design is dirty as fuck. Kristin Crook and Kendra Voth wanted to relaunch it in 2013, a year after the pedophile expose.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Seriously, “dirty as fuck”
— they wanted to relaunch GBD from the same platform AFTER the Albany TU 2012 pedophile revelations?! WTF???!!!!

Please tell me more.

Are you sure it wasn’t an effort to revamp GBD without Keith Et. Al.’s influence? Maybe do something closer to KK’s understanding of the intent of it after she learned she was being used and deceived? Which she would be wise to reveal, if so, IMO — lest it be interpreted else wise?

That doesn’t even make sense from a business point of view for god’s sake unless you’re TRYING to cater to diddlers and, even then, you’re already busted!

GBD is actually still “a thing” online which infuriates me. Last time I checked this company is still in business too.

Initially, I thought they didn’t dissolve the company or take down the GBD website bc doing so might be perceived as an admission of guilt or knowledge that this company was (or is) essentially a recruitment tool for Pedophiles like KAR.

Now, I’m suspicious that someone wants keep the GBD company going and, just maybe, the diddlers $$$$$ coming in.

I was just talking about this with a prominent journalist yesterday who asked me and I told the plain truth as I have somewhat previously on FR —

I know and can prove everything about GBD (and, btw, every offshoot NXIVM company including its precursor JNESS), the “Sexy 7,” the GBD website — it is ALL straight out of KAR’s pedophile, “fuck toy,” sex slavemaker playbook! One he starting writing from his earliest child conquests back in the mid-eighties onward.

Few know what a swath of destruction KAR cut through in the 80’s and 90’s — devouring a number of pre-teens and teens in the Albany area — in his pedophile, predator pathology.

I read the GBD “sexy 7” lines, for instance, and it’s like it came straight out of my sister Gina’s head at the age of 14 – 21 when KAR successfully seduced she and many of her underaged or barely of age friends.

[Except the “tee-hees” — IDK where those came from and I shudder to think what age group those were targeted at.]

So take that, Sultan. You ain’t getting my VPN. 🤪

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