‘They’re baaaaack’ – Actually NXIVM Has Never Gone Away – Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman & Omar Boone now lead Nxivm

MK10ART's sketch of Clare Bronfman, the leader of Nxivm known also as Legatus.

New evidence has emerged that the NXIVM criminal enterprise is alive and well – and may be back stronger than ever if its leader, Keith Raniere, is successful in gaining an acquittal at his upcoming trial.

In a Memorandum-Of-Law that was filed on Thursday by Michael J. Sullivan, the attorney who represents NXIVM Corporation, we got confirmation of several things we knew about the company – and learned several new facts about its status.

Nxivm’s attorney, Michael Sullivan

To begin with, Sullivan confirmed that the company was originally incorporated in Delaware as Executive Success Programs, Inc. on July 20, 1998.

It then changed its named to NXIVM Corporation on January 23, 2002.

The company’s charter was voided for – surprise, surprise – non-payment of taxes as of March 1, 2005. But it was restored shortly thereafter on April 7, 2005.

According to Sullivan, the company is neither dissolved nor defunct – and still retains attorney-client privileges and work product privileges.

Sullivan goes on to note that both he, as the company’s legal representative – and Clare Bronfman, as a member of the company’s Executive Board – wish to assert both of those protections with respect to a variety of documents that the prosecution would like to introduce as evidence at the upcoming trial of Keith Raniere.


For those of you who are keeping score, this is the same Clare Bronfman who stood before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis less than a week ago and told him how “remorseful” she was for not upholding the laws of the United States.

She went on to make the following statement: “I endeavored to do good in the world and to help people; however, I have made mistakes. This experience has taught me the gravity of my responsibility, and I will take these lessons forward in every future decision”.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman and her ability to purchase justice directly from the Department of Justice. [Where else would you buy it other than from a department of justice?]
Well, it certainly didn’t take long for her to go back to being the cold-blooded, ruthless bitch who would do anything to protect her Vanguard.

So, back to NXIVM Corporation…

Here are ten things that we learned about the company from today’s filing:
(1) It is “by no means defunct and instead retains all the hallmarks of a viable legal corporation”.

(2) It is not bankrupt.

(3) It is currently maintaining “ordinary business practices”.

(4) It “has been served with (and has responded to) grand jury subpoenas” in the current case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al as recently as March 4, 2019.

(5) It has retained accountants and attorneys to provide services on its behalf.

(6) It has been recently billed for and paid normal operating expenses.

(7) It still maintains “files, storage facilities, computer servers, operating systems, and domain names”.

(8) It has recently had tax returns prepared and filed.

(9) It has a Board of Directors – and they had a meeting in December 2018.

(10) Nancy Salzman is still the President of the company but is not currently taking an active role in its operations.

We also learned that NXIVM Corporation has always been governed by an Executive Board – and that, as of right now, there are three members on that Executive Board:
– Clare Bronfman;
– Lauren Salzman; and
– Omar Boone.


Clare Bronfman & Lauren Salzman


Omar Boone running Nxivm now

Three other former members of the Executive Board resigned over the course of the past year:
– Emiliano Salinas (Early 2018);
– Alex Bettencourt (Early 2018); and
– Karen Unterreiner (Spring/Summer 2018).

Emiliano Salinas & Alex Bettencourt are no longer running Nxivm.


Karen Unterreiner is not running Nxivm.


Isn’t this all very fascinating?

NXIVM Corporation is still alive and fully functional.

Two of the three members of the company’s Executive Board – Clare Bronfman and Lauren Salzman – have pleaded guilty to crimes related to the company’s illegal operations.

Both professed great remorse at the time they pleaded guilty in front of Judge Garaufis – and promised to make amends for their prior bad acts.

But here they are now, still active members of the Executive Board of NXIVM Corporation – and still doing everything they can to protect their Vanguard.

Judge Nicholas  G. Garaufis

Let’s hope Judge Nicholas Garaufis remembers all this when it comes time to sentence these two ladies.


Nixmv’s attorney, Michael J. Sullivan, formerly served as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts from 2001 to 2009 – and as the Acting Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) from 2006 to January 2009.

He has been in private practice ever since – and is currently affiliated with the Ashcroft Law Firm, which is headed up by John Ashcroft, the former U.S. Attorney General under President George Bush.




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  • Why don’t people just find these NXIVM cunts and beat the shit out of them? Break their fucking legs.

    • To me, this kind of message is an incitation to hate and to commit violence and it is not allowed by the law. This shoulnd t be published.

    • No one wants to go to prison over these people. If we were going to break the law, we would have stuck around NXIVM and done for Raniere. That is why we have worked for years to expose them, so the legal system would take care of them.

      Too bad the DOJ let Bronfman off by buying her way out with what is pocket change for her. What a disappointment. It’s the main reason Raniere was able to take his criminal organization as far as he did, Bronfman money. If the DOJ wiped out her trust fund, that would be another story. Now, she can come back and beat the shit out of us through the legal system, again.

  • These cult groupies are a whole different species… I really do not think any of them feel any remorse for their “crimes”… they are just playing the game to get the smallest slap possible out of all of this. This is their life! They will go back and do it again… if you aren’t with them, you are against them… and they really don’t care what they do to those “against them”

  • If there was a BoD meeting in December 2018 minutes of the meeting should have been kept, usually by the Secretary. The minutes are to state who was there and the items discussed. I sure would love to see that, but I’m not privy to such info. However, the IRS is – sounds like a good old fashioned audit is in order.

    • Le’Gal,

      Is not this latest NXIVM corporate filing just a standard yearly filing for corporations?

      My guess is the attorney in question is just attempting to bill as well as follow the last instructions from his clients until he hears otherwise. The attorney does have a fiduciary duty to make sure corporate filings are done on time and legal protocols are followed for corporations on a federal and state level.

    • Depending on the provisions in the company’s Bylaws, the December 2018 meeting of the Executive Board could have been held telephonically. And as long as at least one of their attorneys is present, Clare and Lauren are allowed to talk to one another.

  • There are still people that will never break away from Cults. They are so far gone, they don’t see any other way to live, survive, or exist.

    Despite the fiery end to David Koresh, the Branch Davidians still have followers that believe Vernon Howell (Koresh) was their messiah.

    There are still active members of the Heaven’s Gate group that run and manage the website, in futile hopes that the UFO 2 will return to reign on Earth.

    And there are still people who believe in Warren Jeff’s twisted vision of 21st Century America – where men take child brides and he preaches his version of the apocalypse.

    These groups never really die. Just like evil never really dies.

  • Time for some hard truths, but let’s all get our heads around the fact that this will likely go without significant prison time. Vantard may get some token sentence but will be credited with time served. My guess is that he will serve no more than eighteen months, then will be out and at it again.

    Michael Jackson, Jussie Smollet, Felicity Huffman and the rest prove that the rich and influential will not be touched. Ever. Laws apply only to repress the little people.

  • Krclaviger,

    Does the ATF recruit shit-bags?

    Sullivan & Burke together would make great fertilizer………

  • I guess there is nothing wrong with having sex with multiple partners while believing that the world will change along the way.

    That guy is one lucky bastard!!!

  • I don’t know that it’s necessarily surprising that NXIVM is still alive as a corporate entity. I’m not sure that means that it is well, however. Even failing organizations often take on a sort of life of their own and can linger for longer than makes any sense, and we’re seeing for example with Sears or Christian Science Reading Rooms.

    Presumably it is being propped up by Clare Bronfman, until she can figure out what she wants to do going forward, depending on whether she turns her back on it entirely in the face of doing time behind bars, and whether Raniere also ends up incarcerated long-term. I think what happens may depend on whether she finally withdraws her support, or attempts some sort of reorganization – and if so, that would probably be a new corporation under a different name

    And it’s interesting that NXIVM is represented by a Republican lawyer at a Republican-run law firm. I assume that is Bronfman’s doing, and it’s curious, at least, that her go-to for Albany-area dealings seems to lean that way.

    • The immediate reason Bronfman kept NXIVM alive was to prevent information from being obtained by the DOJ. Long term, she probably wants to restart the scam. No doubt the NXIVM name is tainted, renaming it Amway would be better, but it’s already taken by another MLM scam.

    • Yes interesting ….not. Did you ever stop to think that they are trying to cloud their corrupt democrat party ties with Republican in name only Lawyers. In other words the Rockerfeller Republicans who are every bit as evil and corrupt as their nefarious Demoncrat party counterparts.

    • Krclaviger,

      Is this just a normal corporate Yearly fileing and the attorney is just going through the motions until he hears from his clients?

      • To niceguy – Yes. Add in the variable of the corporation’s role in a pending trial and pending prison sentences.

        But it gets more clicks if it looks like Clare is hellbent on repeating her worst nightmare.

        • Nutjob,


          When I first read this I was like WTF?

          Then I remembered a number of years ago I did some real estate development and investment and had to have corporate filings done every year…….

          And then I thought fake news!!!!

      • The corporate filings that were attached to Sullivan’s letter were all historical documents. He probably submitted them just as back-up documentation to the information set forth in his letter.

        But Sullivan is not “just going through the motions” in trying to get certain evidence suppressed. At this point, the only person who would benefit from that is Raniere.

        Update: Today, Judge Garaufis declared Clare’s Motion To Suppress to be moot because she has already pleaded out in the case. I suspect he was not amused to have her involved in this attempt to suppress evidence (If she keeps on doing this kind of stupid stuff, she may well earn herself a 27-month sentence).

  • Clare, Lauren, Nancy, Omar, et al, are morally bankrupt and rotten to the core.
    They can never be trusted.
    Beware, folks, They may fly NXIVM under a new banner but it’s still the same old group that brands, enslaves, starves and pimps out it’s women to the top dog.
    Enslavemrnt, branding, impoverishment, blackmail, money laundering….you name it this is nothing but a criminal enterprise.

  • There is no way in hell Keith Raniere will be acquited, same as there is no way he will be pleading guilty.

  • How could they have a board of directors meeting when two of the three were ordered to not talk to current and ex-members of NXIVM?

    Lauren was allowed to meet with her sick mother but I don’t think the Judge agreed to allow the Salzmans to run their company together. It was because Nancy was sick.

    Clare Bronfman is a liar. She was before NXIVM during – and she still is today. That is not going to change unless she hits rock bottom and has a spiritual awakening.

    Cults don’t die easy, those that make it through the arrests rise to the top and move the sheep forward.

  • “Both professed great remorse at the time they pleaded guilty in front of Judge Garaufis – and promised to make amends for their prior bad acts.

    But here they are now, still active members of the Executive Board of NXIVM Corporation – and still doing everything they can to protect their Vanguard.”

    First off: No, they didn’t…Their allocutions were the worst (for both) as they don’t seem to understand the damage done.

    Second: I have an extremely hard time believing the second part…especially the last part.

    Didn’t Lauren signed a cooperation agreement? (you said that yourself!)

    Nancy, I could easily believe it (as she didn’t show remorse , just like Lauren and Clare)…and even more so as she isn’t cooperating.
    But Lauren!?

    • My recollection is that Lauren and Allison both signed cooperation agreements. Nancy and Clare only signed plea agreements – and I’m not sure about Kathy.

  • I thought Clare’s not paying Keith’s commissary was a sure sign she had “seen the light” lol

    They haven’t turned on Raniere. Not a single one. The only reason the mainstream media reports on this at all is Allison Mack. So other than Mack fans and the victims nobody cares about this little cult in Albany. No long prison sentences, especially not life in prison.
    Geezus Pea Onyu’s prediction nearly came to pass and Bangkok wasn’t far from the mark.

    What I find so surprising is not a single father brother boyfriend husband or uncle or mother sister girlfriend wife aunt or close friend has ever as far is known physically challenged any of these people.

    I don’t want to suggest anything or appear to be endorsing such but when you think of all the places that suffered tragedies by some disgruntled nut job NXIVM never inspired as much as a punch in anyone’s damn mouth. Keith taking his walks prime time for a confrontation with the judo champ…
    I’m rambling but isn’t it surprising no one ever was cited for disorderly conduct, harassment or even trespassed from a NXIVM property?

    • “They haven’t turned on Raniere. Not a single one.”
      If Rsniere and Mack had exercised more self-control and avoided the branding, nothing would have happened at all.

      “No long prison sentences, especially not life in prison.”
      What happened to Twenty Years in Prison per RICO charge?

      “Geezus Pea Onyu’s prediction nearly came to pass and Bangkok wasn’t far from the mark.”
      Pea Onyu is having a champagne breakfast this morning.

      “I’m rambling but isn’t it surprising no one ever was cited for disorderly conduct, harassment or even trespassed from a NXIVM property?”
      Since NXIVM was founded in 1998 it has owned New York State government lock stock and barrel.
      The last best chance to stop Raniere before he did extreme damage was in 1993 when Rhiannon filed the police charges.
      Now his cult will rebuild itself with money from Mexico.


      • And who was running the New York state government then?

        Pataki (R) was governor from 1995-2006, and his administration was allowing the Christian right to have a sort of cultish influence in state government, when NXIVM was getting established. Republicans also controlled the Senate during that period – and it was them to whom the Bronfmans gave their biggest donations.

        I point this out to just to counter-balance anti-Democratic partisanship. This isn’t really a partisan issue, but one of undue influence in government and politics in general, that both parties play in to.

        And as I’ll point out in another comment, crclaviger’s more recent post shows NXIVM and the Bronfmans still using Republicans as the go-tos for their Albany-area dealings.

        • who runs nys??? alphonse d’mato thats who and they ALL kiss his ring oo and REBNY left right is meaningless only scroundrels who have no scrupples and who are insane pedos move forward and who owns nys?? rockefellers we are all just lab rats to them and their agendas

          • Who runs New York….wake up idiots. Cuomo dynasty…fuckin act like royalty. Who runs NYC idiots? They run the whole fucking state. Wake up fools.

        • Oh horseshit. The Christian right never had any influence under Pataki. Meanwhile the Satanic left has run roughshod over everything in New York. Your are one disingenuous bullshitter.

  • I thought a.part of their bail Lauren and Nancy Salzman along with Clare Bronfman were not to talk with NXIVM members.

    How the HELL can they be running a company?

  • NXIVM is harder to kill than a cockroach.

    When the dust settles on this trial and the defendants (except for Raniere) are finally released from prison, don’t be surprised if many or all of them return to NXIVM.

    After all, once one has been exposed as a racketeer and extortionist, the job market for one’s services narrows very rapidly.

    NXIVM might use another name or have new more Hispanic management but it will soon be back in business as if nothing’s happened.

    Raniere will be blamed for all of the excesses.

    Any sex trafficking in NXIVM 2.0 will be done more discretely and on the down-low…

  • WTF? I am speechless. Wow.

    Maybe this is all some sort of legal maneuvering to maintain attorney client privileges over certain documents and communication.

    I know Krclaviger would not lie but this latest news seems surreal…..unreal and not possible.

    Thanks as always Krclaviger for the latest news, unfortunately its bad news.

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