Heidi: Clare Bronfman plea deal an outrage to justice

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

The delightful news that Keith Alan Raniere will be crucified at trial by his most loyal disciples on Good Friday morning was entirely eclipsed by the Court’s horrific revelation at the hearing later in the day of a too-short prison term and too-small monetary penalty for heiress Clare Bronfman — which may set a lower bar of punishment for defendants other than Keith Alan Raniere — including his politically well-connected, decades-long business partner, Nancy Salzman, if not for KAR himself.

The vast discrepancy in justice re: RICO charges being passed over for ONLY the privileged defendant Clare Bronfman is also deeply, darkly disturbing.

Frankly, I fear for my son, myself, my family from Clifton Park and the Albany, NY area, especially — who have previously been threatened by Clare’s “flying monkeys” — as Catherine Oxenberg aptly calls them in her book — and Mexican Espians connected to the PRI party and Mexican drug cartels.

Yes, I’m afraid for my fellow cult freedom fighters, for un-freed Nxivm [DOS] slaves and scarred, unhealed victims, and for those who have dared to speak out against Nxivm and what it stands for.

I’m afraid, because I know one of the predominant reasons these perpetrators violated the law and exploited so many so flagrantly is that their money and privileged status has and continues to protect them from consequences.

So they persist in their crimes, undeterred in the belief and the fact that they will not face the same consequences as the less privileged.

In fact, many NX and Mexican Espian members who are known to have perpetrated crimes — albeit perhaps not within the jurisdiction of the EDNY Federal court — have not been charged with any crimes and face no consequences at all.

Hell, reading what happened to Clare Bronfman, I fear for the fate of our youth to become as morally destitute, bereft of justice and ultimately of opportunity and freedom as any other corrupt system of government overtaken by dictatorship — firstly, by the principles of greed, injustice and inequity that empower these monsters and put them into power.

Clare Bronfman’s sweetheart plea deal and lack of restitution to victims is an outrage and another bitter disappointment for we whistleblowers who’ve sought justice for so long.

Instead, we are, and likely may continue to be, punished due to the undeterred escalation of NXIVM’s criminal methods, corrupt associations, and brash, inhumane acts.

“Liberty and Justice FOR ALL” is the alleged pledge of America. We must keep that promise in order to keep America great and ourselves safe to live freely.

Please pray that we can rally good people together to redeem this outrageous injustice with Clare Bronfman and bring justice and freedom through prosecution of outstanding NX crimes in the proper venues.


In the meantime, Clare’s payoff was grotesquely self-serving.

Of course, she didn’t need or want more money but with NX she could buy the image and status she craved among the pure blue blood side of the Bronfman family and portray herself as being an “ethical” world leader, more powerful and richer than her father, Edgar Bronfman, whom she may have been taught to compete with and despise by her commoner mother.

Or just maybe Clare’s a psycho herself walking around with more DNA from her bloody-minded gansta Grandpa Sam — maybe she is more of a pure-blood than any of them?!

Salzman, brainwashed though she may have been, Clare Bronfman gleefully gained from NXIVM, and the fact that she continues to feed the sharks defending Keith Raniere and covering-up for, colluding, with the Mexican-Espian elite shows she is entirely unreformed and unrepentant and will more than likely “revert” to her criminal ways.

A month ago she conspired with nearly convicted multi-felons like extortionist Pimp Micheal Avenatti to bribe the DOJ — leaving another, Gregaros, on her payroll still — and who says we’d know about it at all if not for NIKE?! And Karma.

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  • The point is that rich people have always given to both parties and the conspiracy angle is bullshit……

    Trump and bill Clinton used to play golf together

  • I dont understand how Clare’s sentence will have any effect on you, Heidi.
    You claim the following…

    “Instead, we are, and likely may continue to be, punished due to the undeterred escalation of NXIVM’s criminal methods, corrupt associations, and brash, inhumane acts.”

    But where is the proof that NXIVM is continuing to operate, and in what capacity? Are you insinuating that NXIVM is involved with the Mexican drug cartels?…as that’s not part of the criminal charges against Raniere.

    • There are lots of rumors that NXIVM is still operating, especially in Mexico. I doubt they’re going to hang a neon sign broadcasting it. Are you claiming Salinas has clean hands? All that Raniere not being charged with anything related to Mexican drug cartels means is the DOJ doesn’t have enough evidence they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • The EDNY DOJ has acknowledged evidence of dozens of serious NX crimes that have not yet (and may never be) charged, prolly bc these crimes did not occur in the Eastern, New York district.

      EDNY lacks the authority to prosecute those crimes and, so far, the authorities in the jurisdiction where these other, again, acknowledged but not charged NX crimes did occur — the Norther District of NY where NX is headquartered — have not taken any action to investigate much less prosecute these serious crimes.

      The US crimes involving Mexican NX members occurred in the Northern District.

      FR has extensively covered the fact of a “connection” between Mexican PRI party leaders (and hopeful future leaders) and NXIVM. In Mexico, the “connection” between the PRI party and the sinoloan, in particular, drug cartel is well-known.

      So, you’re a logical commentor here Flowers. What do you think?

      Is it at all possible there’s a “connection” between the President of NXIVM USA, Clare Bronfman, the President of NX / ESP Mexico, Emiliano Salinas — the aforementioned PRI party “hopeful” leader — and any Mexican drug cartels?

      • Anything is possible, but there hasn”t yet been any charges made that connect Raniere to Mexican drug cartels.

        Its been mentioned previously on Frank Report that NXIVM was no longer operating, so has the story changed now?

  • “I fear for the fate of our youth to become as morally destitute, bereft of justice and ultimately of opportunity and freedom as any other corrupt system of government overtaken by dictatorship — firstly, by the principles of greed, injustice and inequity that empower these monsters and put them into power.” This is a “trustworthy saying.” We should all be alert to the immoral people who are being raised without any true foundations in goodness and justice. They will be the authorities in our near future. To not adequately punish someone like Ms. Bronfman is truly a travesty of justice. She RAN the joint, apparently. Perhaps, just a slow, short roast over the coals is all she can bear.

  • Heidi makes an interesting point, now that Clare Bronfman has been given a sweetheart deal by the DOJ the other defendants will now probably serve lighter sentences.

  • Heidi:
    This plea deal for Clare Bronfman is all about covering up the fact that Clare was filtering illegal campaign contributions for Hillary Clinton.
    Clare would give money to NXIVM members to donate to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign and conceal that the money really came from Clare.
    The Judge in this case is himself a Bill Clinton appointee.
    The ultimate use for NXIVM is money launderimg to benefit wealthy foreigners.
    And NXIVM will be used to covertly allow those foreigners to fund American political campaigns.

    It’s Hillary Clinton, of course – Frank Report identifies presidential candidate DOJ claims Nxivm illegally supported

    Heidi, my prediction is that this case will be swiftly and silently shut down.
    There will be no more indictments after Raniere’s trial.\NXIVM will be allowed to continue to operate and rebuild itself under Salinas control.
    Although the worst aspects of the cult like the branding, blackmail and pedophilia will disappear the cult will still be active.

    • Seriously? we go in the conspiracy theory now? how about pizzagate or other stupidity?

      She was given a sweet deal because of money! Nothing else than money.
      6 millions dollars seem to by you a lot of things this days… a boat, a house, sometime a reputation but also justice.
      It was proved again with Clare.

      Any other allegation that is was to hide a political agenda is just a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

      I was wrong, it’s not just with your nemesis that you can’t stick to the fact, it’s pathological and systematic.

      • In 2016 the American people demonstrated they had had their fill of the Clinton hucksters.
        Americans are so disgusted with the Clintons they chose Donald Trump over the wobbly Hillary.
        Even in the Democratic leaning Rust Belt states.
        Apparently you have forgotten about the Clinton Crime Machine.

        Let me remind you that the ultimate scheme is to pave the way for Chelsea Clinton by electing Gillibrand as President or Vice President and elevating Chelsea Clinton to Gillibrand’s then empty Senate seat.
        Later Chelsea uses that seat as a springboard to the Presidency.

        • First, no… The people voted for Clinton (reluctantly) but the big elector got Trump to win.

          See the amount (in number of votes) that he got.

          2nd, you are still in need of tinfoil hat there shadow.

          You , once again, speculate but talk about it as it’s a fact.

          Nxivm did try to interfere with politics but on both side (Republicans aswell as Democrats) but they fail (on the national level).
          They could only bribe the lower part of the pack.

          It’s definatly a case of “i pay for my Freedom” rather than a case of political influence.

          Also, be careful about “Clinton crime machine”, without proofs, it’s defamation.
          I Don’t like the Clintons (especially not hillary) but that doesn’t mean i would accuse them without proofs.

          I know it’s your speciality but there is a limit .

    • Your theory kind of falls apart when it comes to the last decade including the 2016 election, with the Bronfmans and the NXIVM crowd seemingly having sat out the whole time, doesn’t it?

      What NXIVM and the Bronfmans gave was small potatoes in 21st century big money politics, and the ruse of reimbursing employees’ relatively small contributions is unfortunately not exceptional even if inexcusable and illegal*, plus it was limited almost entirely to campaign cycles in 2006-08, after which they apparently gave up their attempts to buy political influence, with no donations at all after 2010. And the Bronfman’s biggest donations actually went to Albany-area Republicans, and some mysterious and seemingly unaccountable campaign slush fund that likely had much more to do with whatever influence-buying has kept them protected to this day:

      NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee $31,600 Sara Bronfman, Clare Bronfman


      * It’s a pervasive enough problem to have its own category, with an interesting lead story at https://www.opensecrets.org/news/tag/straw-donor/

      “Trump says he’ll pardon Dinesh D’Souza for campaign finance violation
      Dinesh D’Souza was convicted of violating campaign finance law by using “straw donors” to make contributions to a Republican’s 2012 Senate Campaign”

      The amount involved in that case, was in the same ballpark as what the Bronfmans did. And I think that, along with many other things, should be prosecuted separately – though apparently the current administration thinks that to do so is “very unfair.”

      • I understand giving to NY politicians, but why did Sara Bronfman give $10,000 to the South Carolina Democratic party, what was she hoping to gain.

      • Anony, there are plenty of ways to covertly donate and I find it weird they “seemingly” sat it out while —

        The Bronfman Brothers donated to Hillary Clinton in 2016 (in addition to huge RNC Republican Party General donations) and, most conspicuously, in July 2012, the Bronfman brothers donated to a single candidate:

        NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

        This was just a few short months after the Times Union/NXIVM expose’ appeared in Feb. 2012 wherein her Dad and StepMom’s sordid affiliation with NX was mentioned in that TU story — not that there’s a connection.

        I’m sure I posted, cut and pasted in, the info on that from “Lil Sis” — Claviger’s Link — in comments on that FR thread.

        If you wanna owe me another dinner, I’ll repost it 😎

        • Heidi, I believe it’s pretty well established that Clare and Sara are the black sheep of the Bronfman family and probably not even on speaking terms with their half-siblings, so their political giving is almost certain not to be coordinated with other members of the family – and definitely not in support of their NXIVM-related schemings – even if some contributions coincided with say Edgar Jr.’s copious giving (his donation lists are so long, they’re hard to even get through). Do you know of some reason we should think they would have been operating in coordination at that point?

          Now the one thing that is possible, is that the Clare Bronfman found some way to hide newer donations so that there’s no record of them, such as some corporate entity that’s unknown, or all the dark money opportunities that opened up after the Citizens United decision in 2010. If there was anything for the conspiracy theorists to dig in to, that might actually be relevant, it would be that – along with the big donations to the NY State Republicans – but it would take some hard work, rather than off-the-cuff armchair speculation.

    • Shadowstate,

      Donald Trump paid the Clintons to attend his daughter’s wedding…….

      Over the course of Trumps life he more money to the Democratic Party……

      Let me know how you explain those 2 facts…..Please explain?

        • Girl Scout cookies,

          What I just posted is 100% true.

          I am republican that does not believe in new age conspiracy theory.

          I guess I and Mitt Romney will have to hangout with the Bushes and Mcains corpse.

      • Trump is based in New York City, which is crawling with Dems. The money he gives is intended to influence them, particularly with Trump’s business deals. Lots of rich people do that.

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