Allison Mack sings for NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere on his birthday

Now that Allison Mack is singing for the feds and against Keith Alan Raniere, I thought it would be nice to see Allison sing for Keith Raniere on his 56th birthday, August 26, 2016.

The place is the auditorium at Silver Bay YMCA on the banks of Lake George, in the Adirondacks. The occasion was Vanguard Week, the 10-day celebration of his nativity. (Note: Vanguard Week has been canceled for 2019).

I believe I posted this video before, but it is certainly worth watching again, now that Allison has seen the light about her Vanguard.

Note back up singers Mark Hildreth and Siobhan Hotaling. They are part of an acapella group called Simply Human – a Keith Raniere managed group.


Screenshots of Mack crying on stage:

Viva Executive Success!

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  • I think if that is her “Slave” on the left I saw No chains, ropes or restraints of any kind so it’s a voluntary Position! As it’s a cult, How far up the chain do they go before they say “She was brainwashed by a cum sucking ar*e hole that twisted her into doing his bidding!” I’ve been there, “I was raised in one of the biggest cults around. Catholic!”

  • Jimmy Kimmel on celebs and weird groups:
    Kimmel said. “It seems there’s some kind of secret organization that assigns a C-list celebrity to every cause: ‘Pamela Anderson, you get WikiLeaks; Dennis Rodman, you’re on North Korea; Steven Seagal, you take Russia; Chuck Norris, guns; Jenny McCarthy, vaccines; Tom Arnold, pee tape is yours; Meat Loaf, GMOs; Gary Busey, you can have everything else.'”

    • But Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t mind dickhead champagne socialist celebrities, himself including, being the pretentious mouth pieces for liberalism. Let’s see how long an “a-list” celebrity stays there if they start talking like a “conservative”. Let’s see him do it and see if he keeps his platform. The twat wants to belittle “c-listers” but has no problem kissing the spoilt brat asses of the more famous celebrities because of their beyond bias liberal bullshit. Samantha Bea is still being a cunt on television. Roseanne has been deplatformed. Jesse Smollet is not being attacked by liberal media.

  • What a revolting spectacle. They’re barefoot like a bunch of penitent sinners, it’s one step away from sackcloth and ashes; enough to convince me that yes, NXIVM is a full-blown cult.

    This sort of fanatical devotion to a leader is pathological. When it metastasizes into this kind of mindless faith, perfectly nice and seemingly normal people become capable of all sorts of atrocities. History provides plenty of examples. All sense of introspection is lost, group behavior subsumes self-reflection, and any normal reality check flies out the window. I think this explains how someone like Mack, a feminist who seemed to genuinely want to make the world a better place, ended up branding and blackmailing fellow women in obsequious service to her dominant male.

    • ha ha ha penitent sinners – you got that right!! they look like The Burghers of Calais! and they called themselves ‘Simply Human’ one of the most pretentious things I’ve ever seen – Simply Dreadful.

  • Mark Hildreth is such a loser cuckold soy boy dickhead.

    When and why did he NEX-It? Was it because of the branding, or VanCunt was trying to, or succeeded in porking his girlfriend?

    Mark Hildreth, Siohaban Hotaling and Ally Wack were all named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit BTW. As was Kristin “The Snake” Crook. 🐍

  • I still can’t believe that Frank — along with his many minions here — actually think that Allison’s singing performance is high level and elegant, rising to a professional level. LOL.

    What a fucking JOKE.

    You guys don’t know shit about singing.

    They sound like high school performers.

    Granted, her voice isn’t the worst in the world — but if she charged me $1 for tickets (to view that performance) then I’d feel as though I wasted a dollar.

    Her cankles also look horrible on stage. She had millions of dollars yet she refused to spend a few thouand bucks for Ankle Liposuction? What the fuck?

    I’m just amazed by the IDIOTS on this blog who think they can judge her singing as high quality.

    I’d rather watch Heidi act than have to endure watching Allison sing in that ridiculous tone again (I use the term ‘act’ very liberally here).

    As always, kindly go fuck yourselves if you disagree. 🙂

  • Wonder what Allison Mack will do once she has served her time in prison?

    Unless she’s willing to do porn, her acting career is over. I could only get through a minute of the video. Not the best singing voice so a recording contract, not going to happen.

    Doesn’t federal law say she cannot profit off her crimes through a book, TV or movie deal?

    She only has a high school education. So her request to take college classes never happened. What would she study in school?

    • Like Patty Hearst before her, she can do cameos in “B” movies – what would probably today be classified as straight-to-video, where because of her notoriety, they’ll likely want to cast her as a dominatrix – and one-shot TV appearances. Plus, these days there are also reality TV shows for the troubled formerly somewhat famous. And Tonya Harding (infamous for conspiring to assault figure skating rival Nancy Kerrigan) also appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Mack has plenty of empowered post-conviction female role models to look to.

      For better or worse, it’s not as if some incredible talent was wasted. There are much more tragic stories of child TV stars.

  • This is hilarious! As soon as I nudged the arrow for the song and Mack began caterwauling her birthday worship, our 3 orange cats gave me a disgusted look and leapt out of the patio window.

    “Here I am in my nightie, Keithy-weethy. Pick me! Pick meeeeeee!” The least that she could’ve done was to wear a full-length nightgown while accompanied by the chorus of pond frogs on xanax.

  • I can’t watch it. Just the look on her face makes my stomach turn. I can’t do it. I just can’t.

  • Does she really start off singing “if I ever leave you baby, you can say I told you so; if I ever hurt you baby, well you know I hurt myself as well”? It’s sort of a prelude for what she sang to the judge the other day….

    And is it just me, or does her voice sound as if it’s been electronically processed? Or is she even just lip synching, on top of a pre-recorded track that’s been enhanced – isn’t her voice pretty loud, when she doesn’t appear to be mic’d, unlike the guys behind her?

    Also, it looks to me as if she is almost flaunting wearing the sort of bra that’s meant for the bedroom, with a string frame but sheer or even open cups – presenting her body as a birthday present for her Vanguard.

  • My favorite part about Vanguard week is the fact that they were worshiping Raniere as if he was a living God.

    Even atheists need a religion apparently…..

  • Lyrics say it all: “Is that any way for a woman to carry on?” No, torturing others, blackmailing, lying, child trafficking is NOT a way for a woman to carry on.

  • About the allocution, is devotion, faith, hope, love and, belief does go away in a year. I myself strongly doubt that.!

  • I’ve never got round to watching this out of fear of cringing to death. Well, I’m just about still alive. It was touch and go for a while

  • Perhaps the prosecution and the Judge are taken in by Ms. Mack’s tears but the reality is that she is a sadistic woman who derived joy from torturing and enslaving other women.

    Motivated by extreme jealousy Allison Mack is as much a misogynist as her Vanguard Keith Raniere.

    • I feel like the only jealousy here is you toward Raniere and that explain your hate against Allison.

      There is absolutely no prove of sadism except in what Frank was writing…And frank sound a lot like you do lately so…

      The reality is Nothing in the court document goes the way you keep saying it.

      You know, your fantasm aren’t a reality and if you can’t make a difference between your perverted creation and reality, Go seek some professionnal help.

    • Kristin Kreuk was in that monstrosity. It wasn’t just a play, it was a NXIVM play. Pathetic. Anyone who talks about morals and being ethical without doing anything moral or ethical is automatically a dickhead.

      • did you see the play? If so…tell us.
        Do you know who wrote it? What was it about? A Tribute to KAR or Nan?

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