Court hearing: Trial may be delayed 10 days – Allison Mack & Kathy Russell hot in plea negotiations; Prosecution asks if Nxivm is still operating

Kathy Russell [center] leaves court with her attorneys, April 4, 2019.

By Village Diane

Basically, the hearing today was about motions and jury selection. Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis made it clear that if he does have to postpone the trial, he would not want to postpone it a month, but only for a week to 10 days.

The injury from delay is greatest to the one incarcerated – meaning Keith Raniere.

Judge Garaufis said he would not be willing to postpone the trial to the fall unless Keith – who is in pretrial detention  – said he was willing to delay the trial.  There is no indication at all that Keith is prepared to do that.

The government, on the other hand, did not seem opposed to a delay of the start of the trial – and said it is trying hard to meet its obligations to turn over discovery materials to the defendants. But it also said there are several technical issues regarding those discover materials.

There was a lot of discussion centered around whether the government can meet all its obligations before the trial starts if the currently scheduled start date is not moved.

Apparently, there are still some documents related to Nxivm that may or may not be privileged. Resolving that issue is going to take time – especially since, according to the prosecution, there are 20,000 of those unresolved documents.

The government said it wants to know if Nxivm is still operating.  There was no official representative of Nxivm in the courtroom today to respond to the question.

The judge decided he is going to withhold jurors’ names throughout the trial – and even after the trial. They will be semi-sequestered in the sense that they will be cut off from all news about the trial until it is over.

The judge said anonymity is important where there might be some danger to the jurors. Although he doesn’t feel there is necessarily any danger to the jurors in this case, he doesn’t want them bothered by the media.

The #3500 materials [FBI reports of interviews] are due to be turned over to the defense by April 12.

Marc Agnifilo said he is calling an expert witness regarding the child pornography issues and evidence.

Keith appeared in a tan prison jumpsuit with a tan long-sleeve shirt underneath. He had his hair pulled back in a pony tail. I could not tell whether he was wearing makeup.

Allison appeared somber, more somber than I have seen her during her last few court appearances. She had her hair pulled back and some of her hair appeared darker blonde, as if her natural hair color is showing.

Kathy Russell appeared super thin. Her hair is thinning. She was wearing a black suit and her thinness combined with age – 60 plus – and thinning hair – perhaps natural to a woman her age – perhaps from the Raniere-diet – does not look good.  She turned her head away when I tried to photograph her.

Clare was wearing light blue pants and a white shirt. Her hair hung down. She was with her celebrity attorney, Mark Geragos.

In the audience was a cadre of media and a number of spectators. Most noticeable were Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg.

In short, the trial is still moving forward.


Kathy Russell [center], petite, small boned, small featured, tiny feet. You can see how she would be Keith’s preferred body type.

*** Additional notes from another observer:

Most importantly, the prosecution said that Allison Mack and Kathy Russell were engaged in very serious plea deal discussions and it appears their pleas are imminent.

They will not likely be going to trial – which means, at best, Raniere and Bronfman will stand trial.

Mark Geragos’ demeanor was very subdued and quiet. Does this mean he is also seeking a plea deal for his client, Clare?

The prosecution objected to the fact that Raniere has not turned over discovery and/or documents he is obliged to give to the government.

There will be some new government discovery turned over today or tomorrow. The government had some technical issues getting at it and turning it over.

The child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor charges were officially dismissed and moved over to the Northern District, where it appears they will be vigorously prosecuted.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • The DOJ is asking whether NXIVM still exists, as if their lawsuit is going to scare all of them from reconstituting. Just like other MLM scams, when one gets shut down, the cockroaches scatter then form up again with another company to continue scamming others. This happens all of the time in MLM scamland, whenever:

    1. The MLM scam they are with collapses:
    2. They ruin their relationship with the MLM scam they are with because of gross misbehavior;
    3. A so-called “leader” gets a large money offer from another MLM scam, usually a startup, to bring themselves and their downline over to the other MLM so the startup can have enough product volume to be profitable; and
    4. The government either starts sniffing around or takes stronger regulatory action, including a temporary shutdown, announcing an investigation, etc.

    There are numerous examples of the above on, which is the best website I’ve found that tracks MLM scam issues.

    Obviously, there’s plenty of Mexican money to restart NXIVM. There are several reasons for the “leaders” of MLM scams restarting, including but not limited to:

    1. This is what they know and believe in philosophically, make money from; the fact that they scam and abuse others is not a factor in their minds;
    2. They have built up an “us versus them” mentality that they carry over to the new MLM scam, regardless of the name of the scam;
    3. Lying comes much more naturally to them than telling the truth; and
    4. Their lousy reputation prevents them from doing something legitimate.

    Yes, I am contacting the FBI with this information.

  • Dear Kathy Russell,

    Your opportunity to be a ballerina has dried up just like your vagina. So sad.

    On the bright side since you gone through menopause you will no longer have to worry about your period showing through your leotard.

    There’s always something to be thankful for, God bless you!

  • Kathy Russell’s attorneys look like they just graduated law school about three or four years ago……

    Kathy is always getting the short end of the stick.

    …… I bet he her son feels like he received the short end of the stick having Kathy Russell as his mother.

    Karma can be a motherf*cker. Kathy Russell deserves everything she gets and then some.

    • On the right appears to be Justine Harris, who according to Frank is “one of NYC’s top white collar criminal lawyers” and a partner in the prestigious NYC law firm of Sher Tremonte – she must either be a real prodigy, unlike Raniere, or else one of those women who looks 10 years younger than she actually is, like Mack.

      On the left must be a paralegal or some sort of assistant, unless Russell has a DOS slave assigned to her.

      Perhaps Russell was a good mother, who knows for sure – sometimes parenting is the one thing people are good at.

        • At least she left her son who was 17 with her already divorced husband instead of trying to drag him to Albany to be influenced by Raniere.

          Esther Carlson divorced her husband to be with Raniere. She also brought her four children under the age of 10, taking them away from a father who was a better fit to raise them. Question is, did Raniere have his way with Esther’s daughter?

          One of Esther’s sons, Robbie, was charged with child molestation. Was he mentored by Raniere? His sentence was he had to go into the military because the parents (NXIVM members) wouldn’t press charges. GREAT….

          NXIVM members made it ok for a child molester to not be punished and his only punishment was to join the ranks of the US military!!!

    • At least Russell’s son isn’t your son, because then I would feel really sorry for him, because he wouldn’t have a decent father. Saying you would be on a radio show and then backing out. You must be easily frightened. Boo! LOL

  • Frank,

    Why haven’t you told us the name of the ex-NXIVM woman who allowed herself to be violated by the crazy beetle spanker when he went to Albany New York to stalk Kristin Kreuk?

    • Because she is a nice woman and she would probably be deeply embarrassed if people learned that she entertained Sultan. As one person who was there said, “I don’t think she entirely recognized Sultan’s delusional disorder until after she met him and allowed him to stay with her for a brief period.”

      • Curious how you know the guy was Sultan. Based on what I’ve seen just reading this blog, it’s obvious that this actress has more than a few crazy obsessed men stalking her. Did he tell the deeply embarrassed woman that he went by that name online?

      • Why be embarrassed? What was the “violation?” People get fooled by others all of the time. I was fooled by Amway and their scam, and millions of others have been, too. Not speaking up and telling the full story only allows similar abuse to occur to others. Is that what you want? Stand up and be a man (or woman). So what if other losers give you a hard time. There are losers in this world, get over it. Frank could have stayed silent because he was “embarrassed” about working for NXIVM for a time. Does that mean he’s not a nice man?

      • Give as a hint Frank…

        Is she below or over forty? Is she fat or thin? Does she know Kristin Kreuk and that is why she “entertained” the stalkin’ spanker?

        You say she is a nice woman, an ex-member of the NXIVM cult, she probably lives or lived in Albany, New York and someone else was there…

        Did she leave NXIVM due to the branding story?

        Also did “Karl Basset” ever do a NXIVM intensive to get closer to his dream spank Kristin Kreuk?

        Also, did this woman “entertain” the snake charmer to get him into NXIVM?

        • I can only say the woman is thin, and knew Kristin Kreuk. She had a higher rank than Kreuk and the woman did not leave the cult because of the branding story. Indeed, the Sultan came to visit her years before the brandings took place. According to one source, “the Sultan wanted above all to glimpse Kristin Kreuk. He wanted to rescue her from Nxivm and marry her. He spoke endlessly about Kreuk to the point where [name redacted] who entertained him grew fatigued with his constant chatter about his ‘woman.’ A most endearing scene occurred when he asked her if he ever shook Kristin Kreuk’s hand and she said yes, on numerous occasions they shook hands with the Nxivm secret handshake. Sultan was most impressed and said after touching [name redacted] hand which had touched Kristin’s hand, he might not wash his hand for a week.”

          • The hand that touched the hand…… well on that note sultans of six definitely completely insane. So much for my theory that he was just a super fan.

          • Frank, I believe you are only posting these comments about Sultan as click bait. You have no way at all to know if this guy who visited Clifton Park was even the same guy who writes as Sultan of Six.
            I suspect these comments are being used to encourage more angry twitter comments s by Sultan. How childish….
            Why are you guys playing these games?

          • Flowers,

            Sultan became part of the story when he traveled to Clifton Park.

            You are right that at one time Sultan was just entertainment. Now Sultan is part of the NXIVM story.

            Flowers you have to remember the big picture Frankreport needs to get the “story out” to the public at large Frank has an overall multilevel strategy that I might add has been extremely effective.

            The Frankreport is the first Website to help bring down a cult.

            Frank is not generating income from clicks he is in fact generating Justice.

            Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad…..

    • “Allowed herself to be violated” – you’re lucky Frank even responded to your ignorance. Take kindness into consideration, please. I’m sure somewhere in your pathetic life someone showed you grace and mercy. No one chooses to be violated. You can choose to have some respect. Let’s not digress.

        • I’m not offended, maybe you’re offended I called you pathetic. Allow me to correct myself, you assuming a woman would choose to be violated is ignorant. And for the record, I’m into tattoos, not human branding. Skinny girls without courage and pedophiles aren’t my thing.

          • A woman chose to let sultan of sick touch her. That’s not an assumption. It’s what Frank said happened. It is a “violation” because sultan of sick is gross and deranged.

            You didn’t deny being in NXIVM.

  • Is today’s Times Union piece a hint of how the capital city establishment continues to view the hijinks of the Albany Jesus and his well-legally-connected social circle?

    “a federal judge in Brooklyn dismissed four child pornography charges against the organization’s co-founder Keith Raniere….Federal prosecutors upstate will have the option of bringing the charges against Raniere.”

    That seems to me a surprising soft-peddling of the situation. The piece contains a couple of other interesting tidbits as well:

    “In a related matter, Eastern District prosecutors needed to recall files they provided to Raniere’s defense team because the material contained alleged child pornography.

    The prosecutors provided hard drives to the defense team for Raniere, known within NXIVM as “Vanguard,” to review as part of their disclosure of evidence. But at some point after handing over the materials, prosecutors and the defense realized that alleged child pornography was on the drive, the lawyers said.

    It is illegal for anyone to possess or distribute child pornography. Prosecutors typically allow defense attorneys for child pornography defendants to review evidence of such illegal images at a government location, according to people familiar with the practice.”


    “Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza was skeptical that Raniere’s lawyers would be able to be ready for trial given the need for them to review voluminous material handed over by prosecutors.

    She also noted that prosecutors have yet to see 27,000 documents related to Raniere and another 2,000 related to Bronfman that a lawyer for NXIVM has argued are privileged.”

  • Perhaps Ms. Russell is looking at the stroller and imagining she is the mother of the child Vanguard promised so many of these women. Cults are evil, ruinous operations run by greedy, prideful and power-hungry people at their core. Just today another cult’s evil leadership announced its change in “gay” rules so that more people can sign up and hand over their lives.

    • SoccerMom, I believe Kathy Russell has a child, presumably pre-NXIVM. I read that she left a teenage son in Alaska to come to Albany area.

      • Villagedianne, according to a piece here, perhaps after initially having been left behind in Alaska as others have noted:

        “Her son works for the Raniere organizations and has witnessed his mother’s degradation but has been described as “not manly enough” to do anything about it.”

        from Aging harem: Kathy Russell, neglected now, but once kept Raniere flame burning for young DOS women
        June 24, 2017

  • When Allison Mack gets out she can become a school teacher in Fresno, California.

    Will Allison Mack receive less prison time than the horny school teacher because Allison is a celebrity?

    Former Fresno middle school teacher testifies she was pressured into giving student oral sex.

    Former Tenaya Middle School teacher Justine Karen Nelson knew that her relationship with a student was wrong. But she said what began as simple flirting quickly turned to coercion and sexual contact.

    Nelson, who is charged with felony counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor and oral copulation, testified Wednesday that she fell prey to the attention and kind words of one of her students.

    Nelson initiated the relationship, inviting him to her room where she kissed him and later gave him oral sex. He said the sex act happened multiple times in her classroom, sometimes in between classes and after school.

    She’s accused of oral sex with student. Trial testimony includes nude photos, lewd texts.

  • Allison Mack should be forced to plead guilty to at least two RICO counts and sentenced to at least ten years in prison.
    Moreover, she should be labelled a sex offender for the rest of her life and required to register as such.

    In no event should she be treated as a martyr.

  • A definite bemused “hmmm” to this, in the NY Post

    “Her attorneys add in the filing that Bronfman had absolutely no knowledge of Raniere’s alleged sexual relationship with underage victims, and “undisputedly” had no knowledge of DOS, the secret society within Nxivm accused of branding women who were being used as sex slaves for Raniere.”

    And an exclamation of ” Only 40?”

    ” Outside the courtroom Thursday, Bronfman smiled when her attorney Mark Geragos let slip that Monday will be her 40th birthday.

    “Thank you,” she mumbled when offered early felicitations.”

  • Allison Mack committed the following acts:

    1. Allison Mack lied to lure women into a sex cult.

    2. Allison Mack tortured women by branding them with a hot iron.

    3. Alison Mack pimped women out for sex.

    4. Allison Mack collected Blackmail information from women.

    5. Allison Mack used that Blackmail Information to compel women to engage in sex.

    6. Allison Mack aided and abetted child abuse by grooming underage girls for sex.

    Now tell me why Allison Mack deserves a plea deal
    Because she is a celebrity?
    Because she is a stupid woman. incapable of discerning right from wrong?
    Because she was brain washed?
    Does she have a brain to wash?

  • “Marc Agnifilo said he is calling an expert witness regarding the child pornography issues and evidence.”

    Who? R. Kelly? Thought EDNY dismissed or passed those charges up to NDNY per AgnoStealio’s request, anyhow.

    I’ll put fifty on a KAR plea deal proposal to rat out the lower-level Mexicans and a hundred against his chances of survival in prison to the next election.

    • I will take that action on the plea deal. Why? The two lead prosecutors are women. Covergirl sees all women as inferior. In his infinitesimal tiny little mind, they are no match for the world’s smartest kiddie diddler. No way he will ever take a plea. I would be more willing to bet he takes the stand to make some stupid long winded John Galt type speech.

      Surviving prison? Of course not. Before long we will be hearing stories of him running into people’s erect penises with his butt.

      I did have this thought though. His current job as a janitor could be considered on the job training, given the snowman at the gates of hell chance he has in surviving prison.

  • Kathy Russell looks super thin now. Lots of stress and pressure. I think she finally cracked.

    The USMS (United States Marshals Service) has procedures to sequester and protect the jury. I will not divulge those for obvious reasons.

    Only two questions left:

    1) Will Clare plead out?
    2) Will VanScumbag testify?

    I say yes to both. Keith the thief will give it one last shot and get crushed.

    Let’s light this candle

  • Very interesting to hear that Mack and Russell are engaged in serious negotiations – I figured Russell’s motion to dismiss is a hail Mary, and once it gets swatted down she will fold.

    Hearing that Raniere is failing to comply with discovery makes me think of what happened in his suit against Microsoft and ATT, where he didn’t produce documents after saying he would, treating judges as if they were schoolteachers being promised overdue homework. It occurs to me that if some of the problem is with him, then the “injury” of delay may be partly self-inflicted, and presumably he wouldn’t be granted some relief if Mr. “there are no ultimate victims” shared in the blame for the situation.

    The difficulty with “technical issues” and the vast amount of evidence hints to me of the sort of thing that Bronfman and her attorneys probably hope to be able to exploit. The complexity of the case and the ability of Bronfman and her many lawyers (and all their staff, and consultants) to make it even harder and then put enormous resources into looking for mistakes that might have been made, suggest what I expect is going to be a strategy of trying to force the case into dismissal, deadlock or appeal.

    Sadly, Kathy Russell seems not to have aged well. I know plenty of women who are even older and yet have succeeded in taking care of themselves.

  • If Allison gets less than 20 years, I will be pissed.

    So if she takes a plea deal, will she still be under house arrest or will she be in custody?

    • Keep in mind that at this point, with the charges being severed, it’s virtually certain that she and others will face more charges in a later trial in the NDNY, and those will be some of the most damning and serious as relates to sexual abuse. Plus there’s also a good chance that there will be yet other cases at the federal, state, and even local levels.

      The severance may actually have served the purpose of making it easier for defendants to swallow a smaller pill at this point, and go ahead and plead guilty to the first set of charges, kicking the can down the road on the others that are nonetheless likely to put them behind bars for even longer, especially since any convictions in that case are less likely to run result in concurrent sentences.

      So far, those who have allocuted pleas – the Salzmans – have been left out on bond.

        • Nancy had to admit to one RICO charge – and Lauren had to admit to two RICO charges. Except perhaps for Kathy Russell, any subsequent plea deal will likely start with two RICO pleas. In addition, Allison and Keith will most likely have to include at least one sex-related charge. That’s just the way these things work.

      • Here we go again…another case of “I know nothing yet everything”…The NDNY case will be about Raniere .
        There is nothing showing Allison’s implication in that case (that is pre-dating her arrival in the cult).
        I repeat that at this point, any kind of allegation like those are just defamation per se.(trial hasn’t been prosecuted yet and therefore, she is still innocent)

        Jess: Do you have anything to do with this case to dare to say “I’ll get pissed”?
        Don’t answer, I’m sure you’ll make a story about you being a victim of Allison (supposedly to make your point).

        Since you arrived, you only seem to be interested in seeing Allison punished so I don’t expect much fairness from someone like you)

        • Anonymous:

          There is NO DEFAMATION in quoting a US DOJ memo.
          You might try reading the memo released recently by the EDNY.
          It clearly states that Bronfman, Mack and Russell knew about and FACILITATED Raniere’s pedophilia.

          Although they repeatedly attempt to argue otherwise,
          Bronfman, Mack and Russell are each charged in an overarching RICO conspiracy involving
          predicate acts of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and child exploitation, and the evidence
          regarding these offenses is admissible against them as proof of the enterprise and the pattern
          of racketeering charged in S-2. As set forth in its motions to admit enterprise evidence, see
          DE 414, 407, the government expects to admit evidence that the members of the charged
          enterprise recruited and groomed sexual partners for Raniere, both within and outside of
          DOS, and were aware of and facilitated Raniere’s sexual relationship with underage victims.

          Allison Mack facilitated CHILD EXPLOITATION.
          And she should be publicly labeled as a person who helped a child molester harm children.
          Allison Mack is a criminal and pervert and she and her co-defendants might act shocked and outraged but it is all a show to try to save their skins.

          • Excuse me but the trial already happened and i missed it? When it’s not prosecuted YET, she is not recognized GUILTY yet…She isn’t yet flagged as a criminal or child exploiter.

            There is no prove available (yet) on her participation on this part of the accusation.

            What part of this you Don’t understand?

            The only pervert i see here is you and your sick obsession to twist the fact .Especially when it’s about Allison Mack.

            You have absolutely no knowledge of anything about this case and either blow hearsay or read the memo without understanding that this isn’t a prove of anything… they will try to prove it but there isn’t anything (available to you or other) that demonstrate anything.

            And as long as she isn’t condamned of those crime (she isn’t even indicted for that ,this show how much proves they have on this) , it’s defamation.

            There is no child exploitation charge for her and therefor , even if she do a plea deal, you defamate her with FAKE statements (as i repeat, there are no child exploitation charges…the 2 victims were both around 30).

            Why am i losing my time to even answer to you, loser… i don’t know.

          • Thanks for the citation from that memo.

            Anonymous the Allison apologist/fan apparently thinks this is a courtroom. While nothing has yet been proven legally, particularly since much is already documented in grand jury indictments and prosecutor’s memos based on evidence and testimony, combined with various witnesses and inside sources here, it tells a story that for instance would be well-enough sourced to be published – and would probably be defensible under even the famously stringent UK libel laws.

        • The racketeering Act 7 dismissed in SDNY and likely to be revived in some form in NDNY, included Raniere together with “others” (the additional 3 sex related Acts were limited to him).

          If you’ve been relying on sources like Wikipedia, Mack was reported in 2010 to have joined NXIVM, as in her affiliation was first published in an article then – but specific accounts say her actual date of joining was 3 years earlier, late in 2006. She had, in fact, arrived “in the cult” by time of the crimes of Act 7 in 2008, and by 2010 was enough of an insider to have been at the Necker Island retreat that year. It might well be that she wasn’t among the “others” of Act 7; and it could also well be that she ends up charged in any new case, especially if it is more expansive.

          So far, the inside sources reported via media such as this, have been fairly accurate at predicting what crimes the parties involved would be indicted for, and that some have now plead guilty to. Most importantly, a grand jury found probable cause to indict Mack on multiple, serious and even heinous charges, so there is good reason to want to see her held to account. And she is negotiating to plead guilty to at least some of those, so apparently like the Salzmans before her, even she has realized that she deserves to be punished.

          The exact depth and depravity of Mack’s involvement indeed remains to be determined, and it could well turn out that she wasn’t involved in the very worst of what went on. We may find out soon, whether she admits to being a sex offender.

          • I believe that Mack is trying to cut her losses.
            She has probably realized that prison time is inevitable.
            It’s just a question of how much.
            To me the abuse of women and the grooming children for sexual exploitation are unforgivable.

          • And she wasn’t charged for those crimes…read the superseeding.

            You’re mistaken me with Shadow…i Don’t rely on everything parlato say neither as he said lots of BS in the past but sometime, he give some decent info (like the list that was on tighe’s website), she Indeed entered the cult end of 2006…and that’s after the child exploitation charges events.

            She couldn’t be a member of the inner circle before around 2009 (at best) as her boyfriend (who entered with her in the cult after KK convinced them) explained in an interview.
            Parlato himself said that when i met her, she wasn’t caring at all for Raniere.
            From a certain mail a NXians “leaked”, it was probably 2013 that she was dragged into believing she loved him. (the mail were he say that if she want to have sex with him , she had to make up a story for the collateral).
            I’d say that she was probably not in the inner circle until around 2011-12.

            The grand jury was probably relying on possible proof to come (which ,as far we know, hasn’t really happened for Allison).

            And for the last part, We agree…Actually, nobody know but the victims and Allison .

            This is where i hate the behavior some member have here.
            People who have Nothing to do with this case talk like they know exactly what happened and the state of mind of defendants.

            How about stopping the judging until the case i prosecuted (and judged).

    • In custody.
      Allison Mack is an aider and abettor of child molestation and needs to be called out on it.

      No more sweet deals for celebrities.
      We’ve had enough of the likes of OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson and Robert Blake.

    • Another Captain Obvious. They monitor the Frank Report; however, they have much more than even the Frank Report has. Maybe you can reach one of your tin cans to Brooklyn and have Richard Donoghue appear on your Kool-Aid stand so your mother can listen

      • After a hard day of research,interviews and discovery, it is always good for a laugh to read comments from goofballs like johnson and nice guy. One got his law license from a cracker jack box and the other at a neighborhood rummage sale. Must admit the shadowboys constant diatribes about Allie Wack get tiresome and are skipped.

      • Nony Mouse,

        I thought the same thing the comments section on Frankreport is incredible. I have learned a plethora of information regarding MLMs. Did you know MLMs are very bad?

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