Bronfman lawyer Mark Geragos outed as co-conspirator with Avenatti in Nike extortion fed indictment

The alleged co-conspirator in the extortion case against celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti is reportedly Mark Geragos, Clare Bronfman’s lead attorney.

While Geragos, 61, was not named in the criminal complaint against Avenatti, prosecutors say in court papers that an unnamed attorney joined Avenatti in demanding that Nike pay millions of dollars, or risk being embarrassed by a scandal involving its sponsorship of an amateur basketball team.

It is not known if Geragos has been charged with a crime.

A source knowledgeable about the case told the AP that the co-conspirator was Geragos.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that two sources said the co-conspirator, referred to in the indictment as “CC-1”, a California attorney “known for representation of celebrity and public figure clients,” is Geragos.

It is not known whether Geragos is cooperating with investigators.

According to reports regarding the indictment, Avenatti and a co-conspirator [Geragos] “allegedly threatened to hold a news conference on the eve of Nike’s quarterly earnings call and the start of the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament to publicize alleged misconduct and maximize the damage such information could inflict on the company.”

If Nike’s lawyers wanted them to remain quiet, Avenatti allegedly said that he and Geragos would need to be paid between $15 million and $25 million to conduct an “internal investigation” into the athletic apparel company.

Avenatti said they would agree to a flat $22.5 million payment from Nike if the company did not want to keep them on retainer. $1.5 million of that amount was supposedly going to be paid to one of Avenatti’s clients.

Avenatti, who previously represented adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, was arrested Monday in the Southern District of NY – and charged in two federal cases with wire fraud, bank fraud and attempting to extort more than $20 million from Nike Inc.


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  • Stormy was branded with that nxivm shit.. Tried to cover with a tattoo and failed. The “brand” is an elevated “keloid” scar.. How long has Geragos been a piece a shit? What’s that say about his clients? Who really killed Chandra Levy? Who the fuck is Scott Peterson really? What about Amber Frye, his “mistress”? Why did Michael hire Geragos? What’s up with Colin Kaepernick’s NFL settlement? Why would Avenatti shake down Nike when Geragos just finished a settlement with Nike clients? What about the Nike CEO’s pedophilia? Is the Nike CEO coming clean about his pedophilia? Is he talking? They already called in the extortion right? Is Nike CEO even in charge at all? Or was his pedophilia so bad, they just stripped him of all power? Is that what made them a target? What weakness did Avenatti see in Nike that he’d try for $22.5 million with no actual client? This is a jackal attack? Jackals rob drug dealers in the ghetto. This is a hit job on a rich pedo or what? Avenatti went to Nike and said hire me to investigate your pedophile CEO. Then he says, I’ll make you a deal, forget the investigation, just give me the 22.5 million..Jackals make their money because there are no cops in the ghetto.. Jackals flourish because of corrupt, “do nothing” law enforcement.. Maybe Avenatti isn’t such a bad guy after all..

  • How about this gem from the democrap left wing outlet Newsweek

    I’ve never seen karma unfold right in front of my eyes so perfectly. Honestly, this vain POS hyped having a press release accusing Nike of corruption, within the hour he’s arrested and charged with extortion, and I experienced this live. Karmatainment.

  • Who did Avenatti/Geragos Try to Blackmail?

    Nike. Well, not really Nike. More specifically CEO Mark Parker and his art collection: [Note art by Mark Ryden in background. I believe he was highlighted on v/pizzagate years ago during a pedo art discussion]

    Check this:

    What do Avennati/Geragos know about an elite pedofile ring? Parker also joined the board of Disney for kicks.

    No coincidences.

    Interesting that the Avenatti arrest happened the day after the blockade was removed, and has such a connection to Stormy Daniels. he was going to expose ” a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike.” But the fact that many of us are now learning about Mark Parker is …. a coincidence?

    Geragos is nxivm lawyer… again no coincidences

  • Geragos will be gone, yes, but it’s still a nothing burger for the NXIVM trial IMO.

    Mark wasn’t even her attorney for very long.

    Clare can have any attorney she wants, including asking Necheles to come back.

    I predict that Clare’s already being solicited by dozens of vermin ambulance chasers from Albany, like maybe Albany Defense Attorney with Big Ears.

    Wouldn’t that be a hoot if that clown actually got hired as a lower level attorney on Clare’s team — with responsibilities of fetching coffee for Necheles and picking up her dry cleaning each day. I can’t imagine he’d get much input on the case though, since most of his former clients are currently in the slammer after suffering from his shoddy representation.

  • The corrupt democrap mouth piece cnn had this crooked s-stain on their payroll. Evil birds of a feather flock together

    BREAKING REPORT: CNN Cuts Ties with Mark Geragos After Being Named Co-Conspirator in Alleged Avenatti Plot

  • How delicious. Nice to see to corrupt democrap lawyers try to extort leftist globalist corrupt NIKE. Nike had the nerve to virtue signal with that loser POS Kaepernick. Love to see the evil left self destruct. More pain to come for the demoncraps and their RINO henchmen.

  • Unbelievable

    ‘Avenatti was due to be released from Manhattan federal court after a hearing, and after signing a $300,000 personal recognizance bond. No actual money is posted for such bail; Avenatti would forfeit property or cash equivalent to the dollar amount of the bond if he fails to appear in court for future hearings.’

    • Don’t worry we know his every move. He will pay a severe price for his crimes and pay a steep price for his sedition against America. Justice is going to be swift and final

  • Poor Clare Bear. ESPN reported on Gerogos and his famous clients:

    “According to multiple reports, celebrity attorney Mark Geragos is the unnamed co-conspirator. His clients include Colin Kaepernick, who agreed to a settlement last month in his collusion grievance against the NFL, as well as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Empire star Jussie Smollett.”

    Clare Bronfman didn’t make the list.

  • I’ve read a couple of the commentaries that have come out so far, and while it’s not entirely clear to me, it seems that Geragos is, and may remain, an un-indicted co-conspirator, perhaps because he bailed at the point that it started to veer from borderline legal settlement shakedown, to illegal extortion.

    Geragos seems like a tough character accustomed to operating close to the breaking point of the law – probably why Bronfman hired him – so I’m not sure this will distract him, unless it somehow gets worse.

  • One of the reasons Michael Jackson fired him.
    It’s Clare Bronfman’s responsibly to make sure her 10 lawyers leaping are able to represent her, not the Court’s.

    • I skimmed the complaint looking for references to CC-1, reportedly Geragos – I don’t see anything about a cooperating witness, but maybe I missed something or it’s in another document.

      It does describe a very mob-lawyer-like shakedown – you pay us a bunch of money, or else it’s going to cost you a lot more when things get broken (your reputation, and stock price). I wonder how much of this type of scheme Geragos might have been involved in previously that wasn’t quite egregious enough for opposing attorneys to call enforcement – or that he simply got away with.

      After digging into the details, I have trouble imagining that Geragos got involved at an early point when it could have seemed like a legitimate negotiation, and started cooperating once it crossed the line. I’d expect he would end up in trouble with the Bar for this, even if he’s not prosecuted, so maybe it will have implications for Bronfman’s case.

      I almost wonder if Clare, the bootlegger’s granddaughter used to pushing the legal system to the breaking point with aggressive tactics, was a bad influence on him. It would certainly be ironic if she ended up losing probably her most aggressive counsel, because he ended up pushing his representation too far.

        • The Daily Mail did refer to him as a defendant but also stated that he hadn’t been charged. They’re not too smart. They’re still convinced that Kathy Russell is Prefect.

          • The Daily Mail also mentioned this…

            “The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the information was not made public by prosecutors”.

            So I guess we have to watch this space.

    • This case sounds like a trick Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere would pull.
      Remember how Clare and Keith sued Microsoft and A,T &T in a bogus patent suit to extort money from those two corporations?

  • It’s being reported on Twitter that Geragos was working with Avenatti, but there is no mention of Geragos being arrested as well. I wonder why.

    I kinda wanted to see this Nike new’s conference… lol.

    • Hi Flowers 🙂 Luv ya baby

      F.U. Willardumski
      March 25, 2019 at 3:55 pm
      Hey maybe they can get that paradigm of virtue Democrat lawyer Michael Avenatti. He did such a good job with Stormy that she owes President Trump lotsa money. Then this happens, typical shitstain democrat

      Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ Former Lawyer, Charged With Trying To Extort Nike

      Avenatti Charged With Wire, Bank Fraud Too

      What a great day to be a democrat


      • QAnon- what does Avenatti’s arrest have to do with Trump, or with being a Democrat? Btw, I’m Canadian so I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican.

        You seem to think Avenatti has some connection to Trump’s own crimes and wrong doings. …he doesn’t. Trump has been conning people and breaking laws since the 70s.

        • You are typically clueless Stay tuned little one …..more to come. Yea you are Canadian, Denny….yet you love to stick your hypocritical snoot in to US politics. You have enough problems with the corrupt evil globalist Trudeau. BTW tootsie he is going to be out of the PM sooner than you think. Sleep well child

        • Trump’s own crimes and wrongdoings. …he doesn’t. Trump has been conning people and breaking laws since the 70s.

          Care to back up your bullshit with any proof? You sound like your fellow crooked s-stain Li’l Adam Schiff. Do you work for CNN CBC or another lying leftist so-called news? Take a hike, toots, because you add nothing here but lies and delusion.

          • Why don’t you watch the Trump documentary on Netflix if you want to see how your hero operates? He’s a narcissistic conman who has been associating with organized crime for years. This is a fact, not my opinion.

            I have no clue if Avenatti is guilty of these charges against him (he’s claiming innocence but thats par for the course) but I do find it odd that he and Geragos behaved so stupidly….(obviously they must have known this would considered extortion…) however their apparent stupidity has nothing to do with politics at all. You’re reaching for connections that just don’t exist, Qanon guys.

            There is no example of “karma” at work here. This is an example of cause and effect….crooked lawyers do stupid things and then crooked lawyers get caught…just like the crooked lawyers who have worked for Trump.

          • Trump documentary on NETFLIX?? Do you know who is on their board of Directors.Susan E. Rice

            Director,Netflix, Inc. She will be tried for sedition and possibly treason soon. Try getting news from real sources instead of your make believe friends

            Really it is amusing how you double down on stupid Dennis. Meanwhile President Trump carries on.

          • Netflix Forming Storytelling Partnership With Barack and Michelle Obama Hollywood, Calif., May 21, 2018 — President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series with Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service.

            Hey flower girl….stick to what you know which is basically nothing

          • I haven’t lied about anything. I recommend you watch the Trump documentary, whether you like Trump or hate him, you will still find it interesting. And there is no question that he has had organized crime connections, as did his former lawyer.

            The information about Trump is available, but if you would rather remain ignorant, that’s your choice.

            But don’t try to string together a bunch conspiracy theories and claim there are connections where none have been shown to exist..

          • You mean conspiracy theories like the russian collusion bullshit used by Obama-Clinton to attack Donald Trump?

            Flowers you ignorance is hilarious. But please get lost, it hurts to see you make a fool out of yourself virtually every comment.

  • If Geragos is ” distracted and . . . not be able to focus completely on Bronfman’s defense,” could that be grounds for an appeal?

    • IANAL, but it could certainly be the case if he is charged. I would guess that any disciplinary hearings at the bar association would take place well after the trial. Also, the fact that Clare has four other lawyers from top firms would probably mitigate the possibility of a successful appeal on grounds of ineffective representation. I don’t think he is going to be charged, because they would have indicted him along with Avenatti; the same evidence would apply equally to both.

    • I think that Bronfman is virtually guaranteed to have attorneys drag out every possible detail of the case, and appeal every point imaginable to the highest courts possible, if she is convicted. She and her sister have already reportedly bankrolled as much as $50 million in legal expenses related to NXIVM, mostly just to gratuitously go after people Raniere had vendettas against, though in some cases it was framed as defending against perceived or imagined enemies. Raniere consciously took Scientology as a model, including their litigousness and use of the legal system to punish perceived enemies, and I expect that aspects of this case will be very similar to Scientology’s spare-no=-expense and scourched-earth legal tactics.

      Less obviously, conspiracy theorist mindsets are at work to an extent that’s hard to judge, and may even be hard to imagine. Raniere told people that they were up against the Illuminati, and some apparently believed it; the diehards at trial here, may believe they are up against persecution by sinister forces that they are supposed to fight.

      • Sorry, this was a reply to Villagedianne:-

        If Geragos is ” distracted and . . . not be able to focus completely on Bronfman’s defense,” could that be grounds for an appeal?

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