MK10ART's fascinating painting of Nancy Salzman and her influence on Kristin Kreuk. What will Sultan say about that? Depend on it- he will say something.

Reader asks: Does Sultan spark more stories on Kristin Kreuk than she would get otherwise if he STFU?

A reader asked:

Please, please, please answer this question honestly, Frank. so I can go to sleep laughing at Sultan’s utter stupidity and mental illness – please, please, please.

If Sultan stalked Grace Park for 10 years and all of his aliases littered your inbox with stories about Grace Park, rather than Kristen Krook, would you be publishing hundreds of articles about Grace Park instead of Kristen Krook on the Frank Report?

Grace is more famous. Battlestar Galactica is more respected of a show than Smellville. Hawaii 5-0 had millions more viewers and is still running, and Grace’s new show is one of ABC’s big new shows, A Million Little Things – that was recently renewed.

Back in August, you said Grace Park was still an important member of NXIVM.

Fess up, please, please, please: Is it Sultan and his 100 obnoxious aliases fueling you or are you using Sultan’s mental illness as an excuse to feed your own personal obsession?


A reasonable question. The answer is:

Sultan helps keep Kristin on the pages of the Frank Report.  His defense of her provokes many comments.

Sultan’s argument is that Kreuk is innocent of any wrongdoing and has no duty to explain her true role in Nxivm.  She need not apologize; she need not condemn Raniere.

Thanks to Sultan, Kruek’s name comes up far more frequently than it would otherwise. Here is how the cycle works:

Someone makes a comment about Kreuk.

It might end there, but Sultan always makes a long, vociferous rebuttal. He is 100 percent dependable. If anyone makes a peep about Kreuk, Sultan is there to condemn them and defend Kreuk. Often, he adds insults to the person making the original comment.

That naturally provokes the original commenter to reply – often at length – which often makes for a good [and well-read] post.

Then Sultan replies  – usually becoming more insulting.

Then the original commenter – and oftentimes others – make more comments and these, in turn, make for good [and well read] posts. So it goes on and on.

As to your question about Grace Park: If Grace Park had her own Sultan, she would certainly get more attention on Frank Report.  But, in fairness, Kreuk was a far bigger player in Nxivm than Park.

While Park was a member and perhaps still is – and a low-level coach – Yellow – no stripes – Kreuk was at least a Yellow with Two Stripes – and was willingly used as a major recruiting tool for Nxivm. She started Girls By Design with guidance from Nancy Salzman. She appeared on stage to promote Raniere and became an active coach.

She recruited Allison Mack, her friend – who will soon go to prison – and Kreuk made a misleading statement about her involvement in Nxivm.

In addition, she virtue signals constantly and plays a TV role as a fearless defender of truth – while not being forthcoming with the truth of her own role in Nxivm- which was larger than Park’s.

One day, I may relate a fascinating and funny story of how Grace Park tried to imitate another woman to dodge a reporter who wanted to know about her Nxivm role. And another funny story of how Sultan came to Albany NY and who he met there.

He made quite an impression on at least one female [not Kreuk.]

To go back to your original question: It is almost solely due to Sultan that Kreuk so often appears in these pages.

If you look at most of the Kreuk posts, few were written by me – most of them were written by people who knew her when she was in Nxivm, people having a hard time swallowing the “I knew nothing” story she is giving out, or people trying to get Sultan’s goat.

When Sultan waxes poetic about the lovely lass of his fantasy dreams, others come out to burst his bubble.  What could be more fun than that?

Is it true that Kristin Kreuk doesn’t even know Sultan?

Keith Raniere appears with Grace Park in a series of videos formerly available online. In the summer of 2017, after Frank Report broke the branding story, and before the NY Times came out with their story about branding, Grace asked Raniere to take down the conversation videos.  He did.

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    They just gloss over Kristin Kreuk. This article claims she commended the women who exposed DOS. Kristin Crook doesn’t give a fuck about the women of DOS. Frank broke the story in June(?) 2017 and Kreuk released her bullshit statement in late March 2018 to throw the press off of her. It was about her, not victims. She was being called out and she didn’t make any effort. Still not a word about Allison Mack or Keith Raniere. Mack is going to jail and Kreuk could not give a fuck. The press have not bothered so far to expose how deep Kreuk was in NXIVM.

  • Allison is not an average woman, she is a goddess and everyone should defend her as she is more worthy of defending than others

  • Since we’re complaining…let’s stop the commenters who imagine the “100 obnoxious aliases” of Sultan for everyone (including me) who dares challenge their posts about ANYTHING. It wouldn’t be so bad if they either addressed the comment or at least used some bit of wit in their insult. Fat chance.

    As for Kristin Kreuk…I don’t mind commenters bringing her up in unrelated topics with a Sultan-like obsession, because at least she is an amusing diversion here from the useless arguments about politics or conspiracy theories that are taking over the FR.

    Just one non-Sultan’s opinion….

  • “One day, I may relate a fascinating and funny story of how Grace Park tried to imitate another woman to dodge a reporter who wanted to know about her Nxivm role. And another funny story of how Sultan came to Albany NY and who he met there.”

    Do it!!!

    Joe O’Hara claimed the Spank Demon was fucking an older NXIVM woman and he knew what camera the stalker uses!

    Did the stalker actually go to NY to meet Kristin Kreuk in NXIVM!?

    • Why?

      Both Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack are hoes. And you are a brain dead moron.

      If you are Nicki Clyne, that would truly be fucking hilarious 😂.

      Tell us Nicki/Pea, who sucked Keith’s small penis first, Kreuk or Mack?

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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