Guest View: Did Arizona Mafia capo Dennis Burke break with Marc Agnifilo over Nxivm defense?

Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, - Does he post on this site anonymously?

(Editor’s Note: The premise of this article, written by an anonymous commenter using the moniker “Betcha It’s Burke” , is that Bronfman attorney Dennis Burke is commenting on the Frank Report using various aliases and referring to Keith Raniere’s attorney Marc Agnifilo as “AgniSTEALo.”  I have no evidence to support this allegation or any to refute it. I am publishing this article because it brings out interesting points about Burke. It seems to have been written by a Jeff Peterson supporter or perhaps by Peterson himself. Peterson is engaged in a legal feud with Burke.]

By Betcha It’s Burke

Hey Dennis Burke, what’s this…a pattern?

First, you act like someone is your friend and/or partner in an endeavor, then when things don’t go the way you wanted, you turn around and stab your former colleagues in the back, with defamatory untrue characterizations or accusations.

Marc Agnifilo has been called AgniSTEALO by at least one commenter.

Why are you calling Mark Agnifilo by the defamatory name “AgniSTEALO”, implying that Keith Raniere’s lawyer is somehow “stealing” money, just because Agnifilo is still charging billable hours on the case while you’re apparently no longer able to do so, possibly because you’re now under investigation yourself?

In the case of Nxivm, Dennis Burke first worked to defend the cult in the first half of 2018, going so far (per reports of counsel familiar with the Nxivm case) as to contact actual or potential Nxivm witnesses by phone, threatening parties they ought to “do things the Nxivm way…” (apparently), “or else.”

At that time, it seemed like Dennis Burke, who represented Clare Bronfman as one of her attorneys, was a team player on Nxivm band of brute force legal practitioners, among those many legal and non-legal personas sometimes referred to on Frank Report as Clare’s team of “flying monkeys.”

Clare Bronfman retained Dennis Burke to help her gain possession of documents stored in a storage unit rented by one of her assistants.

Clare Bronfman’s approach to brute force litigation was described in a memo submitted to Judge Garaufis by assistant prosecuting U.S. Attorney Moira Penza in July of 2018: “Bronfman’s efforts to target and silence critics of Raniere is particularly concerning in light of the broader pattern of harassment, coercion and abusive litigation that is described as one of the means and methods of the conspirators in the superseding indictment.”

Furthermore, it has been frequently stated since Nxivm’s complicated legal defense strategies materialized, in theory at least, that Dennis Burke (who is a former federal prosecutor) helped to mastermind or masterminded himself the complex joint defense agreements between multiple Nxivm attorneys as part of Burke’s effort to thwart the government’s prosecution of the Nxivm enterprise.

But now apparently something has changed between Dennis Burke and at least one of the twenty or more attorneys representing Nxivm defendants. An apparent sign of bad blood between former colleagues has surfaced on Frank Report as several of what are believed to be Dennis Burke’s pseudonym accounts have started to refer to Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Mark Agnifilo, as “AgniSTEALO.”

It has been seen before in Dennis Burke’s history when something happens that is unfavorable Burke (quite possibly caused by Burke’s own errors), Denny the Disgraced prosecutor angrily reacts by deciding he’s going to retaliate by manufacturing the appearance of improprieties. Next step? Burke starts accusing his former friends or colleagues of “stealing.” Sound familiar? Burke took a similar approach when retaliating against his former business colleague, Jeffrey Peterson.

In recent weeks and months, we’ve seen what I suspect are Dennis Burke aliases on the Frank Report website make a shift to referring to Keith Raniere’s attorney, Mark Agnifilo, as “AgniSTEALO.”

Burke apparently has split ways with Agnifilo, probably because Burke may have been conflicted out of his representation of Clare Bronfman, due to Burke himself appearing in the government’s Nxivm prosecution documents for his role in possible misconduct relating to immigration documents improperly obtained for Mariana Fernandez, the mother of one of Vanguard’s children.

It’s a similar retaliatory approach Burke has taken towards his former business partner, technology entrepreneur Jeffrey Peterson.

Jeff Peterson who may be the author of this post is locked in a legal battle with Dennis Burke. They were former partners and friends.

In his business history, Burke one time held the role of chief of compliance for a business venture with Peterson, yet Burke turned on Peterson after Peterson didn’t join the Mexico branch of Nxivm in 2014. Details are outlined by a lawsuit Peterson filed against Burke in federal court in Massachusetts this past December 14 of 2018, case no. 1:18-cv-12572.

According to Peterson’s lawsuit, Burke launched a retaliatory defamatory campaign after Peterson didn’t join the Mexico branch of Nxivm. Burke’s defamation included untrue accusations that Peterson had supposedly “misappropriated funds.” In fact, in the business venture, Burke himself was in charge of overseeing authorization documents from all of the company investors, and himself voted to authorize funds transfers as a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

When Burke became angry with Peterson, Burke knowingly started a pattern of making untruthful claims such transfers were “unauthorized,” despite the existence of extensive documentation proving Burke himself had authorized such transfers in writing and at recorded company Board meetings. It’s a similar pattern seen with Burke’s suspected pseudonym accounts on Frank Report now starting to refer to Mark Agnifilo by the defamatory name “AgniSTEALO”, implying “theft,” when it’s likely Agnifilo’s is not “stealing.”

So, what’s next?

Is Dennis Burke now going to accuse Agnifilo of a “fraudulent scheme,” (as he did with Peterson) call him on the phone and explain “how it [supposedly] works” in criminal law … (Burke’s words) … “anything can be portrayed as a scheme if prosecutors want it to be … anything can be prosecuted if prosecutors want it to be” … “criminal law is different than civil” … “prosecutors can indict anyone when they’re told to by someone with credibility [implicitly pointing to himself]” … “all you need are connections with prosecutors, circumstantial evidence is permitted” … “prosecutors can indict a ham sandwich, [improperly, with vague allegations, if they want to]”, these are the Dennis Burke doctrines, fully compatible with Nxivm tactics and procedures.

Obtain what you want through force, by causing fear…cause fear by threatening to improperly accuse people of a crime or threatening to somehow participate in a process that will result in improperly bringing criminal charges against someone, a.k.a. blackmail and extortion.

Hey Dennis, are you going to make the claim that essentially the entire amount billed by Agnifilo was “theft,” even though detailed written agreements and documentation exist regarding such transfers of funds, with hopes to cause an FBI investigation against Agnifilo? Isn’t that how you roll, Mr. “use law enforcement as a weapon against your enemies?”

Starting to sound familiar, again?

And sadly, some of what Dennis Burke claims about the improper indictment of innocent parties, has proven to be true more than once, particularly as to persons who have been subjected to Nxivm’s brute force legal tactics.

Burke, as a licensed attorney who was formerly employed as a state and federal prosecutor, knows well that blackmail and extortion are criminal violations under state and federal laws. Maybe that’s part of the reason why he got along so well with Nxivm personalities such as Clare Bronfman.

Burke has a record of threatening, defaming, and harassing his colleagues going back years. The use of such scorched-earth tactics by Burke is evident from his behavior against ATF agent John Dodson and others in the Fast and Furious scandal, and Burke’s conduct towards Burke’s former business partner, Jeffrey Peterson, as evidenced by Peterson’s lawsuit against Burke, and others.

ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle on Fast and Furious. He expected that top officials would be prosecuted instead of the cover up that happened. Dennis Burke was at the center of the US government’s deep state fund raising efforts to sell guns to Mexican cartels in return for fast money garnered outside the purview of Congress for the CIA and other so-called “intelligence” agencies.

A bit of good news here, considering Dennis Burke’s mounting legal problems, is that Burke’s conduct towards Agnifilo by the suspected using of the name “AgniSTEALO” may not rise to the level of blackmail and extortion, as in certain of Burke’s other conduct.

In the case of Agnifilo, it looks like simple defamation, at least so far.

By the way, Burke arrogantly tells his friends in Arizona that he isn’t afraid to defame people, and that he doesn’t care about lawsuits. Seems like Burke isn’t afraid of much, recently.

Why not?

Has Dennis Burke been emboldened? And if so, by what, or who?

Hopefully, if Burke feels the need to cover his tracks as it relates to the joint defense agreements between Nxivm attorneys, parties won’t suffer a similar fate as former Border Patrol officer Brian Terry; agent Terry lost his life when someone, or some group, tried to cover their tracks as it related to Burke’s Obama-era “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, in which weapons were trafficked to Mexican cartels by agencies of the United States government while Burke was United States Attorney for Arizona.

Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry | United States Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection - United States Border Patrol, U.S. Government
Killed by his own government? — Was Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry  really shot and killed by a gun sold to criminals in Mexico by the US Deep State? or was he assassinated by his government as part of the coverup that the US government sold guns to Mexican drug lords? 

As it relates to the Fast and Furious arms trafficking scandal, Agent Terry’s family believes their son was murdered as part of a cover-up. Brian Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, asked President Trump to open an investigation against Burke and others in connection with the murder.

Hey Dennis, did you and the Mexico guys really arrange the murder of people to cover your tracks, arrange to have a “fall guy” prosecuted in Tucson, Arizona? If that’s true — and I’m not saying it is — but if it is, that’s beyond messed up. Who else are you going to try to murder, to cover your tracks?

As President Trump’s administration has pointed out, there is no statute of limitations for the crimes committed against Brian Terry and others in connection with the Fast and Furious scandal. Apparent “show trials” recently held in Tucson, Arizona, may only go so far as to create the appearance that the complicated questions raised by Fast and Furious have been fully resolved.

Important questions still remain. Who exactly was involved in the Brian Terry cover-up, and how might any such parties connect to Dennis Burke? And if Dennis Burke is still working for such interests, today, how might such interests connect back to the Nxivm case?

The families involved, and the American people, deserve answers to these questions.

In the meantime, it is curious to see Burke attacking Keith Raniere’s attorney Mark Agnifilo, who is a former Burke colleague, by calling him “AgniSTEALO.” As has been described here, Retaliating against former colleagues by making false accusations of “theft” or other improprieties is similar retaliatory conduct seen from Burke throughout Burke’s scandalous history, well published in DOJ investigative documents and the national media.

Dennis Burke’s retaliatory tactics against his former co-workers were well documented in a 21-page report issued by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) published in May of 2013. The report described how when confronted, Burke refused to cooperate with DOJ investigators: “Burke [told] the OIG investigative counsel that he was at the airport preparing to board a flight and would be on vacation the following week, but that he would meet with the OIG for an interview when he returned. However, Burke resigned as U.S. Attorney on August 29, 2011, and declined the OIG’s subsequent requests for an interview.”

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4 years ago

Oops I meant my previous post for elsewhere

4 years ago

Since the dawn of civilization there has been corruption. No matter the form of government the common denominator is always people. The problem is people.

I have been all around the world and one constant theme remains the same……

People distrust their governments and the governments are made up of people.

Good luck changing anything.

Are you going to replace all the people in government with new people?


Thou doth protest too much
Thou doth protest too much
4 years ago

not be Burke. Perhaps Renierre can mentor you in to being a more successful exec BS artist.

4 years ago

Before this story came out this morning, I was curious what the lead lawyer that Amway hired away from the other side to sue me was up to, and lo and behold, dirtbag lawyer Charles Bundren has been quite busy: This isn’t Bundren’s first overbilling/scamming of clients: and he also has lots of experience with real estate scams, because he ran at least one of them and got caught: Bundren’s former upline Amway Diamond, Kelly G. Rogers, is rotting in jail: So Burke is just another slimy lawyer.

4 years ago

Was waiting for the kettle to boil and decided to read the Frank Report and the comments.

Surprise, surprise, resident stalker “SultanOfSix”, aka “Scarrom” “Karl Basset” “Jesse” etc is still ejaculating his low testosterone semen all over the comments regarding his dream spank, Kristin “Crook/Kook” Kreuk.

That got me thinking about two of the greatest mysteries of our times, that has eluded academics, scholars and lay men all over the internet:

1) How many spanks has Spanky spanked out to Kristin Kreuk.

2) How much semen, in milliliters has he ejaculated over Kristin Kreuk.


Lets say he started to stalk and spank it to Kristin Kreuk since 2005. That seems like a reasonable time frame.

Lets assume he has spanked it TWICE WEEKLY at a minimum, every week, for FOURTEEN YEARS (God Almighty…)

That would be:

– 96 spanks a year

– 1344 spanks over the course of fourteen years.


According to a quick google search:

“When a man reaches orgasm, he ejaculates fluid called semen. On average, men expel between 1.25 and 5.00 ml (1/4 of a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon) of semen each time they ejaculate. But this amount varies from man to man.”


Lets say Spanky ejaculates the minimal amount of 1.25ml or a quarter teaspoon of low testosterone jizz, every spank.

That would be:

– 1.25ml a spank

– 2.5ml a week

– 10ml a month

– 120ml a year

– 1680ml over FOURTEEN YEARS.


That is INCREDIBLE. What a sensational feat of unrivaled, unrequited infatuation to a woman who doesn’t even know he exists.


Lets put this in perspective:

1680ml is the equivalent of:

– 1.68 LITRES of low testosterone goo

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– 94.60434 IMPERIAL TABLESPOONS of goo.

– 3.70 POUNDS of goo.


A round of applause please, for one of the most prolific spankers of the modern internet age:

4 years ago

Great article. Nice to see some real journalism instead of another “How many ways can Allie Wack orally gratify Vandgard” written by her cuckold fanboy(s)

4 years ago

Oh PUHLEAZ. Jeff Peterson off his meds again, finding conspiracies where none exist.

HEY JEFF, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PAY BACK THAT $10 Million you swindled from senior citizens?

And Jeff, have you served that lawsuit yet? The one where you claim to live in Boston, but actually revealed here on FR that you are slithering under rocks in Ontario.

Enquiring minds want to know Jeff.

Oh of course, all of us here are Dennis Burke. Me, Bangkok, Shadow, Scott, Frank, Heidi, Mouse, Sultan. Even Ben Szemkus. WE ARE ALL SECRETLY DENNIS BURKE.

Jeff, you do know there is medicine for your condition. Clozapine, Haloperidol. You gotta keep taking those meds pal. You can’t stop because your symptoms are gone.

Rather, the meds keep your schizophrenia at bay.

Betcha its Burke
Betcha its Burke
4 years ago
Reply to  DeezNuts

“schizophrenia,” Dennis? Really? Is that response the best you can do? “off his meds?” You know well that Peterson doesn’t take “meds,” never has. Unlike some people in Arizona (and Mexico, apparently) who self-medicate every night of the week. (look in the mirror)

You got it, counsellor. Debating Peterson’s mailing address is a sure way to defeat sixty pages of factually true accusations that have been made against you and others.

The status of the lawsuit and it’s amendments can be seen on PACER, big guy. You might be well advised to check the docket, by the way.

After your predictably quick response here, which indicates you spend way too much time on this site … you can feel better about concealing your identity, Big D. Yep. Everyone here is so gullible, they’re sure to be extremely confused when you post messages invoking a bunch of random names, a tactic you have started using in your FR posts with increasing frequency.

That’s sure to confuse everyone enough to where they couldn’t possibly notice your patterns, when you post here. Just like your use of the Denny Burke super-sophisticated “Mexico-style” leaky VPN. Why, only a technical and legal genius could employ such sophisticated tactics while attempting to conceal his identity.

Keith Raniere routinely used meaningless, confusing prose that has been characterized as “word salad” to confuse his victims in to believing he was an intellectual genius. Dennis the Disgraced prosecutor uses “name salad” to try to confuse readers (and maybe the court) in to believing it “couldn’t possibly be him” posting messages on FR.

4 years ago

Okay dumbass. Three months later and you still haven’t served the lawsuit. Not even on Gannett. Great work John Grisham.

And you’re supposed to file an amended complaint after the judge points out the deficiencies in original lawsuit.

Keep up the good work crackhead.

You need to pay back those elderly people you stole money from. Start there crackhead.

Betcha its Burke
Betcha its Burke
4 years ago
Reply to  DeezNuts


First you complained when Peterson filed the lawsuit himself, after four Attorneys opted out due to the presence of your new Mexican friends in the historical time.

Then, Peterson retains counsel, who rewrites and amends portions of the complaint, and you complain it has not been served quickly enough. The notion that you’re only supposed to amend a complaint “after the judge points out the deficiencies in original lawsuit” is completely wrong.

Lastly, calling JP “crackhead” is about as far from accurate as you can get, as you know damn well your former friend doesn’t even drink alcohol. Sadly we can’t say the same about you. Your lady friend was recently overheard remarking about how you guys were doing coke in Mexico. Now -that- is sad! Truly.

4 years ago

Oh yea. The Mexican cartels provided many of the Arizona mafia with plenty of snow storms.

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