Nice Guy: The incredible dark truth is that Keith Raniere’s control over Allison Mack is absolute!

By Nice Guy

Well put Shadowstate in your article Who is Allison Mack Crying For.

The dark truth…. The incredible dark truth is that Keith Raniere’s control over Allison Mack is so absolute that even after 10 months, Allison Mack has remained steadfastly loyal to Raniere.


“Pimp Mack” is one brainwashed human being. Raniere could say 2+2=5 and Allison would agree. She lives in Raniere World now.

Anyone with a degree of common sense would have flipped by now and cut a deal.


The prosecution wants to send a message to the public and make an example of Keith Raniere. I believe that the prosecution, in the interest of saving time and money, would cut Allison Mack a deal.

If the ‘good’ doctor has not faced any punishment even from a medical review board for ethics violations or faced criminal charges….. How bad is Allison’s actual criminal “collaboration” with Keith Raniere legally?

Morally, there is no question Allison Mack is an abhorrent human being.

I had hoped for criminal kidnapping charges to be filed. However, none materialized.

Fortunately, if Keith and Alison go the way of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, no German Shepherd needlessly die.

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  • Financial crimes are actually easier to prove, because of the records that are kept, it just takes longer and more effort to get to that point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next round of indictments includes tax fraud and another 3-letter agency is included, that begins with “I” and ends in an “S.”

    • Agree. The way juries have been in recent years I would not be surprised if there are acquittals on many of the cult type charges. I think MeToo could actually work against the prosecution here. People not wanting to “judge” what will be presented by the defense as an alternative or taboo lifestyle.

      • Hopefully the DOJ will stay away from the cult concept, as the First Amendment protects free speech, religion, assembly, association, etc., and instead focus on the criminal aspect of the behaviors. Many people say the same cult BS about Amway and other MLMs as well, when the MLMs are blatantly breaking actual laws.

    • Scott,
      You of course must be referring to the Indian Health Services organization formed in 1789. Yes it’s a real organization within the US government and it still exists. IHS has done an incredible job. Native American life expectancy is 71 years now. Can you believe it? Native Americans now have parity with actual real Indians in India. God only knows how much money funds this organization vs how much money helps the American Indians.

  • With regard to Allison Mack not taking a plea deal, it has nothing to do with Keith ‘controlling’ her.

    That’s way too simple of an explanation and doesn’t give Allison enough credit as a human being, even if she’s a small brained human being.

    Keith likely does control her to some degree still, but that’s NOT the reason she’s balking at a plea deal.

    Allison was a TV star.

    Allison was very rich at one time.

    Allison had fame, fortune and adoring fans showering her with attention.

    Allison had the life that most girls dream about.

    However… Regardless of WHY she chose to join NXIVM and give all that up, the REAL POINT is that her fame and fortune are a thing of the past and are NEVER coming back.

    In essence, Allison SACRIFICED her entire life for the ‘status’ bestowed upon her at NXIVM. The ‘price’ she paid for this ‘status’ was her TV career, her fame, her money, her endorsements and her respectable Hollywood friends.

    The reason Allison didn’t take a plea deal is because all her chips were ALREADY pushed into the pot long before her indictment came. Once a person is “ALL-IN” (in poker) there’s no backing out.

    The VERY MOMENT she gave up her fame and fortune (to NXIVM) she essentially became “ALL-IN” at that moment, or in other words, she pushed all her chips into the pot and her fate became tied to Keith and NXIVM’s fate.

    This isn’t true with the other defendants, who were mostly just “broke” and “unknown” losers before joining NXIVM and didn’t sacrifice much for their status (other than wasted time). That’s precisely why the government will have an easier time flipping Lauren compared to Allison.

    FACT: Even if Keith didn’t control her anymore, Allison would still be ALL-IN and her fate would still be tied to NXIVM’s fate.

    NXIVM may be lying in ruins right now but it’s still the ONLY thing she has left which gives her any type of status in this world. I also suspect that Allison believes she’ll be financially taken care of forever by NXIVM benefactors, if she stands by Vanguard.

    There’s still an ‘upside’ for Allison.

    If she gets convicted of the lesser charges (not the sex slave charges) she’ll only be facing around 3 years in prison according to sentencing guidelines, which she’ll gladly endure for the privilege of not throwing away the only thing that gives her status in this world —- NXIVM and its wealthy benefactors.

    What about cutting a plea deal, doing minor prison time and then marrying a wealthy guy?

    I doubt that any wealthy guy would wish to marry such a high profile “ex sex slaver” since who would want their future kids to have a mom that did prison time for being a sex slaver?

    Plus her cankles are disgusting and no wealthy guy would want her, especially after her TV fame is gone.

    She needs to Google “ankle liposuction” or “cankle reduction surgery” ASAP.

  • Hi Johnson,

    LOL….No I am not into being a cuckhold. However, if you are into cuckholding, you mention it enough, you should post an ad on Craig’s list….. On Craig’s List “The World is your Oyster”, “One Night in Bangcock”!

    Bangcock it’s obvious you are Johnson. Johnson being an obvious reference to the male genitals. Your a clever one.

  • I’ve been stating that from day one.
    I know these people, having been in a cult myself and having not just witnessed the social dynamics of members I knew in the cult over the years BUT done my homework after the fact reading everything about cults I could get my hands on. Then there was little. Now there is so much more information about cults and how they function.
    I even lived in community with other cult members for 7 to 8 months.
    The names of these groups alter but the behaviors, and the outcome, is the same.
    Only by sheer luck, and I do mean luck, did I get out alive though for an entire year after I broke down and cried every day.
    Allison is, and this is brutal honesty, is too far gone to ever be salvaged.
    Too much damage has been done to her psyche.
    Depending on one’s length of time involved, degree of commitment and how much one has sacrificed and lost, family, jobs,assets, etc will determine how much recovery one can accomplish once one disconnects, if one ever does. Some go from cult to cult.
    India has a chance. Allison none.
    Nancy and Claire are what I would term a write off on a balance sheet. Valueless.
    As for dear old Vanguard? Would he were never born.
    Frankly, I believe what happened, was a perfect storm of Keith and his MLM schlock, Nancy, Bronfman money and B list nubile young actresses.
    Sadly, too many, reaped that whirlwind.
    Some paid with their lives. Others their reputations and pocket book.
    About time the unholy troika, or the gang of 7 as I term them, pay the piper.

    • Thanks for sharing the video Scott…
      Well that sucks in regard to this case and Raniere’s Blue haired Manson imitation.

      Hopefully the high profile and salacious nature of this case will prohibit the DOJ from just walking away if things get difficult and bogged down.

      Then again… a billion dollar hedge fund manager walked away from running a “private quasi underage girl sex club”, for his friends. The Hedge fun manager in question received a slap on the risk compared to the punishment he should have received for such a crime. Bill Clinton made over 20 something visits along with the Prince Charles’s brother and god knows who else. The case I am referring to is an actual conspiracy…why? because the Hedge fund Manager makes Harvey Weinstein look like a Boy Scout comparatively speaking.

      The Hedge fund manager in question as I am sure you know recorded everyone’s fun. Who did he record besides Clinton that had so much power? Or maybe Clinton’s wife had enough pull? I think there is definitely many more important men. The Hedge fund manager apparently knew everyone.
      That must have been one hell of a collection of films.

  • She has nothing left so to admit to herself that she threw her career,friends, harmed her relationship with family, threw her savings away for nothing would be pretty hard for her to swallow. She likely doesn’t know who she is anymore. She will delude herself rather than wake up and admit what a foolish mess she made of her life and actually take responsibility. That would take guts.

  • Sounds like shadow boy is so obsessed he posts under another handle or he has competition in the Allie wack Cuckold department.

    • Johnson:
      Nice Guy wrote this article himself.
      Give Nice Guy the respect he is due.
      He is not a Cuckold and neither am I.
      It is you, Johnson, who worships Allison Mack and Her Holy Cankles.
      And you, Johnson, are just angry that not everyone else worships her.

      • You are both cuckolds who have never grown out of your adolescent Celebrity obsessions. You both write way to familiar and are always there to pat each other on the back. Much of the tripe you post here is of little value and as Heidi stated you write your stuff to match your biased opinion. You are an obsessed old timer who’s reality is similar to the goddess you worship

      • Nice, the soy boy aka your alter ego does not deserve respect. Love the way you project your own teenie idol worship on others. Mack is an idiot but she knew a stalker from your time in NXIVM

  • I suspect the reason no criminal kidnapping charges were filed is that the particular instance (imprisoning a woman for 18 months) is because it occurred. outside of the EDNY’s jurisdiction. I wonder, though, where are the federal tax evasion charges?

    From reading everything here, it seems Allison Mack was consumed with her personal needs and desire for acceptance and gratification. Another poster opined that she craved the special treatment due a starlet, which she received for a while – flying on private jets to exotic locales, for example. Later, she did not feel empathy or sympathy towards those being harmed. This is a terrifying possibility of human nature: Once someone is treated like a King or Queen, they begin to look upon others as inferior serfs, to be used and abused with impunity. I know of several exceptions, but they seem to be few and far between.

    I am sorry Allison went down this path. I don’t think she would have, had she not met the seductive, mild-mannered Monster. He destroyed many lives and livelihoods, his scorn and rage lurking just below the surface. She might have been a beloved character actress adored by young girls. Instead, she fell so far into Raniere’s fallacies that she allowed her initials to be intertwined with his on a cruel, cauterizing brand.

    All things considered, I think it would be wise for her to cut a deal if she still can.

    Allison: Please don’t blindly sacrifice yourself and others to protect and stay true to one who has no heart or soul. You can still do some good.

    • where are the federal tax evasion charges?

      Financial crimes like tax evasion and money laundering are much more difficult to prove than the sex trafficking charges.
      Financial crimes need an exhaustive examination of financial documents which are often dry and boring.

    • Hi Orange County Dreams,

      I think you hit the nail on the head exactly. You should write a guest article sometime. Seriously. You communicated what I was trying to communicate far more articulately.

      • Thank you, niceguy. I really enjoy your contributions – very fresh and well stated. As for myself, I feel a bit like a broken record at times. But bringing KAR down is a major thing to many in this country and elsewhere.

        I sincerely believe KAR had the potential to escalate beyond any of our imaginations. His parallels with Jim Jones are astounding. Except Jim jones used racial equality as a platform as opposed to genius and reforming mankind. As Led Zeppelin said, “The Song Remains the Same.” “I will make a difference in this world, so give me you unending devotion.” (Along with your money, possessions, life and spirit.)

        Thank God the Monster is stopped for now. Thanks to the frankreport, KAR’s actions are no longer swept under the rug, as they had been for decades.

        • The unfortunate thing is we cut the head off one monster and another pops up. It’s hard not to get discouraged.

          • You are so right, but maybe with lessons learned, we can spot these people earlier. The unique thing about KAR was how he used lawsuits and bribery to keep everyone silent – a lot like Scientology. When he gained unlimited access to the Bronfman money, it was the perfect storm.

            Hopefully, those like Rick Ross will continue their efforts to expose other cult leaders.

    • Agree, Orange, that the NDNY Feds and State of New York may be impeding prosecution of some crimes due to jurisdiction.

      A factor which is possibly also hindering EDNY in obtaining justice-serving plea deals until, at least, the defense sharks are satiated much as Bronfmanly possible and the defendants must finally confront the reality that despite many of their true crimes potentially going unindicted due to the utter, filthy corruption of the districts in which they were committed; what they HAVE been charged with is plenty enough for all of them to earn a 25 year prison sentence under RICO, as I understand it.

      Decent post, niceguy. Please keep at it and agree it would be great to see Orange post up here more often.

      I know Frank’s rather preoccupied with defending his own case to keep himself out of prison for far, far less alleged financial offense these days even were he guilty, which he isn’t — God help him — which is prol exactly the intended, effect prosecutors hoped to have on the outspoken, prolific investigative, political journalist — Frank Parlato, I mean — who did assist the EDNY FBI with the EDNY DOJ NX indictments — it was Frank who put together the initial evidence packet (with some help, I understand) Oxenberg took to the FBI — and Frank who continues to greatly enhance the NX case behind the scenes.

      In fact, if not for Frank Parlato, KAR may well have permanently escaped notwithstanding reports that KAR was “entrapped” not only by not Nicki Clyne’s Instagram but by Mexican NX “traitors” and/or their US advisors such as Dennis Burke — as it may have been Frank who, through his Mexican sources and evidence collection, convinced them to turn KAR over to take the sure fall some must.

      Point being, I’m sure intelligent contributions such as this one to FR are welcome to give Frank some time to focus on what should be a major priority for him — as much as FR and continuing to get to the bottom of the NX case is, as well.

      I’m going to attempt some more posts myself at Frank’s constant invitation, and though I eschew conjecture, I’m certain regardless of what I don’t know about NX — which is a lot more than I do — we can do a little better on here than the banal bullshit Bangkookery going on that I can’t even bear to read anymore.

      Thank God for Klaviger, too.

      Btw, I can’t you a lot about Gina’s death just yet, as it is under investigation, so how about some story ideas or questions from readers to inspire me and other hopeful contributors?

      Thanks again for the good read, nice.

    • IMO Allison Mack is responding to a form of behavioural control that used to be called sex magic, which uses the assumption of archetypes to facilitate behaviour.. Once the companion/wife archetype is accepted, a woman can’t go back to being a maid; it’s the emotional equivalent to divorce. Allison the companion of the alpha can only be another’s companion or mother or crone.

      I notice Mr. Raniere used archetypes to control many of his females: Dagny companion, Legatus-protector, Proctor-controller etc. Allisons devotion is tied to the Chloe archetype: companion of the secret alpha. Too bad she doesn’t have to share the bathroom or pay his bills.

      She’ll break the spell when she realizes that Mr. Raniere is no longer suitable for relationship, because of old age, fraud, vice, distance, illness, violence, poverty or ceremony.

      Personally, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and see what the court reveals. Still there is no question in my mind she’s a victim although I doubt she realizes or understands why.

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