Shadow: Are Allison Mack’s legal fees being paid by Salinas?

Allison Mack on home arrest has to wear ankle monitors.

By Shadow State 1958

With the addition of two more lawyers to Allison Mack’s legal team, it seems almost certain that someone has promised to pay them after the Bronfman-paid trust fund is depleted.

It is hard to imagine that the lawyers are all going to work pro bono.

Now who might that be?

Who has Mucho Dinero to hire a Spanish speaking lawyer from Miami for Allison Mack?

How do you say Superman in Spanish?


Spelled S-A-L-I-N-A-S

Could we see Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt indicted?

About a month ago, the Frank Report published a list of the top-tier DOS slave masters who might testify on behalf of Mack and Raniere.

With the exceptions of Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne, all of the top-tier DOS slave masters are Mexican.

And according to Marc Agnifilo, these women wanted letters of safe conduct from the US Department of Justice that they would not be arrested because many of them are criminal slave masters as guilty as Mack and Raniere in operating a sex slave cult.

Many of these Mexican top-tier DOS slave masters are as guilty of slavery and human rights abuses as Allison Mack and Raniere.

If the US DOJ has evidence of criminal conduct by these women, there is no way in Hades that they will get letters of safe conduct from the US government. Many of these upper-class Mexican women are potential defendants themselves.

Will this case also involve the eleven or so teenage girls from Chihuahua who were imported to serve as domestic and sex slaves?

The First Line Slaves, I believe, are:

Allison Mack
Rosa Laura Junco
Loreta Garza
Camila Fernandez
Mariana Fernandez
Nicki Clyne
Dani Padilla
Lauren Salzman

Can Mexico save Raniere?

Agnifilo plans to call Mexican ‘First Line’ DOS slaves to defend Raniere and impeach DOJ’s American/Canadian ‘victims’

Note that Rose Laura Junco was housing the 11 young girls (slaves) from Chihuahua in 2017.
Rose Laura Junco was also the employer of Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack’s wife, at the Knife Media.
Loretta Garza was with Mack, Salzman and Clyne when Raniere was arrested by the Federales in Puerto Vallarta.

And to top it off, the Fernandez sisters are complicit in the unlawful confinement of a young Mexican woman in a house owned by Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.

Harem Member: [Jane Doe #3 was] living imprisoned in the room while illegal alien, Cami Fernandez is downstairs teaching the children [Rainbow Cultural Garden] in the same … house … And, Clare and Nancy own the house…. Cami Fernandez was the head …. teacher. [She was] Nancy’s maid, who came into the country illegally, lived there illegally and had no education except a GED that she got around 18 years old here in the U.S. when she wasn’t even supposed to be here. And she’s the head teacher and they’re running classes in the house with her … sister locked … upstairs.

The inside story on the woman Raniere imprisoned – and her two sisters in the harem

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  • Good article, Shadow. I still believe this is all about ESCALATION. First, you get a girlfriend to convince a parent that you will mentor and tutor a pretty, underage girl, and then give her a “job” walking the dog. Then, you get away with f******* her. With impunity. Fast forward to holding women captive and importing them for domestic and “other” services. Can no one see what is going on here?

    The worst thing is, a lot of these women were probably targeted because they are Mexican, thus perhaps less likely to speak out against male abusers. I say, in the era of “me too,” now is the time to SPEAK OUT! This “man” (and I hesitate to call him that) needs to PAY. Thank you, Judge G., for keeping him confined, as he is continues to pose a threat to many if released.

    PLEASE read about Jim Jones – he is the blueprint for Raniere. He went from a mild mannered, seemingly well-intentioned preacher to an abusive monster once given the opportunity. I don’t even think he meant for it to happen, but it can and does when people are given unlimited adoration, faith and obedience without question.

  • When Keith complains about his accommodation at the MDC, I wonder if the 11 underage girls complained that they were accommodated in a basement.

    Unfortunately I don’t know the cellar looks like; it must be a luxury cellar.

  • Good article Shadowstate.

    Shadowstate mentions 11 young females I could not remember the girl’s story. Nxivm has so many tales of depravity it is difficult to remember everything. If you are like me and cannot remember “the11” the following link is to an article referencing and explaining the 11 young female girls brought to the United States from Mexico.

    A few paragraphs the girls are mentioned in the article.

    Allegedly the girls were brought to Clifton Park to be groomed as sex slaves for Keith Raniere. The same Keith Raniere that was recently interviewed about prison conditions inside of the unit he is currently housed in. Vanguard was interviewed by an “out of touch” human rights attorney. This particular human rights attorney I am convinced has his head up Al Sharpton’s ass.

    • I niceguy wrote the previous anonymous comment. I was not trying to hide my identity. I also know nobody cares. Lol

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