Raniere interviewed in prison by Defenders of NY – describes conditions of suffering at MDC

Volleyball does not figure into Keith Raniere's future.

According to a new court filing by Marc Agnifilo: 

On February 1 – in the midst of subzero cold in Brooklyn, and in the darkness of a cold prison, bereft of electricity and heat – Keith Alan Raniere was interviewed by Deidre Von Dornum, the attorney in charge of the Federal Defenders of New York.

The Federal Defenders of New York is an independent, non-profit organization whose lawyers practice in the federal courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

A fire at Metropolitan Detention Center on Jan. 27 shut off heat and electricity –  and left prisoners in the cold and dark for about a week.

Attorneys were not allowed to visit their MDC clients..

Von Dornum spoke with prisoners during a four hour tour of the cold facility – the tour having been ordered by Federal Chief Judge Dora Irizarry in order to investigate the actual conditions at MDC.

Perhaps Von Dornum little knew when she agreed to inspect the facility that she would be interviewing the world’s smartest prisoner, Keith Alan Raniere AKA 57-17705.

Raniere said his unit has noxious fumes. He said it smelled acrid – having an irritating, strong and unpleasant smell which one could almost taste – it was so bad.

This is ironic, since many people complained that when Raniere was the Vanguard of Nxivm, he too had an acrid smell, that was irritating, strong and unpleasant, that some described as body odor and others said smelled not unlike a group of women’s vaginas, women who never tasted garlic.

Raniere went on to tell Von Dornum that he woke up repeatedly in the night with terrible headaches.

And that the water in his drinking cup was actually frozen.

No — that was not ice cubes he put there. It actually froze, he told her.

Warden Herman Quay told Von Dornum that prisoners were not put on lock-down during this cold and trying week at MDC.

But Raniere made the warden out a liar. He told Von Durnam that he has been on lock-down for most of the week, locked in his cell, to shiver, suffer from headaches, eat cold food and drink icy water in the dark. The commissary was closed so he could not buy anything.

The lights and heat are back, but it was a bittersweet moment for the long-suffering Vanguard. MDC continues to be without computers.

The depth of suffering Vanguard underwent last week forms the basis now of two letters to the judge from his lead attorney, Marc Agnifilo. Both urge the judge to release Vanguard from brutal MDC and allow him to live at home, unguarded, on home detention, with an ankle monitor.

Based in part on what Raniere told Von Dornum, the Defenders of New York filed a lawsuit yesterday against MDC and Warden Quay.

That should put Raniere in good with the warden to say the least.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • All this from the guy who preached all about how there are no ultimate victims.
    Poor, little, smelly victim Keith.

  • Kind of ironic that a twisted sadist like Keith Raniere was interviewed regarding inhuman conditions at a prison.

    I wonder if Raniere asked to refered to as Vanguard.

    The interviewer is clearly out of touch with reality. Allegedly Raniere blackmailed and branded more woman than Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted.

    What a joke.

  • He wouldn’t be there but for is own, poorly chosen actions in fleeing to Mexico and avoiding law enforcement. He would likely be on house arrest had he stayed put. Too late to undo his actions now.

  • We can all hope the Warden reads Keith’s interview. It would be a crying shame (well, maybe for Pea) if Keith “retaliated” against a guard with his mad Napoleon-esqe judo skills and ended up bleeding from every orifice.

  • And here I thought “there are no victims”. Joy is found within, Keith, with no disintegrations, joy shouldn’t be hard to find within. For the rest of us, we all get joy from watching you suffer, just not nearly as much suffering as you have caused other humans.

  • I’m at a complete loss trying to understand the logic underpinning the wailing and whining of the ‘world’s most intelligent human’. If he doesn’t like it, he should look for a way to commit suicide. Since he’s the most intelligent, he already knows he’s in for a very long term ass-o-ciation with the US prison system so, why not bail out? Why bawl ‘n bark? Does it help him pluck additional I.Q. point from the ether?

    • – Since he’s the most intelligent, he already knows he’s in for a very long term ass-o-ciation with the US prison system so, why not bail out?

      Too selfish. No one matters but him.

      • Good point, OCD! Did not think of that. He knows he’d only offer us pleasure on a platter by doing that, so he’d rather fuck us around by… ‘sticking around’ :-)))

  • “Boohoo Boohoo. My little cup is cold. Just like my shriveled sausage. Please, alms for the poor kind Sir”

    Cry me a river. I’m sure we could HEAT UP VANGUARD with some cauterizing irons. In fact, here are my suggestions to keep VanGuard warm during a minor cold spell.

    Without Further Ado…the TOP 10 THINGS Keith Raniere can do to keep warm in Prison

    1) Brand his Johnson. Altho it maybe hard (not the Johnson) bc it is so small and shriveled. Just like Keith’s Heart
    2) Do some running back in forth in his cell. Just like he ordered his women to do
    3) Walk around in his cell. He is a world champion walker, right? Known to walk 18+ miles per day
    4) Practice his Judo skills with his fellow inmates. Judon’t know if Keith shit his pants or pissed himself after he was headbutted
    5) Take away his gray. Keep practicing his hair color skills. He’s going to be doing a lot of that in prison
    6) Have a contest – See which inmate can hit Vanguard the hardest. Just like he told the real Karate guy to beat up women at VD Week. We could tell the inmates to hit Keith. Winner gets a prize
    7) Practice dropping the soap repeatedly. Well…El Cheapo doesn’t bathe, so that may not work
    8) Inmate beauty contest. Dress Keith up and have him passed around as a sex toy. His hair is already blue anyways. Does the carpet match the drapes? Shit, I think I just threw up in my mouth
    9) Practice setting off radar detectors. He does have this mental ability to set off electronics because of the energy emitted from his high IQ brain, amIright?
    10) Consider how stupid it was of Nicky Cline to post InstaHo pictures of Keith’s hidden location in Old Mexico. How dumb was that? I would be pissed off, hot under the collar, and very angry for that level of criminal incompetence.


  • Genius?? Keith is beyond dumb or he is so miserable he’s ready to depart this earth. In 10 months, he has learned little about prison hierarchy and how to blend and survive.

    Mr Softie, I suggest you learn to keep your mouth shut

  • Let’s hope the Vanguard doesn’t meet with an unfortunate accident and miss the trial. Treading on thin ice, Crybaby Jane. This is prison not the Boy Scouts.

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