Shadow: Since 2009, the ample Bronfman pocket book has owned and operated NXIVM.

MK10ART - in Vanguard Land

By Shadow State 1958

All prosecutions of criminal conspiracies are based on the simple but true notion that everyone is a potential Judas who will betray his fellow conspirators.

Even NXIVM Saint Allison Mack was willing to play the Plea Deal game when it helped get her bail.

Joan of Arc – said to be reborn as Allison Mack

At this point, it is obvious that the government is determined to prosecute the high value targets:  Keith Raniere, St. Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman.

Raniere is the Guru.

Mack is the public face of NXIVM, tasked with luring young women into the sex cult.

Bronfman is the money bags or Sugar Mama who financed the frivolous lawsuits and other NXIVM schemes.

MK10ART’s wonderful depiction of Clare Bronfman suffering from home detention.

And defendants Bronfman, Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell realize that Raniere and Mack are toxic.  As long as the Salzmans and Russell are chained to Raniere and Mack, there will be great pressure on them to cooperate with the prosecutors.

To foreclose on the possibility of a severance, the government should strive to show how both Raniere and Mack are tied into the NXIVM Enterprise’s power structure. Everything Raniere enjoyed was the fruit of NXIVM’s criminal operations.  And nothing was in Raniere’s name.

Keith Raniere maintained a private townhouse for mentoring female students. The town house, located at 8 Hale Court, was referred to as ‘The Library’. It was dubbed his sex lair by Brendan Lyons of the Albany Times Union. And truly it was.

The sex lair where he mentored to young women (girls?)

The women who chauffered Raniere around in their cars.

The annual 10-day long birthday parties.

It’s unclear if Raniere even had a bank account in his name.

Now the government must show how NXIVM and/or Clare Bronfman helped finance Mack’s lifestyle through its criminal activities.

Allison Mack moved into a swanky Brooklyn apartment. There, she allegedly branded women and invited a New York Times Magazine reporter to come and interview her where Allison admitted, while being recorded, that she came up with the idea of branding women.

Who paid for Mack’s $3,000 dollar per month stylish apartment in Brooklyn? The apartment that was conveniently next to a 1,200 bed college dormitory filled with coeds.

The “Weller Wing” of the St. George is now part of Educational Housing Services (EHS), which provides dormitory service to NYC area university students.

Shadow: Did Clare Bronfman set Allison Mack up with stylish apartment in Brooklyn?

For that matter, who paid for the Clifton Park townhouse Mack rented where the brandings took place?
Clifton Park townhouses typically rent for $1,500 dollars per month.,-73.421631,42.618296,-74.359589_rect/9_zm/

Mack co-signed the mortgage Dr. Brandon Porter used to buy his $400K+ home, taking on legal responsibility for Porter’s debts.  Was that at Clare Bronfman’s insistence?

Bronfman was allegedly paying for Porter’s bizarre medical experiments.

And who paid for the BMW Mack drove around in?  Were those wheels paid for by NXIVM Sugar Mama Clare?

Clare likely financed some or all of the now defunct Knife Media, where Mack’s spouse, Nicki Clyne, had a job and a salary.  Was that job for Clyne a backdoor payment from Clare to Allison Mack?

Wakaya has a number of blue lagoons. It is about 5 miles long. Clare Bronfman owns 80 percent of the real estate in this FIji island.

Clare Bronfman owns 80 percent of an island in Fiji named Waykaya.  The holding company is titled ACK Waykaya.  In fact, Clare has a group of companies called the ACK group.

“On August 11, 2016, Clare Bronfman [and her ACK Group of Companies] purchased Wakaya Ltd, which owns about 80 percent of Wakaya Island, ‘

What does ACK stand for?  Allison, Clare and Keith? No wonder Saint Allison Mack was hugging Sugar Mama Clare Bronfman in the court room.

Since 2009, the ample Bronfman pocket book has owned and operated NXIVM.


MK10 scored another triumph with this superb painting of Raniere controlling the two-headed Bronfman monster.

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  • Why the click bait title? Another idiotic rant from an obsessed Allie Wack stalker. Wow this guy is creepy and sickening.

      • Says the person who is shadow’s alter ego. Do you enjoy a taste of your own medicine. Reality and you appear to be mortal enemies. By the way… g-shadowy… why the anonymous moniker. You are not fooling anyone. Hell, you could not even fool the NXIVM cronies when you were in there. Even those jokers could see through you

      • Interesting that shadowboy alter ego would post this. You yourself seem a little obsessed with Gee Whizzzz. They must hit very close to home on you.

  • The term sex lair comes from the comment area of Frank Report. There it was first used.
    Brendan Lyons of the Albany Times Union only used it in his article. I know it because I
    wrote it myself in the comments section under anonymous.

    • and again shadow uses the same phrase that her deductive mind finds so brilliant, “Who paid?” could not be herself frank said that allison had at least 8 million in her bank accounts as a result of her work as an actress, so here There is a more interesting question how much money has allison spent out of your own pocket to buy or rent the apartment, the house in Clifton Park and the BMW car. If you can not answer that question, the rest will not get you anywhere

      • allison had at least 8 million in her bank accounts

        How much did Mack pay for NXIVM intensives and courses?
        And when Allison Mack needed five million dollars to post bond where did the money come from?
        Her parents put up their home and their retirement accounts to bail Allison out.
        So where did Allison Mack’s eight million dollars go?

        • Mack co-signed the mortgage on The Porter home. Put 2+2 together. Mack has money, she would not be able to co-sign a mortgage if she did not have the financial means to do so. Mystery solved shadow.

          • You have to forgive Inspector Clouseau, if he did not read it on the Frank Report or Allie Wacks social media or a Superman comic book he will be blissfully ignorant. The guy is a fraud. his world of delusion is grandeur.

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