Shadow: When is Allison Mack going to apologize for torturing women? and 20 other questions

MK10ART's painting of Allison "Pimp" Mack

By Shadow State 1958

Some questions to be answered about Allison Mack.

When is Allison Mack going to apologize for deceiving women?

When is Allison Mack going to apologize for torturing women?

When is Allison Mack going to apologize for abusing women?

When is Allison Mack going to apologize for dehumanizing women?

When is Allison Mack going to apologize for enslaving women?

When is Allison Mack going to admit that she did it all on behalf of a misogynistic man?

When is Allison Mack going to acknowledge that Keith Raniere is a fraud and a charlatan?

When is Allison Mack going to admit that she fell in love with a grifter and turned into a grifter herself?

When is Allison Mack going to admit that she sold her soul to Keith Raniere and the Bronfman sisters?

When is Allison Mack going to admit that she also fell in love with the Bronfman money? Six hundred million dollars between sisters Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Isn’t Allison Mack as much of a shark as Keith Raniere?

When is Allison Mack going to admit that the only woman she intended to empower was herself?

Who paid for Allison Mack’s 3000 dollar per month luxury apartment in Brooklyn? That sounds like Clare Bronfman money.

Of all of the NXIVM contingent in Brooklyn, Allison Mack lived in the most luxurious apartment.

Who paid for the townhouse Allison Mack owned in Clifton Park?

Or the townhouse Allison Mack rented in Clifton Park where the brandings took place?

[Was Catherine Oxenberg a stalker when she went to Brooklyn in April, 2018 in order to rescue her daughter, India, from the clutches of Alison Mack? It took Catherine Oxenberg only a few days to find Allison Mack and Mack’s mother, Mindy, exiting a Brooklyn coffee shop and walking into the Saint George Tower where Mack had her luxury apartment.]

Who paid for the Clifton Park home Allison Mack allegedly financed for Dr. Brandon Porter, aka the NXIVM Josef Mengele?

The same Dr. Porter who later used that house to harbor some Mexican teen girls up from Chihuahua who were supposed to be ‘mentored’ by Keith Raniere.

Who paid for Allison Mack’s BMW? A finely engineered German car.

The same BMW was abandoned in Clifton Park after Allison Mack’s arrest by the FBI. That BMW Allison Mack used sounds like a gift or payment by that great “humanitarian” Clare Bronfman.

Who paid for Allison Mack’s acting school, The Source?

Wasn’t The Source really just Alison Mack’s front to recruit new slaves into NXIVM?

What was the source of the funding for Allison Mack’s The Source? Was it Clare Bronfman money?

Allison Mack’s spouse, Nicki Clyne, worked at the Knife Media. Who funded Nicki Clyne’s salary?

Who funded the Knife Media? Was that Clare Bronfman money?

These are just some of the questions the FBI wants answered about Allison Mack and her NXIVM activities.


To help answer some of these questions is the artist MK10ART and her splendid paintings and sketches of Allison Mack.

I am constantly astounded at how well MK10ART captures the ominous and demented spirit of NXIVM and Allison Mack.

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  • Allison Mack, calls herself a feminist.
    Geez, ladies, with women like Allison branding, dehumazing, glorifying in being termed a pimp of other women, ya think she will ever apologize?
    She ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, never has been, never will be.
    At this point Allison is damaged goods, a threat to society because she no longer has any moral compass nor boundaries.
    Personally I would she be put in solitary till her earthly life is done.

    • This is what happens when you have toxic feminism rum amuck. However me thinks you protest too much. Allie Wack will be punished for her crimes. Apologies are meaningless unless there is true repentance. She can still turn her life around so save your sanctimonious whining for those that were her handlers.

  • Frank The Stalker more like! Allisons acting was paid by her or the parents! Seriously whoever runs this site have a wank! Get a life! Get laid! If you love Allison this much, pay her to have sex with you! I would if she allowed it lol

    • The person that writes these articles has a snow balls chance in hell of getting laid by a real woman. I doubt he even has the finances to afford a cheap Chicago hooker. The best he can do is his dominant hand and videos of Allie Wack on Smallville reruns. Hard for shadow to believe that a shitstain like Raniere got into Allie’s honey while shadow played solitaire.

    • Well, if either of you succeed, just be careful of potential STDs. After all, she slept with “the thing” and reportedly he doesn’t like condoms.

  • Also, I saw Keith leave early morning like 6 from her condo; also saw him sometimes go there in the afternoon; also she would run over to go place got him kiss him at that time. I didn’t know much about the cult. none of my nroghno did. them he stared getting friendlier with me

    • He and Allie Wack were engaging in nekkid theatrics. This is why shadowboy hates allie wack so much. It has nothing to do with her criminality, but the fact that Raniere was living shadowboy’s perverted dreams. Shadowboy idolizes allie wack

  • I agree her BMW still at the pool at knoxwoods also the 4 years she lived here she lived very nicely in her condo which the rent was1300 a month and never saw go to work

  • “Who, who, who?” cried the wise old owl. Who “pimped out” Allison Mack with all those girl-trap perks? And, so generously made certain everything associated with the DOS brandings — the addresses, especially, were in Allison’s name? She didn’t work alone, Shadow. You’d be far more on the nose if you spread your “love” out to Lauren, Clare, Nancy, Keith et al. IMO. Appreciate your efforts, otherwise.

    • Shadow, I agree with Heidi and think it’s long past time you took your blinders off and just imagine that Allie Mack isn’t the ringleader of this gang of mean girls. I am not saying she isn’t high up the food chain but I don’t think many of the things she’s allegedly done were her idea.

      I think Allie is completely and totally enamoured with Keith and did anything he asked of her just to raise herself to a higher level in his eyes. Sarah Edmondson has said she was under Lauren Salzman’s thumb and I think it makes sense that Lauren could have wielded power over Ms Mack as well. I think the hierarchy has set things up to make it appear Allie had more power so she would bear the brunt of a harsher punishment should they ever face charges and this seems to be what is now unfolding. The Salzmans want to sever themselves from being tried with Keith and Allie and to cast themselves as being less responsible and, perhaps, victims themselves but I don’t believe that’s how this organization was structured. Nancy sat at Keith’s side and so did Lauren.

      • Just like the women who loved the likes of Raniere and Chuckie Manson, there are cuckolded men who are emotionally teenage boys who worship female celebrities. Shadowboy is among that deviant group.

          • Scooter do you play dumb for a living or does it come naturally to you? Guys who are rejected become like spurned lovers. Funny part is that she fucked what little brains Raniere had out, while shadow spent his NXIVM time being Allie Wacks jilted Cuckold Now that he is out his anger knows no limit.

        • the funny thing, is that in his obsession shadow forget that difference of lauren who only had the income obtained in NXIVM, allison had product of his work as an actress several million in your bank account, I wonder when that BMW cost that you like to talk about I do not know if it’s a big luxury but maybe not for someone with the money that Allison had before his current situation the same can be said about his loan to Brandon Porter, when frank published this story he clearly said that money gave him Allison Mack and correct me if I’m wrong but I think that Porter’s salary as a doctor is much better than his earnings in NXIVM therefore it is more likely that the loan money came out of the pocket of mack and not of Clare.
          Finally, if you ask yourself when allison apologizes to all the women she harms, the answer is simple when she understands that she was damaged by others and not by her own disintegrations as they have probably made her believe.

      • Agreed. Whatever her involvement, I think she was set up to take the fall. And for heaven’s sake, she is currently facing trial and is, therefore, in no position to issue apologies right now, even if she wanted to.

        • Allison will never issue an honest, remorseful apology.
          Once turned they never revert back.
          Just put her out with the trash.

          • And you know this how? Shadowstate 1958 posting under his alter ego. Be very careful with your eternal judgements there pal, they usually bite you hard in the ass.

          • hope is the last thing that dies I wonder how far frank parlato would have come if he believed that no one who was a faithful follower to KAR could come out of his dream and wake up to reality, the level of each person is different and is affected by his circumstances and it is very obvious that both Allison and some other defendants are in a situation in which they depend on Clare and the group itself to maintain some sense of stability and in the case of Allison it is likely that his own family is not yet very aware of what she was a victim of a master of manipulation and turned into victimizer, but that does not mean that things can not change regrettably being in the middle of a trial makes things more difficult.

        • I agree. I wonder if it would be of value for her to go work at a hostel for women, and if she can see any similarities, throw herself on the mercy of the court, and claim she was brainwashed. Then write a book about her seduction to help young women in the future. She can even practice her tech.

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