Scott Johnson responds to Heidi on Tighe, O’Hara, and Parlato

Scott Johnson has done a line by line commentary on a recent post by Heidi Hutchinson.

The post by Heidi is in bold. Scott’s comments are in regular type.

There was a website, Scott.

Scott Johnson [SJ] There are millions, perhaps billions, of websites. How do you expect people to find Tighe’s website? There are a lot of nut jobs with websites, how do you expect people to believe what was on Tighe’s website?

The answer to both questions is people working together, and not just Tighe and O’Hara. Frank is a publicist, even he admitted his website didn’t get much traffic until the New York Times story broke a little over a year ago.

People should have joined Joe, not put him out front as a single, “point man” target. Same with Frank.

A blog, in fact, that covered corrupt NY politics and NX down to publishing pics of NX insiders and celebs deal-making and partying with the likes of Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island.

SJ: And where were all of the people coming forward, contacting their elected representatives, media outlets, etc.? Do you really think the world revolves around upstate New York?

The blog was called “Saratoga In Decline” and run by a gentleman named John Tighe While John ran the blog, it was Joe O’Hara who worked behind the scenes to translate legal documents and feed information to John).

SJ: You simply don’t get the idea that it takes more than a random, obscure website.

John Tighe is now serving time in federal prison after pleading guilty to possession of a single piece of alleged child pornography “found” on his computer by a cop working closely with NX attorneys, impostor computer “consultants” and the aforementioned corrupt politicians to bring bogus computer trespassing charges against NX enemies including 2 major news reporters, one of whom broke the 2012 story exposing Keith Raniere as a pedophile.

SJ: That was the plea deal; the charges were, “Tighe,… was arraigned in Clifton Park Town Court on three counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child and three counts of possessing a sexual performance by a child, all felonies, according to state police. See

Tighe reportedly took a deal because he had serious medical conditions he couldn’t afford on the outside.

I’m happy the DOJ recently added another lawyer who specializes in corrupt government workers, and hopefully they will find enough evidence to prosecute some crooked ones.

Why did Tighe immediately take down his blog upon being arrested? It wasn’t related to the porn on his computer, was it? Or is this another Orwellian story like the one I unintentionally exposed about Joe’s El Paso felony conviction being connected to NXIVM?

Another publisher and blogger in Niagara Falls, NY, who also criticized both corrupt NY politics and NX is now also under indictment.

SJ: And we’ll soon see what happens, won’t we?

His name is Frank Parlato. He could be going to prison if he doesn’t admit guilt for a crime he did not commit.

SJ: The court hasn’t see the evidence yet.

He could be going to prison even longer if convicted by a jury.

SJ: All of you people who stayed silent over the years can take blame if that happens, because you cowered while Frank came forward.

As some sadistic person named “Reality” recently mentioned on here, there’s only a 3% chance the Feds will lose if Mr. Parlato refuses to admit wrongdoing and goes to trial.

SJ: Statistically, “Reality” is correct, but each case stands on its own merits, as most of the 97% were slam dunks and most of the 3% were weak cases. I don’t know hardly any of the evidence that will be presented by either side, so I’m not going to take sides prematurely. To do that would be stupid.

Joe O’Hara, who served out his prison term, supported both these excellent bloggers including assisting them and many others with his legal expertise.

SJ: Joe needs to understand that legal knowledge is not the same thing as getting public support.

Joe served 2.5 years in prison on trumped-up charges after being falsely indicted by NX twice on charges that were dropped.

SJ: Then Joe should be singing that from the rooftop, but he’s not. In fact, he chose to write a story about being late to a private concert for a singer he likes and Nancy not offering Kathy iced tea, instead of the claim that he was set up in El Paso, TX by NXIVM. I don’t think hardly anyone else knew this until I asked Joe, recently and a couple of months ago, to talk about his felony conviction.

Frank’s false indictment on charges brought by NX was dropped but, now, superseding charges have been brought.

SJ: And if those superseding charges stick, then everyone who stayed silent for years is to blame.

If whichever of your abuse induced, dissociative multiple-personalities reads this could please inform all your other split personalities here on FR of this previously published information, I think that will help clear up some of these misunderstandings about Joe and what he and Frank and so many others so miserably failed to do to deserve your relentless punishment in their humble pursuit of freeing themselves and other victims.

SJ: Thanks for your self-nomination as the drama-queen of this site, but I have been singularly focused to find the whole truth, not just the bits and pieces that biased people want to share.

To this day, Joe is helping Frank, all of us, when a lesser man would have done his time, learned not to fuck with Psycho shysters backed by corrupt NY politicians scrambling after campaign donations, kickbacks and other favors from the wealthiest, most influential families run amok on the Continent — the Bronfmans and Salinas’ — but not St. Joseph O’Hara.

SJ: I’m happy to see that you’ve granted Joe sainthood, when was the ceremony? Why hasn’t Joe taken me up on my invitation to be on my radio show?

He’s still here to help his friend Frank beat the odds and win and avoid the same unjust fate that befell him.

SJ: Joe is doing a terrific job of keeping that a secret.

It’s a fate that awaits anyone in Mexico who oppose anyone wealthier than themselves. — a fact well-known and widely reported in most parts of the world besides Mexico.

SJ: Mexico is well-known for being corrupt, we can agree on that.

If any one of your personalities has any interest in fighting corruption of the Justice system in this country please ask that personality to tell the others to STFU.

SJ: That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since 2005, asking others to come forward regarding MLM scams, including NXIVM. In addition to patting each others’ backs, why not encourage them to come forward? Time is quickly running out. Frank’s trial will soon begin.

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  • Hear me now, listen to me tomorrow, and fear me Forever Girlie Men
    I am the Great Scott Johnson
    I will unleash a great Thunderclap from my Ass Cheeks
    And you will cry in Terror!
    Bandits, all of you are Bandits that Mock Me!
    Yay, tho I walk throughout Plano without Depends
    I shall fear no greasy burritos
    For skidmarks are with me.
    Everyone on the FrankReport is a Gangster, except for me!
    Tieghe, Heidi, Flowers, Shadow, FormerNX, Toni
    Gangsters and Bandits, one and All. The End is Nigh!
    I come bearing Bad Breath and nitwit theories.
    And your endless cries will fill the night with shame.
    I am the Alpha and the Megatron. I am the Seven Seals times Seven.
    When I was born, 77 Rainbows appeared in the sky
    And there was a solar eclipse to mark my ascendance to Earth.
    I eat like Bigfoot, smell like a Yak, and have the strength of a Baboon!
    Your insolence is music to my Ears!
    You will Rue the day when you made fun of my implants
    And my four years Undercover at Scamway!

  • I like some of your proposals, Scott. You seem to be advocating for teamwork, “people working together,” you say.

    What I and others observe you doing, however, is contrary to that. We see you invalidating Joe, for instance — one of our most valuable team mates who is a true “team player” — and any information Joe pitches in, especially under his own name, by any means possible —including ridicule and falsehoods.

    Why would anyone do that to their own alleged team mate? That’s breaking the rules no matter what or who you’re rooting for or against.

    That behavior upsets other players and anyone in the stands rooting for our team. We don’t want our MVP’s benched, called out on a foul, injured, traded, heckled into a bad play.

    That behavior upsets any spectator with a sense of fairness. There’s a cheater on the field, a disruption. He’s not a player, if he were he’d have been banned from the sport long ago. Doesn’t even know, let alone play by any rules. Just making mayhem. Trolling.

    Fans are on their feet in the stands shouting at the team owner, umpires, anyone with any authority or ability to get that, those, “trolls” off the field before he, she or it, costs us the game and wrecks the sport.

    Fans are running onto the playing field trying to drag the “trolls” off themselves!

    And even as the most despised troll is grabbing the ump around the knees; crying, pleading, threatening, making a complete spectacle of himself while the fans are trying to peel him off the umpire and toss him out of the stadium — the troll convinces the ump it’s the ump they’re after not the troll.

    And Frank NEEDS the troll for protection from his own team that put Joe out front as the “point person” and caused Joe’s incarceration just like they’re doing to Frank, now.

    He’s only protecting him from the wrath of all the fans the troll’s riled up. Or else, no one cares anyway, they’re all apathetic, they only came to the stadium to see the troll! And look how well the troll finally jarred those lazy, stupid, uncaring fans into action!

    The trolls are heroes, Frank! Your protection. Your salvation. Time is running out Frank! Save the trolls!

  • Scott Jonestown is a smart, insightful commentator with good points and logical arguments… SAID NO ONE EVER.

    But Jonestown sure seems to know a lot considering he has no education, no job, and surrendered to Amway.

    By now, everyone on this blog realizes he has mental illness evidenced by his self-loathing and constant attacks on others. Scott Jonestown would argue with a brick wall and call it stupid, lazy, and a liar.

    I miss Fake Scott Jonestown. That dude was funny. Maybe he needs to write an article too Frank!

  • I have refrained from commenting on Scott Johnson because it’s difficult enough trying to follow this complex and bizarre story that is nxivm. However I feel I must now say….Scott you are an ASSHOLE , STFU!!!!

  • Scott, you make some good points, but they can be contradictory.

    You seem proud of your online fight: “That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since 2005, asking others to come forward regarding MLM scams”

    But you mock John Tighe’s similar fight: “There are millions, perhaps billions, of websites. How do you expect people to find Tighe’s website? There are a lot of nut jobs with websites, how do you expect people to believe what was on Tighe’s website?”

    BTW, how is your noble fight against Amway going? The Amway people have been major Republican donors for years, and its former CEO’s wife, Betsy DeVos, is in the Trump cabinet, and her brother Erik Prince helped Trump’s campaign but is under investigation. Despite your radio show and blogging, Amway is staining the image of the otherwise pristine Trump administration.

    • I wasn’t mocking Tighe, I was pointing out it’s a two-step process. The first step is creating the content, which is relatively easy compared to getting others involved to become well known, just ask Frank about that issue. How is that “mocking” Tighe or being “contradictory?” Because you’re biased, that’s how.

      As far as my noble fight against Amway and other MLM scams, it’s going well. I recently answered this question in more detail elsewhere on this website and on yesterday’s radio show, and I won’t repeat it here, go find it and read it and/or listen to it. The Trump administration isn’t any more or less pristine than any other administration, but the liberal media is having a hissy-fit by trying to make them look worse than the others.

      I’ve spoken out against Betsy numerous times, not because of her educational positions, but because she’s the wrong person to implement them, for a number of reasons. However, I love it when Amway does anything publicly and provides another opportunity to teach others about their scam.

    • Do you realize how much Amway has donated to major democrats through out the years? President Trump has been under investigation since he took office from the most corrupt evil bunch of criminals in American history. The corrupt were in charge and are fighting to keep their evil in darkness. They are going to lose.

      • Well, DaLala
        Then that must be the reason why Scott is fighting against Amway so hard – those Amway bastards are all libtards! Now all the pieces are falling into place.

      • How’s anyone going to lose to the biggest loser President in history in office? Didn’t drain the swamp, can’t even find the drain, just swims around in the filth tweeting out juvenile insults like the biggest clownfish in the swamp.

        • The only loser is you Heidi. Stay asleep as you OBVIOUSLY have no fucking clue what has been accomplished in the last two years inspite of incredible resistance from the globalists and your leftist heroes.

          • Trump agrees with you, “Reality,” giving his presidency an A+. Last week, Commander Bone Spurs told the troops he gave them a “10% raise–their first raise in 10 years!” Of course, those are just 2 of the 6,420 false or misleading claims he’s made since taking office.

            The REAL REALITY is that the raise was 2.6% and they’ve gotten raises every year for 30 years. They’ve even gotten bigger raises in 2008 thru 2010 under Obama. Was he lying to his troops or just dumb?

            I guess in the “reality” of Trump’s sleep-deprived foggy mind, he really thinks he has accomplished much, and many people believe it. Sad.

          • Many people don’t care about the small stuff, we would rather hear things like this that get the Lame Stream Media all riled up than hear Barry’s mega-lies such as “the average family will save $2,500/year, if you want to keep your plan you can keep your plan, if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” all of which turned out to be blatant and major lies. It should be noted all of Barry’s other years the military raises were tiny, but it was also the first time there were socialist pay raises, see note 1-3 here: What a surprise!

          • Over The Course of 2018, Things Have Only Gotten Worse For the Deep State
            As the truth of the foiled Clinton-Obama coup seeps out, the walls are closing in fast around the criminals behind it.


            With 2018 coming to a close, Americans and people around the world are taking time to reflect on a year gone by, and find new perspective looking back on the year in hindsight. Fortunately for the good people of America, there is much to rejoice: while the corrupt mainstream media remains fixated on disparaging the image of President Donald J. Trump, the overwhelming amount of tangible results his administration has ushered in this year alone make it all the more obvious America’s President is working for no one other than the American people and is delivering results — fast.

            First, Trump’s policies are restoring economic, social, and political security following years of languish under neoliberal reign. While sober analyses of the paradigm shift that occurred when Americans blocked the Clinton Restoration remain few and far between, it cannot be overstated how dramatically U.S. policy has changed since the era of Trump began. The results of the American rebound since he took office not only demonstrate his strengths, but also expose the weaknesses of his recent predecessors whose policies, by failure or design, had actually been making things worse until now.

            Trump’s enemies have little idea of how profoundly hated the OBushinton era, 1989 to 2017, had become, as a time of sleaze and incompetence and stagnation.

            Second, the administration is restoring faith in the American justice system by targeting and sanctioning the bad actors responsible for undermining democracy in 2016. As long as Hillary Clinton walks free, it will remain clear that the two-tiered justice system in America persists. In 2016, Americans witnessed first-hand the lawlessness of a Clinton campaign that — supported by Deep State operatives in Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ and the media — rigged the Democratic Party primary in her favor, staved off three Federal criminal investigations while running for President, and pushed knowingly false political opposition “research” through backchannels to facilitate Obama’s illegal spying and entrapment schemes.

            As the 2016 moves further into history, hindsight becomes clearer. While the Deep State’s control over American government has grown at an unsettling pace since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the extent to which Obama’s administration weaponized U.S. government institutions against America and its people only becomes more disturbing as additional facts are revealed.

            Virtually every federal institution and agency was corrupted under Obama; working in tandem with Clinton and a network of high-profile co-conspirators in support of this globalist agenda, Obama unleashed countless scam-policies on the American people and the world, lying through his teeth as they devastated American society and countless countries abroad victimized by their corrupt agenda. As Trump’s administration undoes them, we must be grateful Trump never became ingratiated into the cancerous cult of Clinton and the globalist cabal responsible for these deprave and treasonous crimes.

            With Republicans still in control of the Senate and a consolidated Supreme Court Majority, the Trump administration’s ability to reform D.C. has only been further solidified. In recent weeks alone, the President has signed legislation to decriminalize hemp and to reform the criminal justice system, while putting the Deep State on notice with moves to withdraw troops from Deep State operations in Syria. While tensions are high with Russia and China, promising trade deals and Putin and Xi’s willingness to do business while the Deep State is dismantled are good omens for continued progress.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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