Heidi: ‘I can’t say enough good about Joe O’Hara’

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

I can’t say enough good about Joe O’Hara, what he’s done and suffered enormously for to help NX victims — of whom there would be far more and in far worse shape had not Joe O’Hara manned up for justice.

He’s taken NX hits time and again and often for others but got right back in the saddle and led the charge against NX and all the evil it stands for in battle after battle; even when the less courageous deserted in fear or were taken out for longer stretches in prison.

The same absolutely goes for Toni Natalie but it’s up to them to reveal what they wish to, when and where. I slip some, sometimes but try to avoid speaking for others.

But I know, as Joe writes, sharing on FR has become suspect among NX survivors if only at minimum due to the hassle and waste of time required to respond to the often outlandish accusations, assumptions, misconstruations, that occur far too often on FR than would normally — and we’re not dealing in normal with NX. More like paranormal, lol.

Plus, I’ve found strangely that I feel safer on here with a group of some very well-meaning people and other victims who get what I’m afraid of to advise and keep an eye out. Rather be harassed on FR than wake up in a Mexican prison and I don’t care who thinks I’m exaggerating, that’s how I feel sometimes. And Joe, and Toni, Catherine, Mark, Susan, Kim, Rick, Peter, Bonnie, India, Natalie and many of you have been there. But no one so much or so fearlessly willing to carry on to the end of this as Joe O’Hara.

How fucking dare you Scott Johnson, Dennis Burke and any of you filthy trolling fuckers try to shame and discredit a just, descent proven man like Joe in front of us. Maybe you just didn’t know, if Joe wants to give you that excuse, but now you have none of you ever did.

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  • Scott Johnson has no care nor respect for survivors, Heidi. He’s stated this in a variety of ways, in his multitude of posts. The only care he gives is to castigate victims, demanding they dox themselves and, I guess, go on his show – which appears to be the only way the victims can be of any use to him.

    Many of the victims are participating in the trial and don’t wish to discuss anything with some hostile guy on the internet who is out to use them to bring attention and followers to his podcast.

    • You nailed it ionwhitepoetry. He lacks any empathy for the vicitms or any understanding that they could be working with the prosecution and cannot reveal their real identity. He mocks others or chastises them and it is undeserved. He holds himself out as some champion of truth and justice but it’s self-serving. He is locked into spinning his own narrative just as much as Flowers and neither really cares about the long lasting impact victims are having to deal with as this story continues to unfold. I can only imagine many people are shocked to learn what the NXIVM leaders were up to while they were attending intensives in their local area thinking they were working to better themselves.

    • I know, I know, ION. He riles me and I can only imagine how more freshly wounded NX victims feel about it. And when he’s not “contained” — though Frank really has tried a number of times and ways to do so — it makes FR and Frank look like a “scivot” (Italian slang for “asshole,” basically).

      It’s almost as if Scott’s out to help the NX defense prove the accusations they’ve made in NX pleadings about the Frank Report are true. Not to mention help some corrupt politicians and prosecutors crininalize Frank & Chitra (though I read today Chitra isn’t taking the plea — God Bless Her and America).

      And then Scott wonders why Frank’s true friends and even casual observers who care want Scott banned?

      And why no one wants to be on Scott’s show?

      I hope one of Scott’s personalities is satisfied with your excellent explanation, ION, and explains it to the other Scott personalities — who apparently have diminished reading comprehension skills.

  • What the actual fuck is this:


    Is this guy a fucking retard? This moron posted it on October 18, 2017. As if he didn’t know about the NXIVM story. Do these retards know the word “hypocrisy”? Why would you post such a thing when this NXIVM cult member is going out of her way to not talk about her criminal sex cult? Virtue signalling cunts.

    • She PREDICTS more #metoo tales of rape and pillage, must be her “ESP” trainings with Nancy Salzman. …Maybe she’s poised to break out and tell all about GBD and DOS and how badly we need a female President, like NY’s Senator Gillibrand, to keep young, wicked-hot, ve-e-e-ery liberal, role model Asian chicks migrating to this Country through Canada? …Some people will do ANYTHING for a US Visa.

      • How … did you get “rape and pillage” … from the article headline in the instagram pic stating that she thinks the #metoo movement will create more opportunities in the industry for women?

        • The link headline reads: “Kristin Kruek predicts more female stories in wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal.”

          And I just noticed it’s from the Hollywood Reporter, published on October 18, 2017, after FR broke the branding story but prior to the major media pick-up on the branding story or any arrests, etc. 🕵🏻‍♂️Hmmm.

          I think the headline speaks for itself as to why someone like myself might conclude the little lady predicts or PREDICTED the Harvey Weinstein scandal would not end with Weinstein but cause more female victims to come forward with similar accusations.

          I don’t read anything about more “opportunity for women in the industry” as you suggest I should have from this headline. Here it is again:


          Please, now you’ve piqued my curiosity, Anon. What in this headline suggests to you that Kristin predicted opportunities for (not accusations from) women would flow forth in the wake of Weinstein’s demise?

          I understand, btw, Mr. Weinstein spent a good deal of time (and money, on women) in the upstate NY area. Anyone know if he and Ms. Kruek ever read tea leaves together?

  • Nice statement Heidi, and I agree, Joe is a good man who needs to be appreciated for saving people from the NXIVM garbage.

  • I agree with Heidi’s comments about Joe. He’s a good guy.

    As a secondary point, and I truly mean this in a constructive criticism sort of way (not an insult)…

    But that’s not a very flattering photo to use for Heidi’s articles, Frank.

    I’ve seen other photos where she looks much better. Use the other photos, Frank.

    Unless she’s at the Kentucky Derby, that hat is one of the ugliest hats I’ve ever seen and isn’t even appropriate for an upscale party in Beverly Hills. Her face looks greasy too, in that photo.

    • That hat was a precious gift handmade for me by a very dear old friend of mine, Stella, who sells them for thousands all over the world in her famous boutiques originally from Paris and, no, pussy-fiend you can’t borrow it!

    • I was also wearing black velvet with sequins in a heat wave and sweating so profusely powder would have caked into my wrinkles. Your problem with women is you don’t understand our “pain” the way Raniere did.

      • Haha you have the most wonderful replies to silly comments! And ps, I’ve studied fashion, not that this makes me an expert, but, in any case, I adore your hat 🙂 first thing I thought when seeing this photo! Takes a real woman to pull off a hat like that. You own it like you own these silly insults.

    • I like the hat. It’s intriguing . It’s a little Betty Davis-ish. It takes confidence to wear something daring, Hot Sauce!

    • Thank you, Linseed. #U2 — I was going to write YOUtoo but just remembered U2 was Karen U’s favorite group. There’s so much truth in this that’s brought forth by even casual observes with a good eye.

      Btw, do you oil paint? Love the scent of Linseed oil.

    • I think Dennis Burke still takes the “Drama Queen” crown for his rendition of Peterson calling him the “Prince of Darkness” — while snorting coke on Christmas Eve — with Bill Savino or some NX lawyer of Christmas past on the line in a panic over Trowel’s investigation of an alleged Mexican Prison plot to take out Toni… and Rick, Barb, Catherine, etc.

      THAT’s a hard act to follow and not even I could make that shit up.

      • This week’s best quote:

        “THAT’s a hard act to follow and not even I could make that shit up.”

        Wow, this place (FR) is really rocking now!~

    • Reality…SHE may not be a drama queen at all. The fact is we don’t really know who writes those posts, as they always use the anon icon, which means anyone could post using that same name.

      And I have to say that I find that males can be every bit as dramatic as females can be, so possibly this person is a drama KING.

      • There is something seriously wrong with you Flowers and your unreasonable and unrelenting assertion that Heidi is not who she claims to be. Frank and Heidi know one another. Frank has been a guest in her home and yet you continue to question her identity and her story.

        You have written comment after comment about how you are a victim of harassment by a large group of people yet you freely offer up personal information – where you live, your approximate age, you have a dog. That makes no sense if you really are a victim. I believe you are suffering from some kind of illness and you need to get help irl. You have written, more than once, you live in Vancouver. I suggest you read this article because I believe it applies to you. If Frank cannot publish this I ask that he send it along to the email Flowers uses because I am concerned.


        • Leon.. coincidentally I happened across that same article yesterday. How weird is that, considering that the article was published about about 3 months ago?

          I agree with the article, too, – I don’t think BS like that should be posted on public transit, as it can affect people who are suffering from delusions.

          I was unaware however, Leon, that by revealing that I was a dog owner in my 50’s who lives in the Vancouver area, that I had put my very safety at risk. Oh my! I guess i shouldn’t also mention that i have brown eyes, as that will probably just blow my cover all to hell.

          I guess I should expect roving gangs of gangstalkers (with advanced mk-ultra technology and cloning abilities) to show up at my door within the hour.

          Thanks Leon!

          • I urge you to read all your comments here and you may be surprised at how much information you have supplied. My question is to what end? As you like to say – it’s illogical given the tale you tell over and over again. I am not trying to be argumentative. I believe you need help.

        • PS
          Leon, I forgot to mention this in my earlier post, but a word of advice for you – stay away from those centerfolds (most of them are totally nuts!)

          • That’s certainly an ironic comment, Doc.. .in light of what you’re trying to do. Is what Flowers wrote and I would like her to explain it. What I am trying to do is not be a bystander. I believe the comments you make here show you are a person in need of professional help. I am not being mean-spirited. I am being sincere and hope you act on it.

          • Doc, sadly Frank edited my last comment…but I would like to add this, if Frank will allow-
            Leon, you have obviously been paying close attention to my posts, so how did you miss the one’s where I explained that the people harassing me have known my identity since 2013? But yet you think that revealing I have a dog is really going to give away my identity?

    • 😘 Thanks, Sooz. Whadya say, #YOUtoo to include abused men in the metoo movement and keep liberal female victim virtue signalers from overtaking metoo — and maybe soften the inevitable backlash when more and more Stormy Daniels type “victims” come forward and all mankind is plunged into global fear they’ll never have sex again no matter how much they have to pay for it?! Lol. …Sorry, to run on, this happens whenever I have time to watch CNN repeats all day. Lol.

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