Agnifilo lays out case to rebut government: DOS defendants were helping their slaves

Keith Raniere,
In recent court filings, Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, has laid out his strategy as to how he will rebut certain critical allegations of the government against DOS and NXIVM.
With his Mexican DOS witnesses – both First Line Slave Masters and Lower Ranking DOS Slaves – he evidently plans to rebut the following government theories:
  1. DOS members would not have joined the sorority if they knew that Keith Raniere created it.
  2. DOS members joined DOS under the false pretense that it was a female-only mentorship group.
  3. DOS members provided masters with additional collateral because they feared their original collateral could be released if they did not
  4. DOS members performed “assignments” or “acts of care” because, if they did not, they risked their collateral being released
  5. Certain DOS members were given the “assignment” to have sex with Keith Raniere
  6. DOS members feared that their collateral would be released if they left the group or refused to have sex with Keith Raniere
  7. Nxivm forced its students into debt

Let’s take a look at these in turn:

1. DOS members would not have joined the sorority if they knew that Keith Raniere created it.

According to Agnifilo, “Multiple witnesses … [state] that it was immaterial that DOS members may not have told them about Raniere’s involvement in the sororit …they did not feel manipulated. When asked if the witnesses knew that Raniere was involved in DOS … and whether his involvement would deter them from their participation, witnesses have stated that Raniere’s involvement in the sorority was irrelevant to their participation.

2. DOS members joined DOS under the false pretense that it was a female-only mentorship group.

Agnifilo: ” … witnesses have stated that they knew Raniere inspired and developed the ideas and concepts of the sorority … Several DOS witnesses have told the Government that the pitch DOS members gave them—that DOS would overcome their weaknesses and give them the opportunity to build character—was entirely true.”

3. DOS members provided masters with additional collateral because they feared their original collateral could be released if they did not.

Agnifilo: “After women were presented with the tenets of DOS—acts of care for their master, master /slave relationship, and voluntary additional collateral to join the sorority—women were free to join or say no.

“Witnesses [state] … that the purpose of continuing to give collateral was to build their word and build their commitment to each other, not out of fear that their collateral would be released.”

4. DOS members performed “assignments” or “acts of care” because, if they did not, they risked their collateral being released.

Agnifilo: “Although a DOS member may have held a witness’s collateral, she did not feel coerced, forced or threatened to complete an assignment out of fear that her collateral would be released … collateral, acts of care and completion of assignments—was a choice they made on their own without any coercion, threats or manipulation…

“DOS members [stated] that they knew their masters were not going to do anything bad with their initial collateral and that they provided additional collateral to build character and strengthen their word to their masters.”

5. Certain DOS members were given the “assignment” to have sex with Keith Raniere.

Agnifilo: “Witnesses have answered that that is not part of the assignment … witnesses who have been given an “assignment” [state] they did not feel forced or coerced to do it. And, when law enforcement asked what happened during the supposed ‘assignment to have sex with Raniere, witnesses have told the Government that Raniere did not try to have sex with the women and instead asked how he could help the women.”

6. DOS members feared that their collateral would be released if they left the group or refused to have sex with Keith Raniere.

Agnifilio: “[W]itnesses have represented that if they engaged in a sexual relationship with Keith Raniere, that relationship was entirely consensual, unrelated to their involvement in DOS, and oftentimes kept secret from other members of DOS.”

7. Nxivm forced its students into debt.

Agnifilo: Witnesses have stated that Nxivm provides ways for students to defer payments and live in Albany affordably, but that many students abuse that and “get lazy.”…  Witnesses have not felt that their success in the Nxivm ranking system depended on their successfully completing DOS assignments.'”



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    • Most doctors and researchers don’t agree with this, Heidi. Reasoning tells us If that were true, then NPD would also be considered curable, but it’s NOT. Narcissists are unable to rewire their way of thinking because the behaviour was learnt as a child, its hardwired into their brains..Very few narcissists will ever change their attitudes- just as very few abusive men will ever stop beating their wives.
      People may learn criminal behaviour to survive, but it doesn’t mean they are a sociopath.

      I also doubt if Keith is a psychopath. He’s definitely narcissistic, though. I wonder if he’s been diagnosed, or if he will be diagnosed thru the prison system.

      Wouldn’t a diagnosis of psychopath or narcissistic sociopath help with the prosecution’s case against him?


    Not trying to make anyone wrong — I’m prolly the only one still harping on this thread anyway — but the expert link above explains:

    “Psychopaths are BORN Sociopaths are MADE.”

    I think it’s an important distinction — for societal leaders must take responsibility for their role in creating sociopaths as a step toward lessening criminal activity, mitigating racism and managing these disorders.

    • Heidi, your link would not work, but I still disagree, based on everything I’ve read in the topic. Here’s an excerpt from an article explaining this:

      The sociopath causes are biological as well as environmental. Aspects of nature (the person’s biology and genetic make-up) influence the development of sociopathy. Also, events in the nurturing of the person impact sociopathic behaviors. While it’s still unknown exactly how much of the sociopath causes come from nature and how much come from nurture, researchers do know that both play an important role in the development of sociopathy  (Sociopathic Children: How Do They Become That Way?).

      The Biological Causes of Sociopathy

      What is it in someone’s nature that causes him to be a sociopath? Scientists have some theories. One is that the brain of a sociopath matures at a slower rate than the brain of a non-sociopath. Further, early brain damage could lead to the development of this disorder. Damage isn’t the only thing that can cause the brain to develop abnormally. Researchers are also studying biological dysfunction, or faulty wiring, as a sociopath cause.

      Sociopath tests that illustrate brain functioning, such as fMRIs and EEGs, show without a doubt that there are brain-based causes of sociopathy. Biology, nature, unquestionably contributes to antisocial personality disorder. This is only part of the picture, however. The genetics or the organic brain itself must exist, but something has to trigger them.

      The Environmental Causes of Sociopathy

      With the right biological conditions in place, a person’s background can further add to the development of sociopathy. Early life experiences or trauma, such as extreme poverty, abuse, rejection, and other adverse conditions can, if the biological nature allows, be part of the causes of sociopathy (Sociopathic Parents and Their Effects on Children).

      Interestingly, when exploring what causes someone to be a sociopath, some researchers have noticed that sociopaths coming from unstable backgrounds commit more violent crimes than sociopaths from stable backgrounds (Hare, 1999). Sociopaths do indeed come from all socioeconomic backgrounds. There is some evidence that many factors influence the severity of sociopathy.


      Bssiclly what is believed is that a person has to be born with certain biological traits to be susceptible to becoming a sociopath, and that not everyone will become a sociopath. But even when you consider psychopaths (whose brain scan actually show the damage) there are exceptions. There was a case of a researcher studying the brain scans of psychopathatic criminals and comparing them to scans from other people, when he realized his own brain scan fit with the characteristics of a psychopath.

      He wondered how this was possible, considering he was not a murderous criminal. His theory was he was raised by every loving parents, and this is what prevented him from becoming a criminal. However, he admitted that he did have very low empathy, and that he often acted like an asshole.(And he actually started , after this, to try to be a nicer person.)

      So, I think sociopaths are not really made, but are born that way, but some become criminals due to environmental factors, so it’s a bit of a grey area. However, I don’t think it accurate to say a certain society creates sociopaths.

      I think you are looking at it as more along the lines of brainwashing- that people become “used to” a certain standard, or become brainwashed into believing they are doing the right thing (much like the followers in a cult.) But are those followers actually sociopaths?

      • Flowers: A very good analysis – thanks for the information on this fascinating topic.

        In the context of Ranere, he appears to have grown up in a lovely suburban neighborhood house, and had both parents available, though divorced. He attended expensive schools and seemed to have lacked for nothing. Maybe he experienced rejection by one or both parents, or maybe peers; hence his insane, murderous fury at Toni Natalie for leaving him.

        Pure speculation, but it is interesting to ponder. Someday we are bound to know more. Maybe, being the self important jackass he is, he will make himself available for interviews once sentenced, when someone is authoring a detailed historical book.

  • MexicanEspian: Then I guess Emiliano Salinas and his cohorts won’t mind at all if the U.S. takes away their U.S. citizenships and passports due to their leadership role in Nx’s criminal activities?

    • Heidi.. Being Mexican does not grant any immunity or prevent a human being from becoming a criminal, just as being American. Emiliano should en put in prison.

      And you should behave as an informed person.

      Question for you. Is Mexican society a corrupt society?

      • Ok, Yo pienso que puedo ver la problema en mi commmunicado — es importante to distinguish the difference (distinguiar la differencia ?) between el juente del pias y el governmente de Mexico. Quando yo digo “leadership” or “leaders” corrupto es en general, no depende qual (que cual) socieded ni quien. Espero conprendeme. El Juente en todo el Mundo son lo mismo. Yo creo que todo el juente tambien van a tener lo mismo reaction a una persona como Keith Raniere et al — mas o menos — cuando Los Jeffe’s son malos y juarde todo el dinero y la fuerca como Keith Raniere. Algunas van a acceptar y hace que Los Jeffe’s dicen, algunas van a respondir differente — salan tal vez o (tal vez trate mover a un sociedad donde no hay Keith Raniere, y algunas tal vez, van a pellar (fight) como Catherine Oxenberg para la futura mejor para sus hijos y hijas. Pues, por favor, yo pienso mucho en eses cosas y megusta “El Juente Pobre” y Rico y cafe y blanco lo mismo. No Estoy Racist. Estoy “Humanist” verdad. Mas o menos.

        • Heidi. Quieres hablar español? Muy bien…

          Cuando vengas a México házmelo saber. Yo me encargaré de pasearte y mostrarte lo hermosa que es la vida aquí.

          Simplemente una pregunta:

          ¿Es la sociedad mexicana una sociedad corrupta? ¿Sí, o no.?

          Si, o no (punto)

    • Heidi. I see no relationship whatsoever with your former [deleted] statement. I guess you would want Emiliano indicted because he is Mexican, but forgiven because he is American?

      Are you sure all Mexicans are corrupt? Or just a few Mexican politicians, just as some Ametican politicians are?

      • I’ve responded to you and Anon above in your languages. I understand why you are defensive if you are Mexican and an Espian but I really did not say, nor do I believe, what you conclude I meant re: Mexicans.
        My heart goes out to the good Mexican people living under such harsh oppression for so long. My heart goes out to anyone who has any oppressors in their lives that prevent them from experiencing the truth of their souls in freedom or in a free land.

  • At the risk of appearing racially prejudiced which I am not:

    I find the reliance on illegal immigrant Mexican witnesses to be as disturbing as the fact that these far more vulnerable girls and their families were targeted as sex or “Charlie” slaves (as our Jane calls those forced to perform menial labor apart from sex acts) to begin with.

    – “Illegals” are already more easily extorted by their status.

    – Many would do almost anything to become U.S. citizens and escape the oppression of their own corrupt govt. (It is highly admirable that Jane Doe # 4 did not succumb to Keith’s demands, regardless.)

    – The corrupt society from which these girls and families originate creates “sociopaths” — people who adapt to criminal behavior as a survival mechanism. They operate under a different set of rules, similar to Nx’s moral standards.

    (Btw, I know a lot of folks on here call Keith et al “sociopaths” but, technically, in psychology they are more “psychopath” than “sociopath,” especially if they were not socialized to adopt the criminal behaviors for survival but come by it naturally or “authentically,” if you will.)

    – These Mexican witnesses may have joined Nx BECAUSE of the fact that the first family of Mexico, Emiliano Salinas, and his ruling class cronies have the perceived power to grant them passage to the U.S. or even the dual citizenship that Emiliano enjoys.

    – The role and expectations of girls and women in Mexican society is far different than modern U.S. society.

    What we might view as “rape,” they might view as normal seduction. What we might view as “forced labor,” they might view as a girl’s duty to her family or tribe.

    – Our laws are very different and interpreted differently on such matters as corporeal punishment.

    Bottom line for me is if anyone wants to immigrate to my country they had better be ready to abide by the law of my land, not the law of some deranged cult leader playing Vanguard God of the Galaxy.

    • “The corrupt society from which these girls and families originate creates “sociopaths” — people who adapt to criminal behavior as a survival mechanism. They operate under a different set of rules, similar to Nx’s moral standards.”

      Im sorry, this is racist, KR is american, as Nancy as Lauren, All governments have corrupt people, or was the Albany FBI very humble and honest? This is a stupid thing you have put here. Frank please don’t block this comment, this really is not something a smart person would say. The USA is the country that has more worldwide killings by guns and its not because it was lead by a “corrupt society” there are values and norms, worldwide norms of behavior, that is why you can find a difference between what is correct and what is not. Heidi I bet you only know your own country, I invite you to get out of the USA, travel around the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, did they teach you this at school? I hope so! And of course Central and south america, things are different when you travel and see the people than what you imagine or capture from CNN or Fox news [words deleted] all this mxivm stuff WAS CREATED BY AN AMERICAN!!! WITH AMERICAN HELP……….. TALK ABOUT CORRUPT SOCIETY AND ABOUT SOCIOPATHS

      • Wow! Coco Wash. The US has far more worldwide killings by gun violence because we ARE living a corrupt society. The NRA is one of the nastiest cults we have. Who would think of the day where people feel more safe and comfortable packing a handgun to run errands or go grocery shopping?

        • Agree, except it’s already gotten to the point where I often do feel more safe and comfortable with Mr. Smith and Ms. Wesson by my side at the market.

        • [deleted] The natiest cult we have in the USA is the Demcorap Party. Corrupt beyond belief. The hypocritical nature of the alt left is beyond ridiculous.

        • Keep spinning libby

          How many murders are in Mexico?
          In October 2017, Mexico suffered its deadliest month since it started keeping such data in 1997, with 2,371 murder investigations. 2017 was Mexico’s deadliest year on record, with 31,174 murders recorded, leading to a murder rate of 25 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017, compared with 19.4 in 2011.

          What is the homicide rate in the United States?
          Homicide. According to a 2013 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), between 2005 and 2012, the average homicide rate in the U.S. was 4.9 per 100,000 inhabitants compared to the average rate globally, which was 6.2

        • I’ll tell you one thing. I have lived far out in the country (alone for many years) and feel extremely comfortable with S&W within easy reach at home. No matter what anyone might say, the fact that my state allows homeowners to be armed in their homes and protect themselves from home invasions is one gigantic deterrent. The proof is in the crime statistics. Criminals have to think once, twice, three times before chancing a break in.

          Hey, if I see you outside stealing my lawn furniture, I’ll call 911. Break through one of my doors or windows with me inside and all bets are off.

          If you take home protection guns away form good people, they become sitting ducks for the bad guys.

      • Hi Coco. Thanks for your thoughts. My comment is not at all “racist.” Quite the contrary.

        I refer to a “society” formed or functionong under CORRUPT LEADERSHIP OR GOVERNMENT. That has nothing to do with race, color or ancestry. In fact, as you say, NXIVM’s corrupt leadership are mostly American and you could add that they are mostly Caucasian or whites.

        Mexican citizens, and I know many personally, would be the first to tell you their society has, sadly, also been governed and largely destroyed by corrupt leadership in control of the power and wealth of that Nation for decades. It’s said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” — that, likewise, has nothing to do with race or color. (Well, maybe the color GREEN—as in U.S. currency.)

        I tried to explain (not very well, maybe) “sociopathy” is a disorder that stems from society. It’s caused by the influences of society on an individual. People of any race or color living in a corrupt society may become corrupted themselves in order to function and survive therein.

        Sociopathy can be “cured.” Societies can be less corrupt and individual survival need not depend on being as corrupt or malicious as the society in which the sociopath dwells.

        Whereas the etiology of “psychopathy” is the psyche or mentality of an individual having little to do with their social environment.

        I don’t believe U.S. government and society is nearly as corrupt as Mexico. Of course, there are corrupt elements. There’s Albany, New York 🙂 as you say.

        But KAR is not from Albany and as corrupt a place as it may be, one really doesn’t have steal to survive in Albany, it’s not socially acceptable or usual to lie (unless you’re the State Senator denying your father’s involvement in NXIVM); the mean streets of Albany were not the cause of KAR’s disorders.

        KAR et al are probably psychopaths and cannot be cured. Society needs protection from them not vice-versa.

        • I dont think that’s correct.

          The Difference Between a Psychopath and Sociopath

          While the traits of each may seem similar, it is thought that sociopaths have a less severe form of lack of empathy and lack of guilt. It is thought that sociopaths may be able to form some deep bonds (such as, possibly, with family) while a psychopath cannot (Can Psychopaths Love, Cry and Experience Joy?). Moreover, while a sociopath would feel no guilt about hurting a stranger, they may feel guilt and remorse over hurting someone with which they share a bond. Additionally, it appears that some of the very antisocial behavior in sociopaths lessens over time while this cannot be said of psychopaths (How To Recognize and Identify Psychopathic Behavior). Psychopaths appear to have no concern whatsoever of the consequences, while a sociopath may learn to avoid consequences over time by reducing antisocial behavior.

          I dont believe sociopathy is considered curable , either…but there are always new studies being conducted.
          Bottomline is that these terms just describe people who lack empathy for others- but it’s hard to distinguish between the two disorders.

          • You’re right, Flowers. Neither disorder can be cured. They are malfunctions in brain wiring. I have always heard that the two are basically synonymous, but perhaps there is new literature out there.

            If you do not develop a conscience early on, you cannot grow one later.

            I question whether KAR could form close bonds. He appears to be estranged from any blood family. His concern for Pam seemed to revolve around becoming her beneficiary on her death. Not sure how he felt about the others dying, like Barbara Jeske. He has certainly shunted aside Karen Unterreiner, after she put his name on her condo.

            But most telling of all is what he did to Toni, after his phony, lovelorn letter pleading for her to come back. A normal person might hate rejection, but would not wish their loved ones dead in a Mexican prison.

            Plain and simple, he is a monster however you look at it.

    • Heidi:

      “The corrupt society from which these girls and families originate…”

      Do you mean Mexican society? I guess you do not have a signle clue of what you are talking about. Have you ever been to Mexico?

      Have you ever mingle in Mexican society?

      Don’t you just know Raniere’s mexican slaves come from very rich famillies?

      I guess you worship Trump

      I recommend you give yourself a bath in Mexican culture. We are 120 milion people, most of us hard working, honest and most importantly: no,most of us have never thought about immigrating into the US.

      • When the rulers, the first family, of any Nation needs “Vanguard” word salad to help control rampant violence, kidnappings and its daughters by “voluntary” imprisonment, enslavement and branding, I suspect there is a tad bit of corruption going on.

        • a very small percentage needs word salad…… very small indifferent non producing bloodsucker society needs word salad… so no, i guess you have no idea of what you are talking about. I invite you and will show you the nice part of mexico, but not like the yuuriria sierra invitations don’t worry jajajaja

          • Lol! Si’, muchas gracias para su invitacion pero si es como que Los offrenden mis amigas Toni Natalie y Barbara Bouchey antes, lo siento pero tengo otras planas para mi futura y no quiero encuentra El Chapo! 😆. (Lo siento para mi pobre palabras en Espanol. Espero puedes comprende.)

    • Yes, psychopath! “Vanguard God of the Galaxy” is pretty much spot on. Too funny! Based on my experience, most of the time illegal immigrants who come here try to make as much money as possible during their stay here and then send money back home to their families. Quite harmless. They work hard. They most often take jobs that most people would never consider. It would be nice if everyone who wants to immigrate to the US followed our laws, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen most of the time. There are also illegals who just don’t have the means to comply with our laws / rules for many personal reasons.

      • Some of what you say is true. Most of it is pure alt left liberal pablum.Many Americans would love to work in the housing construction industry among other industries. They sure do send alot of money back to their home countries. Truth is many get welfare medical and educational bennies that many American citizens pay for. Illegal aliens need to stand in line for citizenship like others before them and obey the laws of our country regarding entrance as they would their own. And what the hell our you talking about, no means to comply with our laws. Totally absurd.. I don’t have the means to pay for some of our laws if I break them either.

          • [… Deleted] the propaganda site you spout does not refute the truth. […deleted] brainwashed libs [deleted] spout hatred of truth, that facts are hard to deal with.

          • TK:More: Brown Supremacist propaganda too easy to refute by those of us who deal in reality and don’t just disagree with your hate and lies but check facts. I would say lol but your hateful propaganda is not funny.

            “Wave of Hate”? More Propaganda From The Treason Lobbyists At La Raza

            In its latest assault on our sensibilities, the National Council of La Raza (i.e., “The Race”) alleges that the U.S. is drowning in “a wave of hate” aimed at Hispanics.

            According to Cecilia Munoz, La Raza’s senior vice president of research, legislation and advocacy, if it weren’t for this massive surge of American hatred, the recent Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens would have sailed through Congress

            Said Munoz, referring to the radio talk shows she views as the main—but not the only—outlet for “hate”:

            “That had an extraordinary impact in the Senate, and as a nation, I don’t think we should be comfortable with the fact that the United States Senate responded to what was largely a wave of hate.” [Hispanic Group Aims to Stop ‘Wave of Hate'” By Steven Dinan, Washington Times, July 22, 2007]

            (Munoz was speaking at the same conference where Rep. Lincoln Diaz Balart (R—Cuba) called for permanent Spanish-speaking enclaves in the U.S).

            “Wave of hate”—that’s a good one—catchy, just the way the MainStream media likes it.

            Grudgingly, I confess to admiring—in a very limited way—the National Council of La Raza.

            While I deplore the anti-American stand that the country’s largest ethnic identity lobbyist takes, I am in awe of its ability to coin phrases and dupe the media (which considers La Raza the nation’s pre-eminent Hispanic think tank) into believing that it walks the high road.

            At the same time, because of its skill at the word game, La Raza has convinced the press, Congress, the Chamber of Commerce and religious groups of all denominations that we who favor less immigration are lower than pond scum.

            Twenty years ago, the most common term to describe individuals illegally in the U.S. was “illegal immigrant”. Although it appeared in print from time to time, the correct term, “illegal alien” was always a tough sell for us.

            Then, out of nowhere, appeared “undocumented immigrant” appeared. That lasted a while but before long “undocumented worker” replaced it—much more persuasive from La Raza’s view because it suggests that aliens work. That’s not always true, of course, but it sure sounds good.

            Soon thereafter, the “undocumented workers” had deeply rooted and unshakeable “family values.”

            And what are we? Among other things, we are “racists,” “xenophobes,” and “nativists”.

            Now that a growing respect for our position has emerged, we have been upgraded to “anti-immigration” or, the warmest and fuzziest of all the terms used to describe us “immigration restrictionists”.

            As it now stands, we, the “immigration restrictionists” who ride a “wave of hate” are pitted against the “undocumented workers” and their “family values.”

            As I said earlier, you can’t help but admire how cleverly our opposition has outmaneuvered us.

            Never underestimate La Raza’s reach and power.

            Every move it makes is calculated and coordinated. La Raza excels at finding the right people to represent it. Look at the biography if La Raza’s Chief Executive Officer Janet Murguia.

            Murguia earned three degrees from the University of Kansas: a B.S. degree in journalism (1982), a B.A. degree in Spanish (1982), and a J.D. degree (1985) from the School of Law before beginning her career in Washington, DC as legislative counsel to former Kansas Congressman Jim Slattery.

            From 1994 to 2000, Murguia worked at the White House, ultimately serving as deputy assistant to President Bill Clinton and according to her biography, “providing strategic and legislative advice to the president on key issues” which I assume included immigration. Murguia also served as deputy director of legislative affairs, managing the legislative staff and acting as a senior White House liaison to Congress.

            Before returning to K. U. in 2001 as Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations, Murguia was the deputy campaign manager and director of constituency outreach for the Gore/Lieberman presidential campaign.

            I’m impressed!

            From her predecessor, Raul Yzaguirre, Murguia inherited an organization headquartered in Washington, DC with field offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix and McAllen, Texas. And La Raza has more than 140 “formal affiliates”. See the NCLR brochure describing its operations here.

            La Raza has money to burn.

            In an NPR interview, outgoing La Raza CEO and chief financial officer Yzaguirre told correspondent Tony Cox that, during his thirty-year tenure, the organization’s budget had grown from $500,000 to $40 million—or an incredible $1.3 billion including its “affiliates”. Listen to the interview here.

            The savvy Murguia parlayed her White House insider experience into a seat at the table during this year’s “behind closed doors” negotiations during this spring’s thwarted amnesty effort.

            When pressed by Lou Dobbs in a recent interview about her role in the Senate meetings, [Transcript, June 17, 2007] Murguia refused to deny that she participated.

            And a Capitol Hill insider told me that La Raza staffers work closely with Senator Edward M. Kennedy providing him with a laundry list of its demands.

            In short, La Raza out-muscles us. The Federation for American Immigration Reform has the most offices of any immigration patriot organization with four.

            I’ll estimate that the aggregate “restrictionist” budget is a fraction of the $1.3 billion available to La Raza.

            And, as we all know, no “immigration restrictionist” a.k.a. patriot was present during the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform dialogue. Murguia, on the other hand, with her insider background, has the Senate’s ear. We can’t get our phone calls answered

            But, despite La Raza owning the politicians and the print media and having bottomless pockets to carry out its open borders agenda, it could not pull off amnesty.

            That says tons about our position’s merit and is an enormous comfort as we go forward in this endless battle. When our victory is considered in light of the La Raza frontal assault against us, it becomes all the more impressive.

            La Raza is right about one thing. A “wave” is sweeping across America.

            But hate isn’t part of it. What’s at play instead is frustration, disgust and anger.

            We’re frustrated at the federal government’s refusal to enforce immigration legislation, disgusted at the Mexican government for condoning illegal immigration and angry at the likes of La Raza for its overtly subversive agenda.

            La Raza has the money, the wide network of offices and the high level connections. But we are on the right side of the argument.

            The American side.

            And that’s why we’ll prevail next time…and the time after that…and the time after that, too.

            Joe Guzzardi [e-mail him] is the Editor of VDARE.COM Letters to the Editor. In addition, he is an English teacher at the Lodi Adult School and has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM

          • Hey Frank White supremacist is fine to use? However when I used Brown Supremacist and backed it up with La Raza propaganda you delete. That is pretty damned bigoted of you and you are no better than cnn or msnbc. You seem to be like the hate monger tk


            Most Americans can see the blatant hypocrisy when left-wing ethno-centric groups, such as La Raza, attempt to smear President Trump and his 61 million supporters as racists, while they themselves claim to put “Latino people first” and are closely tied to anti-white racists (see my article for FPM on that issue here).


      • I also know many good Mexicans in the US here working legally to send money to their families and, not boasting, but I’ve even helped some of them obtain their legal status, support their families, etc. Plus, the best parties I’ve ever been to were held in Ensenada or Manzanilla. Point being I know their personal stories, feel for their plight but believe deep down they might have done better for themselves and their Country were there a way for them to clean-up the corruption that they KNOW separates families, causes violence, does create sociopaths — gangs, drug dealers, kidnappers, etc. — and reclaim their own country.

        You can’t generalize and I’m not — just trying to get to the heart of it all.

  • Raniere: “Damn…where is the Society of Protectors when ya need ’em! They better not be back in Albany jerking off to all that collateral while my ass sits here in jail…”

  • OK – this does not relate to content, but I absolutely LOVE this pic of Raniere spouting his non-information on camera – like a madman. Later he adopted the calm, professorial image, complete with neat hair and up-to-date eyeglasses. We have seen him acting the roly-poly genius MLM nerd in bad, cuddly sweaters (90s), the long haired Christ-like figure (with the Dalai Lama), the psycho nut job (above), and lastly, the humble, patient professor (videos with Allie and others). What a chameleon he is! It’s enough to frighten me, at least.

    • Yah, I agree. This is one of the best photos of the second coming of Christ Keith the Messiah. He’s nothing more than a televangelist that sells nothing. KInd of reminds me of baby Trump.

        • Based on your words, it seems like you know just about everything there is to know, about everything, Would love to hear more from you. Could you pretty please not share your [deleted] comments, because I haven’t a clue what you are talking about. Have a nice Sunday! 🙂

          • [Deleted] The problem with the alt left is they don’t ever take into account human nature. Moral relativism is erroneous. Since the advent of political correctness as preached by the leftist hypocrites such as yourself, society has taken a deep nose dive. Have a blessed Sunday yourself, and remember from dust you came and to dust you shall return.

      • Sooz, It’s easy to see Keith was playing the whole Jon Lennon / Jesus vibe. My gosh, how gullible people can be to fall for this stuff. Simply incredible.

  • As long as a jury of ordinary members of society are chosen, and not Nxivm brainwashed it’s unlikely these tactics will work. Is this their way of finding out public opinion prior to trial? Could he be trying to show Rainere how foolish this is?
    Yes it does sound like typical attorney tactics but this is not a typical case!
    One thing Rainere was right about is the difference between men and women. Although he exploited those against the women.
    Short of continued bribery and fear I cannot think of one single female I know ever agreeing to take the stand and put their name out there, opening themselves up to the prosecutors and public scrutiny.
    Do they still have reason to fear their collateral could be released? Such as backup collateral the feds don’t know about?
    Most of this is my own speculation, but Clare cannot be underestimated. An ankle bracelet is protection against no one!

  • So. NEXIVM is indeed a sex-slave organization, with a master as a supreme figure right?. So NEXIVM is a sex-slave cult.

    What the hell is this lawer doing? Obviously what Raniere tells him to do. He is just following the cash.

  • Agnifilo:
    You are an attorney??????????


    Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

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