Rev. Mateo Sentenced to 23 Years for Killing His Wife With Machete, After Running Over Her in Her Own Car

Rev Mateo

Reverend Victor Mateo, 65, a Bronx pastor, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for running over his wife, Noelia, 58, then hacking her with a machete.

The murder took place at about 7 am on October 3, 2019, outside her home, according to the Bronx District Attorney’s office, when Rev. Mateo dispatched his wife in front of her two grandchildren, 11 and 9-years-old, whom she was about to drive to school.

On the fateful day, Rev. Mateo lay in wait for her about a block from her home. Seeing he come out, he drove his car into her car as she was climbing in. He tried to drag her out of her car, then jumped into her car and drove backward over her.

Rev, Mateo preached the gospel of love and forgiveness.

She tried to escape but Rev. Mateo ran over her again with her car. She tried to roll onto the sidewalk to save herself. Rev. Mateo got a machete from his car and slashed and stabbed her multiple times as her grandchildren watched.

Rev. Mateo stole her car and drove off leaving her crying and praying in Spanish as she bled profusely. She was pronounced dead at Jacobi Medical Center.

Rev. Mateo preached the gospel at the Christian Congregation The Redeemer Church in the Bronx. The church is described on Facebook as a “close-knit, Spirit-filled, bilingual congregation of worshipers of Jesus Christ located in The Bronx, NY. We welcome everyone to our church.”

A video of the Rev. preaching is available here.

Following a joint investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police, the NYPD, and the U.S. Marshals Service, authorities apprehended Rev, Mateo a week later in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

He was charged with second-degree murder, criminal possession of a weapon, and endangering the welfare of a child in addition to first-degree manslaughter. He took a plea deal for manslaughter.

The 23 year sentence is longer than the time he was married to his wife of 18 years.
At the time of the murder, they had an 18-year-old daughter together and both had children from prior marriages. They seemed happily married until Noelia, who was from Costa Rica, moved out of their home about a month earlier.
Noelia Mateo

Under the terms of the plea agreement reached with prosecutors, Rev. Mateo will be sentenced to 23 years in prison and five years of post-release probation. He is currently scheduled to appear in January 2022 before Judge Margaret Clancy in Bronx Supreme Court, where he will be formally sentenced.

While reviewing numerous stories about the murder, I found one thing missing: Why did Rev Mateo kill his wife? What was his motive?

Another matter I would have been willing to read about is how he spent his last week of freedom. He fled in her car. He wound up in Pennsylvania. What was it like for the hunted man? Did he think he would escape? Was he conscious of his guilt? Had he descended into madness? Was he mad before?  When just before and just after police found him what was he thinking?
During that last week, did he pray for forgiveness – of the kind he gave not to his wife?  Did he think he would be forgiven?
The Rev. is 65 years old. He has two years in already as part of pretrial custody. With time off for good behavior, the reverend might be out of prison in his late 70s. It is conceivable the reverend will get a second chance. Contrast this with the sentence of Keith Alan Raniere, who got 120 years and if he serves it fully will be 160 years old.

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  • Differences between Raniere and Mateo:

    1. Rev. Mateo IS NOT WHITE. That lowers the penalty for many years.
    2. Rev. Mateo has not been a scapegoat for feminism. That lowers the penalty.
    3. Rev. Mateo is a murderer. In Biden’s America that is not punished, it is rewarded.

    • God wanted another angel.

      God is omniscient and omnipotent. Everything that happens occurs because that’s the way he wants it.

  • Praise Jesus! I can’t help but notice that religion doesn’t seem to have the beneficial effect on people that it claims.

    I mean here’s a person who has devoted his life to Jesus (the so-called Prince of Peace) who assaults his wife and mother of his children, runs her over with her car (which he steals) and hacks her to pieces with a freakin’ machete.

    Preachers and priests and ministers probably aren’t any worse than the general public, but they sure don’t seem any better. Just look at all the sex scandals.

    And have a look at the Middle East. Hotbed of religion, birthplace of 3 of ‘em, and they’ve all been at each other’s throats for centuries.

    Compare it to Scandinavia where most everyone’s an atheist. I know where I’d rather live. And I don’t even like snow.

    It has been observed that a cult is just a religion you don’t believe in. And it’s true. Just look at this nut:

    Mainstream evangelicals and Megachurch scamvangelists and TV preachers with their ranting and folks rolling in the aisles foaming at the mouth. Yeah, totally not a cult. Preacher Kenneth Copeland with his two private jets and counting, totally not a cult leader. The Catholic Church which is still practiced exorcisms— so not a cult. Or the Mormons with the angel Moroni and the magic disappearing golden tablets and the special underwear, don’t get me started on them.

    Of course, when your followers number in the millions or hundreds of millions, it’s not called a cult. It’s called mainstream religion.

    It’s still a cult.

    Of course most cults **cough** religions are largely benign. Aside from wasting Sunday morning yawning in church when you could be mowing the lawn or having brunch or giving your wife an orgasm or something productive like that, there’s no harm, no foul. Sometimes there’s nice music.

    Same applies to “horrible” cults like The Church of Satan. Which has yet to have a single machete murder to its credit.

    Another definition of “cult” that I like is “a group or organization that takes over a large part of your life”. Trekkies are a cult. Sports fanatics are in a cult. Working overtime to tithe some televangelist? You’re in a cult. Afraid you’ll go to Hell if you miss Church? Cult.

    Cults have ritual observances. Special garments. You have a special hat you wear watching the ball game on TV? You’re in a cult. A mostly harmless one. Mostly.

    There’s a continuum from the Cult of Dionysus through celebrating the Eucharist through the Masons to Trek conventions. There’s an element of madness to all of them— which the Ancient Greeks well understood. They seem to have been the last with such wisdom.

    So no, cults are not harmless. None of them. They flirt with the irrational, with madness. Sometimes they’re outright criminal, like Nxivm. Which was criminal not because it was a cult, but because it transgressed into sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor and fraud.

    • These are the ignorant attitudes of someone who has never been in a group that has been labeled a “cult” by their society. He’s proud to pontificate on things with which he has no real world experience.

      Notice how the writer generalizes the behavior of one individual into his whole group. Everyone at this preacher’s church would kill their wives with a machete in front of their own children.

      Notice that the writer does not mention the ideologies he uses to make sense of the world. He seems to believe he is above all that.

      Only he is rational, everyone else “flirts with the irrational, with madness”. He omits to mention the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the billions of daily acts of charity inspired by religious teachings, and the overwhelming majority of individuals in the human race which use their religions to become a better person.

      The writer is a crank who reacts without thinking.

      Don’t be fooled by people like this. No human being is without an ideology. The world is filled with overwhelming variables, too big for the human brain to process on its own. Every one of us uses some creed or belief system to make sense of the world, to give advice on how to behave morally, to determine your friends from your enemies, and to give us insight and inspiration.

      Only an ignorant person who is completely unable to question his own assumptions, whose arrogance renders him blind to his own beliefs, would write something like this.


        • Yes. You know nothing about cults except what you’ve been told. You have no real world experience.

          And no, I don’t believe you’ve never joined a “cult” like you claim here, by your own definition above. You say this only to feel superior.

          The fact is that you have no idea what you are talking about. But because you mouth the words lots of other ignorant people repeat, and they don’t challenge your “knowledge” because it’s their ignorance too, you think you do know what a cult is.

          On this subject, you dwell in the Argumentum ad populum fallacy. You appeal to the beliefs, tastes, or values of a group of people, believing that because your belief in ‘cults’ is held by the majority, it is therefore correct.

          You’re not correct. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You think in stereotypes and unexamined claims, and hysterical assertions. Only someone who has been in a ‘cult’ and got themselves out of it, and then had time to reflect and learn and process their real world experience, would have the chance to know what they’re talking about when it comes to ‘cults’.

          That’s why Exes have more real world experience about cults than any never in will ever have. But most never ins, like you, run a kind of sappy “sympathize and piss on” cycle with Exes. They sympathize with them until the Ex says something the Never In disagrees with (usually based on the Exes real world experience). Then the never in pisses on the Ex, tells them they’re brain damaged, or that they gone back into the cult, or never left at all.

          It’s an abusive cycle based on ignorance and arrogance that the never in’s way of life and beliefs are always superior – even though they have no idea what they are talking about.

          It’s cultural chauvinism, and on this blog, you are Aristotle’s Turd, its Poopy Pope.


          • Taking advice on cults from a Scientologist is like taking advice on handling firearms from Alec Baldwin 😄

          • “Taking advice on cults from a Scientologist is like taking advice on handling firearms from Alec Baldwin”

            Not a Scientologist, haven’t been one for 22 years.

            You’re demonstrating my point, Aristotle’s Turd.


          • You hit a nerve, Aristotle’s Sausage.

            Alanzo needs to work on “flattening his buttons.” That’s an idea from Scientology he loves to push on other people.

            Former cult dupes are always pissed off at those who don’t fall for the con job.

          • This week we’ve learned Alonso supports a rapist (Keith) and a murderer (Matero), but hates gay people. The nicest thing I can say about him is he’s consistent – consistently crazy.

          • Alanzo said:
            “If you learned how to spell my name you’d have slightly more credibility as a critic of mine.”

            I say to Aloonzo:
            I don’t give a f**k how you spell your name.

            Sincerely your friend,

            Nicest Guy

            P.S. Change your underwear! Go grab a mallet and chisel so you can began chiseling off the underwear from last February.

        • Sausage-

          Alonzo is rumored to be a Free Scientologist. I read it on one of the Anti-Scientologist blogs. I’m not kidding.

          Also, the real reason Alonzo actually left Scientology is because the Church wouldn’t promote him. I know it’s hard to believe but Allonzo‘s ego is bigger than the church.

          Both of these things are 100% true!

          • “Also, the real reason Alonzo actually left Scientology is because the Church wouldn’t promote him. I know it’s hard to believe but Allonzo‘s ego is bigger than the church.

            Tell you what:

            If you learned how to spell my name you’d have slightly more credibility as a critic of mine.


      • —He’s [Rev. Mateo] proud to pontificate on things with which he has no real-world experience.

        Alonzo never pontificates. Alonzo is less arrogant than Satan, more powerful than a locomotive, and faster than a speeding bullet, or, an elderly woman with a walker. He fights against anti-cultists and his bitch landlord raising the rent.

      • —He omits to mention the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

        Take a look at the Genesis Panel of the Sistine Chapel when God creates the Moon. I’ve been to the Sistine Chapel. It’s the sight of the greatest practical joke of all time. When it was originally painted, everything was done by candlelight. So that God’s arse appears as a Moon and not an ass. Oh, you’re oh so cultured, like a Grandmother’s yeast infection or a tankard of yogurt. You make an incredibly interesting and introspective point of self-awareness!

        • Site not sight.

          Where the hell is the Frank Report editorial staff?

          If something doesn’t happen, I’m leaving with BankCock and King Patriot!

          Bangkok, I was only joking about the three [redacted] in your mouth. There’s probably only space for two.

          Have a Happy Thanksgiving, you little dipsh*t! 😉

          P.S. Please make sure you share the dark meat with Grandma. Back in the day, it was the forbidden fruit.

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