Keith’s Judo Accomplishments Are Greatly Misstated

Keith Raniere

For years, Keith Raniere’s website included the claim that he was an East or Eastern Coast Judo Champion. In 2005, his bio claimed “At the age of eleven, he was an Eastern Coast Judo Champion.

In 2016, his bio claimed “Applying this skill to athletics, Keith Raniere excelled in judo and was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven.”

Sometime between December 2017 and February of 2018, Raniere removed the reference to his judo claims from his website. Back in 1988, Raniere seems to have told the Albany Times Union that :”He was East Coast Judo champion at age 12.”

In any event, one of our readers, who seems to know a good deal on the subject made the following observations about Keith’s claim and how little or much it means.

By Judo Man

With regard to Keith’s often repeated claim that he was a world class “East Coast Judo Champion”, here’s a few Judo facts to put things in perspective:

Even though Keith could have won a tournament, here are some facts:

1) The division for 12-year-olds includes 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds, but nobody aged higher. In other words, he beat other 11 and 12-year-olds but couldn’t likely beat a 13-year-old.

2) The division for 11-12-year-olds usually has six different weight classes, from 66 pounds at the bottom all the way up to 120+ pounds for the heavier/fatter guys. Which means, even if you win, you’re only one of six different “12-year-olds” who won, LOL.

When you add in all of the other age groups and weight classes in those groups too, you’ll see that winning such a tournament is almost a meaningless accomplishment.

3) Competitions in judo are also separated by “skill level” (what color belt you wear). This means Keith was only in the NOVICE division competing with other WHITE belts and YELLOW belts.

How do I know this?

If he were in a higher division or had a higher belt color, this would have been mentioned by him as part of his accomplishment.

Also, as a 12-year-old, you’re not really eligible to have an advanced belt color for competition — since many dangerous ‘judo maneuvers’ are forbidden by the rules until you’re older than 12 years old.

If Keith ever held a brown or black belt in Judo at ANY age in his life — then it would be verifiable with the national federation called “USA Judo”.

This is true because advanced Judo belts can’t be given locally by instructors like they do in karate. Local instructors can sometimes give out lower level belts up to a certain color, but not higher level belts.

In Judo, only regional panels of Judo experts can promote somebody to a high-level belt, and records of these accomplishments are kept at the national level at USA Judo.

The reason Keith doesn’t mention a belt color (or skill level) is because he likely was just a little 12-year-old white belt or yellow belt. LOL.

Any claims that he was just being modest (by not mentioning his Judo belt color) are contradicted by the fact that he’s already BRAGGING about winning the East Coast Judo Championship to all of his followers as proof that he’s super special.

If he were truly modest, he wouldn’t be mentioning this accomplishment period. LOL.

Many people outside the Judo world don’t realize that Judo for kids (under 13 years old) isn’t “real” Judo because the rules FORBID the most violent ways to win a Judo match — such as SUBMISSIONS via choking and armbars. The rules also forbid kids from doing the most dangerous types of throws/maneuvers. Kids can throw people, but the most dangerous throws are not taught to kids that young.

Many people don’t realize that Judo matches can also be won by simply PINNING your opponent’s shoulder to the mat for 25 seconds (except only one shoulder needs to be pinned in Judo, not both like in wrestling).

Sitting on your opponent’s chest (with at least one shoulder pinned) is one way to win a judo match, especially for novice kiddies who don’t know how to defend very well yet.

For novice kids who are shorter & stockier than their taller and thinner opponent —- winning can be as simple as tackling your thinner opponent and sitting on his chest for a few seconds.

Judging by Keith’s short and stocky structure, I’m guessing he was a chubby little fellow who probably won his matches precisely like that, LOL.

I don’t think that’s gonna work out too well in prison when somebody comes to “slock” him though. 🙂

But what does Pea Onyu think? 🙂

Not a real photo. This is an artistic representation of Keith Raniere’s claim that he was an East Coast Judo Champion when he was 11 years old.

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  • He had to brag about things, or no one would have bought that he was “special.” In reality, he never accomplished anything beyond perfecting manipulation techniques and tricking people out of their money. He never held a decent job, played a concert, developed and sold an amazing product, achieved an advanced degree, wrote an article that wasn’t self-published, married, embraced and taught the children he had, or created aesthetic beauty. His first claim to fame, CBI, fell flat on its face, but not until he had bilked hundreds if not thousands out of money. In truth, he is lazy. He is nothing more than the boy he once was: bright and charming, with promise. But whatever promise he once had was never realized. Achieving things means discipline. He chose to stay a selfish, lazy, hedonistic bastard, living off others.

  • I think that KR either never set food in a Judo class or he perhaps went to one and went crying home to Mommy that it was too hard.

  • Just occurred to me.
    Like baby boomer Bill Clinton, Keith was too cheap to pay a prostitute for sex.
    Gotta love these cheap baby boomer men.

    • You might not have come to the realization that some people do not have to pay for sex, while also not raping wasted girls/women.

      But it is a nice try to defend the amoral using whataboutism and pointing at people like Bill Clinton, while defending Cavanaugh and Trump at the same time.

      • Willard, I’m surprised your head didn’t explode after Cavanaugh (sic) got to be a Supreme Court Justice. Trump never got head (and probably more) from a young intern while in office. Everyone knew who Trump was when they voted for him, it just shows how bad Hellary THE Horrible is.

  • Pea,

    Frank confirmed that Keith has ALREADY been disrespected by other inmates and chose not to fight back.

    Quote from Pea Onyu regarding Keith’s Judo skills:
    Once I personally saw a demonstration of his judo skill. One minute we were just talking and the next second he had me pinned to the ground. I couldn’t move and I am an athletic woman. I run 30 miles per week and do yoga and Pilates. So let me inform you, he would pin down this Freddy Geas, take his “slock” away and spank him with it right in front of his cellmates. No one would want to risk that kind of embarrassment.

    Remember Keith’s glasses being PURPOSELY BROKEN by other inmates?

    Frank’s “inside source” already confirmed that another inmate purposely BROKE Keith’s glasses as a sign of disrespect — and Keith had to go nearly a month without glasses, LOL.

    Yet Keith didn’t stand up for himself with the other inmates. He didn’t challenge anybody to a fight over that. He just cried and openly sobbed in his cell about how ‘mean’ everybody is in prison. LOL.

    He just backed down like a PUSSY and let the other inmates disrespect him by breaking his glasses with no response.

    Sounds like Keith is already establishing himself as a “bitch” in prison, or somebody who won’t fight back.

    Sorry Pea, but your Vanguard is already a bitch to the other inmates. He may even be giving up his booty for special favors by now, who knows. Maybe he’s promising an avatar baby to “Bubba” in exchange for protection from other inmates?

    The only thing they fear about Vanguard is his horrible body odor and lack of bathing, and possibly his disgusting rodent’s feet which are gnarly looking.

    Pea, I can’t believe you probably licked and worshipped his rodent feet. That’s sick!

    • That’s not true. He was sleeping when someone took his glassss. He doesn’t know who took them or he would gave punished him.

      • And Pea how do you know these so called facts? I thought he had no visitors. Did this info come from his paid legal team?

      • Sure Pea,

        as we all know the prison cells are all open at night. This is to strengthen the inter-prisoner relationships. On top of that, it saves a lot of money as only half the bed space is required.
        It is still a dick move to take his glasses as a prove to the other inmates. He could have simply showed them the new moves he learned as prove.

        Now on a more serious note. Pls try harder next time and write a better story.

      • Pea, knocking down a woman unprepared is not exactly proof of amazing skill. Do the followup and sed what you can find about it at the national level of USA judo. These are legit records that haven’t been altered to make KAR look bad. No one there cares one way or another. See if you can verify one amazing accomplishment he’s never bragged about yet made sure you all heard about. Just verify one thing. Please.

  • Being an 11 hear old judo champ would have been no big deal either way . It seemed an odd thing to put on a bio. That he of course lied about that to is no surprise. The only verifiable skill he had was laziness, I don’t think volleyball in the hood counts as a marketable skill.

  • Hysterical! Probably explains why he would change the subject when I’d try to converse with him about Judo, sprinting, and sports in general. Too modest to discuss the accomplishments in person, but perfectly fine bragging about them in his bio. LOL

      • Never played volleyball with him. Would love to hear feedback on his skills from those who have. I see him thriving as a Setter. But most elite level sprinters also excel at the long jump. Maybe Keith was an Outside Hitter who could jump out of the gym. Or not…

        • Chet Hardin is the man to ask about that. Much like how Frank Parlato is the only person I have ever heard of working for NXIVM, who didn’t attend an intensive, Chet Hardin is the only person outside of NXIVM I have ever heard of being invited to a volleyball game.
          I left the event Raniere was stalking me at before they got the volleyball going.

    • Nutjob is a fake! You were never a nxivm member, you’re just a nutjob , and not even a normal nutjob. If you really know the Van Fraud guy, prove it.

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