Pea Onyu: Why Vanguard is both soft and tough and why he will be acquitted

Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard.

By Pea Onyu

A few comments are in order about some of your recent posts. As many of your readers agree, they are really stupid.

As for the death of Whitey Bulger, keep in mind Whitey was 89 years old and in a wheel chair.  You imply that Keith is at risk from these violent felons. First of all Keith is going to be acquitted. I think all legal experts are in agreement on that. That’s why Keith will never take a plea bargain. But if he is in general population, believe me, Keith has nothing to fear from these guys in prison.

When Marc Agnifilo said he was “soft”, he didn’t mean weak. He meant “soft at heart.” Keith is tough as nails.  In prison he is already legendary. Here are a few of the sayings, I am told, the prisoners say about him.

  • Vanguard isn’t afraid of prison. Prison is afraid of Vanguard.
  • The prison population divides into two groups, those who fear Vanguard and Vanguard.
  • Vanguard can throw a man in a judo move faster than the speed of light. This means that if you turn on a light switch, you will be dead before the light bulb turns on.

He is – because of the tech he invented – physically superior to any pack of criminals.

Once I personally saw a demonstration of his judo skill.  One minute we were just talking and the next second he had me pinned to the ground. I couldn’t move and I am an athletic woman. I run 30 miles per week and do yoga and Pilates.  So let me inform you, he would pin down this Freddy Geas, take his “slock” away and spank him with it right in front of his cellmates.  No one would want to risk that kind of embarrassment.

You say he is soft. Yes, soft in compassion. Like Buddha was soft. You say he wept in his cell.  Yes, I am told he did weep but not for himself. He has been trying to solve the problems of the world as he always does in every birth.  He wept for the sins and the weakness of the world. That such a world exists that he is here and brutal women like Moria Penza who are not softhearted but hardhearted are out there trying to destroy goodness and using the government to do it. He weeps for those women who are hardhearted who are destroying the fabric of the world. He had such high hopes for the world this time. He is saddened. If that makes him soft, than Jesus is soft but he “sitteth at the right hand of the Father.” Keith is our father.

It is different with Lauren and her mother. They are satiated with issues. As Luciferians, they are truly and fully supressives. They are the textbook definition of suppressives.

Keith was right in withholding his treasure until such time Lauren was worthy. Now Lauren must wait until her next life to be the mother of an avatar baby. (Nothing is ever lost with Keith – if we have patience. He will reveal himself). Sad too, while Keith will be acquitted on April 20, 2019, Lauren will be getting sentenced after that and will be in prison for a long time as Keith walks free among us again.

Had she not turned toward her suppressive side, she could have been given the privilege of carrying, birthing and mothering the new avatar of this epoch.  If only she had withstood the test of a mere year and three weeks and held her ethical duty. Now you can see, or you will on April 20 that he was testing all of us. Those who remain loyal will reap the greatest rewards. Those who betray are condemned to infamy.

You ask how Keith will be acquitted. It is clear Lauren and Allison came up with DOS. He knew nothing about it. The woman who joined DOS were consenting adults. Only Lauren tried to coerce anyone.

As for the so-called financial crimes. It was Nancy Salzman who owned NXIVM and whose name is on everything. Keith’s name was on nothing. Keith knew nothing of her many crimes. He was busy trying to improve the tech and find solutions to the problems of the world.

Nancy and Lauren are criminals. They knew all. They ran the entire organization and hid it from Keith and Clare. It is not pretty that the government is so stupid or corrupt or both that they make deals with the guilty to condemn the innocent but it matters not: Keith will be acquitted. Mark you calendar for April 20.

His light will be revealed.

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    • Pea:
      Why were Allison, Lauren, Nicki and Loretta Garza down in Puerto Vallarta?

      There were rumors as early as 2016 that Raniere was planning to kidnap and “disappear” NXIVM critics in Mexico.
      Even Catherine Oxenberg heard these rumors in NXIVM.

      Were Allison and her friends in Puerto Vallarta there to lure critics to their doom?

      The FBI already has the communications between Keith, Clare and Allison so the FBI will figure out what was going down in Puerto Vallarta.
      Moreover, Lauren will presumably cooperate with the FBI.
      So Pea you might as well tell as the truth about what was going to happen in Puerto Vallarta.

      Mexican blog reports Raniere-Salinas abduction plot

    • You’re going to prison just like him. He Will be punished inside. Cry all you want. You are a susceptible, weak, person who was manipulated because you are stupid. Punishment is coming, mate. Prison is going to be hell for the both of you. The women will have some fun with you Clyne.

  • I think Pea has completely underestimated Vanguard. The truth is that Vanguard doesn’t sleep. His body may be in his cell at night sleeping, but his spirit is actually traversing the world seeking out thin women to liberate from the their “disintegrations”. I know this, because on Halloween Evening, after having imbibed in several enlightenment serums (otherwise known as beer, specifically India Pale Ales); I had an out of body experience where I came across the Vanguard in the celestial realm. Since my body is not incarcerated, he has appointed me, Jarhead, to be his physical proxy and to provide service to those females needing counseled on their disintegrations while he is incarcerated. But to be an appropriate proxy; Vanguard first wants me to eat several more Twinkies and/or donuts each day for 2 months, and refine my fighting skills by engaging in pugilistic activities with pre-adolescent children as he once did. Fear not, obedient slaves, but Vanguard will reveal the Jarhead to you at the appropriate time!

  • Pea, this is actually a warning my husband read your rant which is rare but he pointed out that you writing about real tough guys like Freddy Geas is putting Keith in real danger. If that’s what your actually trying to do great. But any inmate who reads this blog and they do! You just made softie the biggest target on the bloc.

  • I refused to read your lies. After the first line. You are so dillusional. You better go get ready for Keith getting out now

  • Rotflmao you are a joke pee brain just not a funny one. This article is the worst attempt at satire ever

  • This character Pea is so phony that I will take a break ….
    It’s boring like rain and especially it sounds wrong

  • Pea is at least correct about one thing- that Keith was trying to avoid responsibility by not signing his name to anything. As usual, he hid behind the women, like a coward.

    Pea, are you ever going to tell us the significance of that particular date, April 20th? Why do you predict Keith will be freed on that date? Are you planning a big birthday party in honor of Adolf Hitler (since Keith spent his birthday in jail this year, does he plan to celebrate it in April instead?)

      • Could be, but a red herring means a distraction…is Pea trying to distract from something? She’s already pretty distracted, though that is obviously a bit of an act.
        I had thought Pea was simply just a troll trying to get some attention ( I doubt if Pea is really a NXIVM member) but she’s kept up the charade so long. It’s obviously someone who has read up on Nxivm and on all the people involved , and who makes the effort to read and post here regularly. They must have some motive besides just getting a laugh out of it.

        • I wondered about her reality as Nxivm to. But your right she’s gone on so long it just makes no sense. One thing I’ve thought is she’s overall causing him more harm than good so maybe she’s trying to hurt him. If we only knew if she was real!

      • Why did it hit a nerve for you “Jenna”?
        Since you’re commenting on this, it must have. Do you think the date is actually significant? Or is it just a joke and she chose the date because its Hitler’s Bday?

      • I’m from Vancouver…so I know that. There is always some event in downtown Vancouver on 4-20.
        Do you think that’s what the April 20th reference is all about? Was Keith a big weed smoker? He seems pretty stoned in some of his videos…

        • Flowers, sorry we spent so much time arguing I never caught wether or not you ever took Nxivm classes? Not suggesting you were a member just wondering if you got to see them in action?

          • I’ve never been a member, nor did I take any classes. I only started to post here because I was looking for information on cults and especially for information on the methods they use to harass people.

  • Pea Onyu,

    This is the funniest and most satirical post on the Frank Report I’ve ever read, and I read everyday. Keep them coming!

  • Dear Ms. Onyu,

    You are either one of the most pathetic people on Earth or one of the finest parody writers of your generation. So, which is it? Parody Pea or Pathetic Pea?

  • Not a bad troll-parody. Has its moments.

    But you lose points for stating (accurately) that Raniere would never put his name on anything. A truly ethical stable genius would proudly endorse all his works, knowing he would prevail (while raping away as Ayn Rand would have it).

    • Keith did put his signature on his works. He monogrammed KAR for Keith Alan Raniere into his slaves pubic flesh.

  • Nice post Pea.

    Only you’re forgetting about that email which the government already released.

    You know, the email where Keith — IN HIS OWN WORDS — admits to a senior slave that he is the GRANDMASTER of all DOS slaves and that all first-line slaves report to him.

    Thus Keith, in his own words, has just proved you to be a LIAR since HE IS THE GRANDMASTER of all slaves according to his own words (therefore he KNEW about the slaves, since it’s kind of hard to be the grandmaster of all slaves unless you know about them).

    Duh! 🙂

    Don’t you feel dumb now? 🙂

    Grow a brain.

    I now believe you are not a female. You are not Nicky ‘babyfat’ Clyne.

    You are probably James Del Negro.

    If so, kindly kiss my ass Jim.

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