Guest View: A Message to Kristin Kreuk –‘I don’t want my hard earned tax dollars going to a character like you’

KK10ART's depiction of Kristin Kreuk

Guest View by a Reader

To Kristin Kreuk– Why didn’t you bring up NXIVM when tricking college kids into taking part in a NXIVM market research survey? Same with “Juicy Peach”?

How can you not know about anything “nefarious” and “illegal” activities, when you were named in a February 2012 lawsuit that sought to expose NXIVM’s criminal behaviour? Surely, you would know you were named in said lawsuit and seek to know why.

How can you not know about “illegal” and “nefarious” activities when the same month as the lawsuit, you were exposed as being on Necker Island, when John Tighe, the man responsible for revealing that trip and other facts, in an article said those there discussed money laundering, including hiding money in the Caribbean? Everyone named in that article was also named in the lawsuit.

Siobahn Hotaling was accused of being a money mule and was also named in the lawsuit. Surely, you knew those photos of yourself on Necker Island were online and you must have wondered how these private photos got there. Surely, you would have read that article about money laundering talks on Necker Island.

NXIVM coaches Kristin Kreuk and Siobahn Hotaling

How can you not know anything, when the same month as the lawsuit and Necker Island article, you are personally name-dropped in the Albany Times Union expose as a cult member; in the same series that revealed your leader is an actual pedophile rapist with a police report published? Didn’t believe the victims? Then why believe those accusing Weinstein? Hypocrite.

Were you “embarrassed” and “disturbed” to be named as a follower of a pedophile rapist? Nope.

How can you not know anything bad when Susan Dones, whose Tacoma center you coached at, publicly claimed the reason she left NXIVM in 2009 was because of financial crimes and sexual predatory behaviour on Raniere’s part?

Susan Dones left NXIVM in 2009 with Barbara Bouchey and seven other women – who together comprised the NXIVM 9. Kreuk remained in the cult for years afterward.

Kreuk did not care when Dones was being dragged through the courts by NXISCUM, yet Dones is happy to defend Kreuk. Dones went to the press and lied saying Kreuk left shortly after she did – in 2009 – before things became ” bizarre”.

Not true at all and Dones still has not revealed why she lied about Kreuk leaving in 2009.

As for this “Jane”, the DOS slave claiming she was recruited by Kristin Kreuk from Girls By Design, it is fairly easy to get proof – without looking at Allison Mack’s inner thigh for a tattoo. Frank has already verified the woman is indeed who she says she is. All he has to do is contact the woman and ask for a picture of “Jane” with Kristin Kreuk and the “Girls By Design” group. There are pictures already online of the GBD teens, perhaps she is in one of them? If she really did join GBD, then NXIVM, then DOS – Kreuk is the reason. That is huge.

Jane claims she does not want Kreuk to know who she is. Why? Is it because there were other GBD girls recruited into NXIVM and she does not want Kreuk to know which one she is? Is she worried that Kreuk might rat her out to other DOS members and she’ll be punished for talking to Frank? If this “Jane” wants to clarify further, which she should, she should reveal more.

If it is true that GBD was a deliberate recruitment tool for teen girls to identify a particular type of girl, that is really bad. An ex-GBD member said that Kreuk would have girls fill out open-ended questionnaires on Facebook and if a girl said something they liked, they would be contacted.

One wrote, “I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open-ended questions about your experience as a teen) on Facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember – it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous blogs on Youtube.

“I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty). Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”

Why were they getting girls to fill out questionnaires? We know why Kreuk tricked college kids with the College Project NXIVM market research survey, but why these teen girls?

This “Jane” says they were trying to reach girls early – to plant a seed – and this ex-GBD member said they were more interested in younger girls.

At a minimum, GBD was a NXIVM project where they spread NXIVM bullshit to teen girls. Frank should get more proof from “Jane” – photographic evidence of her with GBD.

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack on Necker Island

When there are so many allegations and questions and none are getting answered, it looks sketchy. Kreuk made sure not to mention she was a coach and recruiter in her Twitter statement. She has not even admitted to recruiting Allison Mack.

She says she left in 2013, yet she was still around after that. Also, an ex-NXIVM member on this site claims the top NXIVM people told him/her that Kreuk was still active in NXIVM but was busy on a TV show. She absolutely did not cut the cord with NXIVM. She obviously did not care about the “illegal” and “nefarious” activity of NXIVM and its members to still be pro-NXIVM beyond 2013.

Even Sarah Edmondson’s defense of Kreuk, suggesting “shit got weird” after 2013 is faulty. Why is Sarah Edmondson talking to the Feds about crimes before DOS was even formed in 2015 🤔.

If the press went after Kreuk in 2012/13 and brought up the lawsuit, Necker Island article, Times Union expose, all the bad press in one month, Kreuk would of been held to account and she would of been in a panic.

I don’t want my hard earned tax dollars going to a character like Kreuk.


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  • This is such a foreign concept that the Canadian government —taxpayers — fund television stations and content.

    I guess that would or should give Canadian citizens a say in the content their Govt. chooses.

    Politics and entertainment make strange bedfellows.

    Closest thing we have in the US are probably FOX and CNN. 😁(Yes, being sarcastic.). PBS is viewer funded…far as I know.

    Gawd, I hope we know better than to blatantly give that much mind-control over to any administration here in the US. 😁 (Oops, I did it again.)

      • Kreuk’s TV series gets little or no funding from taxpayers.

        The Govt supplies a combined total a billion dollars annually and is a source of heated debate. To supplement this funding, the CBC’s television networks and websites sell advertising, The network’s defenders note that the CBC’s mandate differs from private media’s, particularly in its focus on Canadian content; that much of the public funding actually goes to the radio networks…and that the CBC is responsible for the full cost of most of its prime-time programming,

        A Nanos Research poll from August 2014 showed 41% of Canadians wanted funding increased, 46% wanted it maintained at current levels, and only 10% wanted to see it cut.[23]

        • Where do governments get money from? The tax payer. They take your money and give it to others. In this case, they give your hard earned wages to multi-millionaire dickhead actors making them even richer while you have to work. Then when you complain about mass uncontrolled immigration and other things that you have to pay for, these asshole celebrities who don’t have to face any economic burden insult you and call you the usual liberal names: bigot, nazi etc. The government has no right to use other people’s tax dollars to fund a television network. What a waste of money. Either increase advertising, stop giving the shitty actors so much money or self fund. Anyone happy to have their money taken away is a moron. If there are morons willing to pay for this shit, then they can set up a Kickstarter campaign and let the morons fund their bullshit. I refuse to pay for it. I don’t even watch tv. Too much pandering to all the liberal pets, i.e. women, blacks, bum boys, carpet munchers etc. They can all fuck off.

          • To Fuck CBC:
            You may have missed this info in another post:

            The taxpayer “funding actually goes to the radio networks…and that the CBC is responsible for the full cost of most of its prime-time programming” thru advertising and such.

            So Kreuk’s Burden of Truth doesn’t get your tax pennies.

        • WRONG. A billion dollars is little to no funding? Government (taxpayer) funding used for radio means they don’t need as much from the public. It’s similar to Planned Parenthood saying government money doesn’t go to abortions, which means they have more money available from other sources to fund abortions. Money is the most fungible thing on the planet.

    • Burden of truth, funded predominantly by white male tax payers is such obvious anti-white male liberal propaganda. Everything about it. All the evil comes from Kreuk’s on screen white father representing the generic white man for all to hate. There is even a token interracial lesbian couple. I do not want my hard earned money going to Kristin Crook, especially when the content is propaganda attacking me and especially when it was filmed during the NXIVM shit storm of 2017 with Kreuk silent as a mouse.

      Of course Kreuk reads Frank Report. She probably read this article yet she still went on twitter today to promote season 2 of this tax payer bullshit. She’s a hoe.

      • For the goofball lalalalalala land Too fuckin much money

        CPB’s Past Appropriations
        Each year, CPB’s president and CEO goes before Congressional leaders to propose funding for the nation’s public media system. The request, justification and testimony each year outlines the finances needed to maintain and advance this valuable service for the American people.

        Figures shown are representative of millions of dollars (ex. $5.0 = $5,000,000.00).

        Figures shown are representative of millions of dollars (ex. $5.0 = $5,000,000.00).
        Fiscal Year Administration Request (a) Appropriation Received Interconnection Digital Conversion Fiscal Stabilization
        2020 $0 n/a
        2019 $15.00 $445.00 $20.00
        2018 $15.00 $445.00 $20.00
        2017 $445.00 $445.00 $50.00 (c) $0.00
        2016 $445.00 $445.00 $40.00 (c) $0.00
        2015 $445.00 $444.75 $0.00 $0.00
        2014 $451.00 $445.00 $0.00 $0.00
        2013 $460.00 $421.86 $0.00 $0.00
        2012 $440.00 $444.16 $0.00 $0.00
        2011 $0.00 $429.14 $0.00 $5.99
        2010 $0.00 $420.00 $25.00 (e) $36.00 $25.00
        2009 $0.00 $400.00 $26.64 (e) $34.59
        2008 $0.00 $393.01 $26.28 (e) $29.18
        2007 $0.00 $400.00 $34.65 (d) $29.70
        2006 $0.00 $396.00 $34.65 (d) $29.70
        2005 $0.00 $386.88 $39.68 (d) $39.39
        2004 $0.00 $377.76 $9.94 (d) $49.71
        2003 $365.00 $362.81 $0.00 $48.43
        2002 $350.00 $350.00 $0.00 $25.00
        2001 $340.00 $340.00 $0.00 $20.00
        2000 $325.00 $300.00 $17.30 (e) $0.00
        1999 $275.00 $250.00 $30.70 (e) $0.00
        1998 $296.40 $250.00
        1997 $292.60 $260.00
        1996 $292.60 $275.00
        1995 $275.00 $285.60
        1994 $260.00 $275.00
        1993 $259.60 $259.60 $65.00 (c)
        1992 $242.10 $251.10 $76.00 (c)
        1991 $214.00 $245.00 $58.00 (c)
        1990 $214.00 $229.40
        1989 $214.00 $228.00
        1988 $214.00 $214.00
        1987 $186.00 $200.00
        1986 $75.00 $159.50
        1985 $85.00 $150.50
        1984 $110.00 $137.50
        1983 $172.00 $137.00
        1982 $172.00 $172.00
        1981 $162.00 $162.00
        1980 $120.00 $152.00
        1979 $90.00 $120.20
        1978 $80.00 $119.20
        1977 $70.00 $103.00
        TQ (b) $17.00 $17.50
        1976 $70.00 $78.50
        1975 $60.00 $62.00
        1974 $45.00 $50.00
        1973 $45.00 $35.00
        1972 $35.00 $35.00
        1971 $22.00 $23.00

  • Hey Obsessed Regurgitating KK Hater, why don’t you post your address. I’m sure Sultan or maybe even the object of your pathological hatred herself will gladly send you your “hard- earned” 1/1.5 cents back. And before you start whining that the CBC actually gets some 34-40 of your “hard-earned” bucks each year, don’t forget your precious loonies are dispersed across all of the CBC’s programming and the thousands of Canadians it employs. Heck thanks to a certain someone and his friends at the *** there was a recent uptick in a product my company makes so I can chip in as well.

    • Yea more deadwood on the Canadian taxpayer dime. CBC is a waste of fookin money. Sorry pervert lover I am tired of tax dollars funding your fantasy girls and basically a worthless perverted stalking deadbeat like you. Live in your rage fool, your girl KK is probably a real man’s dick in her poopchute tonight.

      • Not me you dumb shit. Just because you post with a thousand aliases and the say the same shit over and over again because you’re a rejected loser doesn’t mean everyone else does.


        • Hey asshole, I didn’t see your name mentioned by the commentor at all. Yet you jump in rather quickly defending yourself. It looks like the turban fits and you wear it rather well Sultan of Perversion.

          • Name doesn’t have to be mentioned dumb shit to know you’re referring to. Yes, you pretending to be someone else for the hundreth time. “Your girl KK” gives it away. Hey, I saw you doing the ice bucket challenge some time ago. Pretty funny stuff.


          • No shitstain, your narcissistic psychopathic empty head leads you to believe it is all about you. Hey creepy perv stalker, if the turban fits wear it.

          • It can’t be all about me since it’s all about YOU and your raging against KK, anti-liberal, white-male centric, anti-entertainment “so much” tax coming out of your paycheck for CBC funding, misogynist, bigoted, bullshit agenda. Sorry – not sorry – if I missed anything.

    • Hi SultanOfSix. Even behind your anonymous post, I can smell the low testosterone remnants of your sad spanking. Sad.

  • All of the women who left Nxivm for whatever reason are still covering up. It’s human nature not to tell the worst you have done and even though I’m grateful they came forward I don’t believe for one second Susan, Toni, Barbara, Sarah and the rest are telling the whole truth.
    Kristen Kruek has given up her acting on public dollars rights as far as I can see. Apparently she has a good believable story for those in charge. It’s a shame one cover up after another.
    MLM scams are set up to recruit, don’t pretend you recruiters weren’t taught to cheat people because that’s the bottom line, the money starts to dry up is a comment Sarah E made. I believe you knew exactly what you were doing and if you would be 100% honest today instead of acting yes acting like you were just concerned about the people you conned. I think there’s genuine shame and sorrow but no real honesty and Kristen Kruek your day is coming. There’s no way out or around it.

        • Heather, I have to disagree. CBI was more of a garden variety MLM scheme. A lot of people back in the day thought MLMs were a valid form of business. CBI was over and done more than twenty years ago. Raniere escalated more and more over time since then. He was not doing anything like the things he is doing now, back then. Money laundering, So let’s not shake a finger at Toni.

          • Look I feel for Toni! After recently watching the entire podcast which I believe was well made and researched, I’m realizing how such intelligent women were tricked, manipulated , used . I’m afraid I react to quickly . I pray for peace for Toni at this point.

    • That is why we are trying to change the corrupt system. The more folks that get off their ass and angry enough to change the politicians that support corporate welfare the better.

      • Angry Canadian and the Anonymous “Reader” who posted this, have often complained about their tax dollars and/or credits going towards actors….but on every production there are a hundred or more “real people” working as well, plus much money is spent in the local economy.

        There are currently 34 TV/Film productions in Vancouver and BC, with 7 more upcoming.
        Plus 21 in Toronto and Ontario, with 6 more upcoming.

        • I don’t care if you are an actor (fag), actress (whore), producer, sound engineer or if you sweep the set floor. Why should I go to work and have my money given to them? I get no benefit at all. An actress will suck a directors cock to get a role, but not yours and mine my friend. They will still happily take your money though. Fuck ’em.

          • Exactly, anonymous Canadian.
            Since you don’t watch that shit, why should you have to pay for it? You probably just watch hockey and Netflix anyways, not this Kirsten the hoe’s crappy left wing propaganda bullshit.

            Who cares if those actors and crew members lose their jobs? They could always get a job driving the zambonne or something useful . No one wants to watch whores act, except for the ones acting in porn movies! Even our president supports those whores, and pays them good money too!

      • Angry Canadian
        It is despicable that your hard earned tax dollars go to support such an evil woman. In America that would never happen. I can’t even image how corrupt a system would have to be allow a monster like Kirsten Kruek to continue to act in TV shows, where she undoubtedly will poison young minds!
        This travesty occurs because of the Cuban communist who you allow to run and ruin your country! Shame! This guy actually admits to touching a womans backside once, several years ago. I have seen a photograph of an attractive young TOPLESS woman actually throwing herself at him, despite the fact that he is married to a very nice and pretty woman.
        Shameless hussy!
        This kind of scandal would never happen in America, especially the part about the topless woman freely showing him her exposed bosom. In America our President pays big money to touch naked hussies! It’s not free, people. Wake up!!

        • Clinton is no longer your President numnut. And in the US the same corporate welfare goes on. Lucky for you President Trump is a real leader and I don’t expect your public broadcasting will be able to suck of the taxpayer tit too much longer. Hopefully in another year we can get some real leadership here in Canada. By the way fuck off

          • Why did you tell me to fuck off? I just said that I thought your Cuban communist pretty-boy hipster was ruining your beautiful country! What with his free lap dances and all that! Trump does NOT get his lap dances for FREE!! Every patriot knows that. Trump pays his way, not like Castro’s little bastard.
            Dont get me wrong, I really love your country. I go over the border a couple times a year, and get some cheese and poutine, maple syrup, and some Canadian beer. I support your country, so why you mad, bro?

        • Just think of all that lost tax revenue. Justin is not paying a dime to see these naked titties. At least Trump is helping by employing these porn actress and prostitutes, and this generates more tax dollars , which could be used to build a wall or something useful!!

      • This is civilize? Condoning her behavior is civilize? At least in those country you mention ( continent ) we have morals left. Sponsors will drop their support in these kind of situation. The west at its decadence dragging the whole world with it. Decadence is cilvilize? Fucking imbeciles!!!

        • All of our countries are messed up just in different ways. Doesn’t mean people can’t change things. Greed and power and so much corruption it makes me sad for your futures. I’m not sure what happens after this world, but I am ready to find out.

          • Heather, just hang in there. You have a lot of good points to offer. You have my best wishes for your health to improve. There is not one of us who really knows how long we’ll be here. I firmly believe there is peace after.

          • When your time comes Scott, the abject cruelty you display to Heather’s illness will be back to haunt you.

        • Would you prefer a mob take her and stone her to death before a trial? I don’t condone her behavior, but the concept that is obviously foreign to you is innocent before proven guilty. You can take your foreign “morals” and put them where the sun don’t shine. The U.S. is far from perfect, but it runs circles around most other countries when it comes to morals and justice.

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