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By Shadow State 1958
I have found photographic evidence suggesting that Allison Mack may have been telling the truth about who introduced branding to NXIVM’s sex slave cult.
In the New York Times, Allison Mack confessed to introducing branding as a requirement to join the VOW, NXIVM’s sex slave component:
“In her apartment, I was surprised to hear Mack take full responsibility for coming up with the DOS cauterized brand. She told me, “I was like: ‘Y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle ‘BFF,’ or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing.’ She wanted to do something more meaningful, something that took guts.”
A lot of people have assumed that Mack was “taking the fall” for Raniere, a “man” devoted to degrading women.  However, I found photographic evidence that Mack was all on board for branding women as sex slaves and might indeed have initiated the program herself.
Mack seems to have had inspiration for branding or marking her sex slaves from sources other than Raniere. This evidence was produced and posted by Allison Mack herself:

On May 30, 2015, Allison Mack posted to her Instagram account the photo below.

It shows a woman with a brand or tattoo etched into her bare arm.
The writing is a quote from Allison Mack’s character Chloe Sullivan in Smallville: “I’m the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend.” It is from an episode where Chloe reads a letter aloud to a sleeping Clark Kent – revealing to the audience that she is in love with him.
Next to this woman is a smiling Allison Mack pointing to the marking.
Mack’s comment is:  allisonmack729
“So epic to end up on someone’s arm!!”
This photo looks like it was taken at a Comic-Con or fan meeting.  Allison Mack is just about hugging the woman.
What is the significance of the date May 2015?
In the superseding indictment, the government dates the time of Raniere and Mack’s sex slave conspiracy as lasting from September 2015 through June of 2017.
COUNT TWO (Forced Labor Conspiracy) 35. In or about and between September 2015 and June 2017, both dates being approximate and inclusive, within the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere, the defendants KEITH RANIERE, also known as “Vanguard,” ALLISON MACK and LAUREN SALZMAN, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally conspire to provide and obtain the labor and services of one or more persons, to wit: lower-ranking DOS members”
It is within the realm of possibility that Mack was so inspired by this fan that she thought branding was a good idea for the NXIVM slaves to show their devotion.
According to the interview with the woman Jane, not only did Raniere avail himself of the sexual services of the slaves, so did Allison Mack.
None of this absolves Raniere of his responsibility, his guilt in running a sex trafficking operation.  He was a beneficiary of the sexual services, along with Mack.
Raniere and Mack worked together to operate the sex slavery component of NXIVM.
Allison Mack is not the pure and innocent young woman seduced by some Svengali.  She is as guilty as her partner in crime Raniere.


Here are the comments on Instagram on the picture of Allison and the woman with the Chloe Sullivan quote on her arm.  See if you can guess where the comments begin after Mack was outed as an alleged sex trafficker.

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    • “not evidence of anything.”

      Evidence that Allison Mack had other inspirations for branding her slaves, not just Raniere.
      And in this case Allison did not leave the branding to her fans.
      Allison enthusiastically encouraged the branding of women.
      And this photo was taken about 3 months before the branding in the sex trafficking conspiracy began.
      This temporal coincidence indicates that other factors are at work in Allison’s choice of branding as a “uniform” for her sex slaves.
      It does not exonerate Rainere who gladly used the services of Allison’s sex slaves.
      But it shows that Allison is not the pure, innocent girl that Pea would portray her to be.

      • The only evidence being presented here is that you are completely obsessed with Allison Mack.

        I would bet cash money, that for every 1,000 times that Allison Mack’s name is posted on Frank Report, you were the poster behind >750 (or 75%, whichever you prefer).

        As high as that number might sound, it probably is a realistic ‘guess-timate’ of your posting.

        Damn, son, give it a rest already.

        We get it. Allison Mack is bad, evil, demonic, abusive, a woman abuser, a potential child abuser, a slave trader, a sex predator, a money launderer, a charlatan, an awful Elvis impersonator, a cankled devil, and a partridge in a pear tree. We get it.

        But you know what? There ain’t a damn thing any of us are going to do about it at this point in time. It’s in the court system’s hands, and they’re ultimately going to be the ones who decide her fate.

        Repeating the same things over and over again is not going to accomplish anything; to coin a vulgar phrase, it’s like masturbation without the payoff.

        Learn to play a new song, Shadowstate, otherwise, keep up the good work.

      • This is not “evidence”. It’s speculation.

        All actors meet fans at conventions who have tattoos related to the actor or show in question, and have done for years. It’s a common thing. YOU are the one making the connection between the tattoo and the branding. It’s in YOUR head. It doesn’t exist independently as evidence. Allison Mack actually dismissed tattoos as meaningless and not ‘badass’ enough compared to branding in that NXIVM puff-piece from earlier this year, indicating in a roundabout way that they were not inspirations for the branding .

  • Good catch. Always wondered if Ally’s “Chloe” role didn’t subconsciously condition her to be Keith’s wing girl cum fall girl? Or Keith et al who sought out “wing girls” — especially among tomboyish types —long before “Smallville,” didn’t capitalize on that inadvertent pre-conditioning and take it much further?

    Glad you mention these findings don’t absolve Keith, nor should they anyone else, in this sex trade conspiracy.

    Can you tell when the branding comments were posted on the thread?


    • Instagram does not mention the time the comments were posted on the thread.
      Most of the comments were posted in 2015 long before it was known that Allison was associated with branding and sex trafficking.
      The critical comments towards the bottom of the comments thread are those filed since Allison’s arrest some six months ago.
      Some of them are understandably quite obscene.

      This commenter “charger426hemi1” is still an Allison Mack fan and has his own Instagram page honoring her “accomplishments.” LOL

  • Allison may well fall on her sword for Keith.
    Foolush girl, to believe Keith, or Sara or Clare or Nancy or Lauren care one wit about her.
    Who was it put up her bail money? Mommy and daddy. Clare and Sara were nowhere to be found.
    Sad, very sad and yet Allison must be held to account for her sins here, on this side of the grave. Otherwise there is no justice.
    Lost little girl. Sad, really sad. She might have done something good with her life instead she will be forever in the history books as a woman who pimped and branded her own sex just like any street pimp. A traitor to her own kind.
    What a resume.

    • A tattoo is erasable, a branding is not. Neither, apparently, are you.

      I almost deleted that but, I’m sorry, Schlock. If you don’t have the maturity to realize what impact your hate talk has on others after Pittsburgh or even how it destroys the validity of your own half-way decent arguments — as Frank apparently keeps trying to show you — you need to go back to your corner and stay there.

      • Plastic surgery could mostly remove the cauterizing marks, which are not visible in public unless completely nude. The tattoo is largely erabable, but there is often some discoloring that results, and unless she always wears long sleeves, it will always be visible.

        No, I’m not erasable, and I didn’t make the claim that I’m anti-semetic the same day of the Pittsburgh shooting. Not only that, I’m not anti-semetic. I’m also not the one who didn’t save my own sister from committing suicide, divorced my spouse, and couldn’t care less about 10s of millions of new people being scammed by MLMs every single year, Heinous. You stay in your corner all by yourself.

  • That’s cute Shadow and remind us all again why you’re not fired? As i said Shadowboy you need to lay off Allison no matter what you do it don’t change the fact you were rejected by this woman on Twitter and in person when you stalked her in New York trying to join NXIVM.

    Fuck off!

    • it don’t change the fact you were rejected by this woman on Twitter and in person when you stalked her in New York trying to join NXIVM.

      A so called fact that has no basis in reality.
      The only time I was in New York State was when Nelson Rockefeller was still Governor.

      And all you needed to join NXIVM was a willingness to throw money at Raniere.
      If anyone did any stalking it was Allison Mack who tried to bring singer Kelly Clarkson and actress Emma Watson into the cult.
      Why don’t you talk about Allison Mack the Stalker?

      Allison Mack asked Emma Watson, Kelly Clarkson to join NXIVM sex cult
      “Smallville” star faces 15 to life for her involvement with secret society federal prosecutors say forced women into sexual slavery

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