Reader: Kendra Voth’s [lying] statement about NXIVM may be related to GBD

By Meh

People were talking about Kristin Crook being in NXIVM years ago. The following comment is from the coach list article by John Tigh on Saratoga in Decline posted in 2011. Here is Kreuk and Voth’s obvious lie about GBD.

Also, if you read the comments of that blog, there is a very familiar stalker we are all familiar with…

“Anonymous said…

@4:41 quote:
“Have any of the Kristin Kreuk fans ASKED HER DIRECTLY to either confirm or deny her current NXIVM status? If so, has she given a clear and definitive answer either way?”

The only time Kristin has ever made any mentions of NXIVM to her fans, was when there was a bit of a backlash towards Girls By Design by her fans. Who at the time felt it was a recruitment tool for NXIVM. Kristin and her co-founder of Girls by Design, Kendra Voth, then released the following statement:

“Hi, All,

We have been reading up on the latest news and concerns from many of you in regards to what GBD is all about and what our intent with the company is. We really appreciate that you share our concerns in regards to the safely of teens. Please know that GBD is not affiliated with NXIVM or the Executive Success Programs. GBD is also not a part of 10C (the college project), A cappella Innovations or Juicy Peach.

GBD has been an independent project in the works since it was a budding idea many years ago when Kristin came to face many challenges as a young woman in her career. This project is something that we are both very proud of and invested in. Our mission is clearly stated on our coming soon page; we want to create a place where all teen girls can come together to explore, express and create (projects) and realize their potential together.

We have found very few supportive safe places online for girls to interact and participate. It’s our goal to have a cool, fun environment where teen girls go to spend time with friends, make new friends, get involved in projects, and proudly share their accomplishments with their family and friends.

The financial model will be a traditional internet model with no membership fees and accessible to all :).

We both sincerely hope this clears up any concerns you may have.

Kristin and Kendra””


Note the bit about sharing concerns about the SAFETY of teens. Also, they bring up NXIVM and Executive Success Programs without revealing 1) they were in it, 2) Kreuk recruited Voth and 3) other NXIVM people were involved. Liars.

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  • Thanks, Meh. It’s despicable that these women (Kruek and Voth) deliberately sought to steer the cautious away from protecting themselves or their young loved ones by deceitfully disavowing GBD’s affiliation with exposed pedophile Keith Raniere and exposed cult NXIVM🤥, even before DOS.

    With or without any NXIVM affiliation, to claim that GBD is one of the “few safe supportive places online where girls can share…” is nearly as despicable, now that we know the 12 – 17 yr. old girls are encouraged to share:

    “Sexy 7” videos and pics of themselves; stories of sex slave glamour, riches and social acceptability (from the 1800’s); personal stories of “deep down” consensual sexual assault; their innermost secrets and personal info with complete strangers, etc.

    And GBD is still in business, just dormant — according to Kristin Kruek’s longtime de facto publicist, known to us as Sultan of Sick [typo intended]

  • There was a lot of information available through out the years regarding NXIVM.

    In 2009, nine women left NXIVM telling what they had found out regarding the Raniere sex scandal, money laundering and tax evasion, but hundreds of NXIVM members stood by their Vanguard.

    There were community meetings held in Albany, Seattle, and Vancouver BC by NXIVM’S leadership to do damage control from these women leaving.

    Lauren and Nancy Salzman along with Barbara Jeske, Wendy Rosen Brooks, Charmel Bowden, Mark Vincent and Sarah Edmonson all told lies regarding these nine women’s intent and attack their characters via NXIVM’S leadership damage control.

    Some bought NXIVM’S lies and other left due to NXIVM’S leadership behaviors.

    This was one of the many cards pulled out of Raniere’s house of cards. It would take another nine years for some to wake up, some are still sleeping and others have left without saying a word of their NXIVM abandonment.

    Wendy Rosen Brooks is known to profit to this day doing individual sessions of NXIVM’S Exploration of Meaning. Does her husband know his youngest daughter Crystal was branded? What about his daughter Wendy who moved to Albany and shortly afterwards returning to Washington and to this day refusing to talk to anyone about what happened to her while in Albany. Did Raniere attempt to get her into his sex harem?

    Charmel Bowden who moved from Seattle to Albany is still living in Albany and has a private consulting company with coaching, aka NXIVM’S technology.

    Steve Ose is married to Canadian NXIVM member moved to Albany before they started dating. His wife Jenny is rumored to have kept two sets of books for Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

    Both Steve and Jenny high tailed it to Texas when NXIVM’S fake computer trespassing case was falling apart. Too many ex members knew Steve was an insider with NXIVM appearing to come across to the NY State police as a private consultant for NXIVM.

    Jenny had posted on her FB page they were moving to a new house in Albany and within a week they were moving to Texas. One can only wonder why?

    Steve Ose worked with Ben Meyers to lie to the police regarding their status of independent consultants when they both worked for NXIVM for decades.

  • It’s the first time I’ve seen a JT blog, crazy to me the information is like 2018. So back in 2011 that much info was out and local law did nothing. Makes me sick, I hope when this case wraps up or before that EDNY goes after these worthless corrupt officials that ignored or worse the information they had regarding Nxivm and all related enterprises.
    Sarah E, I had a lot of empathy for you and maybe I’ll get it back but you wouldn’t be branded today nor would anyone else if you all just listened to you gut, not your pocketbook. I’m sorry about all the brainwashing, but there was just to much info available and money was also a huge motivator. Didn’t you in Vancouver have a clue what was up in Albany? I’d seen the A Capella blog and it was obvious Nxivm was recruiting for wealthy college students. I’ve never seen so many Red Flags.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

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