Shadow State: Allison Mack used her fame and good name to lure young women into a sex slave cult

Allison Mack is certainly an idiot as anyone who has watched her in the Keith Raniere Conversations can attest.


Former Smallville actress Allison Mack watches as Keith Raniere is being taken away by police in Mexico

If Allison quotes the Marquis De Sade’s philosophy, with approval, then that means Allison Mack is either profoundly stupid or is evil herself. Almost every educated adult in America understands De Sade’s role in promoting the torture of people as a form of sexual expression.

Add to that that NXIVM was a cult where only one Alpha male was allowed: Keith Raniere.

So if these women want sexual gratification, they have to rely on one another. It’s no wonder that lesbianism was rampant in the cult.

On top of that, Allison Mack perceives herself as another Joan of Arc. A Martyr.


Yet Allison Mack used her fame and good name to lure young women into a sex slave cult.  A cult whose young women could not leave because of the blackmail material Allison Mack had assiduously collected.

Blackmail, force, fraud, coercion, and threats void any consent given.

Branding slaves and collecting blackmail are crucial parts of her sex slave operation.


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  • Allison is pure and Noble and is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. ShadownState no offense but you have missed the whole point of her advent. She is going to ascend to the top of the seven stories mountain and merge with her enobled Vanguard. She will sacrifice for him. She will never turn against him. She is the one true heroine she and the noble beauty Clare of Hearts.

  • Beware the wolf which comes to you in sheep’s clothing.

    Ms. Mack cultivated a carefully crafted reputation as the girl next door.
    All the while she covertly sold JNESS a group of misogynist women who promoted female subservience, particularly female sexual subservience.
    And JNESS was the gateway to NXIVM’s DOS cult of female sex slaves.

    • Don’t try to be quote the Bible. You are a person that has no life. Leave Allison alone. You sir have no idea what she has been thru. I hope one day you get raped and tortured and brain washed . Than a person like you will come along and blaim you for those things.I wonderful if you are in love with Keith or did he hire you cause you never mention the man behind this.

      • Allison Mack was never raped and tortured.
        If you were to ask Ms. Mack she would spout out
        Raniere’s teachings that “There are no victims.”

        You act like women have no power in our society.
        Like the feminists who decry America’s “toxic rape culture.”
        That kind of rhetoric allows women to avoid responsibility for their own misdeeds.

        • I wonderful if you are in love with Keith or did he hire you cause you never mention the man behind this.

          Keith doesn’t have the money to hire a church mouse to eat a chunk of cheese.
          As for love there are so many more worthy objects for my affection.

          • and even so all your love is for allison truth, because you treat keith with velvet gloves and it is very curious, when you started to publish in this blog I remember that you talked a lot about the custom in the chicago mafia to configure the people who will receive the blow by the team as the one who wears the jacket and I remember that at that time frank published articles on how keith, nancy, lauren and clare were manipulating allison, nicky and india to take the blame before the authorities, but for a time for this u you forgot about keith and you concentrated on allison and until now I do not remember that you had that same treatment for raniere VERY curious, you also say that allison used his image of actress and good girl to win over the jury and how the defense used this to your favor, but as I remember all the time you talk about how the prosecution has so much evidence against allison that she will never walk the streets of any city after leaving prison, and even I keep fucking her while the real monster keeps treating him with velvet gloves VERY curious I wonder who you actually work for in shadowstate.

          • Maybe it happens, maybe not. What is clear to me is that you chose to concentrate your attack should not say your poison on a woman who was ruined by a master manipulator and cult leader who was able to deceive and manipulate so many people during so many years and get away with it, but you choose only the ALL powerful mack someone who is practically in the mud, and you as the david fighting against Goliath that you imagine yourself to be you put your foot on the head to sink it more, and everything just for the fact of being famous as if that changes your human nature that is fragile like that of any other person and that makes you forget simple facts.

            1- if allison was not the female leader of DOS if not another slave of another slave teacher, slavery and the mark would not have happened?

            2-if allison had left quietly like kristen k. but then you deny your participation in negative and illegal acts in NXIVM, you would attack another NXIVM leader, much more involved or you will poison your poison against her for not speaking as Kristen does when you treat her so gently.

            3-if allison would never have accepted to go to the retreat where her best friend kristen invited her and had dodged that bullet, we would see you here publishing against the other leaders of NXIVM, or against the same keith.

      • Yes that’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen:

        Not only does the retard author posts about her, he even replies to further his obsession.

        You can just picture Shadowstate now…a fat, middle-aged man, who has no friends, and lives alone in in a 1 bedroom apartment.

        His taste in decor undoubtedly involves Allison Mack photo collages, photo-shopped Allison Mack porn, a Smallville shower curtain…

        Get some help, you fucking psycho.

  • Shadow is a big time loser and also a scumbag Allison Mack stalker.

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