The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round – But Not For Much Longer; Has the Plea Deal Bus made its last stop? – Part II

The Plea Deal Bus. It may not be a big bus - but it promises to be a happy bus. Or said another way, those who fail to get on it, if they could have, may spend many years regretting that decision.

Previously, we looked at which of the six current defendants in the NXIVM criminal case were likely to get a reduced-sentence plea deal with the Feds – and concluded that Nancy Salzman is the only one who has likely already secured a seat on the Plea Deal Bus.

But we also noted that Nancy might be able to obtain a seat for her daughter and co-defendant Lauren Salzman – and that the Feds may be willing to give the hapless Kathy Russell a seat, provided she agrees to help them track down the myriad of shell companies that were set up by Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman – and provide details about all the cash that was smuggled into the U.S. from Canada and Mexico by NXIVM’s mules.

Most of the plea deals will center around making sure this animal stays in a cage for a long, long time. His name is Keith Alan Raniere and he is a Vanguard.
Nancy Salzman, formerly known as Prefect, is reportedly going to get on that freedom bus. In return for 20 years of her life serving her Vanguard, she is going to likely trade some information and get Vanguard to serve 20 years. By the way, he is the world’s smartest man – in case you hadn’t heard.

So what about some of the other potential targets of what has turned into a massive criminal investigation? Are any of them likely to get a seat on the Plea Deal Bus?

Let’s take a look at some of the candidates…


Emiliano Salinas: Along with Raniere, Allison Mack, and Clare Bronfman, Emiliano has to be considered as a “high-value target” — which greatly reduces the chance of him getting a reduced-sentence plea deal. In large part, his status is related to the fact that his father, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, is the former President of Mexico (Carlos is also reputed to be in charge of one of the largest drug cartels in that country). He was also directly in charge of many of NXIVM’s illegal operations in Mexico.

So, can Emiliano get himself a deal – and ride off into the sunset with Nancy and Lauren? Probably not.

Emiliano Salinas with Lauren Salzman. Lauren may have much to say about Emi in the near future.

But Emiliano may get an even bigger break if his daddy is able to line up enough influence at the Department of Justice. In that scenario, Emiliano would get indicted but the DOJ would not seek to extradite him from Mexico. So, no more trips to see his NXIVM buddies but also no jail time.


Karen Unterreiner: Many believe that Karen was the first one to get on the bus – and is now driving it. If that’s the case, then hapless Kathy Russell may not be offered a seat even if she comes to her senses and stops protecting her Vanguard.

Karen was the real brains behind the complex financial empire that Raniere and Bronfman constructed over the past twenty years. And she is rumored to have kept copies of all sorts of documents and records.


Sarah Edmondson: Even though she was heavily involved in NXIVM operations for well over a decade – and profited from that involvement – she is not going to be prosecuted for anything. That’s because it was her willingness to expose the whole sordid story of the DOS brandings by going “on the record” with The New York Times – and even allowing the newspaper to print a Page-1 picture of her brand  – that played a major role in the Eastern District of New York stepping up to take on the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate (Prior to Sarah doing that, the only media outlet that was writing about the brandings – and NXIVM’s other criminal activities – was the Frank Report).

The bottom line for Sarah is that she’s not going to need any kind of plea deal. But she’ll likely be called as a prosecution witness at the trial.


Mark Vicente is a filmmaker. Perhaps one day he will produce a film about Vanguard, who is said to be the smartest man in the world.

Mark Vicente: Much like Sarah, Mark was heavily involved in NXIVM’s operations for a long period of time – and also profited from that involvement. But just like Sarah, he will not be prosecuted for anything.

Once Mark left NXIVM, he immediately began trying to bring Raniere and the criminal enterprise down. He has reputedly helped the Feds with their case – and he has a treasure trove of materials concerning NXIVM’s operations that might be used at trial. He is also likely to be called as a witness

The bottom line for Mark is that he’s not going to need any kind of plea deal. But he may be required to authenticate some of the documents, records, and tapes that are used as evidence at the trial.


Kristin Keeffe: Even though Kristin was heavily involved in NXIVM’s abusive use of the legal system to punish and ruin anyone who was considered to be an enemy of the cult, it also appears unlikely that she’ll be charged with anything. In order to get that status, however, she may be required to testify against Raniere and anyone else who decidess to go to trial.

The bottom line for Kristin is that she’s not going to need any kind of plea deal. But she may have to testify at the trial.


Ben Myers with wife, Michelle Salzman-Myers. Their romance blossomed when Vanguard took Myers’ previous love interest away from him and imprisoned her for 18 months. Ben was upset. Vanguard knew he had a problem so he gave Ben Michelle as a consolation prize. Vanguard is one of the world’s top three problem solvers.

Steve Ose & Ben Meyers: It appears quite likely that the Feds will grant a reduced-sentence plea deal – and maybe even a no jail time deal – to one, but not both, of these guys. While Ose could probably offer much more information in terms of all the computer-related crimes that were carried out at the command of Keith and Clare – especially because he was the one who perpetrated many of those crimes – Ben may, in fact, have the inside track for the IT seat on the Plea Deal Bus. That’s because he’s married to Nancy Salzman’s other daughter, Michelle – and because he can provide some critical testimony concerning the 18-month illegal imprisonment of a woman who refused to become part of Raniere’s harem, the fraudulent criminal computer trespass charges that were brought against John Tighe, Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara, and a bunch of other IT-related crimes.

Steve Ose – a long time devotee of the Vanguard. In fact, he followed the Vanguard before he was even called Vanguard. Ose served his master since the CBI days.

The other factor weighing in Ben’s favor is that Ose has decided to take the ostrich approach to this whole matter. So, rather than hiring an attorney and exploring the possibility of getting a plea deal with the Feds, Ose has been hiding out in Texas – and hoping that the Feds will simply forget about him.

In the next installment in this series, we’ll look at some of the politicians and other public officials who might be able to get a seat on the Plea Deal Bus…


In addition to the various people that we are evaluating as potential candidates for a plea deal arrangement, there are many other people who could be charged with crimes related to their involvement with NXIVM and its various criminal enterprises – probably as many as 300 or more. But unless the DOJ’s staff in the Northern District of New York is allowed to bring charges against those people –which is something that they have been unwilling to do for almost two decades – it’s unlikely that many of them will ever be charged.

Right now, it appears that every aspect of the NXIVM case is being controlled by the EDNY – and that the NDNY staff are being treated like red-headed stepchildren. That appears totally appropriate – especially since some of those NDNY staff might even be potential defendants themselves.

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    He has a RADIO SHOW where people can talk about Amway products! I know this is shocking to believe that someone would have such a wonderful amazing radio show — but it’s all true! You can actually go on Scotty Potty’s radio show and talk about Amway products. Wow!


    Note the “reveal” is posted today Oct 28-18, but the original “tease” wa Sept 5. Obviously KR could not be her “significant other” referred to in the blind…so is it all bogus?

    Blind Items Revealed #5
    September 5, 2018

    I have written about this very rich somewhat infamous celebrity who has to this point somehow avoided being arrested. I wrote how she was in the middle of a sex trafficking ring smuggling children from other countries who were used for sex and house sex slaves. In a recent communique while I was pressing her for details on what she is most infamous for, she let slip that she has three of these underage females under her own roof and is molding them in the way her leader would appreciate. I took that to mean she and her significant other are using them for sex.

    Sara Bronfman/Nxivm/Keith Raniere

  • Allison Mack reveals in 2015 that Keith Rainere is her best friend and she communicates with him almost every day.

    Mack revealed during the podcast that Raniere had become her “best friend.”

    “I check in with him as often as I can and we talk as often as I can,” she admitted. “Sometimes it’s every day. Sometimes it’s a couple times a week.”

  • Government To Unload Massive Evidence Against Allison Mack & Sex Cult Co-Conspirators
    Authorities investigated three of the ‘Smallville’ actress’s electronic accounts.

    The government is planning to unload massive evidence against Allison Mack Opens a New Window. and her NXIVM sex cult co-conspirators in the coming weeks, can exclusively report.

    Radar obtained a shocking new court document filed by U.S. attorneys, detailing just what evidence they’ve acquired against the Smallville actress, NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere Opens a New Window. , and four others.

    The new document claims that the government has seized, and will release in the near future Opens a New Window. , “three electronic accounts belonging to defendant Allison Mack.”

    The document claimed that an email account belonging to Raniere, as well as an email account belonging to defendant Clare Bronfman Opens a New Window. will also be released.

    The government claimed in the paperwork that attorneys working on the case have produced over 27,000 pages of discovery materials so far.

    Plus, that doesn’t include what the government seized from NXIVM properties in Albany and Half Moon, New York that have yet to accessed. According to the document, attorneys are working with the FBI to figure out whether or not some seized property is retrievable.

    The shocking document also makes it clear that the investigation into NXIVM is “ongoing.” U.S. attorney Richard Donoghue claimed the government “continues to receive new records from a variety of sources.”

    As Radar readers know, Mack was arrested on April 20 for ties to the NXIVM sex cult. The actress, Raniere and four other defendants are accused of racketeering and other criminal charges including sex trafficking.

    The defendants are scheduled to appear in federal court in December.

  • I believe Frank has just let it slip, indirectly and unknowingly, that Karen U is not the high level source that’s recently begun cooperating with the EDNY.

    Why do I think this?

    Well… Frank first said there’s a high level NXIVM source “past or present” cooperating with EDNY (in addition to Nancy), but he’s sworn to secrecy on who it is.

    However… When OCD made a very good post about Karen U possibly being the source, Frank posted that comment as an actual ‘article’ for all to see —- which is something he would never have done if Karen U were the person in question.

    If Karen U were TRULY the “secret” source that Frank was talking about and trying to keep secret, he would have never promoted such a post to an article like that — since by doing so, he’s in essence supporting that theory publicly which is the same thing as naming her publicly as the source.

    Frank is using subterfuge to draw attention towards Karen U and away from the real source. 🙂

    Thus I now suspect that Karen U is not the secret source.

    I believe Frank has also just confirmed, indirectly, that Keeffe is probably the source in question.


    Because even though he says that Keeffe doesn’t need a plea deal since she’s not being charged, Frank nonetheless made the ODD COMMENT that he thinks that Keeffe may be “required” to testify against Raniere to avoid being charged (which is something he never said about Karen U, even though Karen U is just as guilty in terms of involvement).

    Frank merely said that Karen U is the brains and kept copies of all records, but he never said he thinks that she’ll be “required” to testify. That’s fucking odd that he’d say it about Keeffe, but not about Karen U.

    This tells me Frank is indirectly giving us the source who’s cooperating with EDNY now.

    I now believe it’s Kristen Keeffe who’s the real source that Frank is talking about. 🙂

  • How can Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente face no punishment? They are both criminals. Edmondson only came forward when she was personally affected. That is not honourable. That is selfish. They lied to people and profited.

      • “The Suspected Pittsburgh Synagogue Gunman Railed Against Jews Online” – BuzzFeed News

        Oh, there you are Scott! Thank God, I thought they nabbed you. Mind if I wear a wire on your show?

        • You really should stop being AFRAID of his show, Heidi. LOL.

          You pretend to be tough, but really, at heart you’re just a kitten who’s too scared to debate him on the air. His show probably doesn’t have all that many listeners so there’s no need to be such a scared-eee-cat.

          That’s why you purposely called him a “bigot” and said “fuck off” when he first asked you —- you didn’t do it because you thought he was a bigot, you did it as a way to ensure you’d never have to talk to him on the air without looking like the chickenshit that you really are. 🙂

          But I saw right thru your charade and know that you simply wanted to avoid his show without looking like a coward. You can speak to him in a forum but not directly via phone?

          BTW, if you’re as smart as you believe and really aren’t afraid, then why not make a fool of him while debating, and expose him as the bigot that you think he is? Why? Cuz you’re a chicken and probably can’t win a debate with Scott. 🙂

          If you’re willing to repeatedly waste minutes responding to him on a forum, then there’s no reason not to waste those same minutes debating him on the phone. If you claim not to care enough, then you wouldn’t bother responding on forums either. LOL.

        • Heidi, I would be glad to discuss my views regarding Jewish people, or any other subset of people, on my radio show. You are welcome to wear a wire, but the show is being recorded for later listening, so you won’t gain anything by doing so, unless you would like to record the discussion we like to have for the 15 minutes prior to the show going live.

      • They knew about crimes, profited from crimes and brought people in on false pretences. Sarah Edmondson moans when she was allegedly tricked into being branded but she had absolutely no problem tricking others into handing over huge amounts of money to a criminal cult. You don’t like scams. Well this was a scam that Edmondson and Vicente knowingly profited from. Profiting on lies in a criminal cult is both illegal and immoral. Fuck them both.

          • Sarah Edmondson is talking to the feds about crimes. Those crimes. They almost certainly revolve around tax evasion and money laundering.

          • Point is, she knew about these crimes, profited from these crimes and recruited people in on false pretences. That is disgusting. It is also a dictionary definition scam. She tricked people to hand over huge sums of cash for bullshit, pretending all the allegations were false when in fact she profited from them. Only when she got potentially tricked into receiving a scorching hot boo-boo above her four decade old snatch did she leave. She pinned down other women to get branded. She filmed it. She claims she saw a text from Raniere as she listened to the screams of these women in agony. She only left two months later after realising whose initials were branded above her graying beaver. She don’t like a taste of her own medicine, tricking people into something bad and telling them it’s good. Fuck them all. And Mark Vicente calling himself a whistleblower!? He can fuck right off. They are self righteous, selfish, arrogant, smug, sanctimonious pieces of shit. Perhaps you can invite Scortchin’ Edmondson and Not-a-whistleblower Vicente on your radio show so they can discuss how they bullshited hundreds of people out of their hard earned and legally earned cash. They should go to jail like the other criminals.

        • I dont agree with you, you see, people in that org had no idea of the weird plans of this guy and they all are victims too. when they realized what they where into then they became true heroes, enrolling people into the courses was growing for them, if they did not enroll people then they did not grow.. that was the main issue, so I think that if they spoke out and did it the way they did then you can believe that they are TRUE HEROES and not criminals like all the others who know what is happening and have not spoken!

  • You know who can’t get on the bus – Frank Cat Toni Joe Kristen Nancy Lauren and Karen will all be smitten.
    Keith walks free April 20 at noon. Clare has told us all. Have faith those who she has not personally contacted. Be of good cheer. We will rise up greater than ever before. This in the know know me and know I would never say such that I do not know to be true. Pay no attention to the haters on this silliness soon the Frank Resort (not report ) will be no more. It will be shit down and we will convey our message to one and all. Pay no attention to these cretins. We shal forgive many and such as Shadow State and his ilk we shall offer them a chance to join us. But the above shall never be forgiven. Beebs come back you admitted on Megyn Kelly that you love ❤️ him. Keith arranger that opportunity for you. He then proved it by getting Megyn Kelly fired shortly after just to show you. He got you on -allowed you to tell the word you’re still in love with – then he got her fired for what she did with Cat.

    • “soon the Frank Resort (not report ) will be no more. It will be shit down”
      “It will be shit down” Pea Onyu

      Pea, I hope this is a typographical error.
      How do you “shit down” a website?

      Pea: To quote Judy Tenuta “I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.”

      Illustrated Comediennes of the Stand-Up Boom: Judy Tenuta

      Sample Joke: “So I was coming home from school one day, and my house was gone! I guess that’s what you get for leaving it out in the open like that. But it turns out my little brother Bosco burned the house down. So I asked my little brother Bosco, ‘Bosco, why’d you burn the house down?’… ‘Cuz it was laughing at me.’ ‘No, Bosco, it was laughing *with* you!’”

    • And you shall rule the world without us ever knowing who you are. So clever, we will be waiting with our black sashes with white stripes to bow down before Frank Report as the former Vanguard now known as prisoner -then a bunch of numbers, gets his first in a series of ongoing prison punishments. Megan Kelly was fucked over but not by you idiots, you’ll use anything bunch of phony thiefs.

    • Pea, are you admitting on a public blog that people are being contacted by a defendent when the judge on their case has told them not to do so?

      By mentioning the April date it must surely have been recent.

  • Karen Unterreiner clearly sits in the softest seat on the bus.
    No doubt it’s a reclining seat with its own air conditioning vent.

    Nancy and Lauren will also in all probability get nice seats.

    If there were any justice in the world the Salinas gang, father and son and boyfriend Alex Betancourt would all be thrown under the bus.
    Mexico’s long suffering people would cheer the demise of the Salinas gang.
    As long as the Salinas gang is still around NXIVM in some form or other could be resurrected.

    An open question is whether Sara Bronfman will be indicted or will buy her way out of the Big House.

    And Mark Vicente has an extensive blog on his website about leaving NXIVM.

    If the DOJ wants to totally clean up NXIVM it could set up a special task force operating independently of the NDNY to investigate the little fish of NXIVM and all public officials who were owned by Raniere and Bronfman.

    • Maybe they would choose to stay in their own beautiful Country if we could just help them get rid of the criminals running it into the ground. This is of course to the Salinas family among other ex Mexican presidents.

  • Agree that Sarah Edmondson played a significant role in exposing the branded slaves of NXIVM. Also agree that she will not be prosecuted in the EDNY. But what about the considerable wealth she accumulated as head of the Vancouver branch of NXIVM, some of it likely taken in AFTER she recognized Raniere/NXIVM for what they were?

    She is credited with removing/ destroying collateral collected at the Vancouver branch (heroic), but should she bear some responsibility for collecting it in the first place (civil or criminal liability?)

    According to Shadowstate a/k/a Mack Daddy, Allison Mack is the ULTIMATE EVIL. To what extent was Sarah responsible for recruiting Ms. Mack, and offering her up to her Vanguard?

    I am not all familiar with the laws of British Columbia. Did Sarah Edmondson continue to fraudulently take money from members of the Vancouver branch even after she realized what NXIVM really was, a New Agey self improvement organization built on questionable science fronting for a criminal enterprise?

    The TV/Film industry seems pretty large in Vancouver BC, and I’m thinking local legal authorities will do very little to disturb the nest of B minus actresses there, but IN MY OPINION any money taken in by the Vancouver branch after the leader of said branch realized NXIVM for what it was looks a lot like what the law might characterize as “ill gotten gains”.

    • Witches,

      Since NXIVM was still in operation, how could Edmondson have committed a crime by operating the Vancouver branch? As far as I can understand, she wasnt even aware at first that the symbol of the brand was really Keith’s initials.

      What crime do you think the RCMP can charge her with? And as far as I know, the RCMP cybercrimes investigation unit (if they even have one…) is pretty crappy. I think if she committed some type of crime, it would be up to the FBI to investigate that. I’m sure the Canadian Law enforcement would help them, but I doubt if they would be the ones to charge her.

      • As far as you know the RCMP cybercrimes I unit is pretty crappy, I mean that us if they have one. Even for you that was bad…

        • Damn Heather, you’ve really changed from a few months ago.

          You went from a super nice person to somebody who attacks without reason, and who seems to enjoy it. lol.

          And Flowers has become a much nicer person than you, these days. lol

          Kinda like the twilight zone here. Down is up and left is right.

          • I’ve always been perfectly nice…ok….I did write a mean comment about Omar, but that was only AFTER I discovered that he was lying. … and doing other shady things.

            Heather has made passive aggressive comments towards me ever since I disagreed with her opinion that all ex nxivm members should be publicly named and shamed on Frank Report.

            I’m not sure why Heather was angry about my RCMP comment, since even the RCMP would agree with me about it. The police themselves told me that they didnt have a cybercrimes unit, when I spoke to them regarding harassment.

        • The entity known as “Scott Johnson”, aka “Scooter”, aka “Scott Potty” was the only survivor of the disintegration of the containment pyramid within the 5th Density. The Council of the 5th Density sent investigators to discover why the entity known as “Scott Johnson” was the only survivor — the investigators concluded that “Scotty Potty” was actually a cockroach disguised as a pet baboon.

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